Canibus Prepares "Rip The Jacker 2" DVD Set Promised To Include 10,000 Bars

The lyrical juggernaut says he has 10,000 bars of verse on his forthcoming double-disc DVD project sold direct to fans.

Veteran emcee Canibus announced today his plans to release Rip The Jacker 2 on double-disc DVD. The self-released project takes its title from the Stoupe-produced 2003 album. Within the DVD effort, now taking pre-orders at Canibus' website, there are said to be 10,000 bars of Rap lyrics, a reportedly unprecedented feat. A release date has not yet been provided.

The Rip The Jacker 2 pre-order package includes an autograph, two DVDs and an official Canibus shirt. This week the emcee released the song "RTJ2."

Last year, Canibus also self-released Lyrical Law, a multi-album project that featured unreleased material from the early 1990s.


  • matt

    umm whos this? exactly, gtfo.

  • Anonymous

    If you dont want to listen to it dont! No ones fucking forcing you! Go spread your hate somewhere else you stupid motherfuckers!

  • Essex

    Canibus used to be my favorite rapper hands down. But he needs to go sit the fuck down somewhere. We do not need 10000 bars homie. we never will. Just take some of the rasp off your and stop with the "ya'll don't know what real hip hop is" type rhymes Nobody wants to hear that shit. Too bad. He was the best emcee when he came out. Niggas couldn't touch him. Now all he talks about is how he's better than everybody. No balance in his raps anymore.

    • Martyr

      what do you mean "we"? who is it that you are speaking for ? I think you need to go sit the fuck down somewhere, and listen to "for whom the beat tolls", "C of Tranquility" and "Melatonin Magik". If you did, youd know you're talking shit homeboy

  • HipHopTombStone

    these so called "hip hop heads" rather listen to a Bruno Mars/eminem duet album than listen to a real MC who hasnt sold his soul to the game. Canibus puts in work with little to no help from anyone, yet all yall wanna do is hide behind a keyboard and try to bring a nigga down for tryin to keep lyricism alive. i bet all the ppl here hating and saying negative shit arent even going to give the album a listen. i bet they aren't even going to bother to check out the live battle in june vs Dizaster either. SMMFH...

    • LLL

      actually lol'ed at the guy above me

    • Can-I-Bitch Ain't Shit

      That's not the point. I'm really not concerned about other rappers and stuff like that. What I wanna do is talk shit about this bitch Canibus. I'll do this until the day that I die. I don't care if she's ever gonna read what I'm saying, but I get very happy after I bring this bitch down with my hate.

  • Abstract

    Canibus FTW. The GOAT in hip-hop. All you nay-sayers should be stoned to death, literally. After this he'll be "takin' out the lebanese trash" on the FRESHCOAST premiere Canibus(VS)Dizaster.

  • Can-I-Bitch Ain't Shit

    You're nobodaaaaadaaaaaaaaaay untiiiiiil somebodaaaaay kiiiiiiils yoooooooooooou CAN-I-BITCH

  • Anonymous

    your favorite rapper cant do what the canobus man does real spit!

  • Anonymous

    This is for Canibus fans obviously so if your not a fan keep it moving. Maybe read a book to pass the time instead of spreading hate.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see why so many people hate on this nigga. Seriously people? If you don't like him cool don't say shit then! Let people like what they want you hating ass niggas!

    • Anonymous

      ppl are still mad like disgruntled teenagers that he went at LL back in the day like a champ and that he speaks his mind, that's all. Plus, his rhymes fly way over peoples heads who don't think about shit...

  • RTJ00

    This is going to be dope! Hip Hop legend fuck all the hate!

  • nasirjones

    if only canibitch was around during the nazi regime, Hitler could've used his annoying voice to torture jews for the duration of his 10,000 bars.(and then killed him because his black)..Come on man time to hang the mic've been around since the early 90s,you never blew and you only have 17 fans left..your claim to miniscule fame was your beef with LL cool J and having a shit tattoo

  • Anonymous

    Dont worry people cant enjoy good lyricism all they can do is bitch about how bad music has gotten while simultaneous talking shit about people that are actually bringing good lyrics and something new. These are the same people that are responsible for the slow decay of Hip Hop, you fucking idiots, when you didn't embrace canibus you also didn't embrace lyricism you dumb fucks! Thanks a lot!

    • nasirjones

      "you fucking idiots, when you didn't embrace canibus you also didn't embrace lyricism you dumb fucks! Thanks a lot!" lol. you need to get canibitches nuts out your mouth you over sensitive and the 16 other canibitch fans should band together to weep and hug

  • merk city

    "too many songs, weak rhymes that's mad long Make it brief Son, half short and twice strong" -gza

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for this shit!

  • Tha_Real

    And not a single fuck was given.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldnt even want to hear 10,000 bars from my favorite artists, Not even G Rap in his prime could keep me interested for that long, the fuck is this guy thinking about doin this shit, somebody explain the term "Less is More" to this guy ASAP

  • L-Boogie

    LL really ended this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he even using the RTJ title when Stoupe, who was just as important to the original as Bis himself, is not involved?? It just seems unnecessary to me, it would be like Al Pacino making "The Godfather 4" and getting some hack director to shoot it instead of Coppola Bis ear for beats is wretched, seriously cringe worthy, so bad that Nas looks at him and be like "What the fuck did you see in that garbage", but RTJ was the exception to the rule cause stoupe laced it.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      francis ford coppola is a fat snobby arrogant fuck. never a big fan of his always thought he was extremely overrated. and thanks a lot for giving the world sofia, fat prick. two worthless fucks that make movies in the same family, yeah there's not enough of that already

  • Anonymous

    It'll be 10,000 forgettable bars about how ill he is & the Illuminati m thats all this guy has been rapping about since Mic Club, lol

    • timm

      I hear what your saying, but Poet Laureate Infinity on For Whom the Beat Tolls, Canibus goes in for about 11 minutes straight. and its really good lyricism, I don't want to skip it. Helps that the beat is sick too.

    • c

      The question I find myself asking is why anybody would even want to listen to 10,000 bars from anybody. That's not difficult, it's just a waste of material that most won't even bother with. "Aye dog, go 27:43 that's my favorite line. Bar # 8879 is dope too.." "Na man, check it, he goes in at 53:50! I like bars 1127-2259" That shit don't even sound right. There's a reason why rappers tend to stick with a 16. Last good long track I heard was Game's 300 bars from back when he was on his come-up but that's about it

    • Alf Capone

      i would have to agree with you

  • Matt

    Unless he magically got stoupe back on the boards for this album I couldn't be less interested. Quality over quantity with bars and he can get REALLY boring. This package would be sick if it was from an interesting emcee.

    • Anonymous

      to call canibus uninteresting is kinda ridiculous and understating the dudes talent. He cant make a song worth bumping in your whip for the life of him but anytime you wanna go back in time where you had to actually rewind the track to understand the dopeness that just flew by you. Hes got bars and beyong original content, just nothing really emotional or personal people can connect to

  • Truth

    I'd rather hear 10 good bars than 10,000 forgettable ones.

  • james todd smith

    I think canibus had a lot of potential but he can't make songs or hits being lyrical is all good and all but dam he always rappin about shit dat dnt really matter he lacks substance rakim big daddy kane nas big pun even big l all lyricals giants but had chart toppin hits and he rhymes on da wackest beats I'm a former fan dat grew bored he boring now

  • Anonymous

    Ain't nobody fucking with the real Tetragrammaton God.

  • I-Bust

    There was a time when this dude was relevant and dropped some Heat . Then . . . He bad mouthed a Legend in Wyclef cuz he couldn't sell shit (too badd too, I actually realy liked his first album) So you tell me ... what the fuck happend ? ?

  • Anonymous

    great how its been on sale for months and they publicize it the day after it was supposed to end all preorders

  • Anonymous

    Its funny how HHDX uses this same picture every time like he doesn't have any new pics out or something lol

  • Anonymous

    This shits going to be monumental oh and fuck all you Bis haters we already know you got to come hear and talk shit with no valid argument to back your hatefull ass claims. Canibus is a Hip hop legend get the fuck over it!

    • Come on

      As a fan of bis, who DOES think he is a hip hop legend i have to say there are valid arguments to "talk shit" about him. You claim to be a fan of an mc who encourages intelligence and free thinking but you want to attack people who don't share your opinion? thats some "hateful ass" shit fam

  • Anonymous

    I dont even want to hear a 16 from canibus at this point

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