T.I. Does Not Understand Why Some Are "So Against" Gay Marriage

T.I. says he doesn't understand why some are "so against" same-sex marriage. He added that he doesn't "see what the big deal is."

After President Barack Obama spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage, Jay-Z added his support. Now, T.I. is saying he does not understand "why some people are so against it." During an interview with Hot 97, the head of Grand Hustle explained that he does not have a position against same sex marriage but he stopped short of saying he fully supports it. 

"To be absolutely honest with you, I don't care," T.I. said, when asked about the legalization of same-sex marriage. "I don't see what the big deal is, why some people are so against it. Why would you be so against it if it doesn't affect you or your lifestyle? I'm not in that world and it doesn't affect me if they did or didn't [get married]. I don't care enough one way or another. If something doesn't affect you, you should not take a strong position against it."

T.I.P. also spoke on his past with Meek Mill, originally having  him as part of the Grand Hustle team. He shared that he's happy for Mill's success. 

"I salute his success," T.I. said of Meek Mill. "I'm extremely proud of him...I had my own issues, my own battles to fight, which kept me from completely focusing on what was best for his career. He had an opportunity and I couldn't match that opportunity at that time."

For more from the interview, check the video below. 

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  • Fuck T.I.

    He's only supporting gay marriage because he got raped in prison one of my friends saw it happening

  • DMV

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=latn3wLsc-Y ^^THIS!!^^

  • DMV


  • ff


    • Lickin And Eating A Fat Pussy

      Canada ain't like what you sayin. There is some gays and shit, but it's no big deal.

    • glitch

      where the fuck do you see that in canada.. k I'll admit once I saw lesbians french kissing on a waiting line at a festival but there's nothin dramatic like what you said yo

    • Anonymous

      There was a time when people didnt like seeing interracial marriage. Doesnt mean it should be illegal just cuz you dont like it.

  • Anonymous

    When God created a partner for Adam He created Eve - not another Adam.

  • PQ

    People like T.I., Jay Z, est, all ways making statements but giving no understanding behind it. This is why I'm against gay marriage. I'm against gay marriage because it's man making gay people. It's giving my son or daughter the gay option when kids really don't need to know what gay is. Being gay should be a choice not an option.

    • Anonymous

      Im not gay but I dont think its a choice or an option. the gay people I know all tell me why would anyone choose to be ridiculed and taunted their entire lives. I couldnt pathom why someone would want to be gay to think its cool. maybe because Im not gay but this whole subject is just gay. youre gay, you gay

    • ETK

      you talkin like everybody's gonna be introduced to the gay world if it went through. Canada been allowing gay marriages for years and you don't see kids learning about it. you don't see gays walking down the street n makin out in the bus. they all come out the same time everybody comes out: during the LGBT parade. not hating on americans but some of you guys need to stop being paranoid bout this whole fuckin thing

  • Anonymous

    Does he also not understand why most people dont give a fuck who marries who and the government only uses it to make us discus of no fucking importance to what is current happening to the US and over seas? Mainstream rappers need to shut the fuck up cause they are sell outs and the know it, mist of their songs are filled with propaganda here and there and we know it so fuck you and fuck the industry.

  • Jay

    T.I. sold out too. Smh.

  • Pegasus Flow

    One dumb comment after another, one hate filled comment after another. And none of them see that they're not debating, they're just parading their opinions around like they have the inside track and everyone else is ignorant.

  • Dr Wuttsdaprognosis

    Obama could shit on a childs face and eat the shit off by smearing bread across the childs face while giving a speech about the best way to eat shit and.....Rappers would create songs dedicated to eating shit and different ways to eat shit.

  • Milehighkid303

    FAITH SUCCEEDS WHERE RELIGION FAILS!!! So, with that said, guess what?? Like it says in the Bible, no sin is bigger than the other. IT IS ALL THE SAME IN GOD'S EYES, thus, let these people do what they wish. God's loves us so much, He GIVES us FREE WILL, we make our OWN decisions but it is with His guidance that is the right and wrong. I see TI's point here and that's the way I've always moved with gay men and women, I don't affiliate with it, thus I wont let it bother me. Besides, NONE SHALL ESPCAPE JAH'S JUDGEMENT it is all going to fall on us and each of us will have to answer for the evil we have done on this earth. ONE.

  • EminemIsGay

    how can T.I go against gay people when he goes to jail like no other.

    • ETK

      Surprisingly it doesn't take a visit to jail to format an opinion on it... Not to mention coming outta jail could make you very homophobic too with all those "booty warriors" in there... Think before you type

  • priorities

    i dont get why this is the topic of american discussion when there are so many other issues we can address at the moment.

  • NoHomo

    Why people care so much about what gay people doing? Why yall referring? let'em get married if they want it ain't got nothing to do with unless you gay your self.

  • sekhmetb

    dont be programmed to think t.i. cares about the issue. they asked him so he can make a public statement and let the elite know that he is not against their agenda and he will stay in his place. im not sure what to think of black men in 2012. no cajones.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that people compare gay marriage with slavery is beyond funny. Nobody is saying that gay people can't be gay, the issue here is gay MARRIAGE you idiots. Are you guys retarded or what? Some people have their religious beliefs and that's where the problems come in at. I dont believe in any religion but i respect ppls beliefs and when ppl bring up their beliefs everybody wanna talk about all the other stuff that has 0 to do with the issue at hand.

    • Anonymous

      Religious beliefs shouldnt give you the right to decide who can marry who. And more comparisons are made to Civil Rights. Havent heard anyone call it Slavery.

    • blazeitup

      I understand when homosexuality gets thrown into your face people with beliefs have a right to complain but this shit is happening between people you'll never meet or see. Seeing men kiss men on TV makes me sick and a lot of shit has that nowadays on tv but I just stop watching them shows and go about my day. Mainly people complain because they want something to complain about. Lol and half the people who complain about this gay marriage shit go home at night log on to a porn site and wank over some lesbian sex. That shits the truth just look at how much lesbian sex sells so it ain't nothing to do with beliefs

  • blazeitup

    Live and let live I say. It may be against gods will but they are the ones who have to answer to god about that so why are some people so against it.

  • TheTruth

    When people say that everyone is equal they are wrong. On a basis of race, sexuality or even sexual preference this should be true... but in terms of intelligence or even physical fitness that's where America has it wrong.....

  • Anonymous

    Cool, that he's for equality, but since when did a rapper's opinion matter on this issue? lol. Focus on your next album, dawg.

  • konv10

    Yeah, sure, U right... Idiot -.- Okey, so if I respect black people that is mean I am black... Well, if U never heard about tolerance, go and read some about it first, then speak. End of story.

  • #fact

    T.I must be gay because he isn't against gay marriage

  • koth561

    Religion has fucked man in the ass for so long.. people go kill each other over fairy tales and they call homosexuality sinful (especially American Christians) when it has been found in animals... if religious fags ever did their research they would know that the dwarf chimpanzee is the most well known homosexual animal.... as a matter of fact the entire species is bisexual. When will these people ever learn...SMH...

    • Anonymous

      I ain't no lion.

    • TheTruth

      @ Anonymous That shouldn't matter. Homo's are found everywhere It's also been found in lions. Male lions often band together with their brothers to lead the pride. To ensure loyalty, they strengthen the bonds by often having sex with each other. Its been proven time and time again that homosexuality is completely natural. There is also a link between homosexuality and our genetics. koth561 spoke the truth on this matter. Fuck religion.

    • Anonymous

      I ain't no monkey.

  • equality

    All people are equal and should be treated equal.

  • Illest T.I. Fan


  • Darkfather504

    Who cares, we cannot pass judgement HELLOOOO!!! THAT IS FOR THE MAN UPSTAIRS TO DO

  • iAaron

    If you people can't see what is going on you are stupid first jay and now T.I. trying to make people think gay shit is ok. They are being told to say this shit they are puppets for the slave master aka house ni**ers fu*k any perverted batty boys trying to act like the sh*t is normal when they hiding it cos they know damn well it aint. and also being black and being gay are no way similar people need to stop with that sh*t men and women go together (black or white) and balance each other out like yin and yang, day and night, hot and cold wet and dry it is the law of the universe a man and woman make a child that is the circle of life. The truth is undeniable. If people were meant to be gay that would be the end of life period Tell me I'm wrong?

  • Real_Talk

    and this guy calls himself the man of God?

  • frank

    Black people , there just silly , they want to marry white girls but they don't want white girls marrying white girls. civil rights? its like the Black community forgot they just went thru this and not even 100 years ago and now there all homophobic. silly silly black people.

    • Anonymous

      Black people in congress you cant be a black person saying that. Clarence Thomas is the biggest uncle tom out. I get tired of these white guys trying to act black.

    • Anonymous

      The stupidity is to compare race and marriage. Thats two totally different things involved. I see more stupid white people on this site than black. Everytime I read a post its about somebody white saying something racist trying to race bait. Everytime I go to an article on yahoo. If it has a black person on it here comes a racist ass comment. How can the struggle be over when Trayvon Martin got done the way he did or Sean Bell. Look at how Obama is being attack with pictures showing him dressed as a monkey or eating a bananna. Well when the police racially profile you. Lets see what you say then. Brother. Somebody white always bring race int the conversation. Only white people say get over it. If you not black you cant understand the plight of the black man. Look at the Zimmerman case...if you dont see racism is still alive and well. Then yall lost the struggle continues.

    • Stupid Ass Niggas on here

      Damn a lot of you niggas need to stop bringing race into every fucking argument. WE have a BLACK president, two black supreme court justices, minorities all over congress. Stop bring the color of skin into everything. Gay people deserve equal rights just like the rest of us. Were my ancestors slaves? Likely but you know what, that was a different time and place. My parents were treated differently because the color of their skin but guess what, where does that give me or any other black person a right to persecute and bitch and moan about who a person loves. Niggas be stupid the struggle is over. BTW it's true yall niggas will mary a white person but don't like it if two white women will mary each other. Dumb ass niggas on this site sometimes.

    • Flash

      Wow.....black people can turn any kind of controversial subject into race. It's to a point where all you can do is laugh at it. I still love you.

    • Anonymous

      I really dont think all these guys are black pretending to be white. Its just some stupid people in this world. The worse thing you can do is give a stupid person a platform to voice his mind. Some of these people set humans back a thousand years.

    • Anonymous

      Meant to say pretending to be white.

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous right above me. Wake up bro. Those aren't white people posting. They are black people posting pretending to be black. It happens all the time on this site.

    • Anonymous

      Africa and Anonymous are the only ones with sense I dont know wtf these guys are talking about. How can you compare black to gay just dont see it and Im white. Some of you people make white people look bad and I can see how someone that is black dont like white people. Because there is not respect for a black person just by the words you say I can tell. Fuck up world we live in.

    • Anonymous

      Last time I checked gays didnt get snatched from there families taken to a country that never seen before. Face to learn a new language and get beaten, rapped,getting dogs sent to bite the shit out of they ass. Never seen a restaurant or water fountain saying no gays. Never seen a police officer gay profiling and shooting a gay unarmed person 50 times ie Shawn Bell. Gay person gets killed the person that did gets life. A black person get killed the police gets celebrated and told congratulations. If Trayvon would have been a gay white male Zimmerman would be in prison if their was any thought that he profiled him because he is gay. Last time I check there are more gay people in position of power than black people. The entertainment industry is gay. There are a lot of gay people that can shut some shit down so there is now way its a comparison. Black people have never been a real form of power. Obama but really is he in power a lot of people dont like him because he is mixed with black. Black people dont have any power and thats fact and to the other guy yea we not worried about you racist ass cowards we know you will not call anybody black a nigger to their face. You will not ever go to a area fill with blacks call anyone a nigger. The word nigger doesnt hold any weight anymore becasue most of the people that say are cowards. You hide behind your computer and say it or get online video chat and say it. Yall cowards and a coward gets no respect at least the racist whites in the 50's said it to your face. You a coward punk now call me a nigger to my face I dare you...coward.

    • Africa

      the black struggle and the gay struggle are not comparable. why? because when you go to a job interview you can deny being gay. you can't hide your skin color. there is no seperation of gay and straight because if it came down to that, gay people could just deny it. black people CANNOT. see the difference? stop comparing them. they are no where near equal.

    • Ben Dover

      You dudes just don't get it. These are people that are not going away and already influencing society. Whether you like it or not, just like how most whites did not like blacks getting empowered but it happened, this will too. Now it's just getting people to stop being ignorant. I can take you to places in person or on the net where extremist whites collect and still discuss reckless backwards racial talk because to their core they hate. Don't be like that. Think for a bit. But as another human being, I really advise you so really consider suicide. Like you are really not needed in this world and please kill yourself. The world will be better if you die today. Please listen and kill yourself. Please.

    • frank

      I'll compare all I want. How many gays have been killed just for being gay. your ancestor would be whipping you right about now. Putting down gay people is the same as putting down a black. its simple as that. Blacks want rights but don't want fags to have rights... no wonder racist people still call you nigger. because some of you are ignorant as fuck +1 obama +1 jayz +1 T.I. you sir are IGNORANT AS FUCK

    • Anonymous

      Ben Dover you are cracker and you know clap your hands you cracker and you know clap your hands. For everyone in this forum we all say fuck you dont ever compare gays to the civil rights movement you inbred piece of shit. You subhuman piece of shit. Dont you have some kids to moleste or dogs to rape...smh.

    • Ben Dover

      You still are a NIGGER. Gay people have suffered before your NIGGER ass came from Africa. It doesn't mean that gay civil rights are more important, but know the movement has the most momentum. What you just said Terrance makes your a dumb nigger. I am a black man and I am ashamed that your mother gave your birth you worthless piece of shit. I wish your mother was brutally murder and raped so that you would have never been given birth. Please consider committing suicide your ignorant fuck because the world is better without people like you.

    • Terence Jordan

      Don't ever compare what gays going throught to slavery. Don't ever! You don't know shit! That was so ignorant comment. My ancestors were beaten and killed for skin color. Degraded and raped.

  • L-Boogie

    Lol being that T.I. is a celebrity, he's in that world more than us regular Joe's. T.I. needs to worry about dropping another hot album because he still hasn't topped King.

  • timmm

    thats cool and all, but I dunno about this statement "If something doesn't affect you, you should not take a strong position against it." If thats the case, there goes alottt of charities and humanitarian efforts and our world would be an even more careless, selfish and worse off place.

  • Breezy25

    INB4 the TIP is a homo comments. I'm with him though. Who gives a fuck, if some people like getting rammed up the ass have at it

  • Anonymous

    Tip is all about that world,wtf he talking about... Atlanta has replaced San Francisco as the gayest place in America..Of course he supports it.You think this dude gets busted for stupid shit for no reason?That dude gets hemmed up to get his Mister Cee on..

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