J. Dilla "Dillatroit" Cover Art, Tracklist & Stream

UPDATE: Stream the posthumous J. Dilla release.

The tracklist and cover art have been revealed for J. Dilla's posthumous release Dillatroit.

The 12-track offering will drop on May 25th courtesy of Mahogani Music. The previously unheard cuts will be available on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl. OkayPlayer speculates that the project will be a sampling of selections from the Rebirth of Detroit LP, due June 12th on Ruff Draft Records.

Listen to some of the albums snippets below.

1. Birthright
2. Feel This Shit
3. The Best That Ever Did It
4. Lets Pray Together
5. Ride Wit It
6. Say My Name
7. Dillatroit
8. Detroit Madness
9. Possible
10. Mind Yo Business
11. Rebirth is Necessary
12. Pitfalls


(May 18, 2012)

UPDATE: Dillatroit is now available for streaming via djbooth.net. An updated cover can be found below.

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  • O Dub

    yo, these beats are Dillas. Dilla is from Detroit, and these MC's are from Detroit paying respects, to a legend that paved the way for them. Dig it.

  • katherine

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  • Jacoby

    If you want a freshly made, dope beat to rap to, go to that youtube video below Jacoby- Cold below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQiakWvYevA

  • hi


  • drowning under a thousand gallons of hot steamy cum

    Dillatroit is not a good name for this project..

  • Integrity

    Please respect J Dilla .and stop using this man's beats unless it's an artist he actually looked up to, respected, or his peers that he actually respected. Help his mother raise funds on his families behalf with integrity. please. Instrumental albums or major artist he looked up to. that's it. RIP J DILLA

  • Tennille Goble

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  • Anonymous

    would be great if it was just beats. but cool.

    • eric cartman

      Don't worry i'm sure an instrumental cd will soon follow this release.. Personally, I like to hear people spit on it!

  • Anonymous

    I dig the emcees spitting on Dilla tracks, but honestly, his beats alone are enough justice. An example would be donuts - One of the best instrumental albums out there, but every emcee has spat on those beats, making it mediocre. No offense, but seriously, I don't think emcees are really worthy spitting on a Dilla track anymore. Just release instrumental versions Ma Dukes!!!

  • kennyken

    man i got my hands all over this! heavy rotation playa playa!

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