Big K.R.I.T. Talks Working With B.B. King For Debut Album

Big K.R.I.T. talks about what inspired him to link up with blue legend B.B. King for his debut album.

DJBoothTV recently caught up with Big K.R.I.T. at his listening party for his upcoming debut LP Live From the Underground in New York. During the interview, K.R.I.T. talked about recording with celebrated blues icon B.B. King on the song "Praying Man" off his impending debut. He explained that the song is an ode to not only King himself, but also his grandmother, who first introduced him to King's music at a young age.

"That record is probably like seven months old, and my grandmother was really one of the first people to put me on to B.B. King," he said. "It was kind of almost like a due to her, too, paying homage. This is somebody that you told me about, and she had like a big of B.B. King and he's playing a guitar and shit. Growing up and looking at that everyday, I just wanted to make a record [where] I could combine blues and Hip Hop. I did the record 'Praying Man' months before I ever got him on it, but I always [said], 'What if we could get B.B. King on a song?'"

The Mississippi rapper also discussed what it's like to record with some of his Hip Hop idols, including Bun B and 8 Ball and MJG. He said at first he was just happy that some of Hip Hop's most revered acts were listening to his music, but to be able to actually work with them in the studio is a blessing.

"It's amazing because at the end of the day, I grew up listening to these artists," he said. "Even from getting game and knowledge and jewels and things like that, I got them from a lot of the music. So when they actually listen to my music or even make a comment about my music and it's positive, I'm excited. To be able to work with Bun B, to be able to make a song with 8 Ball and MJG…for David Banner to be damn-near like a mentor…it's crazy, bruh., I never would've imagined. You couldn't have told me two and half years ago that this would happen, but the OGs show mad love, bro, so I'm excited to be at this point in my career and to make the kind of music I make."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Name don't matter

    It is about damn time someone in hip hop embrace B.B. King. Especially a southern hip hop artist. I'm glad its Big real respect for what he do.

  • Anonymous

    "she had like a big of B.B. King and he's playing a guitar and shit. " she had what now?

  • sdgsdg

    I see the trolling has already far as Big krit working with BB, I think that is amazing. BB King's music is amazing

  • Anonymous

    i like to pretend im lil wayne when i go outside, i photoshop my pics on the young money photoshoots to make me feel like im signed to young money, its been my dream to sign an exclusive 360 deal and make millions off of free mixtapes, pop rap is wats up now and lil wayne knows best, nicki minaj the baddest bitch and drake that gentlemen we all want ta be, i wear my socks high like way cuz its what he would do if i was him ya dig, ya feel me? young money the only lable worth signin to, cant nobody see past the young stunnas in the game,Roca-Who?? After-What? Def-Where?? nah nah i cant see them niggas only niggas i see in the game is YMCMB nigga, lil wayne tha god of rap get wit it, its in the writin, tupac prophesized ways reign over the rap game, go back and listen to pacs first album, it was all about how lil wayne would soon run this shit, u jus gotta read between the lines, its all good tho, i mean yea, big krit a good east coast rapper, but he aint fuckin with the south, Weezy kill em Easy ya dig, YMCMB run this shit forreal tho, all day nigga

    • Jared Marshall

      He is obviously kidding; there was sarcasm riddled throughout that entire post.

    • AnnaCouture

      ^^^ LOL yes! always thought that!!

    • nickrazor2000

      Damn dude, you trolled hard on that one. wayne is completely irrelevent to this news topic. you are a sad loser. with that being said, I cant wait for the new Krit album. it will be an instant classic! (does anyone think Krit looks like Tracy Morgan?)

    • Anonymous

      It's shit like that shit up there^^^ that is the reason why we shouldn't let the mentally handicapped have unsupervised access to the internet. Lil Wayne raps like a nigga who spent too much time in prison, trying to learn every word in the dictionary and then uses most of them at the most inopportune moments -- like that nigga Oswald Bates from "In Living Color". Lil Wayne need to get off that lean and cocaine and learn to string together a coherent sentence before he could think about seeing Bun B, OutKast, David Banner, Eightball, MJG or K.R.I.T. on the lyrical tip. Nigga making the South and my home state of Louisiana look real fuckin silly right now.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Might be the gayest comment i have ever read. You sir, or madam needs to swallow a chainsaw.

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