Odd Future's "Loiter Squad" Television Show Gets Second Season

Eight more episodes of Tyler and company's variety show have been reportedly purchased.

After its first season, Loiter Squad will be renewed in the Adult Swim lineup, according to Pitchfork. The 15-minute variety show created by Hip Hop collective Odd Future premiered this March, the same week the group released OF Tape, Volume 2. The television program ran the eight produced episodes for Cartoon Network's Sunday night programming.

Loiter Squad includes pranks and sketch segments involving Tyler, The Creator, Jasper Dolphin, Domo Genesis, Taco, Left Brain and others. Guests on the show have included Jackass' Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera.

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  • LoiterSquadfan021

    A second season of Loiter Squad? SCORE!!!! :D that has got to be the most funniest and best show ever!!! (:

  • Liquor and Karate

    the opening song says "i like cheese,i like cheese" repeatedly ,thats what the show is stupid shit to watch when youre high its not dennis miller or the daily show shit is not supposed to make you think b.It might not be the funniest but it has its moments and cartton netweork needed another show that would be able to get away with saying nigga all the time

  • Mike G


  • Anonymous


  • truemasta

    this shit is not funny what so ever, i actually felt awkward watching it ..thats how unfunny it was.

  • Anonymous

    I guess some people don't know comedy. Fucking haters.

    • TX

      ^Re-read my comment you ignorant fool. I have not even seen one episode of this show, it's just moronic to say that something is not comedic simply because YOU don't laugh at it. It's getting a second season because obviously some people out there find it funny. Haters are so idiotic. To each his own.

    • Loiter Squad Worst Show Of ALL Time:

      NOPE there is NO COMEDY in this show just a bunch a dick riding fans keeping this show barely breathing so they can see tyler play dress up for 15min

    • TX

      ^ Hey dumb ass, comedy can be defined in many ways by many different people. What makes a person laugh can be considered comedy to them. Even if it doesn't make you laugh, it still makes them laugh. Therefore it is comedy to that person. Don't talk out of your ass anymore.

    • Anonymous

      COMEDY! wheres the comedy on that show name me ONE funny moment that was not water down by boring childish shit! yes I watched the show and it looked like some 12 year olds playing make believe on the playground

  • Indeed

    Thank you. I actually enjoy and look forward to this show. It's on my TiVo record tonight list right now as we speak. Congrats to OF, AS, and Jeff Tremaine. I enjoy your show, especially when I'm high lol

  • dockevoc

    odd future makes the bravehearts look like nwa


    I like the music but yeah this show SUCKS get rid of it

  • 50centishere

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  • Golf Wang

    Sorry but i've actually enjoyed Loiter Squad. Some skits are funnier than others of course but i'm glad to see that it will be coming back for another season.

  • Loiter Squad Worst Show Of ALL Time

    Dumbest show I ever seen only watch 2 episodes and NOT ONE FUNNY MOMENT! so I said it wont last another season.....RIP Adult Swim (2001-2009) This by far is the worst show on the network you went from ADULT Swim to PRE-TEEN Swim

    • Loiter Squad Worst Show Of ALL Time

      Nope your wrong tv.com gives this show a 3.5 other shows on adult swim score much higher

    • Chris23

      You obviously haven't watched adult swim in a while. 99% of the shows on there are shitty. The only good shows are family guy, American dad, and I wouldn't say loiter squad is good, but it's better than a lot of the shows on adult swim

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