Omarion Talks Record Deal With Maybach Music Group

Omarion talks to XXL about his new record deal with Maybach Music Group.

Earlier today, DX reported that Rick Ross announced that he had officially signed R&B singer Omarion to his Maybach Music Group. Now, XXL has caught up with the latest member of Rick Rozay's music empire to discuss how the deal came about.

Omarion said that the deal came about by accident when he bumped into Ross and asked him for a collaboration. He says that before he even got a response from Ross, the Bawse brought him aside and said that he had been wanting to sign him to his MMG roster before that. Omarion added that he and Rozay already have a number of records in stash that they will release soon.

"Yeah, Maybach O. That’s the new movement, man. I’m so excited. I can’t even express, you know, how excited I am," he said. "It’s been a blessing...I saw Ross in North Carolina, you know, and I was telling him like 'Yo I’m bout to know, I need you on these records, man, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m ‘bout to do this ill so and so with so and so.' And he was like 'Man, we need to have a conversation before that.' And we sat down and he said some real important things to me that not even executives have said to me, you know what I mean? He showed that love and he showed that respect and he was like “I believe in you,' you know what I mean? I can’t even count to you how many times on my hand in my whole career that I’ve actually had people tell me that."

He added, "[We already have a number of songs] in the stash. Recorded. Probably over the next like couple months, we probably be dropping some stuff, you know. I want to do an EP just for the fans, you know. By the way, I did recently just do a DJ Drama mixtape that I dropped just for the fans, you know. Let them know I’m still, you know, doing music and everything. But, I have to say this. I have to say that this is probably the most interesting time in my life and or career because of the perception of what people think and what they do not know."

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  • Anonymous

    This is why hip hop is dying.

  • tonya b

    omarion is not a good fit 4 maybach at all his gay ass need to go sit the fuck down his time has passed. omarion is a has been his time is over. rick ross sign somebody new and straight and not a homo


    So he chose MMG over YMCMB...smh he a lame and he can't sing no way

  • elder_lord

    I read and heard some ill things about O and the rest of B2K - I can only hope it's not true but if so that's a damn shame. It's one thing to have to hoe out your talent or even your image. It's another thing to sell your ass to another man - eeww! I couldn't live with myself and it obviously wasn't enough money if he has to jump from one label to the next - sad my dude, just sad. What ever happened to manhood? So many weak ass tight jean wearing dudes following fashion trends instead of setting them like we did in the 80's and 90's. The alternative is wearing a diaper for grown-ups once your asshole stops working properly from getting reamed - your choice bitch ass niggas!

  • chI

    O And Fake Rozay, Yeah really good look! smdh From fake to a homo! When will this end????

  • Strange Tommorow

    You think you understand, you think you know what it's all about. Well here's some reality for you: you don't. You're confused, you don't understand? You're head is filled with questions waiting to answered but there is only one answer: none of it matters. Why? Because when tommorow arises, everything that mattered before will not matter then. Everything you see as reality will be changed indefinetely and your whole perspective of what is everything is about will be distorted and disrupted. What is Strange Tommorow? Well, that is for us to know and for you to find out, expect us in the near future. Strange Tommorow, destiny has a path.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on being a homo fuck buddy for half the industry O..I see you and Mase are still doing sexual favors for deals.I saw Puff at the news conference and I see the pink mafia is pushing that gay agenda you got going to the fullest.So being molested has led to you unleashing that pink fury on the world via MMG now huh?Baby and Cash Money just took it from you so that deal fell through quiet as kept huh bitch boy.Don't fall for the OKEY DOKE people.These muhfuckas got sugar in the tank and want to brainwash misguided kids with their agenda...

  • yenom57

    aye i hear u looking for artist just hit me up real talk

  • Anonymous

    He was a good recording artist for teenage black girls but thats it. Mindless behavior and diggy are the new omarion and bow wow, soulja boy, etc etc These teenage artists dont last long though heh

  • Anonymous

    Omarion?! Really?! Whatever floats your boat Ross....

  • elliot wlson is a stalker

    Elliott Wilson is a stalker, and recently got arrested trying to break into Rick Ross's condo and raid his wardrobe


    i saw this nigga at a hennessy party before in LA, nobody knew who he was so he left with his homies LOL

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