2 Chainz Says Arrest Over Four-Finger Ring Was An Attempt To "Assassinate My Swag"

2 Chainz explains his arrest for carrying a four-finger ring.

2 Chainz was arrested yesterday afternoon for having a four-finger ring in his carry-on case while traveling through LaGuardia Airport in New York City, New York. Shortly after his release from prison, Tity Boi hopped on the phone with MTV News to explain the situation and how it was an attempt to "assassinate my swag."

“They tried to assassinate my character, they tried to assassinate my swag,” he said. “It was just a negative dilemma earlier with someone misconstruing a piece of jewelry for a weapon and stuff. They locked me up for it, which is an experience I haven't had in a while. I don't do jail things anymore.”

The Southern rapper said that the policemen took away his Louis Vuitton case that holds his jewelry. While in prison, some inmates recognized who he was, leading policemen to have a change of heart about how they were treating him.

"Yeah they took it from me, they took the Louis [Vuitton] case that I actually keep the jewelry in, they took that. I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Me just trying to explain it was getting too frustrating, me just trying to explain my occupation and then when they finally got to the jail and everybody knew who I was then they started calling their kids and putting me on the phone with their kids. It was like a weird experience.”

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    LOL! 2 CHAINZ!!!! Cops just mad cause 2 Chainz actually has swag, makes more money than they do arrestin nigga's, and can buy shit they only dream of Fuck the police man 2 Chainz do your thing my nigga I see u it's yours u spend it, u brought it u own it keep ridin around and Gettin it 2 Chainz can't til your Based on a T.R.U Story album drops that's going to be FIRE!!! so don't worry about the cops they Playa Hatez they got it twisted it's Playaz Circle GOOD MUSIC Style 2 Chainz BITCHESS!!!! stop hatin on a nigga with naturally born swag u racist cops learn how to not hate the playa hate the game for once cause 2 Chainz is the SHIT!!!

  • Jason

    so even semi famous gets you better treatment and regular talented citizens suffer fucking BS!!

  • Anonymous

    If someone would just assassinate him his swag would go with it


    FUCK SWAG AMBITION GETS THE BILLS PAID. Phony rappers who do not write Phony rappers who do not excite Phony rappers, check it out, aight

  • Big Dan

    Please sue for this one. Don't let it be that they just "decide to drop the charges" and you move on. There is no such thing with an arrest. You now have an arrest record in NY, and doesn't NY now take and keep DNA samples from people that are arrested? I am sure Homeland Sec also now has a file on you, all for no reason. So please sue. You can settle, but SUE!

  • Anonymous

    "they started calling their kids and putting me on the phone with their kids" Parents, pay attention to the idiots your kids are listening too.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing eye opening here, just typical bullshit a rapper would say!

  • 1080P

    I like Jay Elec, Hov, Nas...etc and I like 2 chainz as well. Y'all should really give him a listen he got flow 4sho! Listen to that Trapavelli II and that Codeine Cowboy....I guarantee you will find something you like.

  • Anonymous

    Damn DX yall are ranking at the top with Sohh as the leaders of the Lamest Headlines

  • Anonymous

    Swag???? Fuck a 2 or 3 Chainz. I am so damn sick of swag.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga aint got no swag to assassinate

  • nuc

    hiphop is embarrassing as hell now a days.. so sad.

    • Anonymous

      Intellectual people can't enjoy themselves

    • youreafag

      how salty r u right now you lame lmao

    • Disgruntled

      What makes it even sadder is that he is actually an intelligent nigga. Until I heard an extended interview with him, I had no idea. From the outside looking in though, he looks and sounds like an idiot. There are a lot of niggas in hip-hop who are bright and could do a lot, but have to portray the role of colorful, buffoons just to maintain their "swag" and their place in the hip-hop hierarchy. That's sad.

  • Anonymous

    youtube.com Green Nation Mafi G2

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