Eminem Puts "Southpaw" Film On Hold To Record New Music

Eminem plans to record new music instead of filming what would be his first return to the big screen since "8 Mile."

Eminem has decided to put his boxing film Southpaw on hold so that he could instead focus on recording new music.

According to Detroit Free Press, Em decided to put the flick on the backburner so that he could focus on his music career. “He’s focusing on his music right now, so while he’s doing that, while he’s in that space, he wanted to put this on hold for the time being,” said Dennis Dennehy, executive vice president of marketing and publicity at Interscope Records. “What I’m told is when the film does get made, the plan is that the bulk of it will be shot in Michigan. That was always the understanding.”

Em initially applied for $8.9 million in Michigan film incentives, estimating its in-state spending around $30.7 million. The application was then withdrawn over a “talent issue.”

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  • eminem 2

    2 love song eminem i feeel like your my father like the litte bother its to another rather be the you let be my father found out band out the same people wont let me do what i wont to do its all new i feel like i got your eyes its so nice its just we got do it some where im in love with you i fanncy you its all us babie its so for ready for nex day im ready to go that way show me my love ways its shows its flow its row you hate deth row beef its cheef its make bealvies its convies you can see my dance its in farnce its trances do you like my shit i got hit its spit its love you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    ok eminem is da greatest rapper ever lyrically for sure listen to seduction thats such a lyrical (they call me fire marshall i shut da shit down yur enitre arsanal is not enough to fuck with one round) beast greatest lyrical rapper of all time and even freestyles in dat song a lil bit in da 2nd verse or 3rd verse 1 of da two i can go on with more lyricl shit but all yu people who think wayne is betta f off even wayne said it himself he cant mess with eminem go to youtube type in lil wayne on eminem interview he admits it o and so does game in an interview not that idont like wayne cause he 1 one of my fav rappers but he aint messing with slim o and btw neiter is pac or my 2nd fav rapper jay-z i got a list here is da order of my list that its in 1.slim shady 2.jay-z 3.bigge 4.wayne and my list for alive 1.eminem 2.jay-z 3.lil wayne 4.drake 5.kayne west 6.mgk 7.ti 8.yelawolf 9.rick ross

  • Anonymous

    I like old eminem just as much as others , but the new eminem you can tell is a better person now . Let the dude live you stans .

  • ilikevideo


  • 12312

    always thought em was conventional if you looking for something new with an oldskool feel... http://soundcloud.com/ablumreleasedate12312/44-fours-ft-jay-z

  • venom

    fuck you eminem haters eminem would shit and piss on all you haters and any rapper and if he wont i will now i know alot of you assholes are in the closet so thats why your tempers are flaring and your probably gonna say the same shit to everybody else who sticks up for em cause ya'll lack originality but fuck you haters suck a dick..you can now get butt hurt and comment back to what i said like the women you are

  • Eminem's street cred is finished....

    Em hasn't made a record that regular black can play since 2004... Its sad to say it but.... WHITE PEOPLE... you can have EMINEM. He's your's, I keep waiting for his flow and taste to resurface but post the drugs all I hear his whiny arab voices and corny admissions over poppy beats. FUCK EMINEM. (NO HOMO)

    • I fucking love porn SO MUCH

      ayo, u fuckin ignorant ass clown, if u really wanted to hear music that 'normal' blacks can listen to, then go listen to shit from the 90s, fat retard, u asking a white rapper to start making 'black' music again when hes white? it just goes to show that music is music. idk what im sayin, just go watch some porn

    • bootykush

      hey kno whats funny...read this shit if u listen to eminem's shit from 99, stan first appeared on guilty conscience! "all u gotta to is nibble on this little bitch's earlobe" hahahaha, then stan came back and killed his girl cause he turned into a dickrider

    • Anonymous

      I'm white, and i hate new Em. It's pretty ignorant to just place new Eminem as "white people music", surely any mainstream head will like new Eminem. From a hip hop perspective, Eminem been wack since Encore. There has been a few tracks here and there that I've liked but for the most part I'm straight with Em's first 3 albums.

  • Eminem is TOP 5 white rapper

    EM is in my top white mc's... just... Ra the Rugged Action Bronson Termanology Childish Gambino Eminem/Vanilla Ice

  • Eminem Puts "Southpaw" Film On Hold.....

    because he can't act

  • baslar

    but really Em needs to rebuild Proofs legacy and thats D twizzy

  • Hooh

    I can name at least 15 rappers that shits on Eminem

    • WTF!!

      lol immortal technique?! wtf? u hella blazed or somthin huh...lloyd bankds is only comparable to rappers like 50, game, etc. jay-z is an overrated fag whos flow is wack as hell, busta rhymes is dope but not as dope as shady, common? no. Lupe fiasco? fuck outa here wit that shit. tech n9ne? no versatility in style really, just good with syllables, Andre 3K is a legend, but so is eminem, fuck RA the rugged,methodman aint on the same shit as eminem, listen to 'what the beat' for a comparison between em in methodman, nas is ill but hes been rappin essentially the same since '94, he's still dope tho, a legend, but..so is eminem. btw ghostface,redman, and scarface are also legends. u see to me, eminem is in the category with biggie in terms of mastery over the art of rap, and then tupac was an entirely differnt type of rapper because he was trying to change the fuckin world....in short, Hooh, ur a fuckin clown

    • Hooh

      Lupe Fiasco, Common, Nas, Immortal Technique, Tech n9ne, Methodman, Ghostface, Redman, Scarface,Jay-z(even tho he overshadowed him on one song but Jay z still better imo)Andre 3k, K.dot(yes I said it, Kendrick will hold his own with whiteboy)RA the rugged, Lloyd banks(even tho his voice is annoying as fuck)Busta Rhymes. Now thats for u bitches. ETK now check the list and tell me I am wrong. U r fucking wack kid.

    • Anonymous

      Em is a great, but most you porch monkeys don't understand music is subjective and everyone has their own taste and opinion. Personally Em is dope, but he's made some garbage ass music recently IMO.

    • Anonymous

      @HOOH But can you name 15 rappers worse than EMINEM???? Ah... think about it..

    • Ricky Rozay

      @ETK Nigga u on every post about poppish Feminem sucking his dick. Are you on Shady payroll. You just like Yessir, when it comes to Feminem you an unobjective ass dickrider. And BTW there are more like 20 rappers that would shit on this version of Eminem. 10 years ago, no but now plenty of niggas would own this cracker ass pop rapper on the mic. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ETK

      yeah right, are you gonna name a bunch of no-name rappers nobody gives two flying fucks about? (and Nas?) Eminem is the perfect balance of being lyrical, having a sick flow, song quality and overall an engaging rapping style. half of your list probably gon have a shitty flow and drone beat which makes ppl go to sleep. sit down nigga

  • Kyle

    Anyone who can't appreciate Eminem either can't get over the fact he's white or just wants to be controversial. Em is top 5 DOA lyrically, flow wise, and overall song quality. The only person who can compare to Em and still going is Jay-z, and thats a worthy comparison. However, Em is way better lyrically, and he's made better albums overall.

  • Nabz

    Eminem is the only rapper who will push boundaries. Say what needs to be said and not fear the consequences. That with the way he puts it out, makes him one of the greatest within itself.

    • bootykush

      90s rap, listen to it if u get a chance fuckin idiot, like shit, even foxy brown 'pushed boundaries' or whatever the fuck, goddamn. i guess in terms of big mainstream artist today, eminem may be one of the few who is 'pushing boundaries' but still, u cant make mufuckin statements like that

    • Anonymous

      @Nabz You're an idiot. The only reason you claim he's the only rapper pushing boundaries is because he constantly promotes that idea himself. Either that or you only listen to one artist, and that's Em. I'm a huge fan of Em in his prime but him pushin boundaries ain't unique. wise up or shut up

    • Anonymous

      He is NOT the ONLY rapper. Just say he's your favorite and stop being delusional. Eminem is a well respected rapper, but FOH with that man-crush stan s*** you're saying. He don't like weirdos like you.

  • Sounds like that

    Shady 2.0 Boyz album Yelawolf was talking about.

  • staywideawake

    Relapse 2 or gtfo

    • Jack Compton

      Yeah man. Me personally I'd most enjoy an album that production wise is on the same page as Relapse/Relapse Refill, flow and lyrics in the same vein as Recovery/Hell: The Sequel, and definately only features from his label and a couple of detroit artists.

    • Buffalo Bill

      hell yea

  • humble opinion

    Lets be honest, despite some great work over the years he's on some fag rap nowadays, makin videos where he looks like he wanna suck dre off ( i need a doctor).. people say he the best that did it probably didnt check for Big L. In my humble opinion he aint even the best white rapper I'd rather listen 2 RA the Rugged Man or Ill Bill and as for film? fuck dat. 8mile was responsible for a whole generation of shit rappers thinkin they gonna be the next rabbit lol...

    • Anonymous

      I gotta agree. That 8mile shit fucked up hiphop. alot dick ridders got in the game. One faggot ETK was born. It's nasty out here son.

    • ETK

      here's my humble opinion, what the hell else you think someone gonna do if someone brought you into the rap game when no one else gave you a chance? giving props to Dre is wack all of a sudden? get outta here... tho I agree the song itself was straight doo-doo, but the purpose is justified

    • Anonymous

      Aesop Rock Is Dope As Well. So Is Slug. Aesop And Slug, Along With MF Doom And Molemen Did This Song Called 'Put Your Quarter Up'. It Was On A Tony Hawk Game. American Wasteland, I Believe. Check It Out. It's Pretty Dope. Basically, I Agree With You That There Are Other Greats Out There Being Slept On. But, Eminem Seems Like The Most Better Rapper Known In The Mainstream. Some Of The Other Greats May Be Slept On Dope Underground Artists. And That Movie's My Shit Though. Not A Bad Source Of Inspiration For The Next Guy Either. It's Still Hard To Make It Out Here, Though.

  • Anonymous

    ONE of the greatest. NOT the greatest!!!too many others that have done it as well as he does it plus others that actually moved the artform forward. em is great at what he does, but he didnt change anything, just made hip hop more popular among white folks. just my opinion...


    yall are all wack as fuck... hiphop aint what it used to be, that whole old-school 90s thats the real original hiphop, but lyke everythin else hiphop evolved now into all different kinds like u got ur trap music, club music, radio music, southern music, east coast music, west coast music, midwest music, there all different sounds now and forms of tha music. stop hatin.... and if yall culd do a track wit rihanna or pink on tha hook wuld u...... rite so shut tha fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Eminem the MC = Probably the greatest of all time. Eminem the musician = horrible.

  • to many haters

    To put it simple and plain most of you people are fuckin retards. Eminem is seriously probably the greatest rapper we'll ever see in our lifetime and you're going to hate on him? Please, go fuck youself

  • ETK

    hatin' ass niggas to the left, hatin' ass bitches to the right Eminem has been pop since 2000s. he can't "sellout" anymore than where he is, it's called being a smart successful artist. y'all mad cause he got Rihanna on a hook? go cry in your pillow. oh wait no, because he screams in his songs now. there's always fucking something with y'all Recovery was two motherfuckin years ago! god dam! move on already. he's still more lyrical than half of your top 10 and he proved it on Hell: the Sequel. you lose

    • os

      Listen again retard, two songs were about girls, have the Shit on the album must've just flew right over your head, dumbass. Stick to the black eyed peas or soulja boy or something, this music isn't meant for you

    • Josh

      Yeah! He was ripping every beat with the, same exact flow, and rhyme scheme, and vocal style, and subject matter because half of the songs were about girls...

    • Anonymous

      Recovery was dope as fuck, I don't care about the poppy sound, it was absolutely ridiculous from a technical standpoint, dude was ripping every single beat to shreds.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, let em haterz know, there is always a fuckin excuse with u haterz, when other rappers feature pop artist no one says nothin, when eminem does, u haterz jump on his dick and hate

  • Drippin

    fuck this I wanna know who the fuck broke my car last night

  • matty p

    eminem is a piece of shit. All u niggas trippin if you are supporting this fake ass white dude. LIL B is where its at, and thats some real talk right there. BASEGOD 4 LIFE #THANKYOUBASEGOD

  • Ricky Rozay

    Eminem is a lousy actor so its good he doin music. I'll be honest wit alot of niggas on here, most of Ems fans are white but the guy does drop some heat when he not goin pop and doin shit wit Rihanna or Pink. Either way, hopefully this shit is more Eminem show than relapse or recovery because his recent shit been nothin but pop to appeal to fags and crackaz who listen to nicki minaj and her shit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • baslar

      Em will forever be better than that fake ass motherfucker

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! This coming from someone who supports the fakest nigga in the game. Whatever you smoking, you need to get off it.

  • The_Ghost_Bks1

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  • Cris

    cant wait hope to hear a collaboration with him Snoop, Game, and DOC (Dre's greatest protege's)

  • Anonymous

    Nice this is good to hear



    • baslar

      Em is bigger than the entire Ymcm shit crew coss he has more fan base than them

    • CapitalH

      You think that cuz you love Hip-Pop. Em talks about real life and the truth, all YMCMB talk about is sex,money, and drugs. Bro, Shady 2.0 would eat YMCMB alive. Hell, Eminem alone would eat all of YMCMB alive. Fuck Weezy, fuck Drake, fuck Nikki, fuck Tyga, fuck Gudda Gudda, fuck Gucci Mane, fuck Birdman, and fuck you.

    • YADIG: Retard Alert!!!

      YADIG's still alive? Damn, I thought somebody shot his faggot ass a while ago.

    • dre8791

      Stop hatin' on the white boy fag.



    • CapitalH

      Stop hatin on Em. People like Shady 2.0 are the real people who are keeping hip-hop alive. YMCMB and GOOD Music are only damaging it some more. Em talks about real life, and the truth, while YMCMB talks about sex, money, and drugs. If you say "Fuck Eminem" then why the hell you in this site. Get the fuck out of here and go back sucking Weezy's cock.

  • Young King

    Man you lil hip hop purist fucks are retarded. so recovery was a bad album because it had great radio content the beats were "mainstream" or "pop" what have you and because he did songs with Pink, wayne, and rihanna?? aight coo smdh.. That album was FIRE, lyrical content was there he had radio hits there his word play and wittiness c'mon son y'all are mad for no reason and that 2nd verse on "On Fire" wooooh man y'all rellay are mad for no reason. the only negative responses I will accept as legitimate reasons for not liking the album is the fact that he yells a lot on recovery that's it. PS Relapse lyrically was good. musically not too bad. but mostly sucked Recovery > Relapse.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Recovery was unreal, Eminem's rapping ability is out of his world. Imagine if Nas was spitting like that, everybody would call it a classic.

    • CapitalH

      Agree with you bro. Recovery was meant to be lyrical and more of saying he is now a "New Man". Ask me, Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem Show, Encore, and Recovery were the best albums of Em, and maybe of Hip-Hop as a whole.

  • 50 Cent

    Ha Ha your a bitch

  • Lil Wayne

    I wish I could be like Em... :(

  • jr88

    remember when em first came out they said he wouldnt sell because he is white....lol...oh how times have changed....lol...em is great point blank period...he sells because he connects with people he is an open book....we have a black president damn it..why cant we have a white rapper...lol...haters die slow

  • Mack

    wait.....maybe funding and talent is an issue

  • Mack

    I lost relapse soon after i bought it......and didnt bother to look for it.


    Goo backk to yourr relapse style..

  • zack

    he better be pulling d12 back together and droppping a d12 album then do one more album solo and call it quits.

    • Anonymous

      Well considering Em, Kuniva, and Swifty are the top 3 d12 members alive then I don't see why not. Plus Fuzz Scoota is back in the group so thats four, they could get Royce for 5 and Elzhi for 6.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno about calling it quits, but he definitely needs to get a D12 album sorted. Those dudes can spit.

    • Assassin221

      D12 is already down 3 people. Unless people just wanna hear Em, Kuniva, and Swifty, D12 is done. Had been for a while actually.

  • os

    Um recovery was good lyrically, impressive wordplay which he never used to do really, he always just told it like it is but I think he was trying to put lil Wayne in his place by saying I can rhyme like this too and do it better than you lol and also biggie had awesome flow but it was all he could do, eminem's flow has a gazillion variations, most of which are very potent, his range is second to none but he has slipped since 2.0 compared with early 2000, no doubt about it, probably just run out of stuff to say and he don't beef no more which is a waste as he best at that too.

  • Josh

    Eminem's probably the biggest sell-out in recent hip-hop. I mean, Snoop Dogg levels of selling out. But people will still eat it up because they're dick riders.

    • os

      It no lyrical substance, you kidding me? Double meanings, subliminal disses that are far too complicated for people like you to even realise, listen to song seduction again (hint don't picture an actual women its a metaphor for rap, then think Jay z (especially second verse) and lil Wayne). Perhaps he took it a step to far and it was just to complicated for some people to get. Everyone always refers to the commercial songs on that album but they're not all commercial, you can't say cold wind blows or on fire is commercial. So bad is one of my favourites, yours underrating the album.

    • Josh

      I'll put this in perspective for you retards, because you're too busy swimming in your Eminem semen to fully comprehend. In 2004, Eminem released his album Encore which got mixed reviews because a lot of it was silly bullshit that didn't mean anything. In 2009, Eminem released another album called Relapse, which was still kind of silly, but amped up his wordplay and made some real meaningful songs (I.e, Beautiful, Deja Vu), but reviews were once again mixed because... I'm actually not sure why, I think cause of the voices and the violence on it? So, ONE YEAR LATER. Count that, ONE YEAR, the shortest amount of time he's gone with releasing albums, after 2 albums of his got bad ratings and sold kinda eh (in comparison to his other stuff) He releases an album consisting of soft rock, unthreatening songs, some tedious ballads to sell to little girls like yourselves, and the most pop features he's ever had. The majority of the album being produced by producers who were popular at the time. If you people don't think thats selling out, you're fucking stupid. And seriously, lyrical? Recovery was a step BEHIND relapse in terms of lyrics. There was NO substance at all in Recovery, it was entirely created to sell obnoxiously well (which it did) because not only did you Eminem stans buy it, so did the teenaged girls who listen to pop music. Hell The Sequel was... better... I guess? Even though that was a whole album of Eminem and Royce jerking each other off. And Lighters was fucking bad. But I'm pretty sure every body thinks Lighters is bad. Also, to the guy saying Eminem never bragged, have you even listened to his last two albums? If you did and you're still saying that, you're in so much denial it's fucking hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      Em could be the greatest sellout of all time and would still be able to outclass your favorite rapper with ease.

    • ETK

      Josh is the biggest dumbass in recent memory. like, Soulja Boy levels of dumbassness. Eminem has been pop since 2000s. you mad cause he got Rihanna on a hook? go cry in your pillow. he's still more lyrical than your top 5 and he proved it on Hell: the Sequel. you lose

    • Anonymous

      If he's a sellout why is he still more lyrical and emotional then almost every other rapper out, and never brags, never hear about him spending mills on anything. If he's a sellout, why did he sign Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf? Those dudes aren't meant for the masses (Yela and SH can achieve SOME mainstream appeal but not much.) The real reason he goes over this mainstream beats is because he can promote lyricism and meaning to the mainstream audiences (he even says this in his book.) Plus if he's a sellout then I guess by your logic Biggie sold out for songs like Juicy, Pac for songs like California Love, Pun for songs like still not a player, Jay-Z for songs like Forever Young, NaS for songs like Hero, etc...

    • tckp51

      you know the only reason he gets on a track with wayne or drake or rapped over drakes beat is to diss them. listen to the lyrics of his verse in forever while thinking he is talking to/about everyone else on the track, and it makes sense. hes always done subliminal dissing. and the reason he disses them while featuring with them is because thats beyond dissing. thats showing completely no respect at all :) hes still harsh as fuck just in a more subtle way.

    • Jay

      So I guess Nas is a sellout too, because he hopped on a track with Nicki Minaj & Tyga. Lol you hip hop hipsters need to go somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      tru dat. i wish he was poor and shit i never heard of him..if I had the chance to sellout and be able to leave a fortune for my family I'd chose being a fucking loser any day....thats sarcasm by the way since youre to fucking stupid to get it

  • os

    Lol its fucking ken kaniff! Ulgmmmm....men.

  • Anonymous

    This will never happen but I'd love to see NaS x AZ x Bad Meets Evil double album 75% Bad Meets Evil over Dre 25% Bad Meets Evil over Premo 75% Nas/AZ over Premo 25% Nas/AZ over Dre And a few collabos between them - hip hop would be done then.

  • MurderMitten

    Thats right mafuckas!! Guess whos back...

  • Anonymous

    Relapse had flashes of his greatness , Recovery was 90 % commercial garbage , no controversy , no substance I rather don't see a new eminem album because he's gonna dissapoint even more

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry I got to say it Relapse was not his best work. That album was at the bottom of the list when it comes to his standards. He wasnt fluid on that album his vocals seem like he was screaming at the beat instead of feeling the beat. Truth hurts and for the record he is not the greatest of all time.

  • Anonymous

    eminem is amazing fact ever pissed cause lst album was bit main stream even i hope next one aint he still got the talent one dope on mic period and if biggie pac was still alive then would gone mainstream at some point 2 fact and that no hate there legends two

    • Anonymous

      you sound like you're 10 years old. just like most eminem fans nowadays

    • Alf Capone

      do me a favor my nig and study english before using it to try to convey a point. i understood about half of what u just typed at best

  • moneey

    i would strap eminem to a chair and suck on his big huge cock. i wiould suck it adn start fingering my asshole so he could fuck me. i wanna swallow his cock, let the sperm spread on my face. im a dude. i wanna worship his dick. i wanna smell the sweat on his dick and the scent of his sperm lingering in the air.

  • jesterxxl

    D bringin the heat with The Weigh In followed by Undeafted & maybe Redemption of the Beast then Xzibit drops the bomb Naplam & give me a new Shady album I'm fuckin sorted!

  • Batman

    My comment, many others, is to complain that Eminem has sold out or gone soft. Sure, he's nearly 40, and his mind set isn't the same as it was 13 years ago, but that's irrelevant (I know the 24 year-old me is identical to the 11 year-old me). And, sure, he went hard as hell on songs like "No Love" or "Won't Back Down", but again, that's irrelevant. Until he makes music that appeals to me, and not him as an artist, I'll complain. Fuck you, Eminem.

    • Alf Capone

      @batman maybe u just arent funny. ur definitely no colbert. im not complaining about him not being slim shady anymore. i just think his rhymes arent as good as they once were. but i do miss slim

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      @Anonymous, good quote.

    • Batman

      I'm sorry for using subtle satire. (I was joking; poking fun at people who complain that he's not "Slim Shady" anymore). I really hope you guys don't watch the Colbert Report.

    • Anonymous

      "A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life." Muhammad Ali

    • ETK

      congrats then, keep being a faggot with your ridiculous high standards. none of those factors are irrelevant, they basically explain why things are the way it is. do you seriously expect any artist to stay as hard as they were for 10+ fucking years. keep complaining on internet sites like a over-nostalgic sumbitch, I'm sure Em will do fine without your candy-ass

    • Obama

      Fuck You Lil Wayne

  • Anonymous

    Thats the news I wanted to hear, the industry needs a new Em solo project not just random collaborations from him. He is the goat afterall

  • Jay

    Ppl hate on Em cuz he's white. You don't have to like his music, but if you can't acknowledge the fact that he's one of the best rappers to pick up the mic, then you really shouldn't be listening to hip hop music in general.

    • Anonymous #1: Biggest retard of all time!!!

      "He's a goat but not the greatest". Hmm, retard much? Somebody take this man outside & put him down. Old Yeller style, please.

    • Anonymous

      he is a goat but not the greatest? what? he doesnt get hated on because he is white...he gets more praise because of it especially on the internet

    • Anonymous

      People dont hate on him because he is white. They hate because dumb dumb say he is the greatest. He is a goat but not the greatest.

  • Jason

    I liked Relapse more but only because its darker in content. Recovery is a tad mainstream but thats what sells in America but lyrically its still fire!!!!

  • Anonymous

    movie + new Album 2013

  • Anonymous

    man i hope this is a new album and i loved the relapse album recovery wasent his best but still better than any other artist albums in hiphop eminem is by far the best rapper ever to live i dont see how anyone could disagree no rapper of all time has even came close to the wordplay em can put together and thats a fact and he has had the best producer of all time on that side of making albums they will never be another like him

    • Mack

      @ cudder actually he doesnt my favorite rapper Evidence Shitted on him during his "beef" haydays and all he gave him was two bars....I know you'll probably say he wasnt relevant enough....but Dialated always been relevant. And He has better wordplay..

    • Anonymous

      first of all...op seems like a 13 year old who can hardly string together a sentence and second of all nas isnt known for wordplay at all.Tech n9ne completly destroys eminem flow wise and anyone who disagrees doesnt know hip hop. dudes like elzhi and lupe fiasco have much better wordplay and thats only two i have named and i could go on and on.

    • Anonymous

      NaS hardly even uses wordplay.... and Biggies flow on average is better but that doesn't make him a better rapper...

    • Cudder

      Baffer Meal, stfu, like if there's no rapper you dickride either. Eminem murders and pisses on your favorite rapper

    • babygirl

      excuse me tech n9ne

    • Anonymous

      nas got better wordplay and biggie got a better flow, here i said it

    • @Baffler Meal

      I bet you're a Young Money stan huh? Em shits on your favorite rapper.

    • Baffler Meal

      Eminem just called me to pass a message on to you. He wants you to give his nuts back to him.

  • something for the stans to jerk o to

    Em's stans liter every blog praising how their King Shady is the GOAT, now lets see if this movie hits theaters, they'll put him up there with George Clonney or Tom Hanks lol

  • Anonymous

    Finally some confirmation that em is working on new music! Easily the most anticipated album of the year.

  • milehighkid303

    I swear if dude does not revert back to Relapse and his old form, I may just have to find him, strap his ass to a chair make him listen to all his old albums and be like, "MARSHALL WTF HAPPENED!!?" lol, I miss the angst the raw opinions from him. Everything nowadays from him seems SO forced, and he seems he wants everyone's acceptance, that's NOT the Em I remember from HIS CASSETTE TAPE INFINITE!!! Oh and btw those of you who think Relapse was garbage, PLEASE RAM A QTIP IN YA EAR cause that was EASILY one of his best lyrical performances EVER, so much nolstaga and prowress.......

    • L-Boogie

      I hope he doesn't revert back to Relapse cuz that's his worst album seriously! Eminem hasn't impressed since The Eminem Show.

    • Rue

      Agreed. That album was sick.

    • yayaye

      i would strap eminem to a chair and suck on his big huge cock. i wiould suck it adn start fingering my asshole so he could fuck me. i wanna swallow his cock, let the sperm spread on my face. im a dude

    • asd

      yeah relapse is so much better than recovery

  • firealarm

    this doesn't definitely mean a new Eminem album, but we can hope

  • Alex


  • Anonymous

    Face it. He's afraid to act again.

    • milehighkid303

      CO-Sign, 8 Mile was only dope because of the battle scene, and truth be told, I think Lotto KILLED him with that leave it to beaver line lol.....

  • Anonymous

    he better shady records need a boost

  • Anonymous


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