Scarface & Beanie Sigel Have A Dozen Songs Recorded For "Mac N Brad"

Scarface and Beanie Sigel are currently in the process of recording their collaborative album.

Scarface and Beanie Sigel recently announced plans to release a collaborative album titled Mac N Brad, but they’re further along than expected. During an interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live,” the Southern rapper revealed that they’ve already recorded a dozen songs for the project and that it will most likely release next year.

“We doin' songs, I got six, he got six," he said. "It's a process that we go through to do this album."

Scarface then called Sigel on the phone. The Broad Street Bully confirmed that the project was moving forward, and that fans will definitely have an album from the two.

“It's a reality now; you know our word is our bond. We said we gonna do somethin', we gonna do it," said Sigel.

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  • ilikevideo


  • Killem Dafoe

    If only the 'Swift and Changeable' collabo album with Ghostface and MF Doom had dropped. Would've been sick! Still got Wu-Block to look forward to. Mac-n-Brad should be sweet tho...

  • The Predator

    A lot of people need to do albums together. It would be crazy if Dre and Cube did one...

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    It's gonna be fucked up because it'll have Lil Gayne on it.

  • Mike

    Nas and Jay-z need to do a FULL album together. Drake and Lil waye need to do a FULL album together. Lil wayne Rick ross Kanye west need a FUll album together. Scarface and Beans need a Full album also.

    • dockevoc

      Why? Jay fell off like 3 years ago and gets murked by Kanye on the regs, nas would embarrass him...Why? Gayne and The Human Ovary sell enough units they wouldn't waste an album together when they could drop solos...Why? Ross already has ill beats...They are doing one, that's what this article is about!

  • Kwal

    I'd rather see an album with Scarface, Nas and Ice Cube like he said in that interview a couple of years back.

    • dockevoc

      @mr flam - kanye did 3 beats on the Fix...and i'd love to hear more of it, too

    • Immortal On My Grind

      Y'all gonna die hoping it'll happen. I highly doubt Nas even like Scarface or Ice Cube.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      LMAO man speak on it brothers...and I'm a Nasir enthusiast! Yeah Nas is one of those cats that I just have to say "I'll see it when I believe it". He pretty much goes against what people want to see as if he's under the thought that we're trying to dictate his career or trying to keep him living in the past. Just do it for the spirit of hip hop and taking it as love shown. I understand more than anyone about striving for perfection and not living in the past...but man when it's something anticipated AND something which he spoke up and always stays consistent with NOT COMING THRU/NOT FOLLOWING THRU...yeah. That rubs the wrong way (nh). Nonetheless... I'm glad that Face and Sigel are gettin this accomplished and done. Everyone just needs to do ish for the love and all and keep it moving. I'm still interesting to see the Face/Kanye joint personally (Face raps/Kanye beats) strictly if it's gonna be the hip hop Kanye/old sound Kanye. Word is Mr West is going to go back to the original and get it cracking like that again.

    • The_Observer

      hahaha, i agree Nas is too much of a hypocrite a contradictory...when he first announced Life is Good, he said he wants to work with Face...then Nas went down to do a show in Texas, and he ain't even called Face to join him....Nas been saying he gon do collabo albums with alot of artist now Dr Death with Scarface, one with AZ, with Premo, with Common (, The Standard with Common & Q-Tip, and Killah Priest once said Nas said they were going to do an album together. Nas is jus all talk just like he talk about Africa but hardly visits there

    • Anonymous

      lmao at that hypocrite nas doing an album with scarface and ice when won't even do one with premo or az. he will rather continue to work with his young money friends. suits him better anyway. don't want to hear scarface murdering nas for the whole playtime like he did on favor for a favor.

  • Anonymous

    Man i am so excited about this i just hope they dont have typical features that fuck it up

    • dockevoc

      'face doesn't usually load up on features and saves them for the 'My Homies' albums...I would like to see Z-Ro and Devin on a couple hooks, dudes kill it with Face

  • minnesota slick

    hyped aint even the right word

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