NY Post Columnist Makes Racist Remarks Towards Jay-Z & Brooklyn Nets

A writer named Phil Mushnick says that the Nets should call themselves the "New York N-----s" because of Hov's involvement.

After Jay-Z unveiled the new black-and-white logo for the Brooklyn Nets, NY Post writer Phil Mushnick has some sharp words to share about his ownership of the team.

In an article posted earlier today, Mushnick framed the ownership in a racist context, stating that “as long as the Nets are allowing Jay-Z to call the marketing shots, […] why not have him apply the full Jay-Z treatment?”

Mushnick then said that the Nets should rename themselves to reflect Hov’s lyrics. “Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York N------s? The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B----hes or Hoes. Team logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way!”

Mushnick issued a statement to Village Voice's James King about the article, offering a cursory explanation of his original article.

"James - did you actually read what I wrote and what I've been writing for 30 years? I don't call black men niggas; my kids never heard the word until folks such as Jay-Z came along. I'd suggest you talk to him about it. What I wrote today was on Jay Z's artistry, and only the wishful and foolish would so badly misinterpret and mischaracterize it as you plan to do. Thanks - mushnick."

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing but a clever public relations ruse to get interest, arena seats need to be filled. In all of my years living in NYC I have yet to meet a die hard Nets fan. You can check the wiki page and see the arena moves and constant logo changes which will tell anyone with common sense that they are STRUGGLING TO FIND AN IDENTITY. Thus enters "Jigga My N*gga", to connect with YOU so you buy some seats for the game. I see people buying tickets to see Kobe, LeBron, CP3 and the rest of the all-stars than actually being Net fans. NYC is and has always been KNICKS. Just like Yankees/Mets, Giants/Jets, Rangers/Islanders, and the Islanders have more Stanley Cups than The Rangers and people still don't care. Jay knows what I typed is true, that's why he's getting in on the merchandising game, more people will cop the hats and shirts that say Brooklyn. The IRONY in this is the same person who told people to TAKE OFF the jerseys is NOW going to sell them.

  • Don Jack Jon "Mr.Promise"


  • Anonymous

    the most important thing here that keeps getting over looked is... the logo is fucking ugly!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In 2004, after failing to secure a deal for a new arena in Newark, New Jersey (eventually a new arena, the Prudential Center, was built in Newark), YankeeNets sold the franchise to a group headed by real estate developer Bruce Ratner for $300 million, beating out a group led by Charles Kushner and Jon Corzine. While Kushner and Corzine wanted to keep the Nets in New Jersey, Ratner planned to move the team back to New York. In 2005 the Nets announced plans to locate the team in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Barclays Center is the center of an extensive redevelopment project called the Atlantic Yards being built by Ratner's real estate development company. On September 23, 2009, Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov agreed to a $200 million deal to become a principal owner of the Nets and a key investor in the team's proposed home in Brooklyn. Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia's 3rd richest man according to Forbes, confirmed his intention to become majority owner of the Nets. Prokhorov sent an offer to the team owners requesting that the control shareholding of the basketball club be sold to his company, Onexim, for a symbolic price. In return, Prokhorov would fund a loan for the construction of a $700 million arena in Brooklyn and attract additional funds from Western banks. Prokhorov stated that he initiated the deal to push Russian basketball to a new level of development. ^ these are the real owners of the franchise. But I'll let you guys tell it like Jay brought the team, and said "let's move them to my old hood".

  • Anonymous

    "the new york niggers" LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL i couldnt help but laugh

  • TX

    Brooklyn Bitches...Yea that works

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like someone is upset that brooklyn has a team. Whats the difference, more than %50 of the NBA teams are of an african/native background. Whats the difference if jay-z has a team? And there has been over 500 rappers that used the N shot before Jay-z. And doesnt his albums have a parental advisory logo? If you ignored that, you should realize, the N shot could be an amateur word compared to what is on the rest of any album. Common sense. Sounds like mushnik has a prejudice bone. Ive converted a couple prejudice people, they ALL HAVE made remarks like that, Ive noticed that. Because simply, ... what are you trying to prove? Its like saying people can't multi task, mushnik, if he cant MC and Market, (which is what half of rappers have to learn before major deals) then you can't father and be a columnist, ..... now everyone is going to think you will give your children the full mushnik prejudice treatment? Its a racial jab at Jay Z for sure. Keep up the excellent work with Brooklyn Sean. Must be proud that your old area got an NBA team and you get say in it. Keep it up. .:: Cardboard House Records ::. http://www.reverbnation.com/cardboardhouserecords

    • Anonymous

      Keep up the excellent work with Brooklyn Sean. Must be proud that your old area got an NBA team and you get say in it. Keep it up. ^ Marcy Projects is nowhere close to Atlantic Terminal/Barclay's. If anything that's Biggie's old hood, Brooklyn is a big borough (no pun intended).

  • vagabond

    a lil somthing for you think about. white and black were not original terms to classify race. they were originally used to define class. In AmeriKKKa's beginnings "white" was applied to first class citizens. "black" was applied to slaves. Italians, Irish, English etc didnt come over here sayin they were white. it was something developed to separate them from slaves. The reason Africans were chosen as slaves because the place AmeriKKKa originally wanted to be like, Rome, didnt succeed with their slavery because they enslaved anyone so it was hard to find runaways because they could blend in with the upper class. ever notice on the census it says white, non hispanic and white, hispanic. the whites are considered privleged and of higher class than blacks. this made it easy to keep "blacks" enslaved mentally and financially with a 2nd class label and creating a 2nd class environment for them. still that way today and always will be because its too many dumb ignorant niggas being crabs in a bucket. the niggas who make it out the bucket have no desire to help the other crabs and why should they. so they stay to themselves. keep enjoying your country white people. however,we've progressed as a nation from AmeriKKKa, to AmeriCCCa, because its all about capitalism, commerce and consumerism. white and black dont mean shit anymore. its rich and poor. but as long as the white label and black label exist we cant move past it or remove it to see the financial slavery we in

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      I agree, smart thinking dude! Food 4 thought!

    • black man

      co-sign. not just this dudes comments. but also his mentality. pay attention people. you CAN be a hip hop fan and be intelligent. you can be an ambassador for the culture. it's especially important for black people. fair or not, uninformed, ignorant people associate hip hop with black people. if we represent hip hop honorably - as a subculture influenced by artistic, intelligent, and enterprising people - then those same ignorant people will have no choice but to recognize it as true art, and the people (especially black) who make it as artists. people on the outside of hip hop culture look at us and laugh. they assume we have nothing meaningful to contribute to society. why is that? if you think it's just some of the awful slave minded music that's put out, then you're only partially right. scroll down and read these comments. it's the fans. look at how we represent ourselves. when i walk down the street, i look like a hip hop head. when people ask me what i do for a living, and i tell them, they're confounded because what i do traditionally requires a fair amount of aptitude and education. most of them aren't shocked because i'm black (some of them are), it's because i'm bangin my head to undun. get your mind right niggas. quit making a mockery of our subculture.

    • Immortal On My Grind

      I already know that.

  • vagabond

    this has nothing to do with race. nor was it a racist remark. he didnt say " they're just some new york niggers". he spelled it the same way "we" (blacks, rappers, latinos, other minorities, and yes young white people say it) niggas. no one had a problem with the writer saying bitches or hoes did they? he had an opinion on jay-z and what he thinks his music represents. people just lookin for a story and for someone else to call racist. as a black man i feel sorry for black people who always lookin for somethin racial to make an excuse for the way things are. of course you cant deny the obvious (govt conspiracies, willie lynch letters, police) but at the same be your own man. you have a choice to be a nigga or to be a nigger. Do we as hip hop fans not embrace the word nigga as something positive? yes. tupac said it best Never Ignorant Gettin Goals Accomplished. who cares that a white guy said nigga. white people say nigga everyday. they call each other nigga. chinese kids may say nigga more than I do. jay z is a minority owner of the nets anyway. 1.5%. basically he gets paid to sit courtside. If this guy wrote an article about the Miami Dolphins ownership and said something about J.Lo and Marc Anthony's music so what. He's a writer with an opinion. Dont be subjective be objective. If black people concentrated on progressing themselves as much as they did in finding racial shit maybe our neighborhoods can look like affluent neighborhoods. If we treated every black on black murder the same way we do white on black or cops on black we'd get somewhere. If your outside the hip hop community the depiction you have of jay z is black guy who became wealthy but rapping about the trials and tribulations of a drug dealer. how many of us automatically call country artists rednecks? it is what it is. intelligently ignorant

    • Anonymous

      And who didnt see bitches and hoes??? Lmao. And he used "we" as we're speaking as a community to hide himself. Thats a mistake, that comment should never have been used.

    • Immortal On My Grind

      Bitch your success ain't enough, huh? You wanna get the attention!? Allright then, I'll drop by your house and give you all the attention you want, with my cock.

  • Anonymous

    typcial they envy us haha his hate finally boiled over. but you cant see us with hands. abd you more likely to go both ways then us. haha

  • ivan

    Just another success hater. So what Jay says nigga or bitch in his songs - he still owns the Nets, so you CAN'T TELL HIM NOTHING

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  • What

    Man i see that for what it is, and call it for what is it, just another white A-hole mad because a black man own and make more money in a day than he does in a year,

  • Anonymous

    Niggers need to stop being sensitive bitches. Stop playing the racist victim for once. This is clearly an attack on hip-hop, not race.

  • Anonymous

    Mushnick seems to be the lone writer in America still spouting off about how damaging Hip Hip is despite the fact that even The President of The United States endorses rappers. If he wants to "hide" his kids ears from Jay Z, that's his choice, but this sounds like he's just mad at the Nets for sucking. Mad at the new logo. Mad that they won't be getting Dwight Howard, and will probably lose Deron Williams. Doesn't he do his homework enough to know Jay rarely fires back on anyone talkin mess? You can have free reign to write about anything, but there are still consequences attached to your thoughts and words. Too many columnists let their personal feelings replace the facts. Mush mouth can be mad at Jay, but to let that creep into his column, something with his name on it that is supposed to represent some level of journalistic integrity, is irresponsible.

    • Anonymous

      he is a MINORITY OWNER.

    • Anonymous

      You sir, are a moron. Jay-Z does not own the NEW JERSEY NETS. He owns the BROOKLYN NETS. And I don't even want to get started on the rest of your shitty argument. President endorsing rappers lollololol

  • Anonymous

    "The NBA is a family friendly organization" Only on Sunday's.

  • koth561

    Well, Phil Mushnick responded to these accusations.... He was just trying to point out that Jay-Z profits from "the most sustaining self-enslaving stereotypes of black-American culture"and people deem him racist if he's just trying to point that out.... To be honest I don't give a shit about this whole situation but people need to hop off the racist bandwagon.

  • black man

    no it's not racist. but what i don't understand is, why does it even bother him so much that he feels compelled to write about or even comment on it. jay-z is a rapper. that's just one thing he does. he's also a successful owner and investor. he's also a father. is he saying that his ideas aren't valid because he emerged from a hip hop culture. that's small minded, as if the only ideas that jay can have center around bitches, hoes, and niggas. and i'm more offended as a hip hop fan than as a black man.

    • vagabond

      exactly. it has nothing to do with race. its the writers ignorance of jay-z's music. but he has a point because honestly inside the homes of white america jay-z is threatening. if it was nelly there would be no article.

  • _|_ (^ _ ^) _|_

    Fuck Gay-Z & Gayonce they ain't getting love

  • Anonymous

    jay z looks like a little nigger monkey in that pic next to beyonce

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    • Brad Zukerman

      You sir, are the funniest individual I have ever encountered. This is truly hilarious, and I pity all the people who don't understand you. I think, 150 years later, that we are enough removed from slavery, that I am allowed to laugh hysterically at this. And I just did. Maybe that is not ok, but Im ok with that. I am literally in tears. I wish there were more of you.

    • Kinfolk

      Yo imma Kia Shine your post and just say... WOOOOWWWW!!!! All that extra shit had no relevance and a waste of your time. Who the fuck really is gonna read a made up instructional manual about "NIGGERS"? Kill urself "nigga"!

    • Army Is A Trick

      What you are saying here really have no relevance.



    • ziploc

      satire is one thing..this is far removed from being funny though..spark some dialogue?..hardly..Grand Dragons and level 32's and up will ahve a good laugh..Guess you read Willie Lynch papers...Before you attempt to ignite branincells,you should check the mindstate of you demographic..85% will not get it and take the wrong message from your longwinded piece of satire..buy a mirror and try again homey..

    • StreakyBlues.com

      What an unnecessarily emotional response. Got butt-raped by a bunch of "niggas", did you?...

    • Lil Loc

      for your long ass opinion... FUCK YOU AND EVERYTHING RELATED TO YOU!!!

    • ARMY

      Written by a black man ^^

  • Anonymous

    America be aware of this: Europe laughs about you for things like this.

  • tg


    • Bradzuk

      1. I agree, Mushnik is a racist dick. He is obviously expressing some resentment towards hip hop that is based in an unsubstantiated, poorly though out, likely bigoted perspective. 2. the kanye --> Bush situation is COMPLETELY different. like, even if you hate bush, and even if that is totally justified to you, HE WAS OUR PRESIDENT. maybe republicans would be comfortable with that, the other direction (yes, a political double standard), but no, if you are a pop star, raising money for impoverished refugees, you do not say "our president doesnt care about black people"

    • Stan

      tg, you obviously forget Kanye said this during a national crisis, Hurricane Katrina only one of the worst natural disasters of this counry, when he should have been raising awareness about the need for help and dontations. This guy was just writing a random editorial. I pray you grow out of this ignorant phase your in.

  • anonymous

    sick of this sissy ass bullshit... nowadays ppl are just as racist if not more towards white ppl than black ppl.... only difference is white ppl dont cry about it... truth hurts

    • vagabond

      yes, black people have cried about it for too long. i agree as a black man. its sad. but how bout u get a WHITE ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL??? REALLY???? its called Fox, CBS, NBC, TNT, TBS, the list goes on. BET.....owned by Viacom, a white company that also owns MTV and VH1. they are telling black people what is entertainment for them. which is why there is minimal positive images on BET. white people been tryin to brainwash and oppress not just blacks, but all minority races in AmeriKKKa. and white people say nigger/nigga just as much as you honkys do.

    • ETK

      shit, I forgot the best one. the month where white people cry the most? february

    • ETK

      really?? "WAAAAAH WHY CAN'T WE SAY THE WORD NIGGER" "WHY DO BLACK PEOPLE SAY IT BETWEEN THEMSELVES, ME NO UNDERSTAND IT" "MAN, HOW BOUT WE GET A WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION CHANNEL" and by the way, if white people cry about it less, take a real good guess why. take a real good guess. because they're not the fuckin minority. smart guy.

  • Man.With.A,Vision

    i'd like your honest answer on this question. Do you think the woman with the biggest vagina in the world is proud that she has the biggest vagina in the world?

  • BOA

    laughing all the way to the bank. fuck all u racist crack ass crackers. jay z aint worried bout this chump, just mad cuz a black man got bread and can move a team and change a logo in two years.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You mean sensitive not weak buddy. But solid point indeed.

  • George

    Look, this is a joke, when Dave Chapelle used to make stereotype skits about white people on his show they didn't refer to that as rascist. All the sudden theres an article stereotyping Jay's music, not him personally by the way, and black people are up in the air about it. Hmmmm, sounds like one sides a little more weaker than the other lol

    • george bush

      Those skits were written by white people and Dave Chappelle got tired of doing skits like that why he gave up his show. Racism is still an issue in America, except now white people say racist shit, then apologize later like it really was a mistake. White people are desperate now because they are afraid of being the minority so they try to spark racial conflict whenever they can. The younger generation don't buy that shit though so, you old fucks trying to bring back the 60's can suck a dick and die already!!

  • cookbook

    NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA lol omg I said it... if you foolish black people dont remind us of the word in every sentence that come's out of your mouth we wouldnt be saying it.

    • Anonymous

      @Truthfully Can u get any more ignorant

    • Assassin221

      I guess you've got a point...I accept no accountability for letting the word roll off my lips, or those of my family and friends, at dinners and gatherings. Nor do I feel any responsibility for making it one of the most popular words in America. Just me avoiding blame I guess.

    • ETK

      lol "OMG I SAID IT" yeah on a fuckin internet site where you ain't have to worry about getting your ass smashed. how does reminding you of it equal to making you say it? it doesn't bitch. that's still your personal choice at the end of the day, there's a good chance you'd still say it if black ppl didn't

    • Truthfully

      As if Jay Z himself introduced the world to this word...It was the perverse wicked whites of America who made this one of the most popular words in American culture, it rolled off the lips of white children, men and women around dinner tables and family gatherings well before Jay Z took his first breath. The word exists as a reminder of the ultimate evil that white people have perpetrated against black people. It is clear that white people are to cowardly to accept accountability for anything they say and do, but vengeance is God's and you and the actions of your ancestors will be judged. Amazing that whites take exception to such words when they are the creators of these words themselves....the irony and hypocracy that is the fabric of being white.

  • Chess

    This is NOT racistm it is just a comment based on the fact that Hiphop artists like Jay Z have the inability to rap without saying Bitch, Hoe or Nigga!

  • kennyken

    so are they gonna be black just like mostly everything jay wears? jigga needs to get out of this tunnel he's in and get back to some of the things that made him. ain't nothing wrong with all the success but he's beginning to look like fucking mitt romney to me.

    • Anonymous

      So a black guy come up with a Black & White Jersey but all white people see is the "Black"????? Wow! Unbelievable!!!

  • nasirjones

    Mushnick was just seeking attention..its no secret that rappers get into business ventures, but for him to say we should act on the content that jay z raps about is pointless and quite stupid.. he knew it would stir some conversation.and who gives a fuck ur kids first heard nigga through jayz,they were eventually going to hear it just like shit cunt slut bitch spick chink kike etc

  • Brookaveli

    Shawn Carter is a partial owner of the Nets. Jay-Z is a character that is played by Shawn Carter. Movie stars and authors aren't treated as if their roles are a reflection of them as a person, so why the double standard for rap music?

    • po

      bcuz that is wats supposed to seperate rap from the rest. u shudnt b rapping if you aint writing your own lyrics eg lil wayne ..or if u rapping about shit you really arent eg rick ross. keep it real folk

  • Akim

    white people were the ones who first call black people niggaz way Black in slavery days so ur kids heard it first from ur people,u are just hateful and racist person cuz Jay z is a sucessful Black man

  • Anonymous

    So when white entertainers "go into character" they can "come back out" but when blacks do it, it defines who you are?? smh Racist bigot, and I'm not a Jay-Z fan!!! Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson, Guns & Roses, Kurt Cobain, Eminem???? SO IF THOSE GUYS ABOVE HAD COME UP WITH (plain) BLACK AND WHITE JERSEYS THE SAME THING WOULD HAVE BEEN SAID??? huh BLACK AND WHITE AS THE NEW TEAM COLORS BRING'S THIS KIND OF BIGOTRY???? So the guy who came up with the Spurs colors must have gotten the same statement as well??? huh THE INVENTOR OF THE BLACK AND WHITE TV???

    • Assassin221

      To be fair, hip-hop does have an obsession with "keeping it real" and Chuck D tasked it with being the "ghetto CNN," so the culture itself perpetuates that image. Nobody calls Busta Rhymes Trevor Smith, ever. Also, I don't get your examples. Willie Nelson and Kurt Kobain are kind of both names and famous personas that those individuals are (or were) expected to live up to in real life.

    • logical

      Hey, Ted Nugent rocks :-)

  • JOHN


    • SHAWN


    • Up North

      Your whore mothers and sisters LOVE us

  • Anonymous

    this ain't racist, its just fcuking about Jay-z lyrics. also everyone branding others racists should take a look in a mirror since it takes one to know one

    • real talk

      Really dude? what is this the 5th grade? you gonna post a " i know you are but what am i?" type comment on a serious issue? You are one of many American Idiots that Greenday refers to, go read a fucking book dumb ass.

  • Anonymous

    niggers deserve it

  • Anonymous

    instead of arguing about this shit, go listen to nas' untitled where he told all ya mofos about all this shit(way back in '08) america is one motherfucking racist place

  • truth

    He said"his kids never wud heard that word untill jay..nd others. smh thn thats an issue. in itself. but no1 gone change for sum1 else. def if grown into a certain manor, to many years of bullsht to chane. -white nd blck ppl. all ppl smh. I have white gf, future wife. she white am black, but crazy how color can be such a barrier. but to not teach ur kids full american history is plain dum.so jst teach thm why abe freed slaves but not that they werent truly free.?or jst let thm wlk around afraid or thinking all blacks the same. they cud think differently.but shtt cud think wat i said. but does it really matter cuz we all type smthn thn go on wit or day.voice is heard well seen in this case but aint sht. so go live life. live out ur word not .think u matter cuz matter as in tha words

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Musinck... it's clearly a joke... the whole article was balanced... Senstive niggers need to fall back

  • Anonymous

    It is sad that those that are OK with the comment and using free speech as the basis of your argument are failing to realize that sometimes free speech is just a cope out to say whatever racist thing you have to say without getting in trouble.

    • Swordz

      and whats wrong with that.... free speech means we all have the right to be offended... I'd much rather hear peoples views and challenge them then try to silence them. It was joke, it was clearly boarderline... get over it. It wasn't remotely racist unless you actually believe those sterotypes.... As blackman I'm fed up whiny ass black kids fighting the wrong battles

  • Up North

    Its a bigoted statement PERIOD. You can dance around the topic all day and night if you want. People don't like the way Jay has ascended up the corporate ladder because of what he came from and the vehicle he used to move up. NYC was built on violence, corruption, greed, and a host of other illegitimate activity. Why not attack the Rockefellers or Kennedys while your at it? Mushnik obviously has a personal axe to grind with Jay (either that or he was a NJ Nets fan) and he attacked Hov culturally to get his attention. I don't care how you slice it, Mushnik crossed the fucking line and I hope it kills him everyday to see Jay making progress. What's really sick is people talking about how they understand where this dude is coming from.

    • good

      Rappers spew racist bigoted bullshit all day long, on record, and off. No one cares. You're just a fucking hypocrite if you think this guy is a racist for making a joke based on Jay Zs lyrics. He's not racist, he just spun something cleverly and you guys cant let it go.

    • Up North

      If Whoo Kid said it about a white country singer moving up the corporate ladder you can damn sure bet the fallout would be just as big. Don't be ignorant. Mushnik said some bigoted shit.

    • Swordz

      it's a joke. if Whoo kid or someone made that comparison no-one would say a thing... Chill brother - fall back B lets fight the real racist...

  • Anonymous

    Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson, Guns & Roses, Kurt Cobain, Eminem???? SO IF THOSE GUYS ABOVE HAD COME UP WITH (plain) BLACK AND WHITE JERSEYS THE SAME THING WOULD HAVE BEEN SAID??? BLACK AND WHITE AS THE NEW TEAM COLORS BRING'S THIS KIND OF BIGOTRY???? 1)So the guy who came up with the Spurs colors must have gotten the same statement as well??? huh 2)BLACK AND WHITE TV???

  • its nut10

    wake up and smell tha roses! jay-z in tha position like these so call white ppl.I bet u would rather be in his position so stop tha bullshit cause when u talk bad bout blacks in that way u make it look bad for all blacks. Life is Beautiful Ya Digga Me!10th Ward

  • Anonymous

    How do we go from white and black Jerseys to where the reporter went without being a racist bigot???? Really is this the last straw for racist white??? Black & White Jerseys? Really???

  • eit

    he's not racist he's just stupid. just because jay z is a rapper by profession he assumes he's hoodumb and that he doesn't know to run a legit bussiness.

  • Anonymous

    BLACK AND WHITE AS THE NEW TEAM COLORS BRING'S THIS KIND OF BIGOTRY???? 1)So the guy who came up with the Spurs colors must have gotten the same statement as well??? huh 2)IF A WHITE GUY HAD COME UP WITH (plain) BLACK AND WHITE would he have gotten this reaction??? 3)BLACK AND WHITE TV??? Bullshit!!! Fuck this racist kracker and you same racist trolls who come on here everyday to hate on every rapper. I know their are racist trolls commenting on this site. JUST GO BACK TO THOSE TRAYVON MARTIN POST AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!

  • Anonymous

    BLACK AND WHITE AS THE NEW TEAM COLORS BRING'S THIS KIND BIGOTRY???? So the guy who came up with the Spurs colors must have gotten the same statement as well??? huh Bullshit!!! Fuck this racist kracker and you same racist trolls who come on here everyday to hate on every rapper. I know their are racist commenting on this site. JUST GO BACK TO THOSE TRAYVON MARTIN POST AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!

  • Anonymous

    and people say we live in a post-racial society...who the fuck they talking about, cause america is one racist ass place in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Man like really, I dont like what this dude said but he has a valid point. Most mutha fucas would have apologized or back pedal out of what he said and he didnt. This is how white people look at us and we let them by putting our selves in these situations to promote our music about drugz, women, and guns. We have to fix our selves before we try to approach these white people. They can diss us all day because of our stupidity but what can we say about them.

  • will

    MISLEADING TITLE. it's not racist you fuckheads

  • 0000

    You writers from HIP-HOP DX are some real dumbfuck ignorant asses to call this racist remarks. You didn't get the point of it all.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • peter

    you all are dumb. he's right. he is just referencing words jay-z has used to build his point. these aren't his words. i'm a huge jay-z fan. not a nets fan, but as long as jay-z is in charge of marketing this is the type of response the nets will get. some white people don't fully relate to rap music or as he calls it 'artistry'. The word nigga also needs to be abandoned from american taboo. its so commonly used in every song and white people are the leading consumer of rap music so just accept that white people have heard and used the word. if you don't like it then stop fuckin' saying it.

  • Anonymous

    That wasn't racist. And I tip my hat to him for sticking to his guns. If he hadn't said the word "n***a" then no-one would bat an eyelid because the rest of his references refer exclusively to (stereotyped but mainstream) hip-hop. The word "n***a" is a buzzword for racism but using it doesn't make him racist, because of the context. I don't agree with him, but this is not racism.

    • Your Tru Colors

      By not being able to realize the difference between the two,, YOU are actually showing the true ignorance. How many different wayz are there to spell Their, They're, There ... And Bruh, Rise Above ^^ It may not be the most important fight, but it sure Iz important. Anybody can understand the only difference any more Iz bridging the gap between the rich & poor

    • good

      The "ER" argument? Seriously? Give it a rest man, thats some seriously pathetic shit right there. It doesn't fucking matter how its said. If its ok for one man to say it, its ok for another. Saying its not is racist because you are prohibiting a person of a certain color from doing something because he is a certain color. Deal with it. What he said was not racist, and the "er" argument is so ignorant in its own right that its incredible to me that its still around.

    • HHH

      I can't satnd these young niggas. bruh - it don't matter about that "er" "ga" bullshit. I agree with Anon - it's all about context. he's clearly making joke based around sterotypes of rappers - it's funny - get over it.

    • Sure

      Ok,? just throw the white towel over your head right now, cuz there's no hope. You seem to like talking about contexts, so here you go... The would Nigga in context will ALWAYS be different than the word "Nigger" . yes that's right folks, the reporter was courtious enough to add the ER at the end. and if he was around some ReaL Niggas , that's the hospital unit he'd end up in to. So you go ahead and stick to your guns. See what happens

  • Yep

    I agree with "Do Your Research," but I still think there is no hope for white america and eventually they will give in to their inner racism and try to eradicate all of us. The best we can is move to Europe.

  • Do Your Research

    You realize this "News" reporter Iz Jus lookn for some easy press. Ignore him and forget you ever ran across his name. On anothr note : If you was smart enough to do some research into rap and what it realy representz,, ya might not be so quick to negatively labeling the artform. It'z reality. and America don't like being told the truth about the state of the country. alotta mah'fuckas wanna pretend itz all lollipops & gumdrops. Real Rap Iz street raw. You call it crude, we call it Life. Sure, Some iz into it for flashin' dat money shiit, we get it (ie: french montana) ..now listen to mos def aka yasiin bey for your history lesson. Motto: STOP LISTENING TO THE RADIO do some damn research!

    • Do Your Research

      Haha u a funny mutha'fucka forreal. It'z obvious to evryone here you have no real argument, or some useful facts for that matter. Why would I care If you like'n my dialect or not? seemz to Me that U get the pixture I'm glad u think it takes drug money get a computer,, now .... are you ready for thiz .... fast forward about 50 yearz. There you Go

    • Son of Do Yo Research

      Ya fa real we gotz free wifi up in da hood. I'm keepin' it raw. I hustled maself a computah wit my drug money. Mr. Do Your Research I suggest you "do your research" on grammar and spelling...

  • Kadeem

    this is stupid, black people were niggers before Jay-Z was even born and by the same token we had been using the word in the sense that he does sense the 20s.....this solidifies my opinion that all americans are racist and that there is no hope for our country. good night.

    • Right

      nigger /ngr/ Show Spelled[nig-er] Usage note noun, Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a person of ANY race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Remember that next time you start talkin shit. You might just be that ni***r your trying to downplay. Move Forward

  • Anonymous

    This isn't a race issue. Hip-hop is easily the most crude mainstream music.

    • Anonymous

      so do you also call doctors crude for diagnosing disease and reporting it? the n word was around long before hip hop. just like disease was around long before doctors. speaking about the ills of your environment and upbringing is not the illness.

  • Anonymous

    WAIT, his kids never heard that word until Jay Z came along? R U FUCKING SERIOUS? But hey he's not racist. Motherfuckers like this are to be ignored- FOREVER.

    • truth

      agree and nd thats another whol issue. but kids in white culture een sayin it. its jst with artist saying its okay for every1 to say it. its like a bad way but a way of moving forward in a gud way. hard to say.but sht dnt matter wat we say.so go live life. than live words. hey hey lol

    • Anonymous

      OK DUMMY DUM DUMB BUM BOO. Anybody can see that hip hop sets trends and styles. People imitate these hip hop idols

    • Anonymous

      Hip-hop doesn't make anything acceptable you idiot. Grow up, go outside, learn about life. Fucking music making you idiots do things, really? SHUT THE HELL UP dummy.

    • Anonymous

      Hip hop made that word acceptable and mainstream in places where it ordinarily wouldnt be

  • jang318

    @ steeler1 u r exactly right and i aint mad at ya' cant have it both ways. but ya gotta admit this country was built on this same hipocrosy, tearing somone else down for their words or actions and then turning around and being just as careless in the next breath. cant blame rap when his kids fuck up ....they just imitating daddy!!!

  • jang318

    he says the word nigga? hmmmmmmm,okay......... so when robert denero or joe pesci decides to buy something will he write about thator will he say it's just a movie or art? fuck that shit, if he can afford it,by it,move it then let him do it. and when this country starts holding these other ceo's or co-owners to the letter of right that the writer wants to hold hov, then fuck em' u dont like it dont support it

  • xripperx

    1. yeah its kind of fucked up but, 2. he has a point, and he isn't calling anybody a nigger. Sure, he deserves a little backlash, but this isn't like calling women "nappy headed hoes". 3. while he should have known better than to say this, and there is a definite racial power element in play, I wouldn't necessarily call this a "racist statement". If he said this about Talib Kweli or Tyler Perry or something, maybe, but this IS Jay-Z. Just because the Jigga man is white america's new favorite black person, let's not forget his music from the 90s. He still represents all that shit.

  • steeler1

    Jay Z writes his rhymes and this columnist writes his stories, it is what it is

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    White people are always trying to judge other people. Like they are the paragons of excellence. For some reason they feel like they have a right to tell everyone in the world what they should and shouldn't do. Like they are Gods. I can't wait till the Mexicans bum rush this shit. Their time is overdue. The sins of the father falls on the son. Happen to the Jews its about time it happens to them. I won't kick the white man when he's down but I sure as hell won't lend a helping hand either.

    • YEAH, YEAH


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why are we shocked?It's the Post.A republican, right wing propaganda spewing toilet rag.They built their agenda on racism,elitism and bigotry.Nothing to see here.Just boycott them and let them fade away into oblivion.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Racist White People strike again. Don't be fooled brother. Racist White People watch sports don't they? Boxing, Football, Basketball, etc. So I wouldn't be surprised if a bigot's favorite player was Black. I am saying this to explain all the racist comments up here, just because a white boy likes hip-hop doesn't mean he isn't a bigot. Don't be fooled. We know their history.

  • da1

    Jay-z doesn't even own the team, that tall russian guy does. Jay-z is part owner of the team. But the writer has a point. I don't know why jay-z has so much pull over this team when Mikhail Prokhorov is the one who has 80% stake in the Nets. Also it was Prokhorov's idea and not jay-z's to move the Nets to Brooklyn. Only majority owners can decide where they want the team to go. Not partial ones. I guess Milkhail only lets Jay-z do these little side projects to make him feel important. lol


    2Pac was RIGHT, weak niggas like Gay-Z don't deserve to breathe.

  • I Want My Team Back Nigga

    Gay-Z is a bitch by taking the Nets from us. What the fuck you want nigga? You already got the KKKniKKKs, the Jets, the Giants, you still want some more!!!??? I agree with the columnist, Gay-Z from Hawaiian Sophie fame really doesn't deserve to own the Nets.

  • anonymous

    Im a big Jay-Z fan, but that shit wasn't racist... he was simply making a point that Jay doesn't belong owning a basketball team... i mean think about it what was really the point of them moving to Brooklyn? that wasn't good business at all they had one of the best stadiums in the league in New Jersey and a good fanbase... not a Nets fan either I'm from Michigan so don't be tryna flip this shit on me

    • Anonymous

      see muthafuckas always going to some gay shit...fuck outta here...when you have a point make one and keep the gay ass comments to yourself

    • Anon

      Why can't he own a team and bring them to his home town? He's a more successful business man than all you so the dude can do what the fuck he pleases.

    • Anonymous

      So what to anonymous nigga above me. This is America he can own whatever the fuck he wants to buy. You are either white or stupid if you don't think what he said was racist. My kids didn't know the word until Jay Z came along. He knew and said it, but his kids never heard him say it. Blame rap, blame Jay Z. So when he hears the word Pussy, Fuck, Shit, MotherFucker that is Jay-Z and rap's fault also? So He bought all of Jay Z's CDs and let his kids listen to it???????? Really, What the fuck YO. I hope they don't have laptops and come to hiphopDX cause I wil be to blame when they read this fucking post.

    • anonymous

      Well let's see.. Jay-Z got songs called 'ain't no nigga' 'real niggaz' 'niggas in paris' 'nigga what, nigga who'.... open your eyes he never says "Jay-Z can't own a team cuz he is black", get the fuck outta here with that nonsense.. he's makin a point that someone that condones violence, drug use, and sayin the word nigga, shouldn't be an owner of a multi-million dollar organization; it's bad for business... hes sayin you might as well call them the new york niggas since your owner condones the word so much

    • Fuck New York I'm From Jersey

      ^^^^^^^ Hey do that means if he wants to buy your pussy you would let him!? Allright then...

    • Anonymous

      Really you don't think that was racist...wow...I mean how more racist can it get? Jay doesn't need to own a team...why...cause he is black...getthefuckouttaherewitdatbullshit!!! He got money so he can own whatever he wants...

  • west

    You know Jay is gonna tear this guy a new one with a nasty verse

  • NY

    What do you expect from a newspaper thats owned by Rupert Murdoch (Owner of FOX including FOX so called news). Murdoch is already being charged for another newspaper company in England hacking phones since '03. He is at a weak point, if the people actually come together we can get rid of this racist and propaganda machine that Rupert Murdoch is at the head of, bring down News Corp., one the largest racist & anti-semitic propelled groups.

  • Anonymous


  • Shone Jones

    Mushnick has always been on some bullshit. If he isn't trying to dog the WWE at every turn, he's making dumb ass comments like this.

  • Jim

    Move along folks, just another uneducated bigot with a podium to spread his ignorance from.

  • Real Talk

    And after reading his statement clarifies thats he's lying about how he don't call black men Niggas, when in fact he came up with the name " New York Niggas" only because a Black Man was used in the marketing process of the logo. Your telling me if Garth Brooks was in Jay Z place, he would of wrote the "New York Crackers?" And him saying his kids never heard the word until 'Folks"(niggas) like Jay Z came around is fucking ridiculous, where do his kids live under a rock? This writer threw away 30 years down the Drain. Guarantee if this story makes headlines around the world, he's going to end up Blackballed. Don't understand what his true intentions, and what point he's trying to make, other than racism is still alive, in white people.

    • Anonymous

      I Agree RealTalk. So did he buy the CDs for his kids to listen to or did they listen to it buy downloading it on their iPhone 4. either way he wasn't policing them so it his fucking fault.

    • Anonymous

      racism is still alive, I won't dispute that. But reverse racism is rampant.

  • Writer

    Okay, well, I'm not sure people see his point. It's not a very good or should I say, it's not p.c but he is making a point. So you have a rapper that talks about drugs, guns, bitches and of course uses the "N" word a lot. Now, that's the rapper side of him and what you can call his persona/character. Then you have S.Carter, the business man that is wealthy off music and clothing. So he's taking the JAY-Z persona and stating that "Why would you want someone that glorifies the "N" word and guns, drugs and so forth to be put out front of a professional basketball origanization". I see his point, it's like having George Zimmerman the head of the NRA, it's just not a smart move. From the HIPHOP side we view it as, "That's cool, he's ripping off the Raiders, ha" but from a sports columnist or a non-hiphop fan (90% of the country) it doesn't add up. So my suggestion would be that Mr.Carter use his real name in his business dealing and use his JAY-Z for Paris where the Niggaz be according to him and Billboard.

    • Anonymous

      The same reason the federal and state governments fuck over black people but you still vote right...or do you? You people are a fucking disgrace!!!!

    • hypocriterion

      You lost me at "Dont care what Jay Z raps about." The face of your franchise (and dont even try to say he isnt because its not the product on the ball court) is someone who freely uses the word Nigga in his songs. Muschick makes dumb statements but, if you read his past articles and not just this one, he is consistently questioning ignorance in sports. Do the knowledge!!

    • its2012goddamnit

      well its just funny that thats what he's acknowledging and not the successful businessman

    • Real Talk

      Nigga, WTF about that logo got to do with being called the "New York Niggas" This writer obviously has some insecurities with the african race. Don't care what Jay Z raps about, this is basketball, he's has a small percentage of ownership in the Nets, therefore, He has every right to be at the forefront of the Nets, if thats the direction that the Nets organization is going. THink about it, what made him wake up in the morning and say hey, Im going to start writing about how the Nets should change the name to the "New York Niggas"

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I remember in 1996 when Jay-Z invented the work Nigga. What a glorious time.

  • Anonymous

    Move along. There's nothing to see here. It's just white people acting like white people.

    • LOL QQ

      Anonymous, you either trolling, or racist as hell man...

    • Anonymous

      Reverse racism...you white MF are a trip so you get to be fucking racist but when a black man or woman don't like how they are being treated and speak on it, the first thing you white bitches do is holla reverse racism...how about this go stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger...fuck you...everybody that look like you and everybody with your last name...reverse racism give me a fucking break!

    • Anonymous

      acting like white people, do you see the reverse racism here???

  • Real Talk

    Its a fucking emblem, don't understand how its a Nigga Emblem just because Jay Z Came up with the concept, Plus that whole cheerleader line was out of context,

  • You Know

    Aint no racist, just stupid comin out with a quote like that

  • black man standing

    not an ounce of racism in his article. hiphopdx step your game up and stop stirring up controversy.

    • Anonymous

      oh so you cool with white people calling black people niggas? you should change your name to Uncle Thomas standing...it fits you better!

  • sayed

    even though he's less racist after explaining his statement HE'S STILL RACIST and his kids will grow up to be 10 times more racist than he is

    • Anonymous

      Of course his kids will be. Gee thanks for that comment, i appreciate the logical qualifications involved in free speech. Gosh your intillect sure is dizzying, but given time I'll understand. To let you know I'm calling you ignorant or dumb. You know which one you are i don't.

  • Anonymous

    If Jay-Z was the Corporate overseer, in this case you should worry, cause after all you know he's just satisfying some egocentric and nostalgic precepts, since he is probally the king of hip hop. This is just simply art, with adulterated inspirations, but it will not fly in the media. Besides these stereotypes exist largely today because of hip hop and (frankly there is some truth to it). Jay-Z is largely responsible for this as well as many other gangster rappers, black comedians and actors, who radiate that culture. And it's Oprah who propitiates the racist connotations when the media inevitably moves along. My point is being, it will be long before you realize there is some motivation, in Jay-Z to act in this manner, if you are are offended by this. Personally I like Jay-Z as a musician. There is a very reaonable platform this article is written upon. The author of the article may not feel so strongly about this issue as it seems, however, it's neccessary that it be somewhat theatrical. However what he didn't know beforehand is that Jay-Z is more of a large investor in the Nets, than a controller.

    • Anonymous

      fuck that white people should never say the word nigga...not even for entertainment...fuck outta here!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, your absolutely right T. It's not the central concern of an entertainment columnist to write groundbreaking articles. But what i should've said is that the "offensive" segment where he uses the n' word was justified due to a deep sobre concern and attempts to be entertaining

    • T

      im sorry you seem bright but a reasonable platform? He writes for a newpaper not a gossip column how does his kids never hearing "nigga" mean that they should change the everything according to what jayz music is about?

  • Anonymous


  • Black Melancholy

    this aint racist. he's making a reference to jayz's obscene lyrics saying his base lyrics should not be associated with the nba as it will demean it. i guess he doesn't think a vulgar, immorral, rapper like him should be the 'face' of the team. i can see where he's coming from. one thing is for sure, this is not meant in a racist way at all. people need to stop being so reactionary and need to put things into context.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent point. The NBA is a family friendly organization. Jay z is an admitted former drug dealer who STILL brags about his past and uses offensive terms in his rap. He had perpetuated this situation. If he wants to hang out with the president, and own an nab team he needs to own up to his actions...... You can't own an NBA team and hang out with the president of the free world and use the n word and brag about drug dealing.....

    • Anonymous

      It isn't valid, however, because the closest Jay-Z came to including his rap career within the logo was...BK.

  • J. Whizz

    Follow for free @jwhizz my album is on the way "The Platform" 6/19/2012. It will be in all Digital retail stores

  • Anonymous

    I dont think he was racist within the context of Jay-Z's music. Dude does have a high charting song called Niggas in Paris! All through my years of listening to hip hop I've rarely ever seen a song chart with the nigga in the title(heavily misspelt e.g. Onyx - Da nex niguz) but because Its Jay Z or Kanye people/media are more receptive of It.

  • Speak Da Truth

    This dude clearly isn't a fan of Hip Hop. Probably doesn't know much about rap or the hip hop culture. Probably doesn't realize that Jay-Z is a respected business man. This dude is interpreting Jays involvement based on what he thinks about all rappers. At the end of the day, who is Phil Mushnik? And who really cares? Just another ignorant fool who thinks he's better. "Misunderstood"

  • Anonymous

    You know he's racist because jay-z's rap lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with the nets name... He just used that an excuse to use the n word and let his hatred out. I think the dude is just mad because they gave a black person the power to change the team.

  • Anonymous

    His reasoning is completely bullshit, but its his freedom of speech, just like its our freedom of speech to react.

  • Anonymous

    You can say something racist without being racist. It's not like murder, or stealing, or something like that, where you're forever branded with that label because it's something you can't change. Racism is a state of mind, and as such, it's something that someone can enter into unknowingly. Dude obviously doesn't like Jay-Z, and probably isn't that big a fan of rap(I'm reaching here, but if he didn't heard the N-word until Jigga, he prolly ain't been listening to hip-hop), so he went with ignorant generalizations, some of which can be correctly attributed to Jay-Z. It's still a stupid article though, Jay-Z is a minority owner (Like 1%), but he's also the most known(In America at least) owner by a large-ass margin. He's also, you know, an artist, art is his job, it's how he makes his money. Not stupid to put him in charge.

  • Anonymous

    Good job dumb asses. While the world burns, civil rights liberties are revoked, countries becoming police states y'all are still fighting over skin color smh no wonder governments get away with so many atrocities because dumb asses like all you fall for the elites divide and conquer strategy. If we all took our head out of our asses and started saying WERE ALL INDIVIDUALS fuck race, color etc. then the government/elites would no longer be able to rule like they do now.

  • Anonymous

    I read the article and I read his explanation on why he decided to say what he said. I still don't see his argument. He is saying that neither he nor his kids ever heard the n-word until Jay-Z and other rappers did. What world does he live in? The n-word has been around for centuries and he claims he had never heard the word before? That's his excuse? That's his excuse for using racist terms and stereotypes to make a SATIRICAL statement? I swear, people should never satirize about race. It just never works.

  • DaGnrl


  • Anonymous

    "but you just mentioned free speech keep your comments to yourself..those two things contradict" Lashing out at someone and then using words in your article that aren't necessary to get the point across isn't free speech. It's called stepping out of bounds, and could get this moron fired. You should feel in debt to me for the simple fact I decided to bail your simple mind out of its dark prison and break that down for you.

    • T

      "You should feel in debt to me for the simple fact I decided to bail your simple mind out of its dark prison and break that down for you." lmao you already know Americans never learn thats why dumbasses have wasted time energy and money over this issues for close to 150 years

  • Anonymous

    freedom of speech. jay z is a nigger. pure and simple.

  • Brandon

    most of you are completely missing the point. This isnt about any racist remarks or about Jay Zs lyrics being ignorant and all that bs. This is about an ignorant, stupid reporter. Honestly, by saying these remarks the dude probably is racist. but thats not the point. He is completely ignorant of the hip hop and black culture for one. using the word "nigga" is simply part of the culture. As is the word "bitches". im not saying its a good or a bad thing. it is what is it is. Nigga is mostly a term of endearment. like 'bro'. and bitches and hos ARE real, they do exist and theyre very much apart of the hip hop culture. But this guy is completely ignorant of all of this, as well as how much Jay has done for hip hop. This dude is using JayZ and hip hop as a scapegoat for the problems of the world and shit like this pisses me off. Dude is mad cuz a black man is one of the richest dudes there is and is doing much better than he is. Dont make ignorant remarks like this if you dont know shit about what youre talking about. Dude needs to be fired right away.

    • T

      Wow someone else who is knowledgeable on this post thank you but this comment feed is scary to read how ignorant people really are when they don't even see the problem how the hell can they fix it?

  • willieoutler

    the real issue that most of you who want to justify this is simply history. have you ever seen photos of a black person being lynched and you had entire white families out there,, no apology, you ever see us enslave others in the great USA no,that was white people, and still no formal government apology, you do know white people demonstrated and protested against the ideal of equal education, the right to vote, and you may still want to believe it is just circumstances that the playing field is not even , even when they are matched degree for degree, dollar for dollar. you will still say things like they carry themselves like thugs, well what about timothy mc, okc bomber, columbine white kids, charles mason n the family, other serial killers, should we judge you white america by your worst. thats what you do when you feel it is ok to say nigger,, and to be honest jay z saying is no different then mark twain using it in a book. but the issue with the writings is simply jay z has not acted like a nigga in building his wealth, and the reporter daughter didnt hear song on radio like that. so that is why it is bs, she had to search out the track and search out the unclean non radio version. it is like when people say too much violence n songs but it was ok in terminator, rambo, friday the 13 movies, scare-face. so dont flip art into a real world discussion a discussion on social consciousnesses. some art is just art. his point was wrong and race based.



    • Word

      Truth^. Being racist is a product of ignorance and this ignorance is passed down by generations. You have to look at the institutions in which this racism stems from such as family, friends, schools, and articles such as this.

    • T

      In the same light white people protested FOR equal rights its not strictly White vs Black here its more ignorant people vs Knowledgeable people people like you probably see character rather than race or the forest rather then the trees but please don't generalize people into a way of thinking because that would make you no better than people who are racist

  • Anonymous

    also if a child is not taught the history of his or her country and cannot recognize that some of Jayz lyrics are not ideal then thats a much bigger problem then what jayz is doing

  • Anonymous

    the nets are the whitest team ever, thats the main problem i see with this

  • Salaam Rashid Muhammad

    This is just a sample of white man's madness. It has been happening for years, but we are so blind we're only seeing it now. Well, at leat I hope my brothers and sisters understand it's time to get up and remove the devils from the planet earth.

  • Anonymous

    wtf i'm embarresed to be white

  • Anonymous

    These comments show how ignorant both African Americans and Caucasian Americans are..journalism like this is garbage, of course jayz has lyrics that may not send the right message but its the listener who chooses how to interpret it. The Nets logo has NOTHING to do with jayz lyrics lifestyle as minority stockholder. These journalist have a responsibility to show insight to truth not dish out grievances against a culture or someones art cause at the end of the its Enertainment. Americans will never progress if we still can't even get over the simple fact that being black or white is pointless..You have every right to be critical of someones work in fact i encourage it, its how people progress but the fact the writer incorporated irrelevent information to prove what point? cause its not about basketball? this is garbage of writing and only prolongs the stupidity of empowering racism while people are starving and getting killed because our government needs to suck dry another countries resources for their benefit NOT YOURS..wake up people but i guess thats too much to ask these days

  • me5too

    grow up people,read carefully its well obvious he was not being racist he was just MOCKING Jay. Was it funny? No... Was It Worth it? Yea.. just to see the bunch of ignorants that would react.

    • T

      so in other words you support garbage writing trying to get a rise out of americans for their pleasure and newspaper sells? I see where your logic lies but come on how can people progress if they feed bullSh*t like this to people

  • HYU23

    He's absolutely right. *Shrugs*

  • Mega Intellect

    White people always get mad when they see blacks doing better then them. They subconsciously feel superior to us, so it's hard for them to fathom someone like Jay with the power to do what he did. How dare Jay own part of the team, how dare they listen his opinion, he's just a nigger right? White's will never say that out loud, but many of them are threatened by black people with wealth or power. And to those white people defending his use of the N word, don't be dumb. You know the history of white people and that word. White CREATED THAT WORD and have used it discriminatory ways pertaining to blacks for years. White people hung us from trees while calling us that, in the past. The inflammatory nature of it being spoken on the tongues of white folks is obvious. We are the victims of the word, and can use it however see fit. Whites using the word and blacks using it are two different things. Whites who argue over not being able to use the word themselves are angry blacks are using it in a positive way...They feel like they're losing some of their power over us when we say it.

    • Anonymous

      You must be retarded. I don't even know where to begin

    • Mega Intellect

      Whites are the ones who put us into groups by color in the first place. You only separate yourself from your "race" when it's something negative being brought up. We only share color? Incorrect...We share the same discrimination, the same ancestors, the same collective hatred from you devils.

    • Really

      You are the type of person who would love a race war huh? Every single white person got together and lynched your family and friends and yelled nigger? When did this happen? "white" people die all the time and it doesnt bother me in the least if i dont personally know them. You just share a skin color thats it.

  • OC

    what he said wasn't even racist

  • J.T.

    I couldnt care less personally. you cant stop people from feeling however they feel. I just wish that we could ignore guys that simply talk and focus more on those who actually show racist actions. Who gives a shit about some NY Post writer? isnt the Post a Murdoch paper too? if so, im not surprised at the racism.

    • J.T.

      Edit: The comments below convinced me that the article is more ignorant and pointless rather than it is racist. I also agree that Jay obviously has grown a lot mentally since his early days in the business so he too has said a lot of ignorant things on records. Either way though, I still think our words should be less scrutinized in the grand scheme of life. Even if the writer is racist, its his right to be that way. It may be dumb but its still his opinion. As long as he doesnt act on it then I still am not bothered too much by what he or anyone else says.


    Does this surprise anybody at this point? I mean really? This is white america at its A-1 best, its just now they have a new way to get over using the word nigger in public... BLAME THE RAPPERS! WHITE PEOPLE are so arrogant they feel entitled to treat educated black men as of hes no better than a common hoodlum so whats the difference here? When a white man is out matched intellectually he runs to his bag of stereotypes and uses the same tone and generalizations as this guy...its so fuckin typical man...white man your a fuckin racist, face it, you are what you are, its who you are, its in your DNA...



    • true story.....

      About 3 years ago my then 6 year old son came up to me and said something to the extent of; "look at those niggas over there." I told him that that word was unacceptable and very bad word because it was hurtful to black people. He looked at me and said "but daddy I learned it from a black kid at school." I didn't know what to tell him.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect he'll blame it on 'black people'...

    • Anonymous

      ahahaha racist moron...

    • Anonymous

      jake.drennan@comcast.net - Email a racist

    • jake drennan

      what the fuck did it put my email as my name for????? hip hop dx delete that shit from my post i never submitted anything like that. thats a complete invasion of my privacy delete it immediately.

    • Anonymous

      do you know anything about Jay-Z's life?

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Nigga shut yo dumb ass up! Who made the song "NIGGAS in Paris?" There you go. He was trying to ether the hip hop culture, you dumb ass. He wasn't being racist. Eat a meaty dick, you smart dumb bitch ass nigga.

    • jake.drennan@comcast.net

      but jay z glorifies black hoodlums in his music and brags on how he used to be one...you made the final point though, "common hoodlum". its only statistics. you may say its in a white mans blood to be racist but its not. im not sketched out by the tiger woods type of black guy that acts respectable and won't rob you at gun point. but statistically black people sketch me out because at the very least, 9 out of every 10 walk around like they're thugs and shit. i've been robbed by black people twice, mexicans once, but never a white guy, never. just cuz you're broke don't mean you gotta commit crime to get by. be like a white man and turn nothing into something. notice how all white societies are basically functional and the crime rate isn't very high, then you go into a black neighborhood, and well i don't even need to say it. you guys are tigers in the jungle.

    • J.T.

      Well said. I wouldnt say its in their DNA though but there's an abundance of closet racists and that will always remain true.

  • dave

    I wouldnt even be mad id they did call the team the "Brooklyn Niggas" so.....give a fuck this is america..lol

  • truth

    everybody talking about how this guy shouldnt have done this or that...how dare he... hes a racist..he has no right saying this or that about jay z or the nets ect ect FACTS:: Jay Z's MOST POPULAR RECENT SONG??? NIGGAS IN PARIS Jay Z's MOST POPULAR MUSICAL THEME??? MONEY HO'S HUSTLIN DRUGS JEWELRY #1..JAY Z is not an actor like dinero or pacino, who merely read a script and play a role for money. He represents himself as jay z or sean carter - either way his BUSINESS...HIS MOST RECENT 'POPULAR' BUSINESS VENTURE... "NIGGAS IN PARIS" video This journalist, though seemingly out of line with his remarks, and undoubtedly without class, voiced his opinion on the blatent blandness of the logo by saying why not spice it up jay z style, wit brooklyn niggas (no different than niggas in paris and COMPLETELY relevant)... guns w bullet casings...(no different than Jay Z's lyrics) though it may seem like the writer is degrading black culture..or even more so jay z... the FACT is he is not out of context AT ALL...and if a BLACK writer made these remarks...poeple would laugh and say hes right/funny ANY ATTEMPT AT SPREADING NEGATIVITY YOU PEOPLE TAKE PART IN CONTINUES THE SPREAD OF NEGATIVITY IN ITSELF BLACK PEOPLE CALL WHITE PEOPLE ALL SORTS A SHIT BUT IF A WHITE PERSON SAYS..EVEN 'EXACTLY WORD FOR WORD' and IN CONTEXT... THE SAME SHIT A BLACK MAN SAYS>> PEOPLE ARE QUICK TO THROW THAT PERSON UNDER THE RUG LOOK IN THE MIRROR WE ARE ALL THE SAME WE GOT A HEART, A BRAIN, AND A BODY STOP MISUSING AND ABUSING YOURSELVES AND YOUR SURROUNDINGS PEACE

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry white guy, but you guys can't judge what is and what is not racist. Never will you be looked at by the majority of the country that you live in as a criminal, terrorist, or illegal immigrant. If Jay-Z wants to say nigga, he should be allowed to. He's simply expressing himself through music, and he shouldn't have to censor himself for any reason. The journalist had no reason to publish any of this, as his article didn't turn out to be any statement on the affairs of racism or the media, but rather just turned out to be an attack on black culture and Jay, and just showed his ignorance.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Damn...another one who gets the point. And I didn't even read this one before I got to it. Jay-Z has a song called NIGGAS in Paris. Ball so hard muthafuckas can't find me. LOL! Smh...

  • Alf Capone

    rashad phillips if u came up with the title of this article u r a fuckin idiot. there was nothing racist about what he said. i get his point. i dont care that much for his point but i get it. get thicker skin people

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Speak on it, my nig. Most of these comments show the problem with what a lot of our people, and people throughout despite color or creed fail to have: common sense, critical thinking, deductive reasoning. I truly got the point. It wasn't racist what he spoke...it was ignorant and defiant to hip hop culture and rap music. His point was stupid and his humor was terrible. But his words were not in any way racist. To better show what he meant...What is Jay-Z "hottest" song as of right now titled... NIGGAS in Paris It's just remarkable how many stupid ass people exist on this earth and how many of them exist on this site. It's baffling as hell.

  • Anonymous

    " U got to brush that dirt off your shoulder "

  • hmmmm

    honestly some of his suggestions arent that bad Basketball Team = Brooklyn Niggaz straight out the slammer Cheerleader = Brooklyn bitches Logo = Basketball with 9mm shell casings underneath and little bit of crack sprinkled in the corner

  • Anonymous

    His kids never heard the word till guys like Jay z came along? Does he mean he never heard the word as well till Jay came along? Apparently he is saying Jay z invented those words and that he was never aware of the implications of writing them in a column till the outburst after the article had been published. you mean to tell me of all the success jay has had coming from the projects to being an enterpreneur, the only thing you could say about him is something negative?

  • Anonymous

    I spit knowledge, dropped out of high school, skip college/ Who ever thought I make BIG like Ms.Wallace. N.Y.M.P tha realest niggaz!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a joke. Clearly this guy has some deep rooted resentment towards the team, but instead of calling them out, he uses Jay Z as his target. Who cares what Jay has said in the past in song. It's called free speech. It's called entertainment. And what does that have to do with a logo? Say you think it looks cheap or whatever, but leave the personal views on rap music to yourself. Clearly, millions of people who actually listen to and understand Jay's music, won't bat an eye at this. The music isn't meant for you Mushnick. Don't embarass yourself any further.

    • Anonymous

      but you just mentioned free speech keep your comments to yourself..those two things contradict..you lose talking privileges

  • Anonymous

    I agree that jayz lyrics where very materialistic and but he is what he is but what does that have to do with Marketing? Where Jay has flourished Or what does that have to do with this writer's sheltered children never hearing "nigger or nigga" before? its apart of history whether its right or wrong it happened and Writers like this use Jayz or other Hiphop artist as scapegoats for problems in Urban America. He has a point with the lyrics but lowered his level for shock value to get his article all this attention while using information that is not relevant and for that this writer should be ashamed of this crap..the real question is that the editor didnt see any problem with his facts? of course not Newspapers gotta sell somehow but it looks like the writer sold out just as jayz may have in his lyrics so im still rocking with hova for ENTERTAINMENT and the NY times can lose legitimacy as a source of "truth"

  • Real Talk 100

    My point is dudes comin at Jay cuz he made his money off gangsta rap and all the things associated wit that, but you notice people have a different attitude towards similar things in White culture. I wonder if a rocker like Marilyn Manson or Trent Reznor owned Nets, would he be saying they should be the Brooklyn Satanist? I think he would have let it slide and thats messed up to me.

    • Real Talk 100

      No, I didnt say that was the case, that was a hypothetical, I just think they let stuff slide in White culture all the time and pick on the gangsta rappers unfairly.

    • Anonymous

      you "think" he would have let it slide. LOL. what a messed up individual. He hypothetically lets that slide and not Jay-Z? what a world

  • Real Talk 100

    Let me give you my perspective, from a guy who is a conservative by the way: I dont get the dudes point, no. I dont see the difference between rappers talkin about gangsta shit and guns, and a couple Italian guys shootin a gangsta flick like Sopranos or Goodfellas. Would the columnist have said this if Al Pachino or Robert Deniro was owner of the Nets or would people be calling their artwork "ignorant"? Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla used to have girls jumpin up on trampolines on the Man Show, funny shit. Rappers talk about women badly. Would this guy be sayin the same thing about cheerleaders being Bitches and Hos if my man Adam Carolla owned the Nets? No. I could go on.

    • Anonymous

      yeah and if it was a black guy killing a white kid in a hoody there would be NO tribute songs. wouldn't even make national news. its a white v black country. both sides do the same things.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Thank you, Real Talk 100. Thank you.

    • Real Talk 100

      I didnt say he was a racist, I just think people unfairly pick on low-brow Black Culture (gangsta rap) as opposed to the low-brow White culture (Satanist rockers, sexist comedians, Italian gangsta flicks). Its true, when the Sopranos was out, did you see any criticism about the immorality of it? I agree, lets not throw around "racism", but lets also be honest and point out the hypocracy.

    • Anonymous

      yes lets assume more things about this columnist to paint him as a racist. solid argument

  • Anonymous

    Aint like he doesnt have a point tho, Jay Z is the guy who wrote "More Money, More Cash More Hoes", so its not like he pulled that statement out of thin air Of course its ignorant but he's basically just quoting Jay's own ignorance and throwing it back at him. Jay has come along way but lets not pretend he didn't get where he is by glorifying Drug Dealing, Disrespecting women and alot of other less then desriable stereotypes about the black community. If Slayer bought a Football team and some christian writer sarcastically suggested they name the team the LA Satanists, it would be the same thing. Even tho they dont stand for that anymore they put out that image for a number of years and thats what people still think of them as, same applies here

  • iwasthere

    hahaha jay-z obviously fucked his wife.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is acting like jay z owns more than 50% of this team, while we all know its a rich russian dude

  • Anonymous

    Domino Domino/ Only spot a few blacks the higher I go/ Whats up to Will shout to O (Oprah)/ Ain't enuff going to need a million more/ Kick in the door/ Biggie flow/ I'm all dressed up wit no where to go. Jay Z VERSE from Murder To Excellence

  • Earner82

    **Gasp** A white guy wrote "n---s" and b----es and hoes" in reference to an black artist that says the same thing for the past few decades. So what. It's 2012. Everyone says it. As if Jay-Z is so evolved that he can't be associated with this type of ignorant banter. Jay-Z is a business man, yes. I get it. He's also a cocky, arrogant bling rapper that we've all grown to love. The writer is just as ignorant as Jay-Z is by using this type of language. He just used Jay-Z to spew this garbage. They're both guilty. Ultimately they both use. This is immaterial.

    • Obviously

      @Earner regardless is Jay-Z is a bling rapper who says bitches and hoes, this is about his business, the Brooklyn Nets. What do bitches and hoes, 9mm and bling have to do with his business? It was 'racist' exactly but it was unneeded and tacky. THe issue is that this guy haaadddddd to bring up his rapping and other cultural things that is related to rapping. Nothing at all to business. And as it was clearly stated he doesnt even come close to having majority ownership so his comments are ignorant and just plaid stupid

    • sam uk

      It's a cheap attempt to get a laugh... doesn't have the intelligence to make a half decnet joke without resorting to a racial slur pun on the name of the team. He's a twat, clearly.. why you choose to try and defend him confuses me.

  • Paco

    Who care's Nets are wack no matter where there at Brooklyn or New Jersey. Lakers all day.

  • Anonymous

    Ehhh just reread it it mighta been a little racist

  • sam uk

    just.....what? this guy obviously has no brain to engage before he thinks. idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Those really weren't even racist I don't think. Just a white guy saying nigga. But that doesn't mean he shoulda said it but it was kinda funny.

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