Jahlil Beats Recalls Meeting Meek Mill, Signing With Roc Nation

Jahlil Beats talks about first connecting with Meek Mill and discusses signing with Jay-Z's imprint.

Jay-Z's "Life and Times" blog recently caught up with Roc Nation producer Jahlil Beats as a part of their artist video interview series. During the interview, the Pennsylvania producer discussed his upbring in Chester, PA. He said that it's a blessing to sign with Hova coming out of his neighborhood, and added that it's actually where he met Meek Mill.

"I come from one of the worst projects from Chester, PA, so for me to even sign with Jay-Z, that is like a dream. I've got a lot to prove, I'm excited," he said. "I grew up in [that] neighborhood from elementary school to high school, and when I got to college, I lost my financial aid, so I ended up coming back. That's when I met Meek [Mill], and that's when I really started taking [music] serious."

The "I'm A Boss" maestro also explained that his musical prowess actually runs in the family. He said that his dad used to be in a band, and that his dad's home studio where where he first began to make music.

"I come from a heavy music background," he explained. "My pops - he came had a little band back in the day. We had a little home studio and we used to cut little demos, singing and rapping and stuff. I mean, that's how I started. My Ma used to dance, too."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • yizzo

    couple of y'all sound like some disgruntled underground producers b! not all of son shit sounds the same! G Shit doesn't sound like Ima Boss...that's just one example I could name a few more the point is...even the ones that do sound similar! Thats the sound these rappers prob begged him for! & they knock! when that red cafe let it go comes on the clubs niggas go nuts! he's a beast widdit! only thing crazy about this article is they violated homie with that pic! that's an outtake I'm sure he ain't cosign that one!

  • Anonymous

    Jahlil ma nigga doin his thing

  • ummmmmmm

    ** goes to rocnation.com and sees that Jahlil signed a PUBLISHING deal ** Thats not "signing to Jay-Z". This dude is trying to milk it lol. Kanye and Just Blaze? They were signed to Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella. They were in-house producers. Rocnation (and any publishing company) will sign you if you have a record on the radio. In fact, they will sign you because (little did you know) you have money thats coming already that hasn't been collected yet. So where you are celebrating being "signed", you need to be pissed that someone stepped in and instantly took half of your publishing (after they recoup what they gave you up front). Smart move for Jay-Z. Dumb for Jahlil Beats. Everyone loves publishing deals until they realize that someone just came in, took your money, and paid you HALF. Dude's publishing check for "Im a Boss" was probably more than Ja and nem gave him upfront I'm sure. But he signed before that came in. So now Jay gets half. INSTANT LOSS OF $$$

  • 12312




  • Jon James

    Lets just be honest. This one trick pony only has one style and the same fuckin snare patterns and hi hats. Fruity Loopin ass lame. You see how Roc Nation keeps lining up with different artists and they drop singles and NONE of em EVER make noise. So yea, this one-trick pony is already finished.

    • Anonymous

      You beat me to it. It's like he only has one drum beat like most of these producers. I have never heard a track from this dude that has added anything original to the game.

  • Fuckin With Pussy Everynight

    HAHAHAHAHA I'm the first one to talk here TELL DRE I'M ON ONE

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