D'Angelo Announces First U.S. Performance In 10 Years

D'Angelo plans to take the stage at a U.S. festival for the first time in decade.

D'Angelo is set to perform his first U.S. show in 10 years.

According to the Associated Press, the elusive crooner is scheduled to hit the stage at the 2012 Essence Music Festival, where he will perform opening night.

The event will take place between July 6-8 in New Orleans, Louisiana and feature additional performances by Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Trey Songz and more.

Earlier this year, D'Angelo returned to the stage for the first time in 11 years with several performances overseas. He made his first appearance at Filadelfiakyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden where he performed a new single titled "Sugar Daddy." A new album is expected in the near future.

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  • D-Lloyd

    I hope D'angelo album comes out this year, r&b been dead ever since he left.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I wish he would come to Toronto, cuz he's one of my favourite singers. Voodoo was dope as fuck and so was Brown Sugar. He is what you call the true definition of an Artist and Musician, cuz he sings, songwrites, plays numerous instruments, produces, etc.. My favourite singers(Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Prince, R. Kelly) are true Artists and Musicians on an elite level, and D'Angelo is up there with them in that regard. I just wanna hear more music from him. He's too good not to be giving us more music.

  • ShadowPrecinct

    This is cool, I know from cats who saw the London show that it will be a great display of musicianship, something most of these dumb ass artists and their fans no little and less about. Anyone saying he's not relevant anymore, go listen to Voodoo. If you don't agree that it is better than 95% of the "R&B" out now, then I will agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    "A new album is expected in the near future" This just in, D'Angelo's new album is slated to come out the same day as Detox. Industry insiders are predicting that will be sometime between Jan. 1, 2020-Dec.31, 2065

  • OC

    I sincerely hope he makes a successful comeback. He was on his way to being the best soul singer of his generation before he fell off the face of the planet.

  • hightower

    They make good italian subs...oh wait...woops...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...nothing against D'Angelo but when was the last time he was relevant? Sucks seeing these guys who actually have talent make a another run for it probably because they're broke since no one buys cds or mp3s much anymore...shows and merch are really the only way to make some loot now

    • ben

      D'angelo made the BEST R&B album of my life and I am 30 years old....yes, it is Voodoo and that alone will keep him relevant.

    • Skate

      Who the bigger dickhead out of you two, Maybe he wants to give the world some good music instead of you soulja boy listening fuckers

  • Murder INC

    Raise your hand if you give a fuck... You in the back do you give a fuck.. "Na I was just stretching." hmm, molesting children is a hard job in these streets

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