Despite Being A Grand Hustle Artist, T.I. Says Iggy Azalea Is A "Free Agent"

T.I. speaks on Iggy Azalea's status at Grand Hustle, says he's not fazed by newer artists.

In a sneak peek for tonight’s episode of MTV’s Hip Hop POV, Atlanta rapper T.I. set the record straight in regards to the status of Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. T.I. revealed that although Iggy is a Grand Hustle artist she’s still “a free agent.”

“Iggy is a free agent. She is a Grand Hustle artist,” T.I explained.

T.I.’s appearance on Hip Hop POV comes just weeks after Iggy appeared on the show and revealed that she was signed to Interscope Records.

During his interview T.I. also spoke briefly on newer artists and their attempts to “take shots at the throne” way before their time and explained that he’s “up too high” to be bothered by what they say or do.  

“It don’t reach me. I’m up too high,” said T.I. “Just like if you ask me a question right now I’mma tell you my honest answer cause that’s me.”

Full episodes of Hip Hop POV air Wednesday’s at midnight on MTV.

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  • Anonymous

    She is a free agent because Grand Hustle is not a real record label. Grand Hustle is a production company.

    • Anonymous

      but isnt she on interscope too? i guess since azealia banks just signed with lady gagas manager they dropped her

  • Jiddy

    What the fuck happened to the music i love? wtf happened to hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    TI got the pussy so he done with her.

  • Anonymous

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  • R.I.P. Mel Taylor

    A black man pimping a white girl for millions. Akon and Tip are making RoseBudd proud.

    • Anonymous

      ti needs that white girl money cuz his career has been goin down the toilet for the past two years

  • KIKI


  • marc

    That chick is hot as a tea kettle

    • Anonymous

      youre probably some insecure dark skinned black dude who thinks every light skin female is a goddess.

  • Yamz

    Get this wack bitch out the game, her and that other bitch who made 1991. Take Nicki with you while you're there. It's shit like this that is making a mockery out of hip-hop culture *Does a windmill on cardboard*

  • Tiburon

    She can't rap b, straight basura. But she could get it a thousand times over. HARK!

  • lil flip

    Tip lame as hell man I stop fuckin fuckin wit him after da king album he alwayz use da same excuse as 2 y he wont defend himself like a rappers wit they heads up they ass o u 2 good wit yo sissy ass

    • ETK

      NIGGA WHY WOULD HE DEFEND HIMSELF? Who the fuck is azaelia banks?? And she been saying the stupidest shit too, over a dozen times Tip silenced haters who claim he snitches... thru interviews, thru verses. "there ain't one piece of paperwork with my name on it" What does this hoe do? Go whine on twitter like she somethin. Fuck that

  • #nomixing

    Rap music is for black people only #fact

  • Anonymous


  • Mr Obvious

    Azaelia Banks ended her "career".

  • Anonymous

    Same like Pill, signed to Warner but was with MMG to get a buzz, less money spent on promo.

  • ramses

    i never heard anything from her ,, but look at how sexy she is ,, so sexy ,, yet the only thing that would ruin it for me is the lowlife dirtbags she deal with an love ,,,,,i mean i i came to see all the days of my life on this earth that women will never get into it over money ,,an if they do it last only for a very small time ,, but mannnn,, break up sisters cousins family friends ,, man only get into it over money when it all boils down,,,an its the same break up brothers cousins family friends ,, its so hard that money is put up towards everything that means something ,,but my GOD say it must be that way in this world just so he can see are you're worthy of beening a GOD ,cause they say you aint

    • R.A.N. (Real Ass Nigga)

      cosign nickrazor2000.

    • nickrazor2000

      Wow Dude...WTF? That was one of the crazier rants i have seen on site. Go back to english class and stop smoking crack. All that shit made no sense.

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