Kanye West Reveals G.O.O.D. Music Album Title, New Film

Kanye West plans to debut a new film at Cannes Film Festival.

Kanye West has revealed the album title for the long-awaited G.O.O.D. Music compilation, as well as a new film to debut at Cannes Film Festival.

According to a press release, the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album will be titled Cruel Summer, which is also the name of the film making its debut at Cannes on May 23rd as an out-of-competition entry.

The film will be a seven-screen viewing experience with a physical art installation. It will remain open for two days following its premiere in France, and tickets are available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Check out the poster for the film below.


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  • GOOD_music_salute

    This should be good Kanye always in a different lane creativley. For all die hard GOOD MUSIC fans check out the mixtape below ya'll will dig that shit GOOD music mixtape collection of their songs from 2010-2012 for all you hip hop fans check it out ww.datpiff.com/GOOD-MUSIC-Good-music-mixtape.353018.html

  • Jaymalls

    Kanye is clearly one of, if not the only mainstream artist that cares about how their music is being presented and leaving a legacy behind! Ye gave ya atleast 3 CLASSIC albums while most artist you young niggas praise have yet to put out even 1 classic. 2nd, every Kanye album is different... He reinvents himself every album and gives people a new sound to bite. MBDTF inspired everyone from rappers to rockers... Damn near half the industry, yet that shit goes unnoticed because he was not talking about drugs, fucking bitches, and w/e else rappers like Wayne and Tyga talk about!

    • Qu

      You're definitely right about Kanye being creative but MBDTF did not go unnoticed. You do realize it went platinum right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Beautiful_Dark_Twisted_Fantasy#Accolades

    • Anonymous

      In regards to what you said, he DOES emphasize on presentation. Dude definitely has that mind state on lock.

    • Anonymous

      It went unnoticed because bums used their money to buy Nicki Minajs album instead and quite frankly her second album was terrible, but it was better than her first.

    • Chupps

      RT, while the rest of the industry is focused on quantity, he's interested in challenging himself and being his biggest critic.

  • Anonymous

    I see the name Aziz Ansari... I would rather shoot myself in each limb and then drag myself through broken glass than see anything with that fucking goon. They push that guy like crazy and I see him everywhere but he is NOT funny at all. Hope CuDi does good in the movie though. I love his creepy style that he employed in MANIAC, Mr. Rager, and No One Believes Me. I actually want to see him in real movies in the future; he'd make a great serial killer in some medium budget thriller.

  • dentaldamboy

    Kanye West is def the father of Beyonce's baby. Jay-Z is busy doing lame shit like begging European singers like Selah Sue to let J. Cole drop a verse. Jay-Z ain't got time for pussy. He needs to babysit Cole and Electronica.

  • ETK

    I'm seeing Scott Mescudi's name among the cast list, means Kid Cudi will be in that film.. dope

  • Fucck yaal

    I wish Kanye would stop doing this "art student" bullshit...It's starting to annoy me...JUST RAP. Dude went from "Drug dealing just to get by" to name dropping painters and fashion designers and shit...He's so corny with his little movies and art projects..He even got more corny little dudes coming up into that shit like ASAP, Krayshawn, and Tyler. smh Enough is enough...He doesn't need to go back to album 1-3...Just do some new shit...Move on from this garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye is the only artist signed to Rocafella . By that alone he can whatever the fuck he wants.

    • Mac Dre

      u mad u fuckin faggot?? its called being diverse and having other talents besides rapping u fuckin pussy ass hating prick. getting mad at another man getting money.. SMH. thats y u in ur moms basement talkin all that shit

    • Fucck yaal

      I been following ye since I heard "through the wire" on the radio...Real heads know the stuff he's on now is bullshit. He went from talking about real ass shit to name dropping rich white peoples brands in every other song. All this shit is too extra and corny....What was wrong with the polo and jeans Kanye? He's been on this shit since the 808 album...Its time to move on.

    • Anonymous

      first off kanye never rapped about himsself drug dealin. and 2 the man has grown as an artist, quite well in my and a shitload of other ppls opinions. i love where hes at right now. u obv have horible taste in hip hop, let me guess u think dreamchasers 2 is better then this is gunna be? haha

    • Miles

      Kanye went to college for art.Just because you don't understand good art when you see it doesn't mean it is BS.

    • Jarad

      Okay, so you are pissed that Kanye is an artist?? That is what makes his music next level shit. The only problem is that as of recently, Kanye has lost his inspiration and been releasing wack shit. The same genius that brought you Flashing Lights is fueling his transition toward icon. The only problem is that his music isn't keeping up with his ego

    • Jay GoShin

      God forbid a rapper has other interests besides rap. @Fucck yaal, I don't see why it bothers you. If you don't want to watch the film, then simply don't watch the film.

    • ge

      he is one creative son of b yo. nd he keeps doing classic albums. what the problem is?

    • John Starks

      For one Kanye West studied art in college so hes always had an interest in what you called "art student bullshit". Just because he made it as a rapper doesnt mean he lost sigh of that. Secondly theres nothing wrong with him using his stardom as a platform to venture and try new things. He shouldnt be confined to doing "JUST RAP" because people like you want him to.

  • FivSTAR

    This...looks promising. Its looks dope. Looks like another win is up on the horizon.

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