Lil' Cease Writes Letter To Notorious B.I.G. On His 40th Birthday

XXL brings in Lil' Cease to pen a letter to the Notorious B.I.G. on what would be his 40th birthday.

Today marks the 40th birthday of slain Brooklyn rapper the Notorious B.I.G., and while it's been 15 years since the legendary Bad Boy emcee has past, few have let him slip from their memories. Now, XXL reached out to Biggie's Junior M.A.F.I.A. partner Lil' Cease to write a letter to his friend.

In the letter, Ceasar Leo wrote to his deceased companion to thank him for helping establish his own music career and "showing [him] the real meaning of life at a young age." He also promised to help take care of Big's family in anyway possible and to also represent his legacy to the fullest possible extent.

"It's not a day that goes by without me thinking about all the good times from rocking the stages and chilling on St. James with the homies," he wrote. "You're def missed down here B.I.G., by you family, friends and fans. Your moms and kids is doing very well down here and you know I'ma hold them down to thee best of my ability...Thank you for giving me a career, positive path and showing me the real meaning of life at a young age. I'm keep your legacy alive and going the best I could B.I. 15 years later and you're still crowned the King of New York."

Check out XXL for the full letter.

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  • Anonymous

    A second letter has surfaced... Dear Notorious, When you were alive, I saw dollar signs. When you died I saw unemployment. Why the fuck did you have to die? Leaving me here to try and get an album out. I can't even get a single on Itunes out. What's worse is XXL asked me to write this stupid ass letter where I pretend I have what it takes to hold your family down. In truth, they're holding me down. I sleep in your old bed Poppa, and watch Notorious every night. It's a classic. Right up there with Soul Plane and Bait. My plan for 2012 is to save up enough coke cans to try and buy a new maitress, but with the recession, it's not looking too good. In parting, would you be mad if I started listening to 2pac? Aside from the fact he said he fucked your wife, he was a cool motherfucker. Since were being honest, can I also say I might sign a deal with Diddy? He said he had nothing to do with your death, and I believe him. He's also friends with Rick Ross, who looks alot like you. I gotta go Poppa, but look out for my new album entitled, "Cease Fire" set to drop sometime between now and 2043.

  • Problemz/problema

    Dear Big I'm sorry I let you down.The internet has not been kind to me.That video of me dancing naked around dudes made the rounds and made me look suspect.Maino introduced me to this thing called the pavement and D-Bo'd the chain you gave me.I went to court and did my best Mary J impression and sang my ass off against Kim.I was afraid dudes would take that line you said about gunner kidnapping kids and fucking them in the ass and throwing them over the bridge literally.They got some kid that looked nothing like me to play me in the movie.He was actually a better Cease than I am.I got fat then became a personal trainer but my only clients are the rest of Junior Mafia who pay me with stolen hubcaps and bootleg cigarettes.My music career went the way of cassette tapes.I'm all fucked up in the game.Gotta go.Puff needs me to pick him up some cheesecake at Juniors. Cease

  • Anonymous

    lol @ that african kid who played cease in notorious movie

    • Anonymous

      Um. Marc John Jefferies isn't African. And you are a perfect example of a dumbass known for spreading incorrect facts without doing the knowledge. You're an idiot.

  • GreenNYC

    That nigga cea's album was ahead of its time. His shit is better than most of the shit that's out now.


    XXL reached out to Cease to pen a letter to BIG? First off, why the hell would a 3rd party come to somebody like "hey, remember when your close homie passed away years back? Yeah, we don't have anything interesting in our magazine this month, so why don't you pen a letter and we can put it in the magazine?" I mean really???? What Cease needs to do is pen a letter to Puff, Fox pictures and Biggies mom for putting that travesty of a movie out (Notorious), and pen a letter to the damn idiots that thought it was a great idea to have Cease posing half naked on his ONLY album debut "The Wonderful World Of Cease A Leo." in a damn top hat.

  • koth561


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