Just Blaze Talks "Hip-House," Says He's Not Working With Jay Electronica At The Moment

Just Blaze reveals that distance has kept him from working with Jay Electronica, shares his thoughts on house music.

While New Jersey producer Just Blaze may primarily be known as a Hip Hop producer, in a recent interview with HardKnock.tv he says that he grew up listening to house music and even tried his luck at several dance tracks in the early 2000's.

"I grew up on house just as much as I grew up on Hip Hop. So I was probably trying to reintroduce 'Hip-house' too early," said Just Blaze after mentioning dance tracks he created for Rah Digga and Joe Budden. "But I mean it's cool. It's great because again that just opens the door for us to be able to play both at a party without it being a weird thing. Cause there was a certain point where if you played one at a party you wouldn't play the other. It was either a Hip Hop party or a house party...I kinda feel like where music's at right now you can play a little bit of everything. 

Fans of Just Blaze's work with Jay Electronica may be a bit disappointed to hear that the producer hasn't been at work with Electronica since his move to London. Just Blaze explained that since Electronica now lives overseas it's much harder to work together. 

"Jay moved out to London. Jay's got a situation in London. He's doing good out there. He's happy out there," Just Blaze explained to HardKnock.tv. "I personally, I can't be out [in London]. My life is here in the U.S. We've gotten back in the studio, we've sat down, we've chopped it up, we've exchanged some ideas and what not but in terms of being heavily at work we're not really."

Despite not working together in the studio recently, Just Blaze and Jay Electronica did release their track "Dear Moleskine" in early April.

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    This nigga ain't doing good shit since 2001. #FuckBlaze

  • bkstylz

    Just Blaze best rap producer ever....imo. He isn't my personal favorite, but when you look through his catalog of beats, you can't deny everyone is a banger.



    • Ruffnax

      I hate to say this but as a rapper living in London is the worst thing a rapper can do interms of motivation and inspiration , when I moved to London the Last thing on my mind was raps , I mean you live in West London and walk through Regent and oxford street daily , you become soft period.

  • Anonymous

    Killah Priest >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jay E.

  • Fuck it

    Dont blame the nigga one bit, I wouldnt break my neck to give yall ungrateful bratty asses any music either, you wouldnt know what to do with it anyway! not only that you'd be tired of it in a week like you do everything else!! he living good, so fuck the internet generation!! Yall so pathetic the same shit you claim to be about you dont even support so where does that leave j elec.? fuck music

  • fuck em


  • stack bundles

    Man dat nigga jay elec lazy as hell da nigga drops a song like once every 8 months dats y he moved 2 london cuz he new niggas didn't wanna travel all da way over there dis nigga got 2 have one of da laziest wrk ethics ever he been signed 2 roc nation 4 a minute and ain't even drop a mixtape wtf?

  • kadafi1207

    Jay brings out the best in Just Blaze. Don't know if it's vice versa though Jay is just amazing on his own.Damn shame he doesn't get the recognition he deserves in the US I don't know whether to blame Jay-Z or not but mainly it's stupid Americans who believe whatever they see on tv and what the govt tells them and just aren't capable of comprehending him. I'm American

    • Anonymous

      lmao your name says it all bruh 'doja'..go cry in the shower to some Drake or somethin u clown..only a Lil Gayne fan would make a ridiculous comment like yours

    • doja

      Why don't you blame it on the fact that he: - can't write a song - can't write a hook - is boring as fuck - drops a piece of shit track once every year - can make a Just Blaze beat sound boring

  • Zeal

    This nigga is coked out

  • Da Don

    Overseas is gonna be the new foundation for artists to be successful people in the states are too spoil and dont appreciate nothing...

  • Mike

    Jerzey Stand UP!!!! Just Blaze is a dope producer!

  • GoReadABook

    Just Blaze is dope

  • Anonymous

    He gassing on those dance examples.... both those records is more "bashment" then "house". But to be fair in every interview he has also said he grew up on house. All this shit out now isn't house anyway - it's more dance/trance/eletro shit.

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