Jay-Z Supports President Barack Obama's Stance On Gay Marriage & More

Jay-Z says he supports President Obama's stance on same-sex marriage and says that, "[It] is no different than discriminating against blacks. It's discrimination plain and simple."

A longtime supporter of President Barack Obama, Jay-Z has recently spoken about why he backs the current president in his bid for reelection. The Brooklyn emcee spoke with CNN about why he agrees with President Obama's stance on same-sex marriage and why he feels the president has done a commendable job thus far. 

"I've always thought it as something that was still holding the country back," Jay-Z told CNN of the fact that same-sex marriage has not been allowed in the past. "What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love. That's their business. [It] is no different than discriminating against blacks. It's discrimination plain and simple."

"I think it's the right thing to do," he added. "It's not about votes; it's about people. Whether it costs him votes or not, I think it's the right thing to do as a human being."

Jay-Z went on to add praise for the president, noting the job President Obama has done with regards to the nation's economy.

"Reversing the direction of the decline was a full time job in itself, so I think that it's stabilizing a bit now as some of the numbers show," he noted. 

More can be seen below.

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  • anonymous

    Its all good. Let ignorant people be ignorant. Based off knowing people GENERALLY SPEAKING, OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE PLENTY ACCEPTIONS, gay folks have a rational, comprehensive view on the world and are very compassionate. Most African Americans i met sit within a self-enitled, self pity of themselves with no ambition or motivation to do anything but to be a Athlete or a Rapper. (Not there fault all together, society perpetuates this ideal because those are the only successful african americans portrayed in the media, an obviously the self-entitlement/lack of education comes from being enslaved/treated like ass and being segregated into schools that were poorly funded.) Gays are being hung/executed in parts of the world still just for who they are. Black people had the same thing happened to them but some just don't give a fuck and only worry about themselves instead of uniting with other people who go through the same struggles to have some common ground and understanding. Which also perplexes me has to why numerous Black leaders such a Louis Farrakhan holds anti-jewish views (Im Jewish btw).

  • B

    I used to think that most comments on the site were from white people pretending to be black. But the embarrassingly blatant fear of gays confirms that, while very ignorant, at least the comments are from real black people; a community that fails to connect thier discrimination to that of another group. You dumb faggots.

  • 509-E

    In the words of wisdom of the late great Tupac Amaru Shakur: "Fuck Fags"

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  • Anonymous

    Jay is full of shit for that one. He know that shit.

  • Anonymous

    Flow yes lyrics no.... Again do u listen to music or skim through it

  • Anonymous

    "No one chooses to be gay you idiot" Care to copy and paste some stats? The days where gay people are being persecuted are a thing of the past. If anything, in 2012, it seems more accepted than ever, and while there has to be some chemical imbalance theory that supports some of the idea that it's not a choice, for many it seems to be just that. A choice. Did a gay person touch your hand and you got a hard on? lol Relax bro.

  • Richer rich

    "do you fools listent to music or just skim through it"

  • Yo

    Jay-Z a real battyman fir real. Bloodclaat mon.

  • Swag

    I'm gay and even I don't support gay marriage.

  • Choice

    This made me look at Jay with new eyes, though everyone is entitled to their opinion, I'm personally against gay unions for a number of reasons, but comparing it to discrimination of blacks is just ignorant. Your born black, white Asian, etc however someone being homosexual is a choice. I know many will say "it's not a choice" or "I was born this way" or "how do you know your not homosexual" and to that I say, I'm a heterosexual male, BUT if I wan to be bi sexual and date both or want to be homosexual I can be, if I want to be white I can't be. Whenever there is an option to do something different it makes whatever youre doing a choice. That doesn't mean it's an easy choice, but it's a choice nevertheless.

  • True Meaning Of Gay-z

    Gay-z 1)A fake ass simp who, rises to fame in hip-hop in the absence of greatness. (The deaths of Tupac and Biggie). also, A punk who couldn't get nothin on while the great ones had the WHOLE DAMN GAME ON LOCK, but manages to steal other peoples styles and re-arrange his weak raps to rise to stardom above other weak ass rappers in a watered down time of hip hop. All of whom are long gone i.e. Master P and others 2)A sissy ho, who pretends to be harder than he is i.e. Ja-Fool, and raps like a hard ass in his lyrics behind glass in the studio but could'nt walk down any block in any hood and not get the pissed slapped out of him. 3)A self proclaimed mogul, who feeds off the ignorant and impresionable young people to get rich by selling wack ass crap that wouldn't sell in any deptartment store if it was'nt for his name. (Try selling that crap in places where people have "real" money and "taste"). 4) A washed up, arrogant, yesterday rapper who still believes he is relavant by believing he is better than Biggie ever was, when in fact he is not better than rappers alive today like NAS, Eminem. 5) A clown ass nursery rhyme rapper who wishes his raps had real content in them like NAS, Chuck D, KRS-1, Rakim and other true legends of hip hop 6)A Queen Victoria fancy ass punk who wishes his raps had real hard stuff like Scarface,Tupac, and Bun B. 6)A hatin ass snake who attempts to diss on rappers that are (A)relavent today, (B) Hot, (C)more creative than him

  • Anonymous

    yea son we gotta support da big homie Obama..vote for dat nigga just cuz he black, forget about the continued imperialism, and signing of unconstitutional laws like NDAA n extension of the Patriot act..did yall see dat nigga singing al green? fuck his policies and how he's another corporate n military industrial complex puppet, dat nigga got swag so im votin for him yall!

  • Proud

    I'm a young gay black male and even I don't like Jay-Z, it's good to see him finally realize something positive for once. I listen to rappers like Nas or Wu-Tang Clan not that mainstream garbage like fake gangsters listen too.

  • Anonymous


  • ww2s

    I am white as the fresh snow n know that the gay struggle is no where close to the same thing as the discrimination against blacks. compare the two side by side and if you think it is the same struggle, well i am sure your reply will have many grammatical errors.

  • Taliban

    Who the hell care what Jay-Z thinks!?!

  • Anonymous

    N A S = G O A T!

  • wow

    This may be too much for the uneducated..although this is directed towards that subgroup on this site...this is a speech Huey P. Newton made regarding homosexuality. For those trying to separate this from say...blacks and civil rights..read this speech..enlighten your minds.. http://hiphopandpolitics.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/looking-back-at-huey-newtons-thoughts-on-gay-rights-in-the-wake-of-obamas-endorsement/

    • wow

      So because he eventually became an informant...his logic (which is COMPLETELY sound) in this topic holds no weight?

    • Anonymous

      After he became a dope head he became a snitch! Who bought the dope to the hood? CIA

    • Anonymous

      Huey P. Newton was also an informant for the CIA, which is the same organization that assisted in dismantling the black panthers. In other words, his word is not bond.

  • Anonymous

    "I have a gay nephew and I could tell he was gonna be gay from the time he was 6 years old" How? Was he wearing a pink Kobe Bryant jersey? In some cases it's obvious, but I think unless you talk to somebody and they tell you outright that they're gay, you could be fooled just as easily as the next person. Especially today where the most normal looking high school students (boy or girl) could be gay and their parents wouldn't be able to tell. That's why I think it comes as such a shock to some. If it was that easy to tell then most people would just shake it off.

  • HTG

    My debate is simply BrianK, homosexuality and same sex marriage is not, I repeat is not comparable to the discrimination against African people. I didn't choose to be born Black, however gays chose their sexual orientation. The link in my original post provides information that up until 1973 homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder. Therefore the world has only believed that people were gay for approximately 39 years. As my bother Rakim Allah puts it, Know-The-Ledge. Information is power, Peace...

    • Bombudd

      I live in Jamaica and 6 gay people gets killed every hour in here

    • adam

      i meant that to @HTG my bad @BrianK^

    • adam

      BrianK, so according to your logic then with black people: until 1968 blacks were classified as sepereate, apart, and unequal to white people. Therefore the world has only believed that black people were equal for approximately 44 years. As your bother Rakim Allah puts it... no one gives a fuck.

    • Adam

      Black people were classified as slaves for 300 years, does that mean you should still be one?

    • Anonymous

      For me this is not a debate, I shared my personal views and facts to expand ones thought of what we think we know. In regards to the namecalling or insults to ones intelligence, how educated are you to debate on such undisciplined level.

    • This guy is an idiot

      Man you're a fucking moron. No one chooses to be gay you idiot. You think people wanna choose to be hated and damned to hell and criticized and ostracized and beaten because who they are attracted to. You're a fucking idiot. Here's the thing, you didn't choose your skin color and you don't deserve to be hated because of your skin color, but why in anyone's mind would they choose to be gay. Have you seen how half the world's population treat gay people. Maybe you should look up that Shepard kid in Wyoming. You think he chose a lifestyle of being picked on and beaten up for liking someone of the same sex. Educate yourself before you say people choose to be gay moron.

    • BrianK

      HTG, unless you are gay, I don't know how you can assume that someone chooses to be gay. Because of people that are prejudice like yourself, I do not think that anyone chooses to be gay. You are not that person. Your link is borderline insane. Talk to any gay person and they will tell you that they didn't choose to be gay. Seriously, please don't quote Rakim. Rakim himself is not homophobic and would be embarrassed that you quote him. He is a legend and doesn't stand for your ignorance. You sound like a smart guy, but really?

  • Anonymous

    "who in their right mind would choose to be gay??" Ricky Martin

  • Roger Rabbit

    BRianK IS Gay He Loves FAT Dicks In His Ass If I catch HIM In The Streets Im Gonna Kill his white Ass

  • Roger Rabbit

    @BrianK Im waiting... got anything to say besides admiting your GAY??

    • Joey Nailz

      @Roger Rabbit Nigga you sound like a dumbass. Your responses make me question whether you straight or not. Judging from your posts nigga, looks like you may be hating some part of yourself for being gay. Niggas on this board not only sayin stupid shit, they need to be educated.

    • BrianK

      Roger Rabbit, I'm only going to respond. I'm with a bunch of people and we are reading your responses. We are laughing. Let's go through each one. BRianK IS Gay He Loves FAT Dicks In His Ass If I catch HIM In The Streets Im Gonna Kill his white Ass Ok BrianK is not gay, he is married. Roger Rabbit is not only homophobic but he doesn't like white people. Roger Rabbit is also not educated because he is assuming that BrianK is white. Wow, really I'm white. RogerRabbit is also against people that are black that do not write in the way that RogerRabbit writes. By the way, such an original name, RogerRabbit. Let's go to your next comment. @BrianK Im waiting... got anything to say besides admiting your GAY?? HAHHAHAHA wow,your so clever. RogerRabbit, I'm not gay at all nor do I care about anyone else being gay but why do you care so much about gay people...............Wait a second, because you are gay. Oh no. I'm just asking and I will not respond again but can you please write in correct english. This is embarrassing. How can you talk about a subject when you can't even write. Stop saying that the way you are writing is based out of where you are from. It's not cool to talk like that. It's 2012, go to school, and learn how to write in proper english. Anyways, it's time to go be with my wife, and good luck with all your homosexual thoughts. I can't wait to see your response. There are about six of us here waiting... Come on Roger, you can do it buddy.

  • Roger Rabbit

    I can tell somebody is in Obama's Ear cuz he know deep down in his heart he does not approve of Gay Marriage the only reason why he does is because he wants to get relected and he needs Gay people votes to do that once he has the Faggots on his side he can Run the country for another 4 Years SMH... FUCK GAY PEOPLE

    • Roger Rabbit

      @BrianK you didn't understand cuz your a corney white Boy Do you need glasses?? and what do you mean by we??? U and your Gay Partner Right?? I swear your Retarded are U some old white man supporting Gays get off A Hip Hop Website and go read a newspaper your a waste of my time i can tell U had too many dicks in your Ass cuz you can't even read let me know when U come up wit some more Responses ill be waiting FAGGOT

    • BrianK

      RogerRabbit, we are waiting for your next brilliant prejudice comment......Come on buddy let's hear it.

    • BRIANK

      Roger Rabbit, wow. I didn't understand one word you just wrote. "i wouldn't that FAG would be outkast from my family so Fuck you Asshole." Was that English? Seriously, I have no idea what you just wrote. Ok listen....do you talk like that normally? Just doesn't make sense. "What Chu gonna do about it? Really??? Amazing. I have never seen anyone write like that. Also, you said I sound like I come from a whole family of gay people. I don't know where I insinuated that. Keep the comments coming.

    • Roger Rabbit

      @BrianK U sound like a Homo foreal Homie you probably come from a Whole family of gay people see where im from Faggots get no respect from me Why you ask? because they are not Human in no shape or form people have to think if your child was Gay would U love them the same as there straight Brothers and sisters Shit i wouldn't that FAG would be outkast from my family so Fuck you Asshole and again FUCK GAY PEOPLE what chu gonna do about it??

    • BrianK

      Roger Rabbit just wrote FUCK GAY PEOPLE. Why would he write that? Has a gay person ever done anything to him. Is the person that is using Roger Rabbit as their screen name gay? Again Roger Rabbit, you wrote probably the most rediculous comment I have seen on here. Amazing. Thank you. You sound so tough the way you write.


    Do most of the blacks here not see the irony of using the supposed "Word of God" from a book that was forced onto Africans by European slave owners in combination with violence to control & discriminate us as a bit ironic?

  • HTG

    After careful examination I am positive that Jay-Z is Gay. I aint fucking with his music comparing the homosexual struggle to the plight against Africans here and afar is irresponsible and the act of sucking off pink balls for money. Here is a link providing information that proves that homosexuality is not from birth. http://youtu.be/KRZGkaDWP-c

    • Anonymous

      I been a fan of Jay-Z since his debut and I've purchased every album he ever released. As of today I am no longer a fan. I am not a homophobe but I disagree with anyone who is African American and openly compares the homosexual plight to the plight created by white supremist to rid the planet of African people.

    • BrianK

      "I ain't fucking with his music." I'm sure Jay-z really cares. I'm sure you listen to Drake. Also, I'm sure Jay-Z would prefer that you learn how to write correctly. "I ain't fucking with his music." Wow, you sound so tough.

    • BrianK

      HTG, I apologize. I thought the previous comment was more uneducated. You just did it. How does homosexuality effect your life? However, I understand since your comment you just wrote was grammatically incorrect. So your a homophobe and uneducated. Amazing!!! Keep the comments coming buddy.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      he's not unintelligent... just wrong. Sidenote; The bible says alot of things, most of it complete bullshit.

    • BrianK

      Thank you. I can now stop using the internet after reading the most unintelligent comment ever. Thank you for making us all dumber. Your the best.

  • BrianK

    Are you guys serious? Why do any of you care if someone that is gay wants to get married? Seriously. Who carses???? Move on, get over it. I'm a married man and I don't know anyone christian, jewish, or muslim that cares anymore. Get over it. Worry about your own life.

    • Anonymous

      dude im not gay but ive come to realise with this generation is they aren't even articulate enough to explain their backward "principles" trying to convert them via comment section is one way of trying to change them.... good luck with that



    • NOSIR

      NO Cousin YESSIR NO!!! Jay is supporting Gay marriages because the entire ROC NATION EMPIRE has Gay Homo Groupies that worship and suck eachothers DICKS! SHIT! i'm a gay ROC NATION Groupie why not let all gay people around the world get married even the lebisans LOL!!! wouldn't that be a sight to see 50 Cent and The Game married now pronounced man and man or Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj woman and woman now kiss your BITCH!!! LOL!, but anyway props to Jay-Z for supporting our President on Gay marriages hey ROC NATION that's what we do, we not only rap and make the best music in Hip Hop but we also support the Gay People 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    N A S= G O A T. Fuck Gayz!

  • Anonymous

    Jayz Encore: cocksucker take one for the team. And I need you to rembrandt one thing. I came I saw I conquered so mother!!as if u want this encore, I want u to scream till your lungs get sore. And this is ur greatest of all time? Fuck Gayz. N A S = G O A T

  • Anonymous

    Jayz been gay on the DL just like Diddy... Remember Encore". Take one for the team until ur lungs goes out! Nas said in Ether Gayz goes both ways! SMH

  • FlyLB89

    I'm disappointed Jay-Z compared the same-sex marriage to discrimination against blacks. Last I checked GAYS didn't have to walk in the back of restaraunts/diners to purchase food because they weren't allowed to sit down and eat; Last I checked GAYS didn't have to drink out of separate water fountains or use separate bathrooms; Last I checked GAYS weren't segregated in schools having to attend poor runned down schools with out of date books; Last I checked GAYS didn't have to endure lynch mobs and crosses being set on fire in their yards; Last I checked GAYS didn't have to walk 20 or 30 miles to school because they were refused to ride the school bus or and let me add I don't recall them having to give up their seats on public transit buses. So FUCK YOU Jay Z for comparing that to discriminating against blacks you and Obama are sell outs.

    • FlyLB89

      Hey! @mindrelated I love how you worded your opinion so cleverly to sound like the next great Black Hope lol. This same-sex issue has nothing to do with people being in love it's all about finacial benefits but people like you are too blind to see that. And for the record I'm not a homophobe but i don't think it's right that people who don't support this are frowned upon.

    • Anonymous

      @ mind related... do you think guy will really get what you said?? I used comment in that fsahion - now - I just leave one line statements... "Jay-Z an Obama aren't homophobic... excellent... now to war in syria"

    • mindrelated

      There are those like you who are closed minded and lack the ability to analyze various dynamics of a situation. No one is comparing the Black struggle as a whole(slavery, Civil rights movement, gentrification. However, there are parallels in the wording of the legislation and the discrimination against a group of people simple because they do not fall in line with the norm. As a Black person, I am profound that all people deserve civil rights and the ability to make their own choices. You should be more irriate at the thought of another group of people being frowned upon than Jay-Z mentioning the Black struggle. I ask that we all continue to educate our selves, use critical thinking skills and stop viewing situations as simple black and white.

  • 5mk41

    I love people who take the bible literally when it suits them, yet conveniently choose to look over parts of it that may be tougher to follow. For example: "God says that marriage is between a man and women. So that's how I feel about gay marriage. However, God's not going to stop me from going out on Friday, picking up a sexy girl, and taking her home to fuck." You want to be serious about religion? Then it's gotta go across the board. Don't come on here and decry gay marriage if you've ever disobeyed one of God's teachings.

    • FlyLB89

      @5mk41 you idiot! we've all have disobeyed God's teachings whether you're a believer or not, we all sin everyday the key is learning from it and becoming a better person.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I am from Africa and have been living in the US off and on for 15yrs. Where I am from, THERE IS NO LOVE for gay people. Matter of fact, u cant come out and say u are gay cause u would get killed. I don't understand why Jay has to make that kind of comparation. He must be gay or got gay tendencies. I will always hate the gay people because that shit is fucking absurd man.

  • Mike Z

    these comments are some of the dumbest i've ever read and yes obama and jay got it right gays are like any other group like blacks or cripples they're born a certain way and should enjoy all the same privileges as other ppl lord knows they got enough sht to think about already

    • Logic evades children...

      Now I repeat, repeat - the asshole above me clearly needs a science lesson. Consider this - who in their right mind would choose to be gay??

    • Anonymous

      Nobody, i repeat, NOBODY is born gay or any certain way besides an innocent human being

  • Anonymous

    Obama is only doing this to win votes. He'd flip flop in a second if he had too. He knows that there are more people coming out than ever before, which is fine. If that's the way they want to live their life, who is anybody to tell them that they can't. That being said, Obama needs to be careful though, cause what if certain coalition groups hear him supporting their stances, then come to him after he gets re-elected expecting him to be their new spokesman for gay marriage. If he backs away, they know he was full of shit.

    • mindrelated

      Clearly you know little to nothing about politics and that is sad. This potentially could cost him more votes than it would get him. He can not change the state laws so him speaking out with no power to change it was not necessary. Under that circumstance, he could have kept quite on the issue and been perfectly fine.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Obama and fuck Jat Z! Nuff said

  • Anonymous

    Hey Obama, why don't you do something about these gas prices. Oh that's right, you don't care. It's part of your "eight year plan" I hope this fuck doesn't win again. I'm sick of it. "Change" never came. I'll take my chances with a Mormon over this fucking new jack. At least mormons know how to make money.

    • Anonymous

      gas prices??? fucking americans. the world is dying wars across the board - millions starving but you need cheaper gas/

    • mindrelated

      As laugh at your comment. He clearly just put in legislation to offset speculation that occurs in the oil industry that forces high gas prices. Therefor gas prices in the past couple of weeks have been lowered.

  • jaceshadoe

    gay marriage is not the same as discriminating against blacks. Some ppl believe the basis of marriage is between only 1 man and 1 women. Some ppl believe in old fashioned values that used to be an backbone....but now with too much freedom ppl will accuse anybody of some kind of discrimination.

    • Anonymous

      cosign the logical speaker above me

    • 5k41

      Old fashioned white values used to include their inherent superiority over the black race. The reason why people are marginalized is immaterial. The fact still remains that their marginalized. That's what Jay was saying, and he's spot on.

  • Anonymous

    many times in the past the most outspoken religious activists against homosexuality we later exposed as homosexuals themselves. look it up. im sure its the same with alot of these hip hop heads/bloggers

  • Pnuckle

    I invented fa....swag

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Jigga with his coat tail thing again! This dude never misses a beat, does he! Comparing the gay demonstration to the black/civil rights is NOT the same. And anyone that agrees is a clown. However... I do agree that it's a shame to not acknowledge these cats by holding out vital health benefits and other necessities deemed viable is a shame and needs to be rectified. Crazily enough the same politicians rescinding gays are the same ones getting their dicks sucked by men on secret rendezvous and shit. My issue is with the gays that flaunt it all out of control and pocket for whatever dumb reason. I can care less if you are gay or whatever..just stop running up on cats all boisterous and obnoxious with it. Jesus died for ALL of us and ALL of our sins. I'm not gay and I'll never understand how a man can want another man but hey...that's for them to deal with when it's all said and done. Live and let live and be peaceful. But this nigga Jigga needs to stop. Always gotta ride coat tails and whatever. He never stands from his own angle for anything. Always gotta ride whoever and follow. Just make wack ass albums and leave us alone. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I am very angry with all these shits going on. I am going to start running a train on any gay guy I know. Str8 ass whooping. God doesn't support gay. U better DONT COME AROUND ME IF YOU ARE GAY! I might kill a couple I swear.


    What would MLK say about this?

  • Anonymous

    yea son we gotta support da big homie Obama..vote for dat nigga just cuz he black, forget about the continued imperialism, and signing of unconstitutional laws like NDAA n extension of the Patriot act..did yall see dat nigga singing al green? fuck his policies and how he's another corporate n military industrial complex puppet, dat nigga got swag so im votin for him yall

  • discrimination is discrimination

    I'm surprised at all these so called black people on here bashing gay people. As a an African American, all you fellow black people weren't even old enough to be discriminated against so you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. The fact of the matter is, it's discrimination no matter how you slice it. We were discriminated by others because the color of our skin, these people are discriminated for who they love, how the fuck is that any different. All you black people who gay bashing are just as bad as those that discriminated against us because of the color of our skin. Major ups to Jay Z for publicly going out there and taking a stand, especially since in hip hop is so homophobic.

    • Anonymous

      well said. @anonymous mormom's say that god doesnt like black people... does that mean they are justified in their views on blacks? see what happens when you try to combine church and state? their are way to many religious contradictions out there. stop misusing the word of god to justify hatred. if you dont support gays because your "god" said so... then muslims are justified for hating americans, and mormoms are justified to hating blacks. or is it only discrimination when it happens to you?

    • anonymous

      You don't know what God thinks and youre fooling yourself if you do. You read a book from like a million years ago and you call it God's word. If somebody came out today and said they were the son of god and wrote a book claiming to be "God's Word" they would be considered a lunatic. I have a gay nephew and I could tell he was gonna be gay from the time he was 6 years old. You don't choose that shit you're born with it.

    • Anonymous

      You must be gay for even having the ordasity to agree with someone who is totally against God word,but it's not in my place to pass judgement you, that Gods job to do that.

    • jew

      stay Jewish y'all. Don't descriminate. MLK.

    • Anti Happy

      I'm all about equal rights as well as human rights. God give us the free will to make the choices we want to do in life, my point is what about these kids out here in the world right now? Do we teach them to say it's right for two men or two women to be together? I'm sure you probably grew up in a house hold with your father and mother. I'm sure they taught you values and how to live right as well as teaching your children the same values. I'm sure you are old enough to understand that you should not go against Gods word and if you do,you is just as a bigger hypocrite than all the people you just talked about.

  • pienman

    That's their business. [It] is no different than discriminating against blacks. It's discrimination plain and simple."jay-z that quote right there says a mouth fill! i say it be.. shit, what is once done in the dark has come full circle

  • Jack

    Gay ppl will burn in hell.

    • Anonymous

      if hell exists then im sure gay people will be in it... along with non-jews, pork eaters, bankers and people that work on sundays.

    • Anonymous

      Hell doesn't exist, neither does Heaven or God, stop letting your religious beliefs with no evidence to back them up make you an intolerant person

    • Anonymous

      @jack if heaven has people like you in it im gladly go to hell

    • Anonymous

      Whose gonna go to hell? People minding their own business and hurting no one or people going out of their way to insult people and tell them their "going to burn in hell." You gotta rethink the way you look at things bra

  • funny bones

    A fact is, str8 people hatin on gays are just in denial for they own gay feelings lol If you are comfortable with being str8, then why would it be a problem what 2 gay people agree to do. I am not waiting to see gay dudes kissing and hugging, but what ever they wanna do in their homes is their bussines lol Some people just be hatin for the hating, what a lovely life that is...

  • funny bones

    A fact is, str8 people hatin on gays are just in denial for they own gay feelings lol If you are comfortable with being str8, then why would it be a problem what 2 gay people agree to do. I am not waiting to see gay dudes kissing and hugging, but what ever they wanna do in their homes is their bussines lol

  • Smokey772

    I'm really surprised by all these comments. Who's to compare who had it worst. Did the jews in the holocaust have it worse than the blacks did during the slave era? Discrimination is discrimination. It was not that long ago it was illegal, and often punishable by death or worse for a black man and a white woman to marry. It's no different to deny happiness to a large population of Americans. 2 consenting adults is all I require in a marriage. Let them be happy. I can think of a lot more straight people who are horrible parents in horrible marriages.

  • funny bones

    A fact is, str8 people hatin on gays are just in denial for they own gay feelings lol If you are comfortable with being str8, then why would it be a problem what 2 gay people agree to do. I am not waiting to see gay dudes kissing and hugging, but what ever the fuck they wanna do in their homes is their bussines lol

  • So what's up?

    I have to agree with Jay, but what can the president do about it? It's not like Obama is going to pass a law legalizing it. All Barack can do is offer his two cents.

  • Ignorance

    People love me! Hahaha!

  • Old School Hip Hop 4 life

    How this sellout,uncle tom ass negro, going to compare black struggle to gay rights? I understand in what he trying to saying as far as being discriminated against by other races,but there is no comparison at all. 1Corinthians 6:9-11 will tell you how God Almighty feels about homosexuals and we know that Gay z or Obama are not men of God. They are for abomination and stopping reproduction on planet earth.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      White people used to say the same thing about God and black people, also, don't act like the black people have struggled more than gays, you never lived through slavery or the civil rights movement, and gays still don't have rights in most states to this day

    • Jay-Z

      Y'all seriously didn't know I was gay? Why don't y'all look up "beyonce fakes pregnancy" on youtube? I can't even record without my boo kanye around. Didn't y'all see how eminem exposed my mediocre skills on "renegades?" The real thugs in marcy projects didn't know me until I was on tv. But y'all fell for my gimmick. HAHAHAHA! Hello? I get manicures, and pedicures people.

    • Anonymous

      I read harry potter but I don't beliee in wizards.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all are quick to make fun of jay-z but say nuttin about the president wow that so typical but u know jay-z is rite tho wat gay ppl do is there own business and all he was saying was how ppl is treated differently whether your black or gay...

  • Patrick

    We as a country have lost what the real definition of discrimination is and gays are playing on the cowardliness and weaknesses of the states. There is a difference between treating someone human and standing up for what is right.

    • mindrelated

      Right according to who? The same scripture you are probably pulling from is the same scripture used to keep African American slaves inferior. It is not your place, nor should it be the place of the federal government or state government to forbid gays from marrying. If you believe in the Bible and God is unhappy with the way they are living their lives, they will to have to suffer the consequences but it is not your place to judge.

  • maaaan

    He is not comparing gays to black people, he is simply saying that discrimination is the same wheter your'e black or gay. The only difference is that if you discrimante someone because of their ethnicity it makes you a racist. Like the man below said gays have never been enslaved but they have been through allot a large ammount of homosexuals were killed in the concentration camps by the nazis and in some middleeastern countries it's even illegal.

  • Anonymous

    thats why 2pac named you Gay-Z

  • Anonymous

    dont ever compare gays to blacks jay-z should know better!!!

  • my opinion

    Jay-Z must be gay because he supports gay marriage.

    • anonymous

      But... you just replied? Doesn't the fact that you wrote that kind of ruin your whole point? And don't act like youre superior cus you made your name "ha" instead of anonymous. It might as well have been anonymous? And smiley faces are for women to use.

    • ha

      He who replies is the actual idiot, ignorance should be ignored both of you "anonymous" pussies fell for sub par trolling :-p

    • Anonymous

      jesus christ, that was impressively dumb. wow. how old are you? WOW

    • Anonymous

      That might be the stupidest thing I've ever read on a rap website.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck them Gays..Fuck Obama and Fuck Jay z

  • damnson

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  • No No

    I agree with dude below...The gay thing is not the same as being black. Gay people were never enslaved (unless they were black, of course.) You can't compare a color with sexual orientation, I'm sorry. Gay people haven't been though half the stuff we have. Gay people are cool...I mean, I listen to a lot of gay rappers, like ASAP Rocky. But I don't think gay marriage is right....I'm sorry. If they're going to do this why not let brothers and sisters get married or humans who like to fuck animals and so on? Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    • mindrelated

      It is not about comparing our overall struggle to the gay community. They do have parallels, anyone who fails to see this is delusional. To infringe on their rights simple because you feel it immoral is insane. It is the same thing the did in reference to us as a people, be it sharing the same space as white people, dating white people, having civil rights and etc. No one is saying the struggles are the same.

    • Anonymous

      its exactly the same. persecuting someone for being different to you. that is the core basis of racism and bigotry. gay people are mistreated simply for liking men. they dont go around shooting people.... hamring people. same way the white didnt need a reason to lynch a black person when they were just walking down the street. its the same thing.

    • LOL

      A man who fucked a goat was married to the goat (by force). Still I would rather kill a gay than let them be married. US shouldn't even allow a civil partnership like the UK. Faggots should be sent to concentration camp and get fuckin' gassed until their faggot partner die as well.

    • Jay

      Umm ASAP Rocky isn't gay.

  • Jason

    i dont mind gay but with that choice sometimes comes the assumption that you get around alot and spread disease. be smart be monogomous and dont fuck up the planet please!!

  • Anonymous

    If you look at the legal jusitifications made in various court decisions from the past, the plight of gays in America is in fact similar to that of blacks (civil rights) and women (feminists movement). The decisions passed down by judges to deny rights almost identically match the language used to deny blacks and women (from the past) their rights. We have to realize that to deny ANY person of a their basic right is wnong no matter what type of argument presented. Once this matter is settled hopefully we (as a scoiety) can move to a discussion thats much needed concerning the rights of felons, and those who are incacerated in this country. I salute Obama for moving the discussion forward, and Jay for backing him.

  • Anonymous

    Why are people acting so ignorant over an issue like this? It's the right thing to do. It takes real human courage to accept people for who they are. Just because they're gay, doesn't mean we straight people will be gay. I love pussy, and it's gonna stay that way. The only people whom seem to be mad about this, is the heavily holy people, also biased ass fox news channel. Grow the fuck up already.

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      I agree one hundred, most of those haters are scared for the fact they have they own gay feelings. I love pussy and because of gay people there is more pussy left for us str8 guys lol. Aight haters, take that step outta the closet lol

    • Anonymous

      We can let people be who they want to be but how can we as a country allow marriage between a woman/woman or man/man when God hasn't ordained it. Do you change the change the foundation of marriage? What authority do we have to do this? Man doesn't even know what marriage is unless it was given by God, so why go against what God has put in motion? Let's call a sin a sin and not be ignorant in his judgement!

    • ThisGuy585

      Couldn't have said it better myself

  • ThisGuy585

    I think the editors at DX are smarter than we all give them credit for. I guarantee you they posted this so they could get a cheap laugh from all the ignorant, uneducated comments this article would receive.

  • ETL

    I don't care either way but when you compare their plight to the Black people's plight it's offensive. Black people don't have to be in the closet and come out about what they do in bed, all they need is a visual, and a birth certificate hell sometimes just a name and we know what you are. Plus I never heard of people in San Francisco and Key West shipped to Atlanta to do interior decorating against their will.

    • Anonymous

      socially you are correct, but "discrimination" in this sense is being referenced froma legal perspective. Excluding the social climate of the former movements, the legal arguments are very similar, and have been met with similar oppression.

  • Joe Basile

    His stance for it doesn't really surprise me. It's Jadakiss, The Game, Eminem, and Fat Joe that surprises me. Among others.


    I hate when people align gay rights to black civil rights, they are two extremely different things and Jay-Z is ignorant for comparing the two.

    • JM

      They're both forms of discrimination, but I agree with you.

    • GTFOH

      IT's the same exact fucking thing. GOD DAMN, the ancestors who fought for civil rights for blacks and women are rolling in their graves. I hope you ignorant assholes enjoy rotting in hell. Besides, half of ya'll are gay anyway, cuz statistics say that at least 50% of us will end up in jail getting fucked in the shower. SMFH

  • Anonymous

    we were straight slaves, but enough nerve to hate gays.

  • Free Mac and C Murder

    "In so many words, I wish that I could change the way we was raised. We portray slaves, but got enough nerve to hate the gays"- Mac

  • Burmy

    What I fear is that soon after its legalized nationwide, laws will be put in place expanding these hate crime lawsin short, pastors could be locked up for preaching their churchs official teaching.

  • Anonymous

    Jay z is a Fag. if u support it, then stop making homophobic remarks in ur music.

  • Anonymous

    Gay-z so Birdgay and lil gayne Marriage soon

  • Anonymous

    how ignorant. no different to discriminating against blacks? get your head out of your ass jay z

    • Anonymous

      As he said what ppl do in their time and who they love is their business..If you dont like gays getting married dont go to their weddings. Better yet stop buying their luxury brands..Isnt that supporting them when you buy gucci, d & g and others that are designed by them. Does that make you gay?

    • Adam

      You're the ignorant one, how is it any different?

  • nickrazor2000

    As being the first to comment on this i will say that i back Jigga. Its just common sense, but I know people will think otherwise so without any further waiting....... LET THE HATING COMMENSE!

  • Paco

    Of course you support him hes black anything he does you support.

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