Game's New Single "F.I.V.E." To Feature Chris Brown & Lil Wayne

Producer Sap says that he's produced Game's next single, dropping later this month.

Game is currently at work on his upcoming album F.I.V.E.: Fear is Victory's Evolution, having already enlisted producers including Cool & Dre and DJ Khaled to co-executive produce the project.

But for the LP's title track, which will also serve as its single, producer Sap says that helmed a banger for the Compton, California emcee. "I actually produced this record for Game called ‘F.I.V.E.,’ featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne,” he told “That should be dropping anytime now. Supposedly it’ dropping Memorial Day Weekend, but I’m not sure.”

"F.I.V.E" will feature Weezy and Breezy and, according to the Delaware producer, will have an East Coast sound. "It’s definitely got an East Coast style a little bit—it kind of reminds you of how that ‘Real’ joint is,” he said, referencing a Meek Mill cut. “It’s not a South beat. It’s more of an up tempo beat, but it’s not a club record. It’s more of a traditional hip-hop beat, like a hard sample. It’s Game’s style but it’s still something you can hear Wayne on, too.”

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  • Mich

    I used to love the games music but seriously his fucking gay features are getting on my nerves big time.. He should keep his old style like ice cube does he at least doesnt do gay wayne features comment game please stop this we dont wanna hear that shit

  • Former Fan

    fuck Game n his gay ass album with shitload of homo features

  • Anonymous

    Nas has dropped 3 singles from his new album and not 1 feature. Its quite rare these dayss. Nas is legend.

  • Anonymous

    God damn, he was Hip Hop's savior with The Documentary and now this??? Worst felloff since Prodigy.

  • Anonymous

    Another name dropping bullshit single. Man, Game had so much potential when the Documentary dropped...oh well.

  • Anonymous

    i brung the west coast back came back blah blah blah sittin on gold wire daytons blah blah blah compton home of the killers blah blah dre eazy blah blah

  • gsonii

    More fake blood shit.

  • 50 Cent

    Game, sorry I dissed you everytime I had interviews. Now Im sleeping in my bed, jacking off listening to your records dissing my ass. I hope you forgive me. I just wanna be friends. Please let me suck your dick, fill my mouth with your filthy sperms. COZ IM A HOMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Anonymous

    well as i havent heard the single yet il reframe my judgement unlike most of these idiots on this site. Probably the same idiots who gave red album such a high user rating so i guess i shouldnt expect much from you all.

  • Anonymous

    chris brown and lil wayne? what a fucking clown.

  • Anonymous

    Another nigga that got waaaay too big for his actual skillset and now it's showing off.

  • Anonymous

    game man you need to check what the people want I know artists want to evolve but let's be honest you don't need to do it like this man fuck these guys come and hit us with that west coast shit

  • Anonymous

    This nigga stay shitting on his fanbase.

  • jUSsaying???

    G.A.M.E.; Stands for GETTING ANOTHOR MANS EFFECTIVENESS on my next single to boost my career otherwise I will flop!!!

  • Benny Dubb

    Personally, I fucking hate Chris Brown and Lil Wayne's music but Game gone deliver as always - so stfu haters! I can't wait for album number 5, but I do hope there ain't as many features as LAX or The R.E.D. Album!

  • Cudder

    anyone remember part of his verse in The City: I gave you the Documentary, shit was a classic Gave you Doctor's Advocate, you ripped it out the package Came with LAX, since critics said it was average I was stressed the fuck out, torn between Aftermath and Geffen, Interscope, now I got you in the scope Spill the red ink on the paper, it's like my pen is broke And this is what you all been waiting for *looks at two names for features* keep stressin, Game

  • Anonymous

    really, no features, wayne and chris brown fuck this shit, i bought all his albums thus far but by now this nigga doesnt deserve it.

    • Anonymous

      wayne and chris brown been on his last two records, and they turned out to be quite good. not that i like the features myself, but why not buy the album this time around?

    • Anonymous

      exactly i was thinkin the same thing bought all his albums but now....its time to turn our backs on this faggot poser

  • ETK

    it's funny cause I used to not like The Game when he was droppin Documentary/DA.. now that I see the shit he's doing, I been bumpin those albums bit more often than usual but god damn son, Wayne feature? again?? Chris Brown feature? AGAIN? it's bad enough you're getting features delivered to your mailbox like Subway coupons, you gotta enlist these two MTV mascots to do it? shit..

  • IOB

    Most embarrassing clown of all time.

  • Tru

    He said There Will Be NO Features on FIVE and yet he lied again...i guess he knows he can't do it by himself

    • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

      Shutup bitch, rap niggers always lying, they got motherfuckers like you crying over it

  • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

    Punk bitches crying about features, fuck off and get over it. Bitch!

  • Chris Etrata

    I thought Game said his new album will just feature himself.

  • Detective Trout

    This fagget always puts the same fuckin lame ass people on his albums, n hes gonna talk about the same old garbage,the game lost it


    Even Wayne cant save your career at this point. The only thing that may helps (and 50 at the same time) is a fuckin reunion. Yall both killed your own career....dumbest move!

  • Anonymous

    corny ass nigga and his acronyms. dude had everybody and they mama on the last album and it still only did 90k in the first week. fall back nigga.

  • shame

    This dude has fallen off so bad, he used to be imo the best mainstreamin rapper in the game and the best gangster rapper i had heard in a long time. This guy has no self pride what so eve,r cuse if he did , he would say fuck using the same big name features and just try and make dope songs on his own, but now he relies so much on features its annoying. Not even 50 cent has had as much of career reversal as Game, it's a shame he really had a chance to be one of the greats.

    • Anonymous

      you suckin mad dick like the big 10 and the sk series wasnt getting burn and like game album and last mixtape wasnt trash 50 put out quality music stop hating war angel will smash anything game dropped game not even a solo artist dude had over 100 features in his career no solo hit songs he cant even produce a proper hook

    • Anonymous

      Umm yes he has. No one is checking for fif's music. But whenever Game drops a mixtape, niggas stay flocking to that shit.

  • Anonymous

    I think he try to do another album quick, so he'll be free from Interscope in a minute. After that the deal with Young Money / Cash Money is a must, his affiliation with Birdman and Weezy is well-known. Game thinks that signing with them is the best move since he's going to have more media buzz and features (at least in-house). I think jumping to the bandwagon is probably the last option for him, cause it means a boost for his slowly-fading career, at least a few extra years in the rap game. But in reality, he never be again where he was back in those Dre-days. A few years and he'll be one of those rappers who had their run, but the only thing they left is a few thousand hardcore fans. I know that Game possibly thinks he is still a superstar and a major factor in the industry, so realising that the rap game is doing great without him will be hurt. Maybe thats why he always riding on everybody's dick who has at least a little buzz. You could reach the point where you don't sell like you used to, but the way you "achieve" this is what matters. You can stay relevant / true for yourself by making your music, or trying to be like the guy (or his best buddy) who is living his 15 minutes of fame right now. I suggest that Game already made his decision.

    • Nigga

      Lol Id like to see your platinum records and money so then i could comment on your life on the internet like a fool

  • Anonymous

    man game losing fans....seriously how many times u gon do a song with the woman beater n that lil faggot....fuck this shit....m now officially a former fan

  • nore

    i fukks wit game but hopefully this game album wont be an ova load of features like his last album was... the last album had bout 20 song on it n prolly 18 of them had someone featured on it n it looks like the lead single to this album alrdy got wayne and cris brown. so itll prolly be anotha feature heavy album...

  • Anonymous

    ay game stop sucking on wayne man you can't create an album without these guys there the people that ruined your original west coast sound what happened to singles like dreams and one blood

  • TUMI

    another game 1st single featuring Wayne for the 3rd consecutive time #yawn#

  • Anonymous

    I'm not even a hater, dude has the talent but his career is the biggest underachiever to ever come out a major label Jay, Nas, Em, TI, Kanye, Luda...... Even Wack motherfuckers like Jeezy & Rick Ross at least have a few hit singles to their name BY THEMSELVES Game. in his whole 8 years in the spotlight, has "Dreams" & "One Blood" Other then that, every song he's made that someone gave a fuck about had to depend on the feature. As an Artist, You'd think he'd have enough pride to at least try here and there

  • Anonymous

    This nigga talking about making an album without features? How? He can't. When his first single screams 'horrible hit attempt.' He ain't able to. Biggest joke in Hip Hop history. By far.

  • Anonymous

    He just hated on the southern rap production sound, so his CD just went out the sunroof of the coupe.

  • Holla

    Honestly, I liked The Documentary, straight classic. I liked Doctor's Advocate, westcoast classic. I didn't liked L.A.X, only had a few good songs, but I did like R.E.D, although lots of the feateres were unneccesary. This guy told me he was gonna do no name-dropping, and no features. This guy is a joke, and that's coming from the biggest Game-fan outta there man

    • Anonymous

      hey asshole, he said soundtrack to chaos would have 0 features, then he cancelled and renamed the album, this is F.I.V.E not soundtrack to chaos

    • Anonymous

      Instant, 100% co-sign for that. I loved Game's music back in the day, but I slowly realised that Banks and Yayo didn't say that he is bipolar for nothing. He constantly contradicts himself, seems like he can't decide what he wants to be. Game lost his credibility in my eyes, so thanks for representing the West Coast to the fullest back around '04-07, but instead of a king he is more like a jester. This man went from the Coast's biggest hit for the best buddy to everybody who is hot nowadays to stay relevant.

  • thought dog

    At least theyre warning us before more garbage shit is released.

  • yep...

    yeah i'll skip. i'll wait for the Game that appreciated shit and was humble as fuck; i.e. Doctor's Advocate, that didn't mention who he featured on the album and delivered on lyrical content. I'll skip this fagot ass clown and wait for an actual good album because L.A.X. and R.E.D. definitely weren't it. You suck nigga, you got too cocky and started getting shitty; like a low end 50 Cent; get back to where you came from.

  • LAME

    This guy tries WAYYYY to hard to get a hit single, he uses Wayne on every song to try and recapture his last real hit song(My Life) People and media would respect Game ten times more if he stopped making these DJ Khaled type albums were he uses the same rappers. Seriously, try and make a decent single that bangs like One Blood did, instead of trying to get it on the radio. This song will STILL fail with CB and Wayne on it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    and he has BWS for what he dont even rep his own crew on major projects he trying to copy the u-nit like william roberts but nobody got bank like the u-nit

    • Anonymous

      there are only 2 good rappers on the roster, fuck u mean use them? they werent on any previous album

  • Anonymous

    he aint been relevant since 2005

  • Anonymous

    And you really think he wrote the documentry and doctors advocate? ahah

  • Anonymous

    i need this pronto

  • Anonymous

    hella people saying they got this track already where do i get it from ?

  • dockevoc

    when most people fall off they stay away for a minute and try to rekindle a been hitting us with straight duds for 2 years plus

    • Anonymous

      No nigga. You concentrating on these wack wayne/r&b songs he done. But he's dropped a tonne of other tight shit that you been sleeping on nigga.

  • Anonymous

    so fuckin tired of hearin that fruit chris brown on game shit



  • Game Over

    Gayme stays on sucking Chris Brown's dick

  • Anonymous

    Game is a tool , dude is terrified of standing on his own 2 feet. When is the last time he put a record out by himself that anyone gave a fuck about?? Last one I remember was "One Blood" and even that had the Sample built into it. Since then tho, name his singles Games Pain with Keisha Cole My Life With Lil Wayne Camera Phone with Neyo Red Nation with Lil Wayne That bullshit with Justin Timberlake Pot Of Gold with Chris Brown Martians Goblins With Tyler the Creator The City with Kendrick Lamar ^^^^^^^^ I mean, why dont he just become a permanent feature artist and give up on making albums since they all compilations anyway

    • DK

      LMAO @ Game killing anyone. That bi-polar clown was murdered on every single track.

    • Jack Compton

      His last solo single was Let's Ride yeah, and that flopped hard, so the labels not agreed a solo single since and that's not gonna change. When Game leaves Interscope not only should he not sign with Cash Money he shouldn't sign with any major label at all. Go the independant route instead. He'd find out who his real friends are then, and he could start representing for his BWS artists. His real fans would respect and support that.

    • Anonononomous

      He can't become a feature artist because NO ONE features him.

    • Annoymous

      "Let's Ride" was the last solo single he put out.

    • dockevoc

      P.I.N.K. is the worst album ever released by a talented artist

    • Anonymous


    • kev

      y shuld it matter game kills everybody he features lik on da red album

  • tresdeuce

    ya'l c dat pic. above the blog wit game squating down thats how he squats down on chris brown

  • Stan

    yeah hes a industry brotha put togethier. thats y he mimic raps. ya'l should call him mr. mimi waps

  • juS2LetuKno!

    come on guys r u really shocked by this. Game kno he cant sell records by himself. thats y he disses mad rappers big ones at that{jay z, 50, rick ross} n hes gona weasal his way in throu cash money n ride the wayne train. i dont like lil wayne either but lil wayne dont need games on his shit. when u seem ft. game on his stuff? anyway hes a industry brotha listen to the red album then a pink mohawk??? really guys ur surprised FUCK THE GAME AKA: CASH MONEY'S DAME!



    • NOSIR

      I've heard it to cousin YESSIR but I just hope the whole upcoming album is just as crazy as that single cause the RED ALBUM was WACK!! it was a big flop this one better at least sell over 500,000 Gold or even more than that come on GAME make the music like u did on your debut album and your second album that was Hip Hop that was u in your prime spittin FIRE! go back to your roots cause the West Coast needs their King back man

    • Anonymous

      where do i get it ?

    • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

      Same, shit goes HAM.

  • Anonymous

    love the game's music but ohh chrisbrown and lil wayne who woulda thought this repetitiveness is borrrring.. we need raw game to come back and kill that shit on his own

  • ldkldkdkj

    *yawn*. same old, same old.


    what im shocked first single with features how can this be haha its probably chris brown song

  • Anonymous

    i thought this album would have no features. nigga is hanging by a thread.

  • Young King

    *Shrugs, Turns Up Doctor's Advocate*

  • Young King

    Of course it's gonna feature wayne... why wouldn't it smh 6 years ago.... i'd a neva seen this shit coming. Game is such a joke now R.E.D. was definitely not as hot as everybody hypes it up to be I listened to it like twice after I bought it, it's been sitting on my shelf since. Game really dropped the ball beginning with everything he dropped after L.A.X. except Red Room & Brake Lights those were coo tapes.

  • Anonymous

    "Game absolutely destroyed Jay-Z's career" I'm sure Jay will announce this very fact in a press conference by the end of the day.

  • INeedADanish

    I thought he said that he would chill with the features for his next album, yet two features, and of all the cats, he choses do do a Wayne and Chris Brown joint, smh.

  • Anonymous


  • Fabdoe

    Game is garbage now, always stealing rappers flows on songs they feature on lol and the name dropping is ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous How is the Eminem Show full of name dropping? You got me confused on that one.

    • Anonymous

      i agree on the flow thing but u sound like an asshole with the name dropping thing, hes been doing that sicne he started his career, if u dont like it, stop listening to him, that simple, u act like name dropping is something new if u think game is a name dropper, i suggest u listen to the eminem show and a good bit of tupac's songs

  • ari

    shiit cant wait !! game u are my fav rapper !!!

  • Paco

    Damn Game another single with Weezy oh well hopefully its dope will see

  • dentaldamboy

    Game absolutely destroyed Jay-Z's career. Jigga just can't hang with Game lyrically. And all of the guys that Jay-Z put on and still pays...Kanye, Cole, etc...they all roll with Game. If Jay even wants to put out an album again, he better show his camel face in Compton and kiss the Black Wall Street ring.

  • WestsideWarlord

    game needs to stop working with Lil Wayne, and go back to working with cats like Busta,Nas,Kendrick, is a great rapper he needs to stick to the gangster formula which is when hes at his best

  • vtr


  • triPAUD

    L.A.X., R.E.D., F.I.V.E.

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