50 Cent On Hospital Stay, Lloyd Banks "On His Own" & Peace With Cam'Ron

50 Cent reveals details about his hospital stay, LLoyd Banks' career and peace with Cam'Ron.

After recent news of 50 Cent's hospital stay, the G-Unit general spoke about his sickness and more. He also discussed a peaceful connection to Cam'Ron, whom he's had disputes with in the past, and explained why he feels Lloyd Banks needs to "develop things" on his own.  

"I ate something in London that wasn't right with me," he said of his three day hospital stay during his interview with Funkmaster Flex. "It's the first time I ever got sick like that. When I went to the hospital, they was talkin' 'bout I got a blockage in my small intestine." 

50 then switched gears to discuss a new connection he has with Cam'Ron. He noted that the two will be working together and that they've already started collaborating on projects. 

"I had a chance to get on the phone [with Cam'Ron]. We kicked it," Fif said. "It came out of nowhere but it was time for us to have that conversation. They should look forward to us working together." 

Lloyd Banks also became part of the conversation as 50 explained that he is allowing Banks to "develop" on his own. He noted that he's been working for Banks' career and that he now wants to focus more on his own work. 

"There's a point when artists need to develop themselves and their things on their own. He's reached that point," he explained. "You work for me but I'm working for you? That's the concept that's been going on their entire career...I gotta focus on me too." 

50 Cent is currently promoting the release of his The Lost Tape, which will be released May 22. 

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  • bugatti boyz

    banks a real dude and the only good thing that happened to g unit say wat you wanna say

  • 50 Cent

    sorry guys...im a homo



  • Anonymous

    lol, gunit been wack for years, the massacre had 5 chick tracks,curtis sucked, banks is a sub par album rapper both rappers have 0 substance, and all they can talk about is money and guns, they arent artists, they are just rappers who have an occasional hit and 50 goes platinum off his popularity

  • choco

    50 is such a jealous bitch. banks is a loyal dude and always rides for the team, but g-unit is holding him back and has been for years. when banks made beamerz benz and bently and went plat with that single independently g-unit records fucked his shit up. hunger for more 2 dropped mad late and didn't capitalize on the buzz banks built on his own. if that was 50 the push woulda been huge fif hasn't had a hit take off like that on it's own in a decade. banks had more momentum then than 50 has had in YEARS. 50 cant stand seeing his little niggas win. you'd think he'd wanna see his homies do well, but fif is a real snake and is in it for himself. banks is a real talent and a hard worker, keeps his fans in new music and doesn't bitch about his position or generate bullshit for attention. 50 is still looking to make hit records and doesnt consistently make hot music anymore, and his new signees all suck. paris? wack. shawty lo? LOL. kid kid? LOL. and banks doesnt deserve the push anymore? its all about 50 most egotistical bitch made mogul to ever do it.

    • ROZAY


    • STFU

      stop speaking shit you don't know...BBorB was drop as the 1st single than the shit took off and Banks got a Distribution deal thats what delayed the album...at 1st it was suppose to be a g-unit project than they got assistance from a major

  • Zeal

    He's being a drama queen with these hospital pics.. He was only in there for 3 days and he's acting like he's on his death bed. I stopped listening to 50 after GRODT.

    • ROZAY


    • SMH

      only 3 days??? dude STFU most people are in the hospital for a couple of hours the most the fact that someone has to spend 1 night in the hospital mens its something SERIOUS

  • Anonymous

    to a new listener this interview makes banks sound like a freshman.

  • anon

    Saying 50 Cent 'isnt Hip-Hop' or 'ruined Hip-Hop' is fuckin' ridiculous. 50 Cent is the epitome of Hip-Hop, and this is coming from someone who came up in the so-called golden age. He is a real MC, and one of the LAST real East Coast MCs that understands the balance between being street and having fun and having a sense of humor. I had a feeling something was wrong with him though. A telltale sign of someone being sick is when they start giving their fortune away. I'm not saying it wasn't sincere, but 50 gave alot of money to african countries in the past two years and has been talking about his own demise a lot. I wish you well Fif. Hip-Hop needs you more than ever, even though these ungrateful fucks don't understand right now.

  • Anonymous

    i just cheek out the song with kid kid and paris. horrible artist, just horrible. idk what 50 thinking. better to put banks on those song then these wac artist. you might as well get buck back to the unit. 50 gotta work shit out and get better artist these 2 he got are horrible. never could sell anything.

    • Anonymous

      i agree - he talks about kidd kidd like anyone other than 50 knows who he his... and that new female rapper is nice... if this was 1996 - aint no one trying to hear that foxy brown wanna be shit in 2012

  • Anonymous

    People still make momma jokes and gay jokes like its funny and cool ? LOL

  • Anonymous

    damn! lloyd banks finally being a man at 30

  • Anonymous

    sick from eating a bad cheese burger ? fast food is bad for us . But its one on every street corner in the world .

  • Anonymous

    "Banks has been the best rapper in that group since day 1" I'd say Buck has/had the most talent, but for all of Banks lyrical skill he should have branched out on his own years ago.

  • Anonymous

    this dude takes way too much credit. He acts like his everyones big brother but when no one listens to his shit he blames everyone around him. Banks has been the best rapper in that group since day 1. How many times have i heard 50 say Im gonna focus more on my shit Im gonna focus more on my shit Im gonna focus more on my shit. shut the fuck up already, YOUR CAREER IS ALL WASHED UP NIGGAAAAAAA

    • Anonymous

      If washed up is making more money every year than your entire familys excistance then i guess you right.... Only thing hot now is bubble gum bs rap.... So i can tell where you stand

    • what!

      man your shemales kill me... What did he say thats wrong? Banks is signed to GUnit and has been doing this ten years so he can handle his own... And fif has his own career and he has to focus 100% on that.. Um whats wrong with that.... Thinking like yours is what got Buck ass broke now... Banks overseas getting paid every weekend... You think he got bitch feelings like you... Get real...

    • Anonymous

      and Lloyd Banks career isn't washed up??? gtfoh!

    • 4real 4real

      fr real

  • Anonymous

    Lloyd Banks: Yeah a snap of a finger will make you guys cripple i came up with this on the shitta, nigga i handle bars like a bicycle stars make your eyes trickle as stiff as an icecycle the muffalas the sounds of land thats why i whistle fire your stylists you know dats wrong for letting you put that foot locker noback on around here niggas get shot for performin that song and hoes cut they eyebrows off and draw them back on they try to merk me yo thats why 50 bought me a trey pound with a nose longer then pinnchio pop shit i stroke your slut and soon as her mouth open up what? same color as coconut

  • Anonymous

    "There's a point when artists need to develop themselves and their things on their own" Well, then let Buck do what he's got to do to get back in the game. What he's saying makes sense, but he doesn't practice what he preaches. If Banks next album somehow goes platinum, 50 would automatically take credit for it. This isn't G Unit anymore.

  • ItsTheTruth

    What people forget is that Banks been in the game since 03, and his debut album went double plat. On top of that, the nigga JUST turned 30 last month, so he's got a lot of fuel left in him. Shit, 50 is 36 and Em is turning 40 this year. Banks just doin him, V6 coming soon.

  • J-Yo

    Okay so your not working for banks no more, now your working for Kidd Kidd and Paris??? That don't make no sense those ppl are never gonna bring you the type of guap that banks, buuck or game brought you...that don't make sense. If your making money off of it, your working for yourself no for anyone else IMO

  • Five O Cent

    Nigga had a blockage and acts like he got shot or something LMAO after that he really deserves to die.

    • Anonymous

      He's already gotten shot sooooooo yea Its still being in the hospital..gettin shots not the only way you die if you rap

  • koth561

    I find it ironic how niggas hate on Cam and idolize Ghostface when they have almost the same exact style.. You can almost hear that crazy ass erratic style and they sometimes made absolutely no sense when they said shit

    • Swordz

      The difference between Cam and Ghost is simple. Talent. And 4 classic albums.

    • Anonymous

      Cam vs Ghostface - that is not eevn funny

    • Los3

      Cat in the hat ass nigga

    • Sensaye252

      Ghostface is creative, has a wild imagination, is unpredictable, and even though he talks about gritty shit sometimes you get the feeling he's good natured and has a sense of humor. Cam is just a extremely negative, grouchy, babbling, monotone, repetitive ass rapper.

    • dockevoc

      Ghostface has steadily improved for 20 years while Cam'ron has steadily worsened - pretty simple

    • Hip Hop 4 Life

      I feel what you saying Cam is somewhat overlooked and you can hear that Ghostface influence in his music, but Ghost was obviously more talented.... on the other hand Cam way too hated on he's very underrated if you know what I mean

  • Jason

    are those stuffed animals super imposed? lol WTF

  • mike

    thank you banks need to stop living in 50 shadow n make moves shoot more videos have better shows you 30 n only had one solid album my nigga I fucks with banks heavy but when ya mixtapes better than ya albums something wrong

    • mike

      banks need more visuals for his records I remember one time he said 50 suggested he shoot videos for his freestyles I'm like 50 shouldn't have to tell u that nigga u know ur hot songs shoot ur own shit everytime 50 drop a tape always got a video to go with it

    • rational

      banks been makin his own moves but him n 50 are in a lose lose situation. banks case: whenever theres a vlog on 50's concerts or what ever hes doin n banks isnt in the picture, people assume hes not fuckin with them but banks been doin his own shows n tours for the pass 2 years. the people wont let banks make his own moves without speculation of a break up. 50 case: have the amount of suscess he's had n STILL receive soo much hate. if he does a street record, he has no growth. if he does a radio friendly/girl joint, hes sellin out.

  • HEAT

    @anonymous he dissed Fat Joe, Jadakiss r Kelly, cam, jay z lil wayne and a bunch of others you little stupid asshole, and in terms of Forbes he was the one bragging about his ranking on Forbes that slips more and more every year, I ain't on Forbes I'm just giving my observation, but I got more paper then a faggot like you that's on this site so much that he couldn't possibly have a job or life

    • Anonymous

      prime example's above!.... the hip hop these kids are exposed to these days, does absolutely nothing to uplift them!

    • HEAT

      And anonymous your asshole is only small cause your boyfriend has a little dick like your fathers.

    • Spoelstra

      ^^gay-ass kids making gay-ass momma jokes. I miss the days when comment boards were actually constructive.

    • HEAT

      @ anonymous, your mother is the one with the big asshole, she takes it well there and always has, she swallows and I'm sure she refeets that she didn't swallow the load the night you were concieved, you represent the crack baby generation, and who gives a fuck about your pc, move away from it and get a job so you can get out yo momma basement.

    • Anonymous

      YEAH I HAVE A LITTLE ASSHOLE BECAUSE I DONT GET FUCKED IN IT LIKE YOU DO and who gives a fuck who he dissed you a 50 dickrider checkin the mans pockets.and more paper than me bitch please my PC SHITS ON YOUR POCKETS ALONE GTX680 8GB RAM AND A i7 2500K AND NAH IM A BOSS YOU GO TO WORK I OWN THE WORKERS

  • Anonymous

    when 50 release a album that dont get certified then its over until then its GGG-UNIT

  • Anonymous

    Lloyd Banks doesn't really have a career anymore.....He and Yayo should move on from rapping....What's going to happen when they're like 40? What are they going to do for money?

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      first off lil homie watch your mouth, you can't hide behid your IP address for too long before the wolves catch you azz, and we all know what he spends because he makes sure that we knows what he buys. I look at facts and history lil homie. Just look at the artist that have had a substantial buzz and then have went into oblivion or close too it. They are somewhere scrambling.

    • Anonymous

      winning the lottery and working to make millions is different you not gonna spend money the same way

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Decatur ATL Boi

      Set for life? Big dummy, how many big spending millionaires have went bankrupt after they retired? The list is too long to list here, but I can rattle off maybe 30 off rip. No one is "set for life"-even lottery winners who have won anywhere from 10 mill to 500 mill seem to blow it fairly quickly. Ignorant people who get money just get more ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      banks is still 29 u dumbass....gayo should hang himself

    • Anonymous

      money? they set for life

    • Anonymous

      no career? who was the last indie artist to have a GOLD single? you dont have to think to hard. last summer yayo single haters was in heavy rotation.

  • Anonymous

    i see it now people hate 50 but hold him at high standards every album he released is certified you got so called bosses that can even go platinum one time

  • Anonymous

    50 is done just like Gunit apparel.

  • Anonymous

    quote : "he is ALLOWING banks to develop" WTF ??? seems like indeed banks is 50's bitch

  • HEAT

    The mighty has fallen, I was never with all that beefing in hiphop, but 50 has really humbled himself, he use to be so arrogant and cocky, always taunting his record sells and money, use to go at cats for not moving units, dissing for no reason, now he friends with Cam, I seen him in a photo with lil Wayne, doing a mixtape with Drama, falling off can really change a nigga, not to mention his Forbes rating gets worse every year.

  • Anonymous

    50 and cam gonna be sick 50 on the hook im waiting on that

  • Anonymous

    its no beef between banks and 50 this was the plan years ago 50 said he signed banks becuase he thought he was the best young rapper out banks on his grind

  • mak

    Not really. 50 mistake was breaking apart from Sha Money XL. Both as him being the label head and executive producer for his album. 50 is an artist, all this multitasking and doing this and that is what hurt his career. He's not a label head and he's hardly an actor. He writes music. Let people who really spent time in those positions handle that. What Jay said when "Niggas wasn't playing their day role" 50 comes in mind

  • Jay GoShin

    Let's be honest, Banks has basically been "on his own" for the past couple of years. He has been branching out and working with people like Kanye, just to mention a few. But it's good to hear that 50 is start focus on himself again.

  • Anonymous

    No offense Fif but when your a label head your suppose to be working for your artist career, thats not something that should be considered a favor, you probably banked way more off "The Hunger For More" then banks did That said, I agree its time for Banks to kep it movin and do his own thing, 50 has a new roster of artists and Banks has been under his umbrella long enough, time to expand

  • Mario Toney

    Fifty cent can still be a great artist in my opinion, he needs to stay away from the tendency to follow trends, thats not what made him hot.being curtis jackson and doing music he really loved made him hot.He has pain in his voice he needs to stick to soulful production.Soulful hooks, real soul singers Anthony hamilton bilal erykah badu raphael saadiq chaka....real music he can be proud of in twenty years leave the microwave shhh to the kids.....fif I got a new hot artist for you i produce also his name is (Coop) Coop-my life is our new song produced by Soulful Mind

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