Riff Raff Signs With Mad Decent, Diplo Buys Him $45,000 Chain

Riff Raff signs with Mad Decent and Diplo announces that he's buying the Houston rapper a $45,000 chain.

This week, it was announced that Riff Raff is the latest signee on Diplo's Mad Decent label. Diplo then promptly took to his Twitter account to show that he'd recently put down a deposit on a $45,000 chain for Riff Raff as a present for the signing. 

"Dropping deposit on  45k chain today," Diplo Tweeted. "Egyptian blacklight amethysts and nepalese mayonaise tinted topaz galore." 

Fuse then reported that Riff Raff confirmed the signing. According to their report, Riff Raff signed a five-year deal with Mad Decent. 

Recently, Riff Raff said that he inspired James Franco's character in the upcoming Spring Breakers film.

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