Big Boi Talks New Solo Album, Updates On Outkast

Big Boi talks about the direction of his new album and gives an update on the rumored Outkast reunion.

BET recently caught up with Big Boi of the legendary duo Outkast to discuss his upcoming sophomore solo album. The Atlanta rapper explained that the project, which was formally titled Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader, will be an eclectic mix of genres blended with Hip Hop. He also added that some features will include folk rock group Modest Mouse, Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Ray and Swedish electro group Little Dragon.

"The music I’m making right now is some of the best music I’ve made in my life," he said. "Every different genre of music will be used. Hip hop is the least thing I listen to right now. I've been listening to lots of folk, bluegrass and rock. Groups like Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Rey."

Big Boi also spoke his rumored reunion with Outkast partner Andre 3000 and the possibility of a new album. He explained that while he and Three Stacks have always been recording music together, there is very little chance of a new Outkast album coming anytime soon. He added that both members are more focused on their solo pursuits at this moment in time.

"I said we were working on music, not the Outkast album," he said. "Sometimes he comes to the studio and be in my sessions just checking out music. People get excited when they see us in the studio together, but it was never for one specific project. Sometimes Dre’s in the studio listening to my new music."

He added, "Everybody was pursuing just different things at the time. Andre wanted to focus more on acting. I’m really just still in love with the music, so I've just been recording the whole time...I just like to make music. I can go either way, solo or Outkast. My whole thing is just to keep the recording process going. When it's time to do the Outkast record we'll do it, but right now it’s solo time."

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  • micah dancy

    Outkast is the greatest rap group ever!!!!They always will be regardless they cant be duplicated never it's sad andre 3000 dont want to do outkast no more but Big boi is keeping outkast alive also andre 3000 is back rapping listen to his verse on rick ross new album andre 3000 is back he'll do another album with big boi in 2013 i bet u

  • X

    Okay its about that time. The reason why outkast have not come out with a new album is because of their record label screwing them over. When they first started they were working with L.A. reid who was the one that stood behind him them all the way. However at a certain point in time Reid left the label and apparently their contract got mixed in with the likes of Jive during the time of Idlewild. Now ya'll know that jive has a history of messing up some good acts...take tribe called quest for example. Big boi's sir lucious was being worked on in 2007 and was done around 2008 early 2009, yet the album was not released until july 2010. Tracks royal flush, lookin for yah and somethin's gotta give were songs that were supposed to be on the album. However jive was screwing them over and pretty much said they can't come out with anything that involves the other person, since in their mind that would mean its outkast. That's why dre was not on any of big boi's recordings. The only reason those tracks appeared online is because Big Boi told jive to F*** themselves and he leaked them to the public. Furthermore jive at the time DID NOT want to release big boi's album since he wasn't sounding like the idiots on the radio at the time...aka lil wayne and eventually he went over to def jam to get out an album that was almost 2 years old at the time. The problem with no new outkast material is not because of the members. Its not cause dre wants to do music that is not hip hop. Or the fact that they aren't seeing eye to eye. Its the label. They want out of their contract and until they DO get out of that contract with jive or certain clauses change. You will not see another outkast album. You will see solo work but no outkast album. Think about it. IF dre and boi were having problems, why would dre produce on of the tracks on boi's album and on top of that why would dre even be around boi. For a group llke that who has not put out any new material since 2006. And the minute they tried it was shut down, obviously shows that some shenanigans is going on. Andre and boi know whats up and are not going to let some a-holes stifle or ruin their work. Shoot the speakerboxx and love below were technically their first solo albums. However the label felt if they didn't release it under the outkast name it wouldn't sell. I guarantee once they get out of their contract you are going to see floods of music coming out. No way are these dudes hanging out in the studio and not recording music together. Bottom line.....BS is running amuck.

  • jerry

    The absolute worst thing about this demise in hip hop is the guys that we expected to hold it down-those that had made so much great music before- completely dissapeared or changed their style. Dre was gone, kanye changed, eminem changed, and jay-z got worse. Outkast was an amazing group thatmade straight up classic rap albums. Everything up until speakerboxxx was amazing. You know if someone like Outkast had come out with another joint album in the last 4 years it couldve helped hip hop, but instead they are done forever and now the guy who still had all rap in his heart is moving on to other music. Wow hip hop is a gonner

    • Grim Reaper

      One of them will die before they release another Outkast album.

    • R.Pgh

      I thought speakerboxx was beyond dope. I didn't really care for a lot of The Love Below though. I don't mind Dre coming out of left field because that's what he's best at, but I just wish he would have rapped more on TLB. As far as 'hip hop is a gonner', I disagree. There is good shit out there, but it's not at the forefront of the industry like it used to be. You have to dig for shit now.

    • jerry

      no man, you dont have to defend them at all costs. I actually thought sir lucious was one of th top albums of the year but its no aquemini, southernplayalisticadillacmusic, or atliens. You should be able to admit that. Outkast together can make classics andbig boi by himself can make really good albums. I need another classic in my life. Its been 5 years since the last classic, graduation

    • Anonymous

      man shut up Sir Luscious Left was a dope album. That helped hip hop. I rather them wait when the time is right and dropped that masterpiece.

  • Anonymous

    "He added that both members are more focused on their solo pursuits at this moment in time." Translation: Andre 3000 won't get his head out of his ass. Big Boi miles well start a crew with Killer Mike, B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar and Devin the dude.

  • R.Pgh

    Sir Lucious Leftfoot was a dope album, so I have no problem with Big Boi going solo for a while. Always hope for another Outkast album, but at least he's being honest about it in that it won't be any time soon.....unlike Dre and Detox.

  • ETK

    I'm not wholly fussed cause Sir Luscious Left Foot was an above average album, and I'm glad Big Boi is fleshing with other styles like Dre used to. when they'll finally pair up for an Outkast album, it'll be out of this world

  • Anonymous


  • pienman

    at least he is being honest! DRE said the same thing about the Outkast possibly of a new ablum... which is cool....

  • Anonymous

    Andre gonna do what he wants, cant blame him, Dre is a creative mind, it has to be hard to find inspiration when the only way to succeed nowadays is to sound like everybody else. And Dre has options, he can go do some acting if he wants and make a living. Big Boi doesnt, if he dont rap & Tour he dont eat. I'd love another Outkast album but I'll happily take a Big Boi solo joint if thats all I can get. Speakerbox & Leftfoot were both top quality IMO

  • kennyken

    man these dudes are dead. it's over.

  • FuKKK OutKKKast

    Oh these faggots are back ewww

  • Anonymous

    Lana Del Rey? Why punish yourself like that? We forgive you for the no Outkast stuff, but harming yourself like that are some signs bro.

  • Anonymous

    3 stacks the gay rapper

  • Anonymous

    i would love a new outkast album, but as long as big boi or andre are at least making music im happy with rather have one of them solo then no outkast at all...nobody can come close to ATliens

  • Anonymous

    ah bored.. kinda like a knight with a sword with no dragons to battle.... (i guess you wern't kidding)

  • Anonymous

    OutKast comeback is going to be like detox...

  • Southern Fried

    OutKast comeback noooooooooooooo! It's Andre's Fault. Oh well I still play that last Big Boi album "Sir Lucious Left Foot son of Chico Dusty" best 2010 album along with Nas and Damien Marley album Distant Relatives> I swear 2010 was a comeback of that real hip-hop of you guys paid attention. Peace.

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