B.o.B "Strange Clouds" First Week Sales

UPDATE: The first-week numbers come in just under B.o.B's "B.o.B Presents... The Adventures of Bobby Ray."

The first week sales projections for B.o.B’s sophomore album Strange Clouds have been revealed.

According to Hits Daily Double, Bobby Ray’s latest release is projected to sell 70,000 to 80,000 copies in its first week. His debut album, B.o.B Presents… The Adventures of Bobby Ray, sold just above the projections, moving 84,000 copies in its first week. That album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, while Strange Clouds will most likely miss the top spot, as Carrie Underwood’s latest Blown Away is expected to bow atop the chart with 275,000 to 295,000 copies sold.

Strange Clouds has already spawned the platinum "Strange Clouds" featuring Lil Wayne as well as “So Good,” which is nearing platinum status.

[May 2nd]

UPDATE: According to Hits Daily Double, B.o.B.'s sophomore set 74,105 copies in its first week. Bobby Ray will also soon release the album's third single "Both of Us" featuring Taylor Swift.

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  • FUck you bitch

    you guys do realize that his first album and this strange clouds album was leak right I blame low album sells on the leaks

  • Andre

    What's funny is people trying to clown Game for only selling around 100K with little to no radio play, while BOB gets pretty solid radio play and only sold 76K. S**T, even Yela's debut album with little airplay sold 50K the first week. I like the album, aside from a few songs of course, just like his first album. I'm surprised by the numbers though.

  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    74,000? In a recession? When even gangsta rappers can't sell? That's a pretty good week to me.

  • Dominate Bitches With Break Loops

    Ain't nobody outstaning in hip hop these times. Niggas sound all the same.

  • wzrd

    if u heard his albulm b4 it came out and still went out to buy it, wow. His albulm was so hip-pop it's not even funny. Too many pop beats/songs...Dis albulm was a flop tho cuz he sold more first week on his debut plus he had 2 singles dat got radio play from this albulm.(Strange clouds, So good)

  • Anonymous

    gay ass music............ fucking emo kids

  • Young Hippie Nigga

    The albums garbage. I wish best buy gave refunds for wackness. I would be surprised if this joint went gold. I think bob fans (and former fans like myself) brought it the first week thinking it would be as good as his last album. If Lil B was given a taylor swift budget he could make a better album then what bob has presented us with.

    • Dice Man Dan

      This album is not garbage! This, coming from a 56-yo man who is "not supposed" to be listening to this stuff! I bought this album not the first week but the very day it was released! I do not want a refund! I am gonna keep this album (why?), 'cuz they got Nothin' On You B.o.B (n-n-n-nothin' on you B.o.B, n-nothin' on you)! I don't exactly see you doing a better job than B.o.B, YHN! I went and bought the album even after getting to listen to all the tracks on YouTube for free! There must be a very good reason why this 56-yo man has both B.o.B albums in his collection! YHN, you can really use a wish right now wish right now wish right now!

    • Anonymous

      bitch please eat a big black dick

  • Amir "Chanel King Masterpeace" Bin Talal from Drop Diamond Click, Brooke City D-Town

    hahahah, this is exactly what i expected. "Strange Clouds" --> reached Plat coz of Lil Wayne "So Good" --> #11 on billboard; not that good as "Airplanes"(#2) & "Nothin on You"(#1) as a single-selling artist, he did very wack job compared to his debut thing. this record sales was predictable. I assume next week sales will drop to 20,000-30,000; still optimistic number, though. if he aint go #1-#2 hit on the next single, he will flop....hard.

    • Dice Man Dan

      B.o.B has a bright future ahead of him! He will not flop! I hope "Where Are You (B.o.B vs Bobby Ray)" hits the radio in the near future!

  • Anonymous

    when you think about it he is a mainstream artist pop stations play his music so yes in a way it is a flop

  • gok

    Some people commenting like 'I'm a little disappointed with these numbers.' Are you eating off these album sales? LOL People commenting like their welfare check depends on BOB's sales.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck! If you a fan you a fan! Shut the fuck up about record sales HHDX! We don't give a fuck! We all aren't materialistic motherfuckers like you think.

  • Anonymous

    your an idiot if you think album sales determine the quality of an album

    • deejay

      hahaha uhhh yeah they do... If people are buying it, it must be pretty good... I dont know about you but I dont buy something I dont like... look what eminem did in the first week with recovery, in the same recession hahaha he is just a pop artist not rap not gangsta its a joke when he talks tough, just put the song "both of us" on repeat...hahaha



  • Anonymous

    niggas were laughing at Game cuz he sold 100k first week with no radioplay...look at this nigga rite here he got a top ten plat single with wayne still couldn't top a 100k...btw the album was completely whack 3/10

  • Mr Obvious

    Cant WAIT for his next single featuring TAYLOR SWWWWWIIIIFFFFT!!!

    • Second****

      Oh hell ya nukka...Taylor is my niggette. I love picturing her naked and wet and letting her tears fall on her guitar...so sensual ya know? #Speak Now

  • yeaahhh

    Honestly, record sales don't mean shit!! It doesn't determine the quality of the music. Every artist has their fanbase whether it's a million fans or a thousand. The fact is B.o.B is more talented than about 95% of the rap game...what other rapper (Andre 3000) can rap, sing, produce hip-hop tracks, play guitar. bass, and piano?? B.o.B will have a long career because talent trumps hype and popularity every time.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga got robbed at gun point by niggas from Kanye's entourage.



  • If I See Your Ugly Daughter I'm Gon Make Her My Wife

    That shit was a fucking joke 70k in the first week c'mon son even my grandmother is selling more albums than you

  • Anonymous

    Plus Nicki Minaj only did 19K this week Hell, even Drake & Lil Waynes albums really should have sold better then they did last year Somebody doing summin alot harder is gonna creep around the corner in a minute and do some serious numbers, Rap goes in cycles and I think we're about due for a shift It goes like that, Puffy & Mase had their Run, then DMX & Jay came with summin harder and moved them out the way, then Nelly came through and made it softer again, then Lil Jon & the Crunk movement came round, then Wayne & YM brought the Fluff back...... The Cycle says we're bout do for some hardcore

    • @@@@@

      @anonymous @ricky @anonymous @ricky...I love men...and spaming the fuck outta threads that mention Lil' Wayne. #SWAG

    • Anonymous

      @ Ricky The economy in 2008 wasnt much better then it is right now, FACT His popularity is dropping, deny it if you want I dont need YM fans to co sign that statement to know its the truth Plus, as you can see from Adele selling almost 9 million and Lady Gaga barely selling 2 Million even when offering them at .99 cents a piece, its bigger then hip hop The trends of the last few years have run their course and are going out of style, all this over-produced hip hop with there faux -"Epic" Pop music feel just arent registering with fans the way they did 2 years ago Pretty Soon Alex Da Kid beats & songs about Simping & being whipped will go the way of Crunk, Shiny Suits & Polka Dot outfits

    • Ricky

      what a stupid analogy. you could say the same thing about every artist in music. just compare eminem's eminem show first week sales to recovery. no shit there is a big difference, the economy changed, and we entered the age of the internet. NO SHIT the numbers are lower when you compare Carter III sales to Carter IV sales! carter 3 was released in 2008! That is the worst analogy! the fact that wayne did 2million in 2011 is even more impressive. But Bob's albums are only 2 years apart. same economy, same internet. and it still sold less! That's BAD

    • Anonymous

      stupid commment. drake sold 200k more than his debt. wayne is consisting in the milli range. when numbers are up there in the high hundred it is more acceptable and accepted for them to fluxuate within the approximation. but below 100k??? that is just alarming. and what i dont get is one minute you say they are buyign their own albums, the next you are saying they sold less than they should have. you keep conveniently switching your story just to put a negative spin on the rappers you dont like. stop contradicting yourself. stop making excuses for this poor performance. there is none. big sean sold more on his debut than bob on his 2nd album. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. @im enjoying my life? do you have any statisitic to verify that "funny" claim? could you even name me 10 rock bands/pop stars? off the top of your head without google? stfu then.every genre has it one hit wonders and legends. the term one hit wonder came from pop music in the first place. you are talking out of your ass.

    • hellno

      you may be right. you see sales from b.o.b. and lil wayne going down, with people like kendrick lamar and big krit getting bigger.it would be very refreshing to be able to turn on a top 40 radio station and hear some good hip hop

    • I'm Enjoyin My Life

      What's funny about hip hop is that most rappers never have the longevity musicians from other genres have

    • Anonymous

      Well, do the math The Carer 3 sold 3 million copies The Carter 4 sold 2 million copies Thats a decline of a million copies, plus the reviews were mostly negative, I expect the next one to do less Dont get me wrong I aint saying his "Career is over" or anything, he'll still be around but I think he's peaked commercially, he'll never again be as big as he was in 08-09 Summin new is around the corner

    • Anonymous

      Wayne did 900k out the gate... how is that a decline?

  • Anonymous

    He should have done more, I think people are "Pop Rapped" out at the moment, this current trend been goin on for the last 3 years is on its way out I think

  • billgator33

    "My new young chick look exactly like Rihanna Ass like Nicki, but she yellow like Madonna I take her to the mall, buy her all types of designers YSL, fly Chanel, all that Dolce & Gabbana" Meek Mill A1 Everything Check http://www.streetleaguemovement.com/ for the hottest Bars/videos...

  • Anonymous

    he too damn pop...he is a artist I was lookin forward to....before he blew up...I liked his music better...now its a bunch of formula pop shit. He is to talented for that

  • Anonymous

    Its very strange that hes doing numbers like this with such a huge pop fanbase. It puts alot doubt into the legitimacy of numbers Young Money is coming with.

    • Anonymous

      BOB can actually spit but is dumbing down his lyrics

    • Anonymous

      B.O.B tracks & Flo Rida tracks sound NOTHING alike homie B.O.B is aspiring for the Emo kids who listen to Paramore & All American Rejects & Shit, Flo Rida just makes pop dance records There's a diffrence, not defending or accusing either, to each his own

    • Anonymous

      he's aspiring for Flo-Rida's audience, and look where his numbers always were.

  • Riiiight

    I expected it to be higher but these are decent numbers in 2012. His debut first week sales were similar and he went on to sell 600k. This album is full of bangers and once he releases them he could possibly sell more than the debut..

    • Jack Imhoff

      gold in the spring, diamond in the fall

    • 187-NBCC-G

      Keep dreaming, lil kid.

    • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

      I hate niggas that can't sell units and have their labels buying copies for them

    • Json

      http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.11717/title.tommy-boys-tom-silverman-explains-how-labels-buy-back-their-own-product From this own website about the reason why they buy it back. Its well known in the industry.

    • Anonymous

      there's nothing in my comment which suggested any correlation between quality and sales. and @json do you have proof that labels buy back albums? or are you just repeating what you've read on the internet backpacker blogs? Do you have PROOF? if not, i dont wanna hear about that conspiracy shit. not mention buying your own albums is hustling backwards.

    • Riiight

      Drake and Nicki are WAY more popular than he is though. Most people still don't know he is...and some people only know him from "Nothin on you" and "Airplanes". Plus he was away from the mainstream for almost two years. These days fans just move on to the next hottest artist and forget the other guys. His mixtapes were for the underground...he's good and so is the album. You're probably one of those people that think an album sucks if it doesn't sell a lot...that's not the case.

    • Json

      Keep in mind a lot of labels BUY a ton of albums to boost sales. I wouldn't be surprised if Nicki, YCM, etc all just buy back 100-200K copies to boost the soundscan so they can make more money off the branding and licensing.

    • Roy

      you sound unreasonably optimistic. his debut dropped in 2010. 600k in 2 years? drake did that in one week. nicki did that in 2 weeks on her debut! and no, "that's good in 2012" will not work as a justification for poor numbers. Alot of big artists are doing waaaaaay more acceptable numbers than 76k! a guy of bob's stature should not be pushing 76k in the first week under any circumstances. there's is no spin you can put on this to make it sound worse. and when you factor in the fact that his debut sold MORE, or, as you put it, similar, something is seriously wrong. he's had a longer time to establish himself and build his fanbase, big publicity, and big features, and not only does he fall short of 100k, but also sells LESS than his debut album. there is NO WAY you can make this sound positive. next you'll be telling us the upsides of a brain tumor.

  • Intelligent Soulja Boy

    I dont understand this at all, He had hit singles, his music is kinda pop(so i assume the label gives it a huge push). Of course these are just projections but he should atleast do 200 000k a week. It jus goes to show you that he has alot of fake fans

    • gok

      You do realise that 200,000k is 200,000,000 which would make his album that best selling album of all time...

    • ETK

      Anyone who deems Bob a sellout is a fucking idiot, he came into the game like that

    • Anonymous

      kinda pop? dudes a major sellout. He deserves numbers like this.

    • Anonymous

      these are the official numbers not projections. this is why its better to be an album artist than a singles artist. people value your art more and are more likely to support/purchase it as a collectors piece. when your fans value your ability to make a soundtrack they appreciate your work more. but youre right he clearly has alot of fake fans who only think he's good for a couple of singles. its a shame..

  • Anonymous

    seems that hip pop albums and crossover singles cant help a nigga sale forever

  • Darius

    A bit disappointed by these numbers. The singles were successful but not as successful as the ones from his debut...I still don't see how that contributed to lower first week sales.

  • Anonymous

    Thought he'd do atleast 120k but I guess not. Not dissapointed because I'm not a fan though.

  • Anonymous

    hits daily double are never wrong

  • Anonymous

    b.o.b. will NEVER BE andre 3000 ..so put the guitar down nicca..ur T.I.s bitch pay that man!

    • T

      ^ It's not just the guitar, he raps like him and tries to emulate his energy as well....Don't act like he's not an dre clone.

    • Anonymous

      so andre 3000 is the only person that can play the guitar because you're intimidated that someone may be a threat to him? i hate music fans like you. bitch made to the bone.

  • Look Me in My Eyes

    It really depends on the person. For somebody like B.o.B., 80K in the first week is actually more than great. But for a Lil Wayne or a Nicki Minaj, 80K is a goddamn flop.

    • Look Me In My Eyes

      Anyway, this nigga flopped LOL

    • Anonymous

      no i hear ya your point was on point lol

    • ETK

      those are good points, he got big stars on his album to do low numbers like that, but at the same time.. it's only his second album in. People know who he is, but they don't KNOW. after Airplanes/Magic/Nothin on You blew up, he went under the radar for a while. around the whole E.P.I.C. mixtape release, he was really in the public eye. I think his marketing has been partly faulty. only now he's doin shit like showing up on Jimmy Kimmel and other stuff

    • Look Me In My Eyes

      Yeah I admit I kinda fucked up with the example. But you got what I was trying to say right?

    • Anonymous

      your logic is correct your using bob as the example was ridiculous. dude is heavily funded and connected. just look at his features. with his kind of status he should be doing 200k at the very least. these are yelawolf numbers. for BOB on a sophomore effort this is a scary flop.


    those are good numbers in today's music market..I didnt know "Strange Clouds" went platinum..I hate that song and actually..I don't think I like BoB either..he bores me

  • Carrie Underwood

    Gotcha Nigga!!

  • Alf Gang

    Damn, Im not a huge fan of dude, but this guy gets more hate than a room full of republican ku klux clan members. And he's not even on some negative shit...

    • Anonymous

      he gets hate because he completely switched his shit to covering up his rapping with pop bullshit AS SOON as the labels got to him. He's an embarassment, but he's made good music in the past and that frustration is whats coming out of a lot of fans.

    • B.o.B

      you're all fucking racist. move on this is 2012

    • Greg Focker

      lol @ the same guy responding to his own false justifications for racism,gross historical inaccuracies, and distorted truths in agreeance.

    • Anonymous

      everyone that commented on this comment is a fucking loser. from the white guy posing as a black guy to the under achiever trying to justify slavery with made up facts and generalizations.

    • Nate

      @lotsa The democratic party was started long before the KKK, and back during the civil war, republicans were the ones fighting against slavery. Abe Lincoln was a republican. But like somebody above said, those days are long gone.

    • Anonymous

      right cause its not like yall werent enslaving each other over in africa back in the day

    • Salaam Rashid Muhammad

      always remeber my brothers of color, after all the things white folks have done to us and our forefathers in the past, we have absolutly NO resposability of showing our love to them

    • Black Brotha

      @lotsa I agree with you on most of your points. Except nowadays republicans and democrats a bunch of people spewing shit to get into office. Republicans nowadays aren't the same ones as Lincoln. And while I do know Democrats were advocates of slavery for the longest time and Republicans fought for freedom, those days are long gone. All politicians are full of shit.

    • losta23

      kkk republicans?? horrible analogy I'm black and I've done my homework the democratic party was started by one of the original members of the kkk. they just pretend to be for the blackman to keep votes records show proof during the civil rights era and slavery the democrats always voted against it while republicans voted for it keep in mind a republican freed the slaves with lincoln while our "nego loving " republicans started a war over it. democrats now days just put a black man in office to make it look good and every dumbass black man fell for it i did too though until i did my research on what he's really about if you think that obama or any other democrat gives a fuck about u your sadly mistaken if they did they'd stop the unemployment and crime in black neighborhoods and uplift our ppl instead of sit back and do jack shit food stamps have doubled in the black neighborhood since he took over. not to mention unemployment. wheres the improvement for our ppl?

  • Dont Hate Articulate

    As a fan of B.o.B I have to say this past album pretty much was awful. I can listen to maybe 2/3 songs. His verses are half of the time worse than the chorus by a feature.

  • Riiiiight

    How can you idiots say an album is a flop based on FIRST week sales?? It he sold this much in over a year then THAT is a flop, but come on!! His last album first week sales were low and he went on to sell around 600k after he toured and released more singles...AND no the album doesn't suck because it's not strictly hip-hop. It is a great album from a talented dude!!

  • Goldie

    So much stupidity on here. B.o.B has been making this type of music since he came out, it's just not as much rap as before. He's always had all different genres on his mixtape and previous album. With that said, I'm surprised he didn't sell more because his last album went gold and he had three different platinum singles so I thought he'd have a bigger fan base. Strange Clouds the single is platinum and So Good is almost platinum. Album will pick up as he releases more singles and I don't know what the promotion for this album was like. I bought it and I'm happy with my purchase.

  • gok

    Gotta say I'm surprised by these numbers. BOB won't get dropped anytime soon with his singles doing the numbers they are but album sales are weak. You'd expect 2nd time round he's known and established a bigger fan base, and would sell 150k. Yet he'll struggle to get halfway to gold.

  • W

    this is crazy he deserves more how could someone like wale sell alot 1st week but b.o.b. has so many hits and folks not support? he has atleast 5 songs that will be top ten from the album

  • Anonymous

    Dude totally sold out this album. Everything sounds like pop top 40. That isn't being creative or experimental, that's just trying to cash in. Cee-Lo tried some expansive music. Mos Def went out on a limb. I expected more from him. Damn sellouts

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck was recovery a sellout album. cause you personally didnt like it?

    • Anonymous

      lol how was recovery a sell out album?

    • errrr

      dude he fucking kills the mixtape game and offers a wide variety of tracks that have a massive replay value on both albums. quit fucking crying, he's doing his job. and he's fucking good at it.

    • Josh

      I don't understand this opinion. Going back to B.o.b's unsigned EP's, everything he's done has been poppy. This isn't like, a new thing. His first album was pop oriented as well. Sell-out means you change your style for the sake of sales. Recovery was a sell-out album, this was not.

  • Jason

    I bought a copy just out of respect. I haven't bought an album in like 4 years because of downloading... but Bobby Ray is the man and deserves my business. Keep it up B.o.B!

  • AJ

    I'm sorry that so many people are let down from this album, I feel sorry for their closed minded perception. If you like B.o.b's early mix-tapes and say he's gone mainstream is ridiculous. You believe that a rapper should stay a rapper and god forbid he has the versatility to intertwine rap with rock and soul. This album is being critiqued on its rap merit, which it has (Bombs Away, Play for Keeps, Out of My Mind, Strange Clouds). When however it should be judged as an overall music album, he has widespread talent that will not be embraced due to the fact that people don't like to have the rap games boat to get rocked.



  • yeaahhh

    You guys are pathetic!! I don't throw the word "hater" around that much, but you guys are haters. You are rooting for this man to fail because he didn't make "conventional" hip-hop album. Dude is talented..

  • dentaldamboy

    Atlantic is going to drop him.

    • errrr

      your forgetting he has an endorsement deal with adidas? B.o.B is relevant.

    • Anonymous

      you are delusional if you think he's getting dropped. get help

    • ETK

      If they're spending lots of marketing on him, then they're thinking long term investment.. And with B.o.B scoring a plat single early with another one on the way, then they or even a monkey can see that he ain't running out of steam So the question still remains, who the fuck would drop him. The nigga got two more projects on the way, including one with a rapper who knows all about platinum status. Yeah let's drop this cat and feed him to the wolves anyway, despite Bobby being mad relevant right now. Foolishness

    • dentaldamboy

      @ETK You can't look at things in a vacuum. His performance isn't horrible. But Atlantic spends a lot of money on this guy between marketing and production. If his album doesn't do well then they don't make their money back, or don't make a big enough profit to justify giving him a big budget next time.

    • ETK

      Yeah they totally don't need a rapper with two platinum singles, they're a dime a dozen right smh


    this nigga is gonna flop

  • bmoc

    If you think its a flop, there is somthing wrong with you

  • samwise q

    album sales mean little when the smartest listeners download all their music for free. b.o.b is a perfect example of that



  • lol

    funny, everyone was ragging on Games first week sales and he had not hit singles and still sold 100 k the first week, more then this clown or Big Seans gay ass self.

  • Mass Appeal

    I'm sure he expected more at least 150k first week. First one sold around 600k overall,but this one surely had a bigger budget and B.o.B is pretty popular so yea it kinda is a small flop.But the album isn't very good anyway.

  • Anonymous

    His first album was better



    • Anonymous

      youre still using this argument but are failing to see the point of relativity. different rappers have different standards. 200k for a guy like big sean would be great. 200k for a guy like lil wayne or someone like nicki minaj is a relative flop.

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll are forgetting tho, yeah his first album did these same kind of numbers, but back then he was new on the scene and people slowly got familiar with him, resulting in the slow burn success of his album But now, people already know who he is and he has a huge single out, sales shoulda been higher. just like Nicki Minaj. I'm not hating I generally take up for this kid when he gets hated on because I like some of his stuff, but a spade is a spade and those numbers are lower then I thought he'd sell out the gate

  • Anonymous

    HAHAH that shit flopped not surprising tho he's in that Floryda Pitbull Akon lane, platinum singles & sold out shows in Europe, South America & Asia

  • yeaahhh

    This is NOT a flop!! It's only FIRST week sales...he'll sale more as he releases more singles..most rappers sale 200-300k first week and barely go gold 8-9 months later...he'll be fine!!

    • The Predator

      Most rappers "SALE"!!!??? Nigga please, be the wise man that you are suposed to be and GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

    • Anonymous

      by your logic, everyone who has high first week sales only do so because of buzz. and everyone who has low first week sales are destined to sell hundreds and thousands of copies in the following weeks because of no buzz. i understand what you were saying but it just doesnt make sense. its almost like you're trying to make it seem like selling more in the first week is somehow worse than selling less. which is just an absurd statement.

    • yeaahhh

      You missed my WHOLE point!! I'm saying people rush out the first week and buy those albums because of the buzz, but they don't sell that much after that...I didn't say he would sell as much...but he probably will once he drops more singles.

    • Anonymous

      most rappers sale 200-300k first week and barely go gold 8-9 months lol you made that up. a rapper who sells 300k first week has a much better chance of going gold than a rapper who sells 80k in the first week. let's get a grip here

  • Brando

    Not a flop, but below expectations nonetheless. It was a good album, about as good as his first imo. I expected him to sell 150k.

  • Anonymous

    Damn son, these new rappers are doomed. lol

  • Anonymous

    for a rapper of his stature that's very alarming for a 2nd album.

  • Lex

    It is a flop. Deal with it.

  • ali

    garbage, wack album from a corny rapper, no surprise this is a flop

  • Truth

    Who cares? The album sucks. B.o.B. thinks he's Andre 3000, and has Nelly's skill set.

  • Anonymous

    He's not a flop. The story tells you that he is on the same pace as last time. The difference is, he had hit records that kept his sales going before. They weren't huge in the first week but they sustained due to his cross over appeal, starting with "Nothing on you". He doesn't have that same record so far. But maybe he has it on his album. we'll see. Definitely not a flop though.

  • dentaldamboy

    OMG Flop!!!!

  • ty

    he'll definently go 4x platinum in a week. lets be real dx.... 4'299'293 First Week 4'299'292 Second week

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