T.I. & B.o.B Discuss "Strange Clouds," Their Working Relationship

T.I. and B.o.B discuss Bobby Ray's latest project, as well as how they work together.

In a recent interview with Atlanta, Georgia radio station V-103, T.I. joined B.o.B to discuss the latter's newest release, Strange Clouds.

"The record ["Arena"] with me, Tip, and Chris Brown is one of my favorites," explained B.o.B. "Tip dubbed the phrase 'Tip Hop.' It ain't Hip Hop - it's 'Tip Hop.'"

"I just be tryin' to keep up with the youngster," added T.I., smiling. "Youngster want to push the old man to his maximum limitation. I'm the youngest old rapper in the game right now. And the oldest young rapper!"

The duo were also asked about their working relationship, which T.I. addressed. "I step in whenever I feel my input would be necessary. I also understand that he operates in a lane that he knows more about than I do. So the best leaders know when to follow. I just pick and choose my times when I feel I might need to interject and give my input."

Bobby Ray explained that T.I. understood him from the outset. "He immediately saw the quality in what I was doing, and the direction I was heading in, and I think it was really just a matter of time before everything really solidified into what it is now. It's been a constant growing process."

Watch the interview below:

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  • pimp c

    Man dis nigga tip da real sellout y da fuk dro big kuntry king c rod and all da other rappers dnt neva drop no albums but only mixtapes and dis pop bob nigga stay puttin out shit man dis dnt make no sense

    • ETK

      Who was holdin Grand Hustle down when T.I. was in jail? Not young dro or Playboy Tre that's for sure. It was all Bobby Ray, and Tip realizes his potential.. even if he is pop, and Tip went on record saying he and Bobby had their disagreements

    • Riiiight

      Because those dudes don't generate enough buzz to drop a full length album. You have to create a buzz and a fanbase in order to succeed...and Bob has that. Plus, dro sucks now...he changes his style every time the music scene in Atlanta changes. He's about 30 rapping about polo and swag..

  • Strange Tommorow

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  • dentaldamboy

    T.I is a motherfucking snitch. Next time his ugly ass wife catches a case, T.I. is gonna snitch on BoB and show the feds where the weed stash is at. I bet BoB got enough stashed to get booked for distribution.

  • Anonymous

    T.I. must not have ever heard about banks, who count your money for you.

  • Anonymous

    Q: How much did you sell out for this album? A: Oh, completely. I went hard sell-out. Clouds clouds.

    • 614grind

      The cliche generation, I tell ya. Always tryna come up with a one word summary of a situation. Lazy, copycat, group thinkers.

    • Anonymous

      B.O.B aint sell out, he's making the weird type of music he wants to make, I guarantee that he actually listens to taylor swift and working with her was a dream come true for him, he'd of probably done if for free, or paid her for the privelage The day BOB makes a gansgter rap album he'll be a sellout, but that pop shit is 100% genuine, its who he is and what he wants to do It sucks, but he aint a sell out

    • Anonymous

      Classic sell out.

    • ETK

      Fuckin word thrown around everywhere by Internet scrubs... You might not bump his music n like it, but his music been about the same since the beginning. The fuck did he sell out on, how can B.o.B sell out even more.. from where he is That word is an overused cancer just like 'classic' is

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