Jay-Z Explains His Design For Brooklyn Nets Logo

Jay-Z says he was inspired by old subway signs in New York City, New York.

Jay-Z recently unveiled the stark black-and-white logo for the Brooklyn Nets that he himself designed. During an interview with MTV News at his press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hov explained his creation, stating that he wanted to make something "classic" 

"I wanted to make it really classic and strong, a throwback to Brooklyn and what we're about. It's real gritty and we're not about flash — well, sometimes. Just the roots of Brooklyn as this very bold, strong, simple logo," he said. "It was really a take off the old subway signs, if you look at the old subway signs they were in black and white. It was that strong, beautiful, iconic black and white. I wanted to pick something that would stand the test of time and be here forever."

Jay-Z was in the City of Brotherly Love to announce his two-day Budweiser "Made in America" festival, which he is both curating and headlining.

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  • Business Logo Design

    Good one... i like this new one creative logo.. Look great one...

  • Anonymous

    The logo is about as exciting as the Nets are to watch and all the music Jay Z has done recently...

  • krome

    The more business savvy he gets, the worse he gets at rapping

  • Los3

    First he bites biggies style, now hes bitin the spurs style.

  • Anonymous

    Jay > Anyone else in the game right now. Kill yourself you hatin bastards.

  • Killem Dafoe

    The Nets, whether they in Brooklyn or New Jersey, are still gonna be ass! Spurs all day...

  • lumba

    It's funny how one Jay-Z interview has been spread into 4 or more different articles. Jay-Z not making new music, Jay-Z supports Obama, the Jay Electronica article, and now this. What's next, "Jay-Z working on Biggie hologram to rap battle Tupac hologram"?

  • Fuck Marcy

    The logo is so ugly it makes me hurl

  • Anonymous

    Forget the logo. They aren't going to have any superstars on this team next season, unless you count ex Mr. Kardasian. Jay should use his pull to try and attract as many high caliber players to NJ as possible. Why else would he be there? I bet scores of players would come to camp if they thought they were going to get to meet Jay and possibly land a gig in the NBA.

  • Anonymous

    nigga is talking like he actually designed the logo, pretty sure he paid someone to do all the work and thinking up ideas

  • ramses

    keep her away from ballin clicks all in tha mix/ from hangin out with chicks who be swallowin dicks / from cats kats that order cris / play the floor with the knicks / that can only lead to sumthin unfortunate ,,,,,, the only verse of his i would forever recite cause its so true ,, me i love women so much ,,i mean i love the goddess & angels of the bunch ,, those thats beautiful on thee inside first , as far as jigga goes ,, im not to big on him as a person ,, he lucked his way in a slot that was avalable because of the deaths of BIG & pac right before bill clinton sent that gold rush through an everybody had money to buy that shit ,,but what i really can never forgive is the truly supreme goddess who goddess he took ,,she would be bigger than him if she never got with em ,,but he's forever bigger than her ,,im sorry i just always felt he never deserved her ,,plus do to what was once her goddess status ,, id kill for her if she tolded me 2 ,,im sorry im not that big on jigga ,, i miss my supreme gemini twins ,,an its like he took there place ,, anyway im sorry im so sorry i really love these people


    jay-Z explains his design for the Brooklyn Nets Logo: "I had 6 months to come up with something. But you know I was busy with Bey & Blue plus touring so Miki P* called me up and was like, "Comrade, is the logo ready? The press conference is in the morning." I was like, "No doubt". It wasn't but I put that sh*t on Elance.com and got this cat Apu out in India to do that shit for $50 flat in an hour. HOV!" *Mikhail Prokhorov (other Nets Owner).

    • Anonymous

      actually, russian owns 67% DO UR RESEARCH SLIME!

    • HHFAN

      @Anonymous: Yes, other owner. Prokhorov owns 80% of the team. Jay-Z owns 1.5% of the team. Other investors own other shares making them other owners. Try harder when trying to talk to someone who runs their own business kid.

    • Anonymous

      "other" owner dipshit? The Russian scumbag owns 99.99% of the Nets.

  • Anonymous

    Who told a nigga that? Dumbass. Like Jay is a fucking subway historian or even a graffiti writer who's been in the tunnels enough to see weird things. Logo is BULLSHIT, Jay to egocentric coontastic to admit when he's being a dummy. In Brooklyn btw the Nets are GIVING away that shit to make it look "hip" except the few storefronts with posters and dipshits with black hats ALL look wack. Nets stay losing, fuck Sean Carter and fuck the Russian mafia scumbag who OWNS him and them.

  • mymooo

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  • Alf Capone

    did jay just say something about not being flashy

  • Trypticon

    I'm curious to see what the jerseys are going to look like. I respect the inspiration for the new logo if anything.

  • sucka

    Damn i get his idea but they still could have done a better job. Looks like they paid like 30 dollars for it....i could have made this in 10 seconds no lie lol

  • Paco

    Weak logo. Why they let him design the logo doesnt he own like 1% of the nets.

  • Anonymous

    The GOAT writing history again!

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