Prodigy "H.N.I.C. 3" Cover Art, Features

UPDATE #2: Prodigy says he wrote most of the project while he was incarcerated.

Prodigy recently revealed that he will release his new album H.N.I.C. 3 on July 3rd, with plans to chase the LP with a new Mobb Deep offering. During an interview on MTV’s RapFix Live, P revealed some guest artsts on the project including T.I., Wiz Khalifa, Havoc and Day 26’s Willie.

“I wanted to use people that were kinda hard to get and also you wouldn't think that I would collab with them," he said. "You wouldn't think that Pee would have a song with them right now."

He said that his record with Wiz Khalifa is titled “Co-Pilot,” and describes the track as “dope.” P said that most of the record was written while he was locked up doing a three-year bid.

"The third one, I spent a lot of time working on it. I did my little bid, there years or whatever, and that's basically when I was writing most of this album," he said. "So, I got to really take my time with the concepts, the lyrics, how I want it to be, be really precise with it and really come up with something that can last a long time."

[May 4]

UPDATE: Prodigy has revealed that his new solo album H.N.I.C. 3 will release on July 3rd.

HNIC3 official release date JULY 3rd
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[May 8]

UPDATE #2: Prodigy took to Twitter to reveal the cover art for his upcoming album H.N.I.C. 3 and the features on the project. Guests expected to make the final cut include Esther, Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Day 26's Willie Taylor, Vaughn Anthony, Boogz Boogetz and Havoc.


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  • Anonymous

    as a solo artist. prodigy has fallen off so hard i wonder if he's hit his head on a rock by now. havoc is still getting better and better as a producer and his rhymes r still on point. but prodigy has got to the dogs. his shit with alchemist is nice and his joint mixtapes r good. but these lil side tracks and features he's been doing is complete garbage for someone who is on the list of best lyricists of all time. common P ur better than this.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed 100%. I told dudes that he was slipping a ill on Murda Musik, and I was laughed at. No look at him. Hope he was written rhymes in jail.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Worst cover of all time. Fuck this loser.

  • Wayne

    That album cover one of the worst I've seen in quite some time.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ive officially stopped checkin for Pee's stuff now! wtf is up with these collaborations? if Mobb Deep was still on their grimey shit, they wouldn't be linkin with these phonies!

  • Anonymous

    is it an actual album? or a dumb ass mixtape like hnic2?

  • Anonymous

    This will go wood.

  • W H O K N O W S

    No disrespect to Prodigy but I'm just not diggin' the cover.. it don't even look like him w/o the hat or doo-rag.. but FUCK IT.. 1st two records he snapped so I'mma cop it

  • smoke

    as a gay hip hop fan I kind of lost a lot of respect for the people on hhdx who think being homosexual is somehow discrediting a person's streetcred and ability to be a great artist. most of yall are trolls with no lives and think this is all hilarious. but honestly hip hop copped much of the style from ball culture. niggas in paris is a take off of paris is burning. 90% of the trends in urban culture were pioneered by the gay niggas. everything from prince androgyny to colorful nike donks



  • Anonymous

    few wack features but cover art is pretty bad ass

  • Anonymous

    this picture is so gay, but he is used to get it in the ass, thatsb why we see his back.

  • #hisopinionwasfunnythough

    Haha i thought the same thing.

  • #myopinion

    The cover art suggests he's preparing to be entered #gross




    pierre y'urd?

  • ilikevideo


  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    There not so many mc's who could touch songs like on The Infamous, Hell on Earth or Murda Muzik. They need to focus on the whole producing concept used on those Albums. P had top level lyrics, it would be a dope thing to see him touch that roof once again.

  • Sensaye252

    So, is this HNIC 3 pt 2? Because he just dropped HNIC about 2 months ago. Why is it so hard for niggas to think up an album title?

  • Adam

    It sickens me how ignorant, racist, and homophobic alot of hip hop fans are. Honestly wouldn't be that shocked if he was some dudes cuddle toy in the pen or even give a fuck because its none of my business. Prodigys still a really talented dude. Should be what he's recognized for. And according to a new study, you homophobes are actually a little gay your selves: Give ASAP Rocky some cred. He shed light on this situation (not on Prodigy, but the biases in the culture) and hopefully he's gunna change the face of hip hop. A friend of mine is bi and is a huge hip hop head.

    • Fuck outta here

      homophobes are gay? get the fuck outta here with that scientific bullshit, not everything reported as a ''study'' is true you must be some kind of faggot

    • WHu

      Your friend is bi? No, your friend is a faggot. There's no such thing as bi, you fuck a man you're a faggot . FUCK ASAP Cocksucker

    • Adam

      And i wrote this comment not for just this story, but for all stories on HipHopDX regarding Mobb Deep since there twitter beef.

  • Anonymous

    "The fuck happened to the Mobb!?" They had kids. That's what happened.

  • Cwigg

    HNIC 3? Did he not already release an album called this? You know, the one with WAYYYY too many tracks? In any event, I revisited the original HNIC album whilest I puffed the cheeba the other doubt a classic. Would love to hear another album with Alchemist as the primary producer...Return Of The Mack was dope...nothing against Havoc.

    • KE

      Nothing against Havoc? Don't be shy. Havoc hasn't been able to create a nice beat since "Quiet Storm" and that's the truth. Think about it.

  • Ain't No Love In The A

    Prodigy is a straight up girl ass nigga

  • Swag

    Fuck this faggot he went to the pen and got fucked so he ain't a nigga anymore


    You should all really shut the fuck up till it drops, all these bullshit assumptions don't mean a thing to anyone. Listen to the final product then talk shit...

  • Anonymous

    another rapper from NYC scared to make a eastcoast album and colloborating with those west coast and dirty south faggots Please NYC stand up and make eastcoast rap

    • smoke

      i am pretty sure pittspurgh is part of the east coast hip hop scene.

    • KE

      Yeah, no kidding. Doin' joints with fuckin' clowns like TI, Wiz etc., this is bullshit! The fuck happened to the Mobb!? It's like they went soft ever since the terrible "Infamy" album dropped in 2001. Even the clothes these dudes is wearing now is homo. This whole era is fuckin' homo. Everything is just so fuckin' corny nowadays.

  • dj nemesis

    how did prodigy fall off if he made songs like Black Devil Recently..shits crack

  • Anonymous

    I don't have a problem with a Wiz collabo as much as naming your album HNIC 3. That's so generic.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you spell "P" as "Pee"? Steven J Horowitz, are you a fucking idiot? You are the worst writer on this site...

    • Yamz

      Actually Prodigy spelt it as Pee in the Thank You notes of the Hell On Earth album, dickhead. Check yourself

  • Anonymous


  • Wayne

    I'll offer my thoughts on this one. To begin: The Infamous- Classic Hell On Earth- Classic Murda Muzik- Almost classic Infamy- Good Amerikaz Nightmare- Very good Blood Money- MAD disappointing HNIC- Almost classic Return of the Mac- Very good HNIC2- Largely forgettable Now, when it comes to Prodigy, lyrically he was at the top of his game from The Infamous to HNIC, no question, however, once Jay-Z make "Takeover", Prodigy hasn't been the same since, and he's been relatively hit or miss from the Infamy album on forward. He made the same mistake that Ja-Rule made during his feud with 50 Cent, he failed to probably respond, to Jay that is. Even if Prodigy had came back with a less than amazing response, the fact is your lyrical credibility would've remained intact. And like I always say about Jay-Z, if you're going to come at him, you either come hard or not at all. Continuing on, as mentioned, Prodigy hasn't been the same since. The "Elsworth Bumpy Johnson EP" was very good, however, everything else then has left a lot to be desired. The "Black Cocaine" EP was forgettable and I didn't even bother to check out the "HNIC3" mixtape (and take a look at the tracklisting for that one, it's almost identical to Jada's recent mixtape). Plus, that little stunt they pulled for publicity certainly did them NO favors. Overall, I'll make a few points: 1) Although I'm a long time fan of Mobb Deep, a part of me is still going to check for this HNIC3 (I'll probably listen to it first) as well as the next Mobb Deep album. I feel they have one more good album left in them, and if this one is not up to par, then it may be time for them to rethink things. Havoc is one of the most underrated producers, so he can still get by as a producer, Prodigy, on the other hand, well, what else can be said. 2) A lot of the fanbase these days, old and new, are not really checking for any new material from Prodigy (solo wise) or Mobb Deep (as a group). Almost sad to say, but it's true, which leads me to my last point...... 3) It's like the only way most artists who were prominent in the 90s to remain relevant these days is to collaborate with artists you wouldn't have otherwise thought they would've any other time (Wiz Khalifa, yep). Instead of doing what's "hot" at the moment, just be true to yourself and do your thing/stay in your lane.



    • Fuck u up

      A nigga cald wayne is a mobb deep fan really!!!! Anyway how come u ddnt rate jUVENILE hELL o wait u only started listening after infamous album. HNIC and Murder Muzik wer classics to me. U surprise me by sayin P neva responded to Jay's takeover nd u call yoself a mobb deep fan, wow u barely knw shit abt mobb deep...lost crackhead...

    • dubs

      agreed on your ratings of mobb albums.

    • Former Mobb Deep Fan

      Dear Wayne, The Mobb fell of after 2000 like a bunch of others rappers from the 90's. Its no shame that those 90's rappers arent hot anymore but atleast have some respect for the fans and retire. Im sick of those old fags still claiming to be: no 1 on the mic, being killaz, making money. Its fucking boring

    • T

      Why do people always say shit about working with other artists to stay relevant? Wiz has stated that he was a fan of HNIC and he took inspiration from it for his own album. It's not surprising to see them work together...Plus, Wiz isn't even as big as people make him seem on the internet...How many platinum albums does Wiz have?

    • CK

      I disagree with a few of your ratings up top but otherwise, well said

  • Anonymous

    man P is really destroying that HNIC reputation..fuckin Wiz Khalifa? really? The first HNIC is a classic, but the second one only had 2-3 decent he doing collabs with skinny jeans fairies n shit cmon Prodigy what the fuck man?

    • KE

      "skinny jeans fairies" LMFAO! That was fuckin' CLASSIC!! Well said, homie. And to Wayne, your list is a little off. Infamous = Classic Hell On Earth = Classic Murda Muzik = Almost Classic The rest of Mobb's albums = GARBAGE

    • CK

      Careful homie, your not allowed to have criticism for 90's rappers you grew up listening to who are making fools of themselves trying to remain relevant, that makes you a "Hater"

  • The Truth

    Oh shit its Mobb Deep article...HERE COME THE FAGGOT ASS HATERS. I bet none of yall ever heard of Hell On Earth or The Infamous. They helped start the NY hardcore scene.. even though they should probably stop making cds they are still legends in my book

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about, you faggot? I bought The Infamous, Hell On Earth, Murda Muzik and HNIC and still think he's complete garbage nowadays.

    • Anonymous

      What about people like me who bought Hell On Earth when it dropped in 96 and think he fell off and should have retired after the first HNIC?? P's whole career since has been laughable as far as his rapping goes, I give him respect for having a good ear for beats tho, he was smart to keep Alchemist aroud like a puppy dog because that guy is the only thing left that makes his awful rapping bearable

  • koth561

    So Prodigy has to do the ATL Churches Chicken dance and a nigga whose in a class that only the human estrogen shake Aubrey can fuck wit just to stay relevant.... That H.N.I.C. mixtape was garbage anyway Mobb Deep should just retire or go make some hardcore NY shit and make the money off of concerts since none of these youngins will buy their shit. Swear to god these old niggas need to stop joining in with these fags

    • KE

      Well said. I'm just happy to know I'm not the only one who thinks this whole new so called hip hop movement is HOMO.

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