Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Dead At 47

Adam Yauch a/k/a MCA is reportedly dead at the age of 47 years old.

Beastie Boys' MCA, born Adam Yauch, has passed away at the age of 47. was the first to report his death, and TMZ has confirmed with several sources close to the rapper that he has indeed died.

The emcee, producer and guitarist was diagnosed with a cancerous parotid gland and a lymph node in 2009. It is unclear if his death is related to his battle with cancer. He underwent surgery and radiation therapy, which delayed the group's album and tour.

Formed in 1979, the Brooklyn trio, which also consists of Mike D and Ad-Rock, along with deejay Mix Master Mike, were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yauch was unable to attend. An early Def Jam Records act, the group has made hits including "Sabotage," "Fight For Your Right," "Body Movin'" and others.

Last year, the Beasties released Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 on their longtime label Capitol Records. With features from Nas and Santigold, the album was included in HipHopDX's Top 25 Albums Of 2011. The album debuted at #2.

HipHopDX sends its condolences to Yauch's family during this difficult time.

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  • ilikevideo


  • The Real Huey Newton

    I'm A True Fan of Real Hip Hop since 1984!!!

  • The Real Huey Newton

    Who ever it is that is posting comments under the name Huey Newton, FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOMMA.... STOP USING MY DAMN NAME YOU FUCKING LAME.... SHOUT OUT TO MCA May you rest in peace and shout out to the Beastie Boys.

  • beta

    RIP Adam! Peace from Argentina

  • The Predator

    This shit got me crying. RIP MCA.

  • Rodzilla

    This is seriously like a sucker punch to the face of hip hop. So incredibly sad

  • d

    You know, I can't understand some of these comments. People want to debate this man's music, or debate his influence, or debate about his success and how it's implicated with race to whatever extent. To be honest, I'm tempted to fire back at those people who have nothing better to do but be on some website trying to say things because they can't be heard elsewhere. This was a human being, and a revered one at that, who just lost his life. There's nothing to say about music right now, just pay your respects to a man. RIP MCA.

    • Doubl Negative

      There's no denying affirmative action and gentrification take place when it comes to whites in hip-hop. Like Em stated in one of his tracks, they become a commodity due thier ethnicity. I've lost count of the numerous whites who detest and loath Black rappers, but are partial to Em, Beasties and other whites. Of course, these Caucasion rappers cant't be held accountable for their fans ignorance and bigotry, but the point has to be highlighted. It's just a shame a shame I had had to post this topic under these tragic circumstances. RIP to MCA, and I don't care if it's politically correct for a Brother to listen to Beasties, I'm still a proud Black Nubian even when I fuck with some white hip-hop cats.

  • G($)

    Beastie Boys will be in HEAVY rotation now. RIP MCA

  • Randem

    A LEGEND. Nothing else needs to be said. Rest in peace, my hebro.

  • ASEE

    RIP MCA. A true legend.

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P.! A true hip-hop pioneer!

  • J

    Rest In Paradise and stay young forever.

  • Birdman 5 Star G

    fuck MCA its all about YMCMB

  • MightyMike27

    Rest In Peace. Your music will live on forever.

  • RTJ00

    RIP you will not be forgotten

  • DJJ

    Dear MCA.... Thank you for the countless hours of listening pleasure that I get from the classic Beastie Boys albums. Licensed to ill and Paul's Boutique are a part of me and I thank you for your contribution to hip-hop culture. I'll be praying for his family and fellow Beastie brothers. I hope there is a Hot Sauce Committee part 1 coming.

  • K


  • Anonymous

    REST IN PEACE this is heartbreaking...he will never be forgotten

  • illy

    rip..legend ..loved the beastie boys

  • gaetarick

    R.I.P - thank you for your service ...

  • U.K

    R.I.P God Bless Thoughts and Prayers Go Out To Him, His Family, and Loved Ones.

  • NY

    R.I.P. Adam "MCA" Yauch, One of the best artists of all time but also a great person who dedicated his life towards helping others globally and it's sad to see such a great man die at a young age.

  • Anonymous

    When news broke of his cancer three years ago I freaked. I had recently lost a aunt/uncle to cancer and no matter how small the area it's no joke. My girlfriend assured me he would be fine and I was overreacting. Now today that same girlfriend broke the news of his passing. Yauch's impact on music with the Beastie Boys is immeasurable but his impact on film and humanitarian aid are also large. He was an all around great guy who seems like he could get along with anyone. Beastie Boys are my second favorite group of all time so this hits hard, can not imagine how Mike and Horovitz are. These guys had been together since teens, shit is awful. At least we can all know he is no longer in pain which is good. RIP MCA!

  • Rest In Peace

    My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I heard the news this morning. It really saddens me to know that MCA isn't with us anymore. Another Hip Hop pioneer gone. But at least he's in a much better place. Rest In Peace Adam Yauch. What a sad day in Hip Hop.

  • The MG

    SMH, another hip hop pioneer gone. RIP Adam "MCA" Yauch. Condolences to his family, friends, as well as Ad-Rock and Mike D.

  • oskamadison

    To everyone who have and who will comment on this thread: To those who commented showing respect to MCA and condolences to his family, much respect to yall. To yall shitbags with some negative bullshit to post, eat a sauteed horsedick, straight up!! I'm askin' all the true heads to not even respond to those assholes. Fuck 'em!!!

  • talktalkreal

    There is no way this band can continue without MCA. I mean I guess they could but I pray they don't. R.I.P MCA

  • Anonymous

    mowin down mc's like i'm mowin the lawn! rip mca. i was sneakin my brothers cassette of licensed to ill in 3rd grade!! sad, sad news.

    • Me

      It was 4th grade for me. I even went to the concert for Licensed to Ill... That place was crazy for a fourth grader to be with his mom. This was before they grew up and turned into the Beastie Boys of today. They were throwing beers in the crowd and had women dancing in cages. It was crazy. Anyway, sad day. Sad day.

  • Rellik

    A legend died today, RIP MCA

  • R.I.P. MCA

    I'm crying like a lil bitch over here. How the fuck yall take him away and keep NiKKKi Menage in here doing dumb shit and desgracing hip hop!?

  • bizzalls

    Man, The Beastie Boys were one of the first groups ever signed to Def Jam. Them and Run DMC helped build Def Jam. The Beasties are fuckin legends, you kids are so goddamn stupid it's sad. RIP MCA for life!! I hope they continue to make music!

  • iAmControverse

    I myself being an aspiring MC, I wouldn't be c-r-a-p-o-l-a without the Beastie Boys or without MCA. Thank you, MCA, or Adam, for all your hard work and most importantly, your DREAMS. This was their DREAM and it came true and is still alive, despite what some might say. I don't drink, but let's all pour some BRASS MONKEY and toast to MCA and all that he helped create and what he helped elevate. We love you, MCA. R.I.P. GODBtESS

  • Jason

    RIP Yauch!! damn homie this is soo sad to me. imma smoke one for you!!!!

  • haha

    I wonder how many of these comments are from white people. lol

    • chillin

      They are legendary because they have classic albums...Paul's Boutique, Licensed to Ill? Do you listen to hip-hop? The Beatnuts, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, DJ Premier...etc. All legendary hip-hop producers frequently sample cuts from both those albums? Why? Because they are classic. Why? Because that music influenced them. Gimme a break. Not legendary? That's utter bs and unfounded hating.

    • chillin

      @haha...again taking peoples words and running with them. I'm not saying they deserve props for not being racist. I'm saying that they as a group went beyond "being normal" and were humanitarians. Not everyone is a humanitarian, so no that isn't normal, especially not on a global level and not within hip-hop today. They didn't just donate money, or do shit in NY (which they did) they fought passionately for human rights across the globe and not on some cheezy Bono BS either. Secondly, I agree that race does matter, but why is that being highlighted by you so much? They also have the fact that they do more than rap going for them too, they are also a rock band. That's another reason why they sold records...see Check Your Head...that's much more of a rock album with a hip-hop infusion. LL Cool J sold lots of records because he started to solely appeal to ladies to sell more records. The Beastie Boys were who they were and weren't gimmicky, they were just 3 Jews from New York having fun. You don't think they were aware of their White privilege? Of course they were. Most people in their position would run from even acknowledging it existed or would get defensive...they were allies.

    • haha

      @chillin That's exactly what he's saying. He's saying we owe them respect because they gave black rappers a chance to blow in music they created. lmao The BB's only sold "tens of millions of albums" because they're white..Not because they are legendary artists...Let's be real...Over 90% of the people on this article are probably white, race does matter. I appreciate the fact that they weren't racist themselves, but they're not going to get any props for that...YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE RACIST...Why should they get props for being normal??? lol Are you kidding me? I have no ill will towards the boys, and I'm sad whenever a human being so young loses a life..Rest in peace...I'm just being real here.

    • chillin

      @haha...I don't think he's talking about them as if they owe some sort of're reading into that because it suits your focus on race (see your first post). You tried to de-legitimize the Beastie Boys by bringing up the race of their fans. The Beasties are popular worldwide and have sold tens of millions of albums and are considered legends in the game by legends in the game (Hov, Nas, Rakim, PE, LL Cool J, Just Blaze, ATCQ, De La Soul, Dr. Dre, Snoop). A hip-hop legend just passed who cares what color him or his fans are? The only reason why you brought it up is because they are White. Adam was a passionate social activist who fought against racism and discrimination in all of its forms. Like the previous poster said hip-hop has always been diverse, it's a vital part of the culture. Yeah, I'm Black, and the Beastie Boys were one of the reasons why I fell in love with hip-hop music. Show some respect or don't comment at all--it's not like your posts are contributing anything.

    • Hip-Hop Fan

      @haha: Why take it out on the Beasties, then? Yes, our society is sadly very racist, but they sure as hell didn't do anything to perpetuate it. By helping to get Public Enemy a bigger audience, they were fighting against it. Show respect. RIP MCA.

    • haha

      @rideonemjixxer You talk as if black artists owe them some kind of favor for that. If White American's weren't so racist to begin with, those artist WOULDN'T NEED CO-SIGNS FROM WHITE BOYS. Just sayin. lol

    • oskamadison

      @rideonemjixxer: cosign 100%

    • rideonemjixxer

      yes, MCA was white, yes I am white.Did you know the Beasties introduced LL cool J to Rick rubin? do you know who Rick Rubin is? Hes a white MF who helped start dej jam. Did you know Public Enemy was brought on tour by the Beasties, which help launch them? Hiphop has been white and black since the 80's, and the Beasties had a big part in that. Show some respect.

    • Anonymous

      apparently you don't know the Beasties.

    • Anonymous

      honestly he's right.

    • else one

      I don't know, pretty Sure the God MC Rakim Allah isn't Caucasian and he wrote a beautiful tribute to MCA. Fuck outta here, go bump some drake.

    • Anonymous

      Your a idiot! This has nothing to do with race! This has to do with one of the greatest hiphop LEGENDS! If groups like Beastie Boys and Run DMC were not around who knows where hiphop would be!

  • kevi kev

    rest in peace to my man mca i grew up on real hip hop groups like the beastie boys they kicked down the door for a lot rap groups they set it off for def jam they set it off for dope white mcs these youngns today need to listen to the beastie boys they will know where hip hop came from sure as hell didnt come from wack ass lil b and waka flocka and thes rest of these non talent faggot babyfaced mo hawk wearing clowns

    • Bmorecharmcity

      100% cosign. These little faggot rappers like the ones you named and Nikki menages talentless ass. They won't be around long cuz don't worry. Anyone born 84 or earlier will feel me. Hip hop today is garbage for the most part. Even lupe fiasco went the commercial route. Smfh. I need a fucking time machine and I'm going to 1995, peace y'all.

  • Anonymous

    I feel as though this site insults people with the "indeed he is dead" line. Like someone would fake their death. Remember what B.I.G said "That is something I don't wish on my enemy, nobody, no one comes back from that". WTF is wrong with this site?

  • P-Shine City

    RIP real legend.

  • K.S.

    Till this day "License to ill" is my favorite Album by the Beastie Boys. If I had to pick 3 of my all time favorite BB tracks they would be "Paul Revere", "Brass Monkey" and "Get it together" feat Q Tip. My condolences go out to the Family and Friends of MCA. Thank you for all the Classics MCA RIP.

  • Real

    I don't get you people. I've listened to their music and they are about as lyrical as Chief Keef....and yet they get praised....yeah, whatever.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, You see Keef likes to hang out with his boys with his shirt off and rock back and forth Babbling "I smoke Errday & Night" that's the difference. Beasties Are the only Successful group of the Rap/Rock Genre, and if you listened to real music you would mos def know.

    • Anonymous

      Go fuck yourself Real.

    • chillin

      Also Adam was outspoken about how racism still affected peoples lives in America. In particular Black/Latino communities. He did more for Black culture than many other Blacks who are in positions to do so...and this is coming from a Black man. So saddened by his passing.

    • chillin

      Talk to me when Chief Keef drops albums as critically acclaimed as every single Beastie Boys album. The Beasties are as hip-hop as it gets and were the first hip-hop/rock group. Also the way they flowed off of one another was awesome. EMPD and Tribe weren't super lyrical either but they had profound things to say unlike a lot of mainstream cats today who can only talk about how much money they get. How many people can do tracks with Q-Tip and Nas and also hang out with the Dali Lama...Adam fought for social justice. What's Keef fighting for?

    • eMM

      You actually have a point, but this is the wrong time to say it. Also, they were very original, no one sounded like them back them and that counts for a lot. Just like Kanye, if you have great beats and lyrics that go with those beats, you're alright.

    • Rubin

      When they first came out, white people weren't doing rap. They made it basically ok for white people to rap. Then, their production was fuckin unbelievable- no one had that sound. Lyrically, they fused rock/punk with rap, which also no one did. They're funny. They put on one of the best rap shows, if not THE best rap show. They always gave respect to the b-boy/girl and DJ. Come on man, these aren't just rap icons, they are HIP HOP icons. It's not just about lyrics (as you can see by today's mainstream acts, who in my opinion are one million times worse lyricists than the Beastie Boys). By the way, I'm only fuckin 17, do some research holmes.

  • calibeatbox420

    It saddens me to see all the hatred being posted up. A man has died, respect the family. MCA was a Pioneer....The Beasties we're a huge part of the Def Jam movement that of course helped expose and bring hip hop to the public eye. Growing up I'll always remember cars rolling by knocking pictures of the wall with that loud ass Paul Revere bass bumpin!! My condolences and prayers to his family....the Beasties!!! Rest in paradise!!

  • whiz

    My band covers their classic "No Sleep 'till Brooklyn" in our set. RIP

  • monkwone

    im 27 brass monkey was my fav to b boy to beastie boys the only group to get love on both hip hop and rock stations. rip mca now let the world know what time it is " its time to get ill!!!"

    • Anonymous

      Go fuck yourself Swag faggot

    • Anonymous

      I hope your some sort of social experiment, because if not, your single handedly the most pathetic waste of a life I've ever witnessed.

    • Swaggot Killer

      What's your name and where do you live? I want to be able to read about your death one day, which will probably happen due to some sort of anal rape from one of your swaggy homeboys. Then, I will happily write in the comments section of that website that publishes the story, "who gives a fuck?" Also, I will then rape your mom on your grave while your sister beats off your handicapped brother in his wheel chair, you cunt.

    • Neighborhood Playa

      Everyone, imbecile.

    • Anonymous

      all of hip hop and its culture

  • Huey Newton

    black people don't fuck with the beastie boys.

    • oskamadison

      Wow, guess I didn't get the memo 'cause I copped "License To Ill" when it first dropped (lost it and stole someone else's copy), "Paul's Boutiue" and "To The 5 Boroughs". Speak for yourself...

    • chillin

      I'm Black and I've listened to the Beastie Boys since I was a kid. I also appreciate other White people who are true to hip-hop like: Brother Ali, The Alchemist, Apathy and Action Bronson. It doesn't matter what color you are as long as you are a dope artist who represents the culture correctly.

    • huey newton and swag are lovers

      U and Swag are lovers aren't you?

    • Anonymous

      last time i checked, def jam is mostly black hip-hop. and beastie boys held it down for def jam for a loooong time

    • Neighborhood Playa

      funny how they were a major part of the foundation of the whole culture black people fuck with...

    • Anonymous

      thats surprising ..but seems to me that a lot did and had a lot of respect for them ...

  • Anonymous

    Pour out a little Brass Monkey for this hip hop legend...Rest In Paradise MCA.

  • Anonymous

    If you were born after 1983, don't even comment on REAL HIP HOP!!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THE BEASTIE BOYS ARE AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO HIP HOP.


    R.I.P. They made classics, too bad, too young. I just love the Sabotage video, they are true artists. Its a way too young age to go like that, damn

  • Huey Newton

    No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Paul Revere, Hold It Now, and Brass Monkey were my favorite cuts off the License To Ill Album. RIP MCA

  • Anonymous

    Here's a little story I like to tell about 3 DEF brother's you know so well/ It started way back in history when DEF JAM put out solid LP'S. RIP MCA and my God Bless his family. and for Mike D,AD-Rock keep your head up. Ya'll dudes will always Legends In Hip Hop History....point blank!

  • Minty Water

    Then I loved "Intergalactic" and "Rhymin and Stealin'

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop mornes again, yet another legend gone.

  • Minty Water

    Damn. Rest in Peace, MCA.

  • r

    was bumpin their shit the other day. RIP

  • Anonymous

    hip hop legend RIP

  • Anonymous

    all i can say is i hope hes in a better of my favorite groups growing up and def get me into hip hop..its a sad sad day in hip hop. a true pioner is mca one of the best to ever do it

  • dazeone

    Adrock MCA and ...Mike D RIP MCA

  • Anonymous

    Sad day for Hip-Hop. RIP MCA.

  • Slruim

    Damn, No lie, I was bumping their shit last night. RIP MCA "My name is MCA I got a license to kill, I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill!

  • Doubl Negative

    Beasties were one of the first rap groups I got into. I didn't give a fuck dudes were white. Rest in peace to homie.

  • shadowbox

    Sad day for Hip Hop culture, RIP my man

  • vert2boston

    Amen Brutua ,theres no excuse to be on and not know who the beastie boys are..smh

  • vert2boston

    Wow today is a really sad day for me,the BOYS are hiphop no F that music ICONS ,and for anyone who's on a hiphop website like 1 dude I seen and docent know who the BeAStIE BOyS are,you honestly deserve a dope slap,get it with it,the boys are my favorite artist of ALL TiMe,MCA was my fav outta the trio and there albums will live on truly is a sad sad day in hiphop and ALLYall better be pissing of your neighbors today and for the whole weekend blasting some boys as loud as your speakers go from there first punk rock album all the way through there last EXCUSES, pour out a little liquor for my man MCA. 47 is way to young RIP MCA aka Adam Yauch.

  • Anonymous

    I'm Bumping Paul's Boutique all Daaaaaamn day. Saddest day in a long time. R.I.P. MCA(You were a legend.

  • Anonymous

    :-( RIP MCA, u were a legend.

  • donnie mac

    RIP MCA. Do yourself a favor and if you feel the need to be comical and post a "who?" comment, stop it. It is only you who look foolish entering that comment. If you are young and have never heard a Beastie song, and I really don't blame you due to all the thousands of songs that have been released over the last 3 years, I suggest you YouTube 'So What You Want', or Google 'Licensed To Ill'. You might be surprised at what you hear, and you might even have a great weekend with your parents playing some Beastie music, they may see some maturity in you. My faves are the 'Paul's Boutique' album and the white label 'Cookie Puss' offering. The Beastie's sold over 40 million records worldwide for the "pocket watchers" out there who only respect "big time" artists. They were EMBRACED in a predominate Black culture, skin color DIDN'T MATTER. I will rent rent the god awful 'Tougher Than Leather' movie to watch The Beastie's in action and make some brass monkey and reflect. Shouts to the homie oskamadison I saw comment down there.

    • oskamadison

      @ donnie mac Right back at ya. People either don't remember or acknowledge this but the Beastie Boys had a huge hand in making Def Jam the iconic label that it is (even though it's just a shitty shell of itself these days) and helped make Hip-Hop global. Even as 3rd Bass were dissin' them, even they knew that the Beasties opened their lane for them. And for those who didn't think they were official, look at some of the people they worked with: Milk Dee from Audio Two, Q-Tip, Nas, Cypress Hill to name a few and on the production side, Large Professor, Buckwild and Just Blaze. Anyway, once again, RIP to MCA...

    • Daniel Hrnblowr

      *standing ovation* R.I.P. to Nathanial Hrnblowr a/k/a my man MCA, who's got a beard like a billy goat.

  • ProNu

    This has totally fucked my day up. I was going into high school when the Beasties dropped Slow N Low, Hold It Now Hit It, and Paul Revere. Licensed To Ill is one of the greatest hip-hop albums made. Paul's Boutique was a groundbreaking album as far as sampling and diggin in the crates was concerned. And damn did they throw a live show! One of the best crews to ever do it, and his voice was unmistakable. RIP MCA, now u can get to sleep til' Brooklyn.

  • Rat Cage

    This is so sad. From Cooky Puss in 1983 to Hot Sauce Committee Part Two in 2011. And a great catalogue of music in the almost three decades in between. Adam Yauch in particular also did a lot for Tibetan cultural and political issues. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Being young is no excuse for ignorance about hip-hop history by the way. Do your homework and you will hear many great tracks and deepen your understanding of the culture. It is a win win situation.

  • Anonymous

    RIP.. Beastie Boys are legends

  • Shocked

    Rest In Peace MCA

  • Whodee

    I'm in my early 20's so I have no idea who this is...But RIP. 47 is too young to die.

    • Anonymous

      reason why people know the history of other genres and not hip hop is because old school hip hop was not mainstream, no commercial value, most things started around 95 rise of bad boy etc

    • Anonymous

      then dont read it then

    • CK

      @GoReadABook Dude, quit rambling, I wasn't reacting to just his comment I used it as a bridge to speak on the kind of shit I see every day , younger hip hop fans in general have less knowledge of the genre then Rock fans or other genres. Of course there are exceptions, but I'm not talking about the kids who be online and research shit, just basic analysis of average fans. If you take offense to that then I dont know what to tell you, because It wasnt an opinion, its a statement of fact Live with it, or kill yourself, I dont care which, but the truth is the truth 1

    • Whodee

      I really only remember late 90's rappers and up. I just discovered the mid 90's rappers in my mid teens. I'm guessing Beastie Boys are from the 80's or early 90's something...I don't really listen to that shit. But it is what it is though. RIP to that man.

    • GoReadABook

      @CK Yet here you are jumping to conclusions and generalizations, like nobody that wasn't born ten years before Licensed to Ill dropped has no idea who the Beastie Boys are. Fuckin A man stop talking down on something based off of stereotypes and half assed conjectures...he is ONE hiphop fan. The same percentage of hiphop fans know all the old shit as Rock fans or R&B fans. Everybody has this 'I hate HipHop these days' shit going on and it fucking irritates me, because you're just projecting the same stereotypes on the new generation that the generation before you threw at dudes that you used to like in hiphop. Fuck. At least do a little digging and realize that pop music and hiphop are very different today. You are all stuck on the 90's where dope rap was played on the radio. Those days are fucking over. You actually have to look to find good new emcees. I'm 21 and most likely have a WAY more thorough knowledge of hiphop history than most people who grew up in the Golden Age do. Quit judging and hating

    • Aim80

      It took you more time and effort to post this comment, than it would have taken to just Google MCA, and avoid looking and sounding like a fucking moron. Not to mention pissing off true heads who at least know who the fucking Beastie Boys are, come on! >: O Go learn something, you're in your early 20s, fucking act like it.

    • wtf

      you have no business on a hip hop website if you dont even know the beastie boys.

    • dd

      You don't know who the Beastie Boys are?? I'm 18 and loved the beastie boys growing up.

    • guerilla jones

      um your age is no excuse not to know who MCA is.Do you know who the Beatles are?Do you know who Run dmc is?Do you have the internet?come on dude you sound like a fool.

    • CK

      This is why I dont take hip hop serious in comparison to other genres Most Rock fans in their early 20's are at least somewhat familiar with who The Rolling Stones are, most Younf R&B fans have at least a cursory knowledge of Marvin Gaye & Motown But not in hip hop, if it didnt come out in the last 5 years, it never existed Not hating on you in particular either, its a bigger problem then just one guy

  • Sensaye252

    Wow. I'm stunned. I remember being about 4 years old when my Brother first put me on The Beastie Boys. Now I'm 30. I was always a fan. They were one of the first crossover groups, but they didn't cross over by being corny and radio friendly, they crossed over by just bein' ill at whatever kind of music they did. Hip-Hop, rock, jazz, punk and a fusion of all of them. To me, they really embody NYC. R.I.P. kid.

  • williambrown

    shit that made me sad...kinda crazy but i've been listening to the beastie boys in my car on the way to work the last few days and i haven't listened to them in awhile...

  • Huey Newton

    License To Ill is by far ONE of the best albums in Hip Hop history by the Beastie Boys.

  • R.Pgh

    considering that hip hop is only around 40 years old, that isn't that strange of a fact. Once it's around for 60, 70, 80+ years it's inevitable that trend will go away.

    • Anonymous

      no people will start talk on tracks and call it rap, so a very weak form of hip hop is going forever, until there will be a hip hop renaissance

  • oskamadison

    This is a shock to me. "Licensed To Ill" is one of my favorite albums of all time. I know most people never really respected the Beastie Boys' place in Hip-Hop but real heads always had love for them. Condolences to his family, to Ad Rock and Mike D and his his peoples...

  • Huey Newton

    RIP MCA.... Beastie Boys is by far one the most iconic groups in Hop Hop period! Sad day in Hip Hop.....

  • Kevin

    "Beast Boy"? You people should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

  • Gabriel Tabraue

    silence........ R.I.P.

  • Hudes

    Awww man. Rest in peace Homie. Beastie boys were jokers. A little different but still get mad respect in helping create def jam label and thus hip hop as a whole.

  • ccwaterbound32

    damn... i knew one of the beastie boys was sick with cancer but i aint see this coming.... damn my favorite record from them was sabotage hands down....

  • Ian

    RIP cant believe it what a legend paved the way for all these new skool faggots im just glad hes in a better place now doesnt have to listen to this garbage. Il always fight for my right to party rest in peace Adam Yauch

  • DB

    It had to be 1989 I was riding with my uncle in his Regal suited up with a sick ass system. He played "Paul Revere" and I fell in love with Hip Hop. No lie. R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    He's been sick for a while, it was inevitable I'm just happy that he lived long enough to see his group inducted into The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame RIP to MCA, gonna play "Pauls Boutique" at high volume

  • Mr Flamboyant

    RIP MCA Loss for words.

  • sayed

    why do all rappers die before they reach 50 R.I.P.

  • Lafayette

    Sad Day, Beastie Boys Forever!

  • Anonymous

    this should be front page top headline, maybe they just haven't gotten around to it yet... RIP you were a part of the soundtrack to my childhood and this saddens me very deeply. we'll all miss you man.

  • CK

    A piece of my childhood just died with him, "Ill Communication" was one of the first albums I ever bought, Got That and Cypress Hill's "Black Sunday" the same day when I was 11 and been a hip hop head ever since This shit just ruined my day

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