Apollo Brown Explains Using Broken Studio Equipment To Keep Signature Sound

Fresh off of "Trophies" with O.C., Apollo Brown says he uses four blown speakers and a broken keyboard to make his critically-acclaimed works.

Detroit, Michigan producer Apollo Brown just released his first album of 2012, Trophies with veteran emcee O.C. The Mello Music Group album is Apollo's latest in a string of projects including The Left's Gas Mask, Daily Bread's self-titled project and an instrumental album, Clouds.

In a new interview at KevinNottingham.com, Apollo explained how through his recent acclaim, the producer insists on using the same flawed studio equipment he always has. "My setup does not change. I still have the same computer, I still have the same four blown speakers, and I still have the same keyboard that only 16 keys work because it got flood damage. I still have all the same stuff," he said. "[The] only thing that is different is my mouse because my other mouse broke. I had to get a new mouse but I was even working with that broke one but I decided to break down and get another mouse. My setup is very basic, simple and that is what I live by…simplicity."

Having produced tracks touched by Kool G. Rap, Diamond District and others, Apollo's holding true to his essence. He admits while he's tried bigger and new equipment, it's all been returned for his traditional kit. "I’m used to a certain sound and I’ve been rocking with this setup for over 10 years. It’s just the sound. I know how to manipulate the beats within this setup to make it sound good on record or good live in the big speakers."

Read the full two-part Apollo Brown interview at KevinNottingham.com.

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  • oskamadison

    That's what's up! I got a 2000xl with 5 blown pads. Work with what you have...

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  • Anonymous

    Shit, I got the same speakers as this cat!

  • Anonymous

    Yall should do more stories on the production side of hip-hop. Interesting stuff. I've been working with FL Studio 8, a Laptop, 49 Key Midi Keyboard, and a old Philips stereo for about 3 years and I wouldn't wanna switch my simple set-up for something twice as expensive and complex.

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