Prodigy Says Another Mobb Deep Album Is On The Way

Prodigy confirms that another Mobb Deep album is on the way.

Despite their bizarre publicity stunt last month where Havoc allegedly posted tweets slandering his partner-in-rhyme, Prodigy says that an album is still on the way. During an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live yesterday, P confirmed that their LP will be impacting soon.

“The Mobb is good, we're working on the next album still, steadily, making it hot," he said. "But in the meantime we're gonna put out some product for right now. The Mobb Deep album is not where we want it to be yet, so we've just gotta do something in the meantime.”

Prodigy says he has plans to drop H.N.I.C. 3 on July 3rd ahead of Mobb Deep’s next album. He said that thanks to the duo’s partnership with Sony RED, they can make their own release schedule.

“We've got a distribution deal over at Sony RED, so basically we run our own label, we run the company, we've gotta do everything ourselves," he said. "We make the release schedule, it's up to us what comes out first and if we want to change something, we change it. We've got a lot of control with this situation — it's like the best situation that you could ever be in, as far as [being] an artist and making music, this is great for us."

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  • NY

    No fake ass artists please (ex. anyone from G-Unit, anyone thats been on the radio getting constant plays in the last ten years). Also no Alchemist production, it's Mobb Deep I want hear Havoc make the beats maybe with some help from Q-Tip & Large Professor.

  • Anonymous

    "Blood Money was a dope ass album" Yeah, maybe to the deaf community.

  • Anonymous

    You can only rap about slanging and guns for so long. Mobb Deep fell off sorry but true you stans. I stopped after Free Agents. Blood Money fucking sucked IDK why the hell you stans are backing up G-Unit like that.

  • $P!T90

    Mobb deep are the illest, their catalogue shits on ur favorite new school fuck all the the ass.

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy the Infamous Homo

  • Anonymous

    Hey its Havoc and Prodigy the fake hustler rappers. Mobb Deep deserves an oscar for acting like gangster.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck them niggas, man. Thanks for Infamous, Hell On Earth, Murda Muzik and HNIC, but Prodigy is responsible for the greatest falloff of all times. His skillset decreased so badly, there's no word to describe it accurately, he sounds like a fucking retard.

    • K.O.L

      Infamy, Free Angents, Amerikas Nightmare & Return of the Mac were no classics but theyre still good fkin albums... Even Blood Money & HNIC2 had some good songs! Hip-Hop fans just some ungreatfull motherfukas!

  • Yessir!

    Mobb Deep - We Became Irrelevant (Featuring Lil Wayne, Wocka Flocka, Birdman, Gucci Mane)

  • Infamous

    Hope it sounds like the gritty Infamous style...

  • Jazzmatazz

    Okay seriously ..Im sick of people in there 30's, maybe late 20's. Saying ohhh people under 19 think Blood Money is there first record ..Yo GTFOH. Im 18, I have a rather comprehensive understanding of Hip-Hop its orgins, essentials, classic records, and have a father who had me in the 90s when he was a teen so I ask him all the time, "Yo how did streets react to Tonights Da Night (Or any other banger/classic record or LP) But seriously stupid and ignorant comments like that make people my age turn to Tyga and other fad garbage that wont be relevant in two years. Guru said himself, "Each one must teach one" Quit being so condescending and school us youngins rather than labeling ALL young brothers as devout 2Chainz/Future fans.

    • Jazzmatazz

      Yeah thanks fellas. @Enlightened Yeah I ask him all the time ...I just talked to him yesterday about AZ's "Gimme Yours" ..But The Infamous was how my Hip-Hop education started. About ten/eleven years ago my daddy gave me The Infamous and Chronic 2001. I been learning ever since yo. Yeah I believe I was one when it dropped he told me he pumped this the whole Summer 95'. But peace to yall.

    • Anonymous

      Props, one of the greatest comments I've ever read on here. Glad that there is hope with the youth still, it's evident here. And yeah co-sign about The Infamous, that album is CLASSIC . #GiveUpTheGoodsAllDay

    • Enlightened

      Well said youngsta. Respect. So did your pops tell you how it felt with The Infamous was out? Damn! That was a feeling

  • Sensaye252

    I'm glad everyone is jumping ship on Mobb Deep. That's a good thing. Rap listeners these days are so fuckin' delusional that as far as I'm concerned if they don't like you then you must be doing something right. Everyone saying they haven't dropped a good album since Murder Muzik is fuckin' goofy. Blood Money was a dope ass album. Truth is, no matter WHAT that album soundin' like, everyone was gonna bash it just because it was on G-Unit. These little bitches acted like jilted lovers just because Mobb went on a popular label, when the fact of the matter is that G-Unit is one of the ONLY labels that is not totally controlled by a hidden hand and actually allows their artists to put out hardcore EAST COAST Hip-Hop. Both HNIC albums were ill. These same niggas that are shittin' all over mobb deep are the same clowns that praise every metaphor-spewing newjack chump that walks through the door. Fuck these safe ass rappers, trying to tow the line between being pop, being street, and being just gay enough to please their homo-erotic metrosexual fans. Mobb is one of the last hardcore groups in Hip-Hop. 20 years strong. Fuck all you sellouts.

    • Deep Rooted

      Speak for your fucking self, you gropie hoe.

    • Anonymous

      If you were a fan of Murda Muzik than you cant really be a fan of Blood Money. The two really sound completely different. Its not that I dislike them, but they dont really make music for the fans that started out with them.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you 50%. Yes the Mobb fell out, but everthing since Murda Musik hasn't been trash. Imfamy was actuall okay, it's just that everyone was on Jay-Z's nuts at the taime and they needed to come back stroger thean the did. i hate these dudes that just repeat what everyone else says and have no opinion. Half these dudes is under 25 and think Blood Money was their first album.

  • Anonymous

    I would'nt even read a Mobb Deep comment section, for the bias and out of control hate ranting.

  • Anonymous

    Who in their right mind would give these slobs total control?

  • K.O.L

    TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE! Chek His Cataloge (Infamous, Hell On Earth, Murda Muzik, Infamy & HNIC) ALL CLASSICS!

  • Anonymous

    there g unit album flopped but it was my fav album that g unit records has put out so far but thats not really sayin much because there were only a couple of good albums that label has put out

  • Alf Capone

    i hope its good. havent heard a mobb deep album i like in a while. i read p's book it was kinda cool. as long as everything in it was the complete truth. it may have been too. he didnt exactly always make himself look the best in the book. if u read it u know what im talking bout

    • Anonymous

      STFU Alf, everybody likes the old wayne.

    • Alf Capone

      i dont know. ill give it a listen b4 i decide. ill give mobb that cuz i respect them. if it were a lil wayne or drake or rick ross or someone like that i wouldnt even given it a listen. the difference is ive heard enough mobb deep music that i know i might like the music and in alotta cases love it. with wayne, drake, ross ive heard enough of there shitty music to know i wont like it. never heard anything from them i liked. but mobb will atleast get a listen and hopefully its something good

    • Tonya

      no it's not going to be a good album. These hos didn't release anything wort listening to since 99's Muda Muzik

  • EWAY

    Ya'll 2pac dick riders kill me...I bet ya'll can't wait to suck on his hologram Dick. Only the strong survive...guess Pac wasn't strong enough!

    • EWAY

      @ I'm just enjoyin my life :That's just what I'm talkin about..soon as somebody say somthing about Pac he a bitch..But he can talk about somebody having a serious disease and it's cool...Ya'll 2pac fans kill me.I knew somebody was gonna have a baby over my comment you the one soundin' like a female dog hommie! See what I'm sayin @Alf Capone. These fuckin' clown as niggas need to join the circus!

    • Alf Capone

      @ im just enjoyin my life chill out my nig. its just one persons statement on a blog. nothing to spazz out about

    • I'm Just Enjoyin My Life

      "Only the strong survive" So you better watch out, you damn bitch, cause you are not going to live much longer. Godamn you, motherfucker.

    • Knuckles

      LOL at stans giving the Pac hologram fellatio... Man niggas is crazy.

  • I'm Just Enjoyin My Life

    Bitch. Fuck Mobb Deep. Niggas fell out of favor way back in 1999, after that, their bullshit started getting wacker and wacker. But the only time these niggas really shined, was when they dissed Pac after he died

  • Tyson

    1ST! Dont one cha Niggas have Sickle Cell?

    • W4L

      Fuck Mobb Deep, fuck Biggie, fuck Bad Boy as a staff, record label and as a muthaphuckin crew. And if you wanna be down with Bad Boy, fuck you too!

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