Eazy-E "Ruthless Memories" Documentary Trailer Releases

UPDATE #2: A six-minute trailer releases, with excerpts talking about Suge Knight's threats on Eazy E and several people close to the mogul expressing skepticism over his cause of death.

Ruthless Records founder and rapper Eric "Eazy-E" Wright is the subject of a new documentary in production, Ruthless Memories. Production company Ruthless Propaganda is making the film, using new interviews from Eazy's N.W.A. band-mate MC Ren, along with his longtime business partner, Jerry Heller.

Directed by Sergio Hernandez, Ruthless Memories also includes interviews with several Ruthless Records artists from later years, including B.G. Knocc Out, who appeared on one of Eazy-E's last hits, "Real Muthaphuckkin' G's." The film is planned for DVD release in Fall 2012.

Eazy-E died from complications of the AIDS virus in March, 1995. Ruthless Records is still in operation, run by Eazy's widow Tomica Woods-Wright.

(May 3, 2012)

UPDATE: Sergio Hernandez, director of Ruthless Memories, announced to HipHopDX that the film will release on December 21. Pre-order purchasers before December 7th will receive their name in the film credits. For more information, visit RuthlessMemories.com.

(November 24, 2012)

UPDATE #2: Sergio Hernandez has posted a six-minute trailer of Ruthless Memories to YouTube:

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  • Anonymous

    Don't blame some kids talking shit on this! You cant write rap history without a chapter on NWA and Easy E. Don't blame you though cos you were wearing diapers and shitting in your pants (probably wasnt even born) back then when we were living in the moment this dude and his group hit the speakers!!! You had to live in those times to have the least appreciation for what dude did. getting busted by the lapd for being black and getting shat on by the system for being from the hood. These dudes gave the oppressed a voice. God bless Easy and NWA

  • Anonymous

    eazy e killed dre and snoop on real motherfuckin GS u fags

  • Anonymous

    without Eazy-e there wouldn't be no Gangsta Rap NWA started Gangsta Rap

  • Anonymous

    People are still honestly fighting over something that happened over 20 YEARS AGO. Smh, EAZY IS DEAD, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE A POINT. I don't understand why fans take these beefs seriously.

  • Ivo Malecs

    Can't wait for it to come out! And daaaaaaamn, dumb motherfuckers posting dumb shit on here.

  • Anonymous

    Easy sucks dick !! literally!! fucking legend yeah rite! c'mon dog have an opinoin of your own not just what everyone says if you love easy so hard go get him tattood all over yo body like gay ass (easy worshiper) the game. yeah he did a few good tracks but he was a woman beating part time homo who smoked crack what a role model!! fuck easy-rent boy-e he sounded like a 13 yr old drunk cheerleader. im disrespecting your so-called legend and if you dont shut the fuck up ill smash you mutha fucka

    • anon

      fak u and your matha and your fatha eatshit dude,eazy 4 ever

    • Real22

      Wtf? Idgaf what other ppl say eazy is a damn legend and i think you got shit mixed up if anybody was a women beater out of nwa back in the day it was dre and who said eazy was a role model? ... Why the fuck would I have to get a tattoo just because I'm a fan? Your talking about smashing me? Yeah ok I get it your a troll.. Slap Yourself a couple of times

  • Real22

    Eazy was real, he was really about that life and fools on here have the nerve to disrespect a true legend

    • studioGeezy

      Eazy E SUED SUGE KNIGHT. He and his daddy Heller went CRYING TO JDL for god sakes. Had dinner with the president. ha ha yeah he real though. Little midget.

  • Real22

    Eazy was real he really about life and fools on here have the nerve to disrespect

  • facts

    to be honest all this shit being said is irrelevant especially regarding the beef because the man is dead but the fact remains that eazy was real and lived that life while some of his bandmates who went on to the most success were not. they need to try and get interviews from people like sin loc his cousin and blue rag whowere both on bangin on wax who knew him before all this industry shit

  • Anonymous

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  • Boznia Beatz

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  • Funny

    Its funny to bee these people defend a man who they never met and praise him like he was a divine being. Eazy-E never cared about you let alone his own homies in the NWA days. He stole money, slept with many women (possibly men) and died of AIDS. His death was a satanic sacrifice. Hopsin found out he was next so he left to save his life before selling out by signing rappers that contradict his intentions of the straight edge life. Sorry but Hip-Hop is fake like the rest of the music industry and it's time to take our lives serious before society gets worse.

    • LL

      Your stupid as fuck, Eazy E was considered a leader in Compton, He would give out presents at christmas and turkeys on thanksgiving, wanted little kids to become the next president instead of being rappers, and had compton appear on the map.

  • Ivo

    My friend's mother brought in $13400 last month. She been making cash on the laptop and moved in a $558900 home. All she did was get lucky and put to work the tips leaked on this web page Rich45.C

  • Anonymous

    Nigga do your fuckin homework? Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg destroyed Eazy E career? How is that when the album he dissed them on went double platinum? Ruthless records moved on to bigger and better without NWA or Dr. Dre, but got cut short when Eazy died. Bone Thugs and Harmony came out and was out sellin every death row artist at the time. And for the record, Dre Day went hard but Real Muthafuckin Gs went harder and proved to be true. Look at Snoop Dogg now and all da shit dat about him bein a bitch dat has surfaced over the years. Dr. Dre was gettin punked from jump street at Death Row, 2pac was even callin him out for bein a faggot (sameshit EazyEcp called him out for) so

  • Anonymous

    How did Eazy E get aids? Where did he catch it? We wanna know. Its a crime to keep this secrete. Did Eazy E do something he wasn't suppose to do? Was Eazy creepin around? Why hasn't anyone step up and say something. Did the woman make a deal with eazy to keep this out of public eye? WTH happen. Will I get the answer?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Eazy made Dre famous; without him, there'd be no Snoop, no Dogg Pound, no Eminem, no 50" Last time I checked NWA was a group effort, not just Eazy. He wasn't even the most lyrical of the group. Seriously, all the rappers you named who came after him had their own style and identities. If Eazy were still alive do you believe he'd still be in the industry? I doubt it.

    • Anonymous

      Hey quote guy, Eazy forth the money that launched Dre's and Cube's career Please know wtf you talk about before quoting, idiot


    Eazy made Dre famous; without him, there'd be no Snoop, no Dogg Pound, no Eminem, no 50. He made Cube famous; without him, there'd be no Mack 10. He made Bone Thugs-n-Harmony famous. He put on Will.i.am; without him, there'd be no Black Eyed Peas. So don't ever front on the E.

  • acidrap

    Eazy was the real deal you weak ass niggas.He was a hood ass nigga.How the fuck you think he started and financed n.w.a.? Do ya homework.I wish this dude was stil around.That 187um ep is classic as sick as hell.

  • FlushSociety

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  • Anonymous

    "or Snoop Doggy Dogg from a fantasy hood called Eastside Long Beach" Oh ok, and Snoop's murder charge must have been fantasy too.

    • Lil Loc

      ^ And don't forget the fact that Snoop himself didn't kill the guy; it was his bodyguard.

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      Y'all don't believe it?? Just ride through Long Beach, nigga. Tell me if you find any hood out there, ok??? Plus that murder shit happened in fucking L.A.

  • Anonymous

    If Eazy was so great why did everyone turn on him after Dre and Snoop lyrically destroyed him? If anything he was made to look like a busta after that, something he never recovered from. NWA had turned on Cube, but that didn't stop Cube. Notice it made him a better artist. Dre being a super producer had nothing to do with Eazy. If anything, all of them were being held back by Eazy. He was greedy and only out for himself.

  • Erick Sermon

    "In no way did Dr. Dre From World Class Wreckin Cru fame or Snoop Doggy Dogg from a fantasy hood called "Eastside Long Beach" destroyed Eazy-E's career" I wish you and everybody you love get lynched, nigga. Seriously. How the fuck you say some stupid shit like that? Were you alive in 93?!?! Cuz Dre basically DESTROYED Eazy with that Dre Day shit, and the things he said proved to be true, since Eazy got so butthurt he had to respond with that wack ass Real Compton G's shit. So fuck you and your life.

  • Conscious Nigga

    "maybe he didnt get everyone to buy his album" Dude had 2 double platinum albums, participated in a classic record (which also went double platinum).



    • anon

      music fan u can go n eat your matha's n your fath's shit, ruthless iz da legend mathafaka

    • Anonymous

      eazy e is a legend but it is because ok maybe he didnt get everyone to buy his album like other legends 2pac etc. mostly NWA fans he was more underground but his style was real street which i kinda miss today



    • Anonymous

      If he wanted to live a normal life he could have just kept releasing records and then let everyone get sick of his shitty raps. Eventually he would have become a nobody and could do whatever he wanted.

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote NWA was flash in the pan needs to stop listening to hip hop altogether...every real hip hop fan NWA was a supergroup who placed G music firmly on the worldwide map and Eazy e was a pioneer...even when they in fought and squabbled...they were still classic and Eazy was still the most authentic G within the click...so he'll never be over...as long as snoop kendrick game south central cartel dj quik and all the rest of them west coast acts rap...Eazy e's legacy lives on, so stop speaking sucker shit on a dead man and give it up to a LEGEND for real

  • Anonymous

    "contraversial" gangster rapper at 0:45 seconds into the video.

    • Daniel Beaulieu

      "Contraversial" shows up at the end too. They probably hired someone from this site to do their spellchecking.

  • Anonymous

    "one of the pioneers of gangsta rap....he was a legend" NWA was a flash in the pan. This so called legend first got ethered by Cube, then totally embarassed again by Dre. Career over. Life over. Your over.

    • Anonymous

      flash in the pan with two of the greatest hiphop albums of all time what are you talkin bout. It was him who helped dre cause dre was not nwa at first he was with world class wreckin crew and was really stressed and shit back then. He was the one who get dre to make this music.

    • Anonymous

      He still managed to put money together to help create Ruthless Records which housed NWA, which created "Gangsta Rap." Therefore I feel he was a major contributor to Hip-Hop (and not a "flash in the pan"), especially with the help of Ice Cube/Ren's writing skills and Dre/Yella's production skills.

  • Anonymous

    Eazy-E vs Tupac in a rap battle? Who would win?

  • Khalid Muhammad 4 Life

    Without Eazy, there would be no Dr. Dre. No Dre, no Eminem. So all you crackers talking shit about the E shut the fuck and sit the fuck down.

    • Anonymous

      And if there is no EM, there is no 50 Cent. If there is no 50 Cent, there is no beef with Ja Rule. If there is no beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, there are no hip hop websites. If there are mo hip hop websites, Barack Obama does not get elected. If Barack Obama does not get elected, Rick Santorum becomes president and declares that black people do not exist. If black people never existed, then hip hop never existed.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't say he was a legend. Alot of his old stuff is hard to listen too.

  • ksizzle

    how the fuck u die of aids but none of your mistresses or 10 kids have it bitches would have been suing is estate left and right and would have won if that nigga really had aids I think heller and them jew mobsters killed that nigga for firing him check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZytLnpkDeQ&feature=mr_meh&list=AL94UKMTqg-9BNOn-S2hxl0PpFvZJqnplA&playnext=0

  • Hi Man2.0

    Yes Eazy is a legend he done a lot of things.... but isn't he the one who have destroyed NWA? Didin't he stabbed his homies in their back ? By the way Ice Cube almost wrote all his lyrics with Mc Ren but mostly Ice Cube

    • Desperado

      the thing is eazy found out jerry was stealing from him too. i bet eazy never stole from NWA it was jerry the whole time. that dude single handly broke up NWA....sad shit cuz he killed eazy for firing him

    • Hi Man2.0

      Eazy was accused of stealing money with Jerry, that's why Cube & then Dre left NWA, for the record NWA were the first to diss Ice Cube

    • Desperado

      how did he destroy NWA? Ice Cube left first dumbass and dissed them all. then DRE left. EAZY never left.

  • Anonymous

    Eazy was murdered.

  • Anonymous

    finally can't wait for the real N.W.A movie these guys started this gangsta shit eazy stood up to the Feds with Fuck Tha Police they started Gangsta Rap pioneered it descovered lots of rappers

  • wballz187

    dam Eazy-E is completely underrated and it makes me madd. like if it wasn't no eazy-e there would be no Dr. Dre which means their wouldnt be no Eminem, Snoop, 50, Game etc. and it means their wouldnt be no bone thugs, westside connection and most importantly N.W.A so eazy should start getting more credit


    Fuckkk it. Eazy-E is a bitch. Hope he's burning in hell right now.

  • FAIL

    how can you misspell controversial like that, dumb fucks, good trailer though

    • FAIL

      Haha its all good, It can happen in the office. Street education is necessary to understand Eazy not book smarts, my bad for the dumb fucks comment lol

    • RuthlessPropaganda

      to be honest, i did not spell check that shit.lol. glad u feeling the trailer. Fixing the type errors as we speak. I was spelling the words for those on tha streetz.lol. didnt know i would have some educated foo's interested.

  • dez

    Real muthaphukkin Gs was/is one of the best diss tracks ever. if not for eazy, there wouldnt be a Dre OR Snoop.

  • Jacc

    In no way did Dr. Dre From World Class Wreckin Cru fame or Snoop Doggy Dogg from a fantasy hood called "Eastside Long Beach" destroyed Eazy-E's career. They might had insulted him on some tracks, but it proved to be irrelevant, since Eazy still managed to sell copies. And even if they destroyed his career, it wouldn't even matter, because Eazy would still be making money off Dre

  • Realazzdaekum

    Dre & Snoop destroyed Eazy's career? haha he fuckin' murdered them with his diss tracks he let the world know who the studio gangsta's were & who was the real G "Givin' Up The Real" For those talkin about Bones not being in the Doc that's why it isn't complete they're trying to get Bone in there Alf Capone: there probably isnt much this doc can tell us about eazy that isnt already out there Trust me,from some of the stories that's been given to us by people close to Eazy there will be some things you never knew about Eazy.I always knew there was more to Eazy than the same old bullshit they've been putting out.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they'll interview Dre and Snoop so they can recall totally destroying Eazy's career and reputation.

    • Desperado

      Dre said it in 'Whats the difference'"Eazy I'm still wit you/ Fuck the beef, nigga I miss you/ and that's just bein real wit you" REAL SHIT

    • Jacc

      bitch please don't make me laugh. Dre did some bomb ass shit on Fuck Wit Dre Day, but after Real Muthaphuckin G's it was over. Period. Eazy was the winner, because he exposed to the world the truth behind Dr. Dre's tough gangsta image.

  • Anonymous

    finally there makn an eazy e movie

  • Ruthless Propaganda

    The film is still being worked on. We have a few surprises for you all. This film is independent and not in anyway affiliated with Ruthless Records. We are trying to cover everyone's memories and stories with no discrimination. We are still working on interviewing BONE THUGS, so if you know them, have them hit me up. ruthlesspropaganda@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    Hate Jerry Heller all you want but I'm more intrested on his take of eazy then some drugged out rapper like bizzy bone who cant even remember where he was yesterday, lol Heller and Eazy built that company from scratch and it was one of the first of its kind, I'm sure he has more to offer then movie then Bizzy Bone talkin bout "Yeah man, my first time in LA I asked Eazy "Where do rocks at" and he pointed me to a dealer" bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Much respect to eazy he was one of the first hip hop moguls, I don't think enough people give him credit for that

  • shawn d

    No bone thugs on this thats kinda weird. Bone kept ruthless n eazy name alive after he died. Maybe tomica still mad that bone left ruthless after she refused to pay them what they were worth

  • Anonymous

    How can they make a doc on eazy and not have bone on it but they got jerry heller whom eazy fired because he was stealing money

  • Anonymous

    jerry heller order his doctors to give Eazy E aids.... at least thats what Bone believes. go look it up its pretty interesting. im sure they won't have any of that tho in the documentary

    • Desperado

      no ur retarded. if EAZY was HIV positive for as long as they say he was and not knowing it, then his WIFE WOULD OF CONTRACTED THE VIRUS TOO. its obvious this was a planned murder. eazy said in interviews he never fucked wit condoms. his bitch would b dead. instead his bitch and jerry killed him and got rich

    • Anonymous

      Anybody who believes that is retarded

  • Donald Passman

    Eric was a young man, who made something out of nothing and I respect his intelligence.

  • Alf Capone

    there probably isnt much this doc can tell us about eazy that isnt already out there

    • Alf Capone

      yes. i clicked the article and decided to comment on it cuz i knew this documentary would have explosive information that nobody has ever known about eazy e. shut up and get off my nuts fag. im the lame

    • Alf Gang Killaz

      yeah, that's why you reading and making comments. you're a lame for real.

  • burt bondi

    Hope the final version of the film uses spell check.

  • FuKKK B.G KnoKKK Out

    Bitch Gangsta Knocc Out is so shitty...

    • FuKKK B.G. KKKnoKKK Out

      no bitch, I actually hate Dr. Gay Dre. But I hate this bitch KKKnoKKK Out and I hate you too bitch. So shut the fuck up, kneel down, drop your panties and watch me penetrate

    • Lil Back sagging But Flooding At the Same Time.

      you probably a gay dr dre fan.

  • dentaldamboy

    I think they should solicit the opinion of the Tupac hologram.

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