Lupe Fiasco Says He Was Surprised At Pete Rock's Anger Over "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)"

Lupe Fiasco says his team went through the proper channels for approval.

After Lupe Fiasco released his new single "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" last night, Pete Rock went on a Twitter tirade about how he does not approve of his sampling "T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)." But according to the Chicago, Illinois rapper, it was a "shock" to him that the veteran producer took offense to the remake.

During an interview today with WGCI's The Morning Riot (via FSD), Lu explained that his team reached out to Rock to get his blessing. "That was a little unexpected, seeing as we already reached out to him to get his blessing and all that. We went and did it," he said. "Especially because of what it means to him and what it represnets to him and how deep, how personal the record is for him. At the same time, too, with Heavy D passing and all that stuff, we tried to be as sensitive as possible with it and make sure that we represent it correctly. But there are so many remakes of ‘T.R.O.Y.’ out there. That's what was surprising."

Lupe said he isn't going to get involved in the situation, since it was his manager Chill's idea to use sample "T.R.O.Y." "Nah. The friends and family is dealing with that. They’re the ones who put that together, so I’m kind of like a third party in it. But the people who initially reached out to him from my camp to his camp, I guess they was on the phone last night trying to figure out what was going on. It was a shock to me and it’s best for me to fall back."

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Really?

    O' ye tormented souls... SLR Ruthless..... Lupe is dope- real hip hop is still alive- they just be concealin' it

  • truno

    "The friends and family is dealing with that. Theyre the ones who put that together, so Im kind of like a third party in it." ITS YOUR SONG HOW ARE YOU A 3RD PARTY?! Lupe smh

  • Wussup

    I have a lot of respect for Lupe after this. He speaks from the heart and doesn't fall inline with the rest of them. He's his own man and I respect that. It is refreshing that he speaks from another perspective than all these other guys who talk ignorantly.

  • efemjay

    I love it. Lupe's excuse is that he's not the first to bite "TROY." He isn't even original AS A BITER. This just typifies what hip-hop has become. These new artists are SUCKERS. They have no appreciation for hip-hop's origins, history, or ethics. Lupe Fiasco is a clown.

    • man shut the fuck up

      like you know what hip-hop is all about... it's been built on samples, since the fuckin 90s

  • Anonymous

    @youtube Green Nation Mafi G2

  • ETK

    oh wait a sec... none of you bitching, whining, tissue yielding crying ass niggas got a hold of that, didn't you the bit where it says THERE ARE SEVERAL REMAKES OF T.R.O.Y. now you guys comin in here, actin like Lupe stole from your damn wallet and fucked your mama, well here's the newsflash: if they got the proper approval, it's all fair game. ain't nothin you can say about it. this isn't just Lupe's word, now the whole label, and the producers who OKed it, can vouch for it. I understand where Pete Rock's comin from, and maybe it did feel personal to him... but what I'm wondering is why YOU niggas are takin it as personal as him. lmao, the life some of you must have. Yeah no shit I'm a Lupe fan cause he got game on the mic, and I'm not gonna do some BS like bring up the ATCQ issue, that happened fuckin years ago! like are you motherfucking serious. y'all bringing that up like it's relevant, REALLY? pompous asshats

  • AvengerXL

    That was weak of Lupe for not stepping up and taking the blame for the team. Besides all these cornball remakes can be a little much. Once the same if flipped one way and it is as B.I.G as TROY then you need to kinda let sleeping dogs be unless you can really flip it with true vision. Another pseudo revolutionary rant does not justifiy it. Plus he doesn't give much of a shit about the lyrical artists before him.

    • ETK

      why would he need to??? he's doin himself. you want him to be like J.Cole who has his mouth engulfed on Jay-Z's dick? Lupe isn't taking blame for shit because he doesn't believe to be in the wrong, and rightfully so. you sample, you get sampled. that's how the game works today. and if supposedly the label went through the proper approval to use the sample, it's all fair game. Pete Rock's grievances aren't gonna change shit about that.

  • Anonymous

    So many haters in Hip Hop now days. That's why this shits fucked up! If you don't like someone go fuck off then. Fucking hating ass faggots! Damn! Props to real artist and shouts out to music with a message and substance.

  • 1love

    lupe fiasco represents real rappers (Q-tip,black thought , common , mos def, talib kweli , nas etc)

  • Anonymous

    This nigga be trying disrespective shit and as soon as it backfires, he blames everybody but himsself. Fucking faggot.

    • ETK

      here's another fucking idiot of the day. this kind of practice is common in music, the artist will often be the third party over the samples/beats chosen to spit over. the label/producers can have most of their hand in it sometimes. it's not always his choice. dumbass scrub

  • Hardwhite

    Check my boy yung Saran out Check out the new single Twitter@yungsaran

  • Anonymous

    yall really believe this kid iz nice!!!!!! HIP HOP IZ DEAD HES TRASSSSSSSSSH!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a pussy. Blames his management.

  • Karl

    Lupe is the kind of person that is always trying to act cooler than he is. He thinks hes on another level cause he's so different than other main stream rappers. He's not. He is a more intellectual lil wayne. I be scraping these type of punks off the floor with my steez. ya dig?

    • Cudder

      he is on another level and with the amount of times he gets love from hip-hop, can you blame him? lemme guess, he always has to play it humble so you niggas can like him, soon as he smiles his gold teeth you're all gonna turn on him anyway This isn't Lupe's doing, but you venomous haters who are unsatisfied with everything that blows up

    • Anonymous

      And this is the real reason why people are making a big deal out of this Lupe has lost support from the so called "Real Hip Hop Heads", they just wait for him to do summin so they can find a way to rip it apart and this was like blood in the water for a shark, as soon as it happened they swarmed Anybody else had done this and we wouldnt be having this conversation

  • ItsTheTruth

    Folks. This is the whole point of publicity from record labels/music industry: To get attention. Whether or not Lupe should have used that sample is irrelevant. It's a never ending discussion/argument because it's a matter of opinion. Whether it was right or wrong, it's got yall talking. Lupe songs and articles will get lots of comments cuz of shit like this. What yall should do is forget about who sampled what first or whether it should be re-sampled. JUST ENJOY THE MUSIC. You guys are gonna let this pete rock vs lupe fiasco incident over a beat distract you from the fact that the LYRICS and the MESSAGE is still on point with the song? Hmm

  • Anonymous

    Let me make sure I'm clear on this Lupe remakes classic Pete Rock single = NOT OKAY Elzhi remakes entire Illmatic album, tours to support it, promotes it & presses it to Vinyl = OKAY Just making sure

    • ETK

      A shit rendition, speak for yourself faggot. he didn't give to indicate a tribute because that wasn't the fucking message of the song... god damn imbecile

    • Fuck Lupe

      Lupe does a shit rendition of classic pete song and gives no indication to anyone that its a tribute= NOT OKAY Elzhi pulls off a respectful remake of tribute to illmatic, releasing It for FREE DOWNLOAD while putting out videos through his OWN pocket= OKAY That's right lupe stan its time to fall back!

  • General

    I'm sorry, but Pete Rock needs to get a kotex...Yeah they sampled your track, and??? How many times did Pete Rock sample somebody else's shit in his career??? Quit your crying. This is the biggest bullshit beef. How as a producer who made his living off of sampling and scratching other people's shit can you cry when somebody samples a track that you did??? As NWA said back in the day..."I smell....PUSSY

    • Anonymous

      Tome scott should be the one upset... Peter rock sampled his original music. Yourtube Tom Scott-Today... Peter rock just sampled it, and looped it.. fool!

  • Anonymous

    I think Lupe sets himself up in these situations on purpose or summin, from the LASERS situation all the way back to when he was doing that Big Pun tribute and forgot the lyrics to this shit, like summin inside should've told him "The way everybody nit picks what I do maybe I should leave this beat alone" Kid needs new managment I think, lol

  • A-Team

    As awful as I think Lupe's song is, I feel Pete is wack for taking his beef to twitter rather than calling Lupe and confronting him directly. And plus Pete doesnt own the rights to that sample/song anyway. "Rap is an art, you cant own no loops" -Guru of Gangstar,'Take It Personal'

  • Anonymous

    youtube green nation MaFi G2

  • ummmmmm

    Hmmm. On the fence about this one. When producers sample, they dont check to see if the original artist created the original music with some sentimental value. They just make the beat and the label clears the sample with whoever owns the publishing. Although I think Lupe is wack for redoing this (and not doing it well) Pete gotta understand that he has officially been done the way he has been doing for years. I wouldnt have done it. But Karma is karma. You sample. You get sampled.

  • Anonymous

    U should of left that joint alone Lupe!

  • IT

    Lupe overrated as FUCK. He makes just as much trash as he does good music, then he pulls shit like this and that Tribe shit.

  • simpleMath

    The producer didn't use the sample if you listen it was a live sax that was a rendition of that Tom Scott Sample used on TROY but it wasn't like Future took the nigga beat ...I mean damn Lupe material he used on the beat was not garbage he did have a message AS ALWAYS

  • problemz/problema

    wtf..Lupe lookin' like Beaker from Muppet babies in that vid...

  • Shone Jones

    Again, if this was Wayne, Drake, or Nicki Minaj spitting over that beat, ya'll would not, would NOT accept that explanation. If you're willing to take the praise, you gotta be willing to take the criticism.

    • Anonymous

      again if either one of them used it then we all know they damn sure didnt reach out. they dont even pay producers for original beats. you really think they gonna go out of their way to ask for a blessing on a sample or for a freestyle?

  • North Cock IT Back

    Man just throw CL Smooth on the remix...Pete should be ashamed of himself...hes acting like Lupe spit trash on it....Come on Pete...for real Jo...Lupe did a damn good job on it...Peace+Power...Inshallah

  • Anonymous

    Kick push fake a$$ clown.

  • Arby Wan Kenobi

    All you people claiming "PR shouldn't care, Lupe just sampled it, PR sampled it to begin with", you need to understand what sampling is. Sampling is exactly that, A SAMPLE. Taking a beat and poorly recreating it THE EXACT SAME WAY YOU FOUND IT, NOT CHANGING A THING (not even the drums!), then not even acknowledging the original song in your verse/adlibs, is INCREDIBLY fucked up, ESPECIALLY when the song is an iconic b-boy anthem AND a deeply personal tribute to a loved one. I remember hearing an interview with Pete Rock where he talks about playingm the finished beat for the first time with someone (Either C.L. or Heavy D, I forget), and how they just broke into tears when that intro faded and the horns came out. That type of beauty and pain conveyed through such an intricate arrangement should not only be respected and held as sacred, but be left absolutely the fuck alone. It's like covering Queen or The Beatles: You just don't fucking do it. Especially this disrespectfully.

    • Anonymous


    • Right.

      This comment too long. but still accurate. Co-sign.

    • ETK

      Cry me a river with that spiel. What you. We'd to know is sampling is harder than it looks and sounds. And no, it's not the exact same fucking beat you pleb, not only are some elements taken out but some sounds are added. And you need the mixing and production for it to be nickel, not sound like middle school shit made on YouTube. Sampling is NOT as simple as it sounds, people who keep interpreting it as such are fuckin ignorant beyond belief. Please, stop with that bullshit And furthermore, this doesn't desecrate, discredit or devalue TROY by any fucking means. The original is still appreciated by many, especially now after this wack stunt.

  • Anonymous

    some weirdass glasses...

  • Ace

    Seeing some of these bastards come out in full force to defend fiasco, reminds me of how disconnected listeners of music in general are. Some of the groupies are even grown men living in the moms basement that wouldn't know shit about paying rent let alone paying homage to hip hop legends. Don't let all the the old head talk fool you. These idiots will even address people younger (the ones that listen to good hip hop) than them as old heads lol. Get over yourselves there's no generation war and even there was your going be old one day anyway!

  • Anonymous

    "Theyre the ones who put that together, so Im kind of like a third party in it. " Third party?? your the one rapping on the track! haha wow. Anyways, dope track and P shouldn't have ranted on Twitter. This song gonna have heads check the OG TROY, so it's a good thing.

  • Lord Meth

    Those glasses Lupe are rocking are lame as fuck. A disgrace to us glasses-wearers across the globe. Fuck on, bro. On another note, I think Pete is trying to gain some publicity. For what reason? I couldnt even guess. It's a strange situation.

  • Selah

    How you gone flip out on someone's sample of your sample..

  • True2HipHop

    I figured lupe didn't have any real role in making the beat but just making sure they got his blessing for using part of his beat. He is correct that sample has been used before so I think the man may be just catching feelings due to all the stuff that has gone on & how personal it is to him. I'd be upset too but rather than send a tirade on the net why not call the dude like yo, what's up son? C'mon Pete still got respect for him trying to get his point across & lupe too for addressing it & saying what is up.

  • ASEE

    Lupe what the fuck? You're just passing the blame onto your "friends" and manager? You were a "third party" in your OWN song?! You obviously didn't go through the proper channels because you never spoke to Pete Rock about it, unless, in your mind, "proper channels" just means "legal" channels, which this issue isn't even about! You were trying to be as "sensitive as possible" and you didn't even SPEAK to the man whose beat you jacked? Ridiculous.

    • BBlanco

      Co-sign, as a person who actually read the article Pete isnt mad at Lupe but a as HIP HOP fan T.R.O.Y should be left alone it was a song made as a memorial for Trouble T -Roy. why would LUPE even want to touch that?? its sad how un-original Hip Hop is today

    • ASEE

      over your head

    • Real Talk

      hahahaha your a fucking idiot LMFAO so he jacked his beat? lol what he do put a gun to his head, and said yo Im taking this beat. Yea nigga proper channels is legal channels. Dumbass this song takes nothing away from the original T.R.O.Y

  • clsmooth

    Pete Rock must has a short memory span....!

  • Z

    pete rock is a greedy idiot its all about him trying to get attention

  • Kev

    This nigga lookin like whoopi goldberg these days... dope rapper though.

  • westwest

    My camp called his camp...better for me to fall back...whatever. Pick up the phone and call Pete.

  • X

    This is really more so starting to sound like a publicty stunt to get people talking about lupe's new album coming out. THe postive thing is it will get people to check out Lupe's new track but also get people to check out cl smooth and pete rock's classic album. So its technically a win win in a sense of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Dunno if i agree with it being a publicity stunt but i do agree that it benefits both parties.

  • OldHipHop

    If pete rock dont approve he dont approve,end of story. And what do you mean doing him a favor? Im not even 21 yet and i was 10 when i first heard troy. Been listening since so best believe it dont need no resurecting. MY lil bro, my friends and my fam gonna listen to this even if they dont like it.

    • Anonymous

      The same 18 year olds never played video games so their view is limited from the get go.

    • radi

      lol maybe you listen to it but there are many other 18 year olds i know that dont even know who pete rock

  • musicsthoughts

    You can't really compare the two, and both songs have extremely different messages..

  • Anonymous

    9th wonder was goin in on this kid on twitter, shit is hilarious talkin about taking kanye and dillas samples and re-doing their beats the same and renaming the songs

  • yo

    is this gonna be on an album or mixtape? Cuz if this is on an album that's some fuckin shit.

  • cosby

    some of these old heads need to get over themselves cus if a real mc from the new era is doin you a favor by payin homage and resurrecting the song. some of these hipsters proly wouldnt even have heard. pete rock needs to fall back

    • BBlanco

      1st off Pete still makes hits so being old isnt even the issue 2nd Lupe didnt do the beat justice at all. T.R.O.Y was made as a memorial to his boy, you'd be just as mad if someone took your emotions on a track and put some wack shit to it

  • Anonymous

    damn this nigga got those flip up shades like i used to have back in 1994

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