Lupe Fiasco Explains Pete Rock Sample In "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)"

Lupe Fiasco also reveals that "Food & Liquor 2" will release on September 26th.

Lupe Fiasco released his new single “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” last night, angering Pete Rock for sampling his classic tune “T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You).” During a conference call with Ruby Hornet, the Chicago, Illinois native explained how the track came to be and why he was inspired to remake the song.

“All the credit goes to my partner and manager Chill, he just felt like it was time to bring back a joint,” he said. “Go back and take one of the iconic records of Hip Hop and put a new spin on it and put it back out there. I spit on it a couple times before, some mixtape stuff back in the day, Chill felt it needed a bigger look than that.”

He also spoke on how his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2, releasing September 26th, will feature guest artists who will be strictly relegated to chorus duties.

It’s Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part IPart I, which ‘Freedom Ain’t Free’ is the single off of, is coming in the next few months.  It really ain’t got no features on there. It got a few people on the hooks and stuff like that, but no other real features other than myself. But that’s part one. It’s a double album. We’re probably 80 percent finished with part 2, which is going to come out a little later. It’s not finalized. You don’t know who’s going to be on it…  Part 1 is done and there ain’t gonna be any features on there, but part 2, it maybe somebody coming at the last inning to drop a verse. We’ll see.”

Read the full interview at Ruby Hornet.

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  • HereWeGoYo

    Hook is weak but his verses are cool. Overall not bad.

  • matt

    i'mma just say that you really can't say that Lupe and Pete Rock both sampled the same song. Pete Rock sampled the song, and the majority of TROY's beat is based around a 4 second Tom Scott sax playing segment. Whoever produced Around My Way did not 'sample' the same song, he used Pete Rock's exact beat with a few minute differences. Regardless of who had the legal rights to the song, the beats are the same, and I think Pete Rock has a right to be a bit mad. Call it a tribute, but it sure ain't a sample.

  • alvin

    lupe fiasco fuckin' clown



    • X

      Just curious who you consider original out right now? And frankly the only people that won't fuck with him are the people that do whatever their massah tells them to.

  • Anonymous

    The real is back!

  • X

    Bottom line both songs have a different meaning. Pete did a tribute, Lupe did a political song on what is going on in this country right now. I'm just glad that atlantic did not have a hand in messing with this song like that hot garbage I don't wanna care right now and can't get you out of my ass. Looking foward to this album just as much as Nas also. Hopefully go to sleep is also on this album as a track or bonus.

  • Timeless

    I have to agree' with most but with better choice of words :) I am from the golden age era' when rap was at its purist. i still hear songs 20,30+ old coming from the cars of younger people and it makes me smile and think of when i was their age when i heard them. i see high-top fades and fros coming around. i think that is cool. However not all old hip-hoppers are mad at what Lupe did. Now I have neva really been a fiasco fan' no hating of course :) i just have not been happy with the the music that has come out from the younger generation. but i have to give props where they are do. Lupe did a GREAT job with the song. in fact it sounds sonically better than the original--it actually make me want to get lupe's new album. By no means is that a dis to Pete Rock as well. i love the brotha for his contribution to the music and art form but we all have our time under the sun. For a young person to dig in the crates and rock a joint that we all can and should appreciate -is awesome. Unfortunately for brotha Pete' it is an ego thing. To my young people please understand,older catz from that/my era' originality was a key factor so for someone to take a song and remake it-bothers some people from that time. Plus it was a song dedicated to Pete's friend that died, so it may have some sentimental value to him. I think that is where the issue lies. " Beat biting" has been a factor of rap music for a long time. However, it is all about your intent with a song. Now what would make me unhappy if lupe was spitting verses about "smoking weed" a have sex on a classic joint like T.R,O,Y. but Lupe's topics in the verses are on point to me. so I give thumbs up to lupe. it gives me hope that there is a younger generation of rappers that is still try to keep messages in rap music. Rap music needs more of it. It needs to show the world that two generations of young people weren't born with a sack of weed' and a condemn in their hands when they came out the womb-and that's all they know. :)So I congratulate the young brotha. -good job. I am glad I am still here today to hear and see it all come back full circle.

    • Anonymous

      I give you credit for your post. But, you obviously do not listen to Lupe's music. You will never hear anything about smoking weed and screwing women. Dude is an intellectual.

    • Anonymous

      Preach.... But why do i feel your not really old? lol

  • Anonymous

    "Nah, you realize that its a cycle. The same thing everybodys doing right now, they were doing ten years ago. Same music, same hooks, talking about the same things, some of the same beats. Look at me, 20 years later Im using the same track from Pete Rock and CL Smooth. How about that, it's almost as if Lupe is aware of his place in hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    to anyone mad about the sample/beat usage...there is no classic hiphop radio and there are hardly any old school cd's for sale anywhere, how can u expect kids today to know about the old school classics? a lot of shit is out of print too. i mean its gonna be hard for kids to come across shit randomly on itunes like 3rd bass or edo g and the bulldogs...lupe reusing this beat will probably get a lot of younger hiphop listeners to find out about the original and from there maybe delve into the old school shit from '88 to '98. think about the positives too. not asking for permission is not cool, and not changing the beat up at all is kinda wack but i think this is definitely a net positive situation.

  • Jus10

    Great work, Lupe! The track is fresh off the grill and needs a "caution: hot" warning before serving to the consumers. Your new album has my attention!

  • Slowdasample

    Really Pete Rock???? You took a sample from 20 years from your generation and you think you own it. Lupe takes a sample from a 20 yr old song and pays homage. Do you really think that Pete Rock asked for permission to sample? This hip hop game has gone dumb. As Guru once said Y'ALL ARE VIOLATING! How many funk songs were sampled from in the 80's-90's? I can name hundreds.

    • slowdasample

      You sir are correct! Thats why I am slow. NO IDEA IS ORIGINAL. People are taking away the very essence of hip hop. MCing, graffiti, djing, and break dancing is what its all about. Now its cars, jewelry,and nothing of substance. Oh well, guess I will just try and live in the past.

    • sincerejk

      it was premo who said that, not guru

    • slowdasample

      Not really because Tom scott did a cover of a Jefferson Airplane song. So if thats the case Pete rock would have to ask Tom Scott and Jefferson Airplane. Oh wait, nobody samples. Not even Tom Scott.

    • Ramiro

      "And let me be clear cuz a lot of y'all don't know this. But Tom Scott himself gave me an approval for TROY, told me I did a great job!!" -pete rock there you go, dont u feel stupid??

  • ??

    Do y'all realize how stupid y'all sound? Wtf is Pete Rock mad for? Hip-Hop is built off sampling, and a nigga pays you homage, and you get mad? Wtf? Lupe did his thang on it, so I aint mad at him.........dis sh*t remind me of Nas and Rakim.........old niggas got life f*cked up. And then you wonder why niggas don't respect y'all, cuz y'all treat the newer generation like sh*t.......

    • ??

      Know your knowledge before you speak. Rakim didn't like Nas's Rakim tribute. He said he put out too much much info on him, that everybody wasn't posed to know or sum shit....

    • Anonymous

      what did nas and rakim do. shut up

  • Anonymous

    all u supposed real hip hop fans did not have a problem with the sample until Pete rock said something. no one is ever pleased on this site just always want to tear some other person down. i agree if Pete rock feels his song is special to him but lupe's version takes nothing away from Pete's rendition of a sampled song to begin with. get over it, it was not a direct shot him blame the system. if it was that special should kept it to yourself. everyone on here just likes to read what they put just a bunch of haters if u don't like what lupe don't buy his album no ones ever satisfied

    • Darius

      My point exactly. No one had shit to say until Pete said something. It's not like Lupe didn't compliment the beat. I can see if a random nigga like Waka got on the beat and did it no justice. The only reasonable argument Pete can make is that he didn't sign off on the sample. Just because it was a special record does not mean that it shouldn't be touched. The fact that people redo your stuff should make it even more special.

  • Anonymous

    The song is cool and shit and Pete Rock should calm down a little cause he's kinda going overboard and getting pissy (since he himself literally just looped a piece of someone else's song to make T.R.O.Y.). But Lupe not asking Pete Rock before using the same sample is straight bullshit to me. Think about it this way, yes Pete was still using a part of someone else's song, but unlike this Simonsayz dude, he actually took the time to dig in the crates and listen to records, to truly appreciate the source before finding the tiny bit he used to make T.R.O.Y. That shit takes time and a lot of work, that's why producers used to refuse to reveal the sources of their samples cause it used to be very important for producers to put in the time and effort to search for them. Not saying that it's wrong to recreate the song cause it's hip hop at the end of the day but any sensible human being and lover of the artform would at least recognize the legendary status of the song and ask for Pete's blessing before recreating it. The more I see this dude, the more I'm convinced that Lupe truly doesn't give a damn about the greats who paved the way for him. First he refuses to properly learn the words to a Tribe classic on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show, and now he doesn't even have the common decency to hit a legend up before he puts out this single. This isn't a mixtape track or a bonus track people, it's the lead SINGLE for his album! All I'm saying is at least hit a dude up man, it's common sense! Don't be a douche Lupe.

    • Anonymous

      i agree he should asked him if it was cool to use his sample it is only respect. lupe was out of pocket for that.

  • dark man x

    I don't like Lupe and he is overrated.

  • are you fuckin serious lupe?

    yo lupe, really? you are a biting ass fag. your version of TROY is nothing but straight disrespect. all real hiphop heads are shakin there heads right now. you are a disrespectful disgrace to hiphop.

    • matt h

      you serious dude? i have been a HUGE hiphop head for the last 7 years, i have over 300 cd's in my room of all classics, new shit, old shit. You seem to have no idea what your talking about. sampeling is a HUGE part of hiphop. the OG is a sample in the first place. fuck your self. talking for all hiphop heads and shit. your a disgrace. pete rock stop being so butthurt. mad respect to the dude but he over reacted. not even the biggest lupe fan but i did the track. everyone needs to stfu and enjoy the musix

  • Anonymous

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  • SirBiatch

    The main point I agree with Pete Rock is just how unoriginal these new cats are. When Pete first sampled "Today", he flipped it and made it something UNIQUE. Most of these new cats just re-spit on classic shit and get praised for it, when all they're doing is duping the culture. It's fucking wack. If you really want to redo TROY, RE DO TROY. Go all out! use a drum pattern, flip a different part of original sample. Don't be a copycat. It's fucking lame. This is the shit that kills hip hop

  • CP

    I have Much RESPECT for Pete Rock,I grew up on His shit,But this is the definition of a disgruntled old nigga.Your mad cause a nigga sampled a song that YOU SAMPLED.Get the fuck outta hear.

    • ETK

      you're a poor excuse for a hip-hop fan

    • ayee

      uhm, no. the producer of this cut didn't JUST sample the track pete sampled, he completely jacked everything about the pete rock beat, not adding a shred of originality to it. if Lupe really didn't mean disrespect he should have had Pete do it. the man hasn't a clue. poor excuse for an artist

  • Da fuck?

    how you gonna split your album into two and call it a double disc album if u have to buy the parts seperately?

  • Anonymous

    I'm split on this On One hand, the song is sacred and probably doesnt need an update. A Song that personal should be left as it is. On the other hand, I'm sure Pete Rock has sampled alot of artists who had no say in the matter because he cleared it with their companies. Through the years I've heard tons of musicians who were disgusted at the way there songs were sampled by hip hop artists, so I cant help but find the irony in Pete throwing a fit over this. Either way there both great artists and this situation is very small in the scheme of things, Lupe should reach out, explain himself and ask for him a beat

    • Anonymous

      But Pete Rock got the permission to sample the song. Tom White told him personally that he could do it and loved the song. This is a fact

  • Shone Jones

    If this was Wayne, Drake, or Nicki Minaj messing up this track, you would not accept this BS excuse. But Lupe gets a pass?

  • LumpyLePew

    he said his label DID get the bleesing from Pete Rock on the radio this morning and said he was surprised by P.R.'s twitter rants... but oh well maybe it was a pub stunt its hard to believe anything anymore with this fake azz game @LumpyLepew

  • Anonymous

    yo im surprised this guy even knows who pete rock is. this is the same cat that agreed to perform a tribute to a tribe called quest and he didnt even know the lyrics and couldnt be bothered to look them up

    • X

      Easier said than done when a record label has you by the ballz. Fire, I'm beaming, shining down, stereo sun, what you want were supposed to be on the album. However they were cut because of atlantic wanting lupe to make crap like bob. Take out can't get you out of my ass, i don't want to care right now, coming up, never forget you and you have the lasers album. Add those tracks that weren't put on the album and you have a superb lasers album.

    • Anonymous

      exactly and yet everyone still lists him in their top 5 post 90s era rappers.. his last album was a disgrace he wouldnt have had to worry about the songs being to " poppy" if he hadnt agreed to making the tracks in the first place

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