Producer Young Chop Disapproves Of Kanye West's Remix To Chief Keef's "I Don't Like"

Young Chop, who produced the original version of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," has some strong words for Kanye West.

Chief Keef may not have been surprised that Kanye West remixed his anthem “I Don’t Like,” but the producer of the original track, Young Chop, isn’t pleased with how it turned out.

During an interview with, Chop said that he felt “disrespected” by the remixed version because they modified the beat and changed the feel of the song without giving them approval.

“I just felt disrespected ’cause I didn’t even hear the song before it dropped, and I kept telling them that I wanna hear the song,” he said. “I ain’t know the song was changed over like that. Keef explained in another interview [that] we didn’t hear the song. And then I’m hearing the song and there’s different sounds in the beat, it don’t even sound like the real beat. It sounded like a rock star beat, and that’s not how I do it. That’s not my sound. [Kanye] should have called me and asked me, ‘Ayo Chop, can I do this? Can I do that?’ But no. I didn’t hear nothing from him. I never talked to him.”

He continued by saying that he spoke with Kanye West’s associates and would now rather that the remix be erased entirely. Chop says that he was in the studio with Big Sean when he laid his vocals, and that the beat hadn’t been changed then. For Chop, the beef stems from the fact that it was flipped.

“He didn’t sit at the table and make that beat,” Chop said of Kanye. “He just coulda asked me. He changed what I put my time into. I made it the way how I made it.”

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  • yyeah

    Kanye showed him how that beat coulda been taken to the next level. Not only did he take that beat to the next level. He arranged the hell out of it, too. Chop, this is why he's selling out arenas with Jay-Z. Don't get mad Chop. Thank him and learn from him.

  • Jay

    I been hearin that song practically nonstop before Kanye remade it, I hated it then and I still hate it now. Its an annoying song. Kanye's version wasn't any better. I understand what he's saying, & why he's upset. and to the people sayin he coulda talked to Kanye, you obviously didn't read the full article or you would have seen "I kept telling them that I wanna hear the song" and that he was in the studio wit Big Sean while he was recording before the beat was changed. so stfu. He told them he wanted to hear it before it was released and they didn't oblige. Fault falls on Ye.

  • mindrelated

    Uhmmm...that is why it is called a remix. Despite what some people think, a remix is not a bunch of new people jumping on a song. A remix should be a different sound, either with or without added artist.

    • Kones

      You took the words right out of my mouth! This dumb @ssclown thinks you just take the exact same song and throw a new verse in and that's all a remix is. Hell, even that would be an improvement on the original cuz I'd hardly even call what that kid did "rappin"

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    So someone who produces a song called 'I don't like' does not like what Kanye did to what he originally produced.. Kanye helped him more than he thinks he hurt him, cuz now people will know Ye remixed his shit, and folks will go and search for the original to comepare or see which one they like better and ish...

  • Anonymous

    kanye needs to pull Jay-z's cock out of his hipster ass.


    Young Chop is absolutely right from a creative standpoint and from a business standpoint. If youre not an artist of any type you wouldnt understand.If Kanye a real ni**a hell holla that youngn cuz obviously remaking his beatthats that sh*t that he dont like..ha!

  • Essex

    Young Chop was about to come up from a whole bunch of emcee's from Chicago that wanted beats from a well known producer. He just had to talk shit though. Now he's back to square one for coming out his mouth. Can't you see that Kanye helped you way more than he hurt you.

  • Bear

    It's a remix. Kanye ain't selling it is he? If he ain't making money off of it, it's completely legal. It's a remix. Listen back to remixes in the 90's and early 2000's and shit, and any remix you get never sounded like the original.

    • Victor w

      Actually that's not how copyright law works. It doesn't matter if you make money or not! The copyright owner has control over how and where there work is published. Why do you think youtube videos with unauthorized copyrighted material get taken down on a regular basis? I saw someone comment that it's the rapper's call who uses the beat. Not necessarily. It's up to the copyright holder and this should be decided in the contract (if there was one) Did Kanye gave this kid a boost? Yes, but not on purpose. Let's not pretend Kanye was actually doing this producer a favor when he is not credited anywhere on Kanye's site. That said - He's not going to win a copyright infringement suite simply because he doesn't have the resources. Also I lol'd at the thought of Kanye asking Young Chop for production direction. Really?!

  • nigggggggadieediedietwice

    You need. To die with yo faggot ass

  • nigggggggadieediedietwice

    Nigga shut yo bitch ass up ...I can se. Yo dick in the botty. Ass. Has no morals.

  • yallsomestraightdickridingbitchees

    The. Man has a motherfucking right to comlain about his track being remix without his consent ...some of y'all are some straight dick riding bitch niggas flat out ...y'all thirsty for fame without being paid , that cause some lick booty everyday type bitches. ...fucking punk ass dick riding hoes!

  • elder_lord

    Young dude put the dirty laundry out there instead of handling it with Ye like a man. Which leads me to believe he is attention whoring. I recognize the tendencies when I see them. Problem is it has become all too common - I saw a fool wearing a fuchsia sweater yesterday. Most ya'll so called males act like teenage girls trying to get someone to look at you or listen to your nonsense. ; you should be embarrassed but that requires critical cognitive ability.

  • chris

    for all you mf bloggers and fake producer ,rappers etc yall dont know shit about the point young chop is making...." he's ungrateful " stfu... have yall ever heard of intellectual property... he own that beat.. dont give a fcuk if kanye west acknowledge suppose to bow down and get nothing...that what suckass nigga who feels overwhelm by u do (turned the other way)..cause they kno u not gonna do nothing especially if u dont have any money to challenge them a court ... basically kanye west did was an infringement.. he chopped up the beat and made its his own.. now kanye west cud easily escape a lawsuit by saying it free music off a mixtape but if radio give it air play that means someone is spending money and someone isnt gettin properly paid.. why sell yaself short .. all about the benjamin beat was sold for 1500 dollar, thats was a hit... millions made after that record , what happen to that producer does puffy shout him ?is he even mention top producer?? and like he said if he would contact him it would of been cool nd good opportunity to collab but niggas think their king tut and shit

    • Max

      I feel you on everything you're saying here, but that's the game dude chose to be in. That's how Kanye got to the top, other producers who already made it took his shit and made it theres..That's how the game works, it sucks, but if he don't like, gtfo of music. SHit ain't for you. Beat wack any way. the original and the remake

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Damn bro!! Are you serious? This beat sounds like a fake azz Shawty Redd track anyway. You need to step your contract game up. I'm an aspiring producer as well. I would take it as a compliment if Kanye remixed my music. That's confirmation I'm buzzing electric.

    • you aree a bitch homo nigga

      Shut thee fuck up you lame ass bitch cause your faggot ass never heard of anyone gives nobody the right to change someone else beat bitch!

    • nigggggggggaagaagagagagagagagagpleasefaggot

      U sound like a straigt bitch I hope you fucking die bitch!

  • lilworm

    hey, young chop... i never heard of you... ohhh kanye remixed your prod? ahhh now i know you... c what i did there?... be thankful to kanye U should be honored by my lateness, that I would even show up to this late shit. *tweaked the lyrics just a lil lol*

  • facts

    Who cares, fact is i never heard his version but have heard the kanye remix. Get over it, kanye took it and made it better and made it known. If he even came close to the amount of work ye puts in, this his track would have been much better and ye wouldn't have had to clean it up.

  • OG Rybin

    Yo look where this guy is comin from. There are millions of aspiring producers, and this guy got a very popular beat. He spent time and effort into it, and Ye doesn't let him hear it before it drops? I'm a huge Kanye fan and I still think that's kinda lame. He should have a little more respect for the song he really f***ing likes and takes his time to remix and spit a insane verse for!

  • Music1loveCA

    attention getter!! fuck this guy, kanye aint selling the remix so why is this foo trippin its dumb i would of been honored if kanye did that to my beat. Chief Keef recorded his verse on house arrest without giving a fuck he was with it. This guy just wants some fame or loot.

  • Don Dizzle

    This nigga black as hell. im not sure if its my computer but all i can see literally is this niggas teeth


    Just think about Kanye calling Young Chop for advice on production....running his changes by Chop first! Young Who?


    "[Kanye] should have called me and asked me, Ayo Chop, can I do this? Can I do that?" This was pretty hilarious.

  • knickerbocker32

    i guess its safe to say that nigga young chop " Dont Like" it hahaha lol wack ass nigga Yeezy made that shit hot

  • Bmiller

    You got a point anonymous it can go both ways but still he acting like this the only beat he will ever make if u were smart u would let this basic ass beat guide the way for more real produced beat with the guidance of someone like kanye west smh he bitching like he drumma boi or timba land but that's the mentality of Chicago niggas they hate too feel out shined even if your giving them a fuckin compliment that's real shit

  • life

    poor guy is just upset that kanye took his beat and made it better.

  • Anonymous

    You know what heres is one of the few times where both sides have a point. On one said Kanye West is using your beat and remixes used to be new beats and new/same verses and if he gave permission then this shouldn't be a issue but you know he is the producer and at the end of the day regardless of our person feelings if he feels he doesn't want his work to be a certain way then that is his right. I can also see he's irritated because he wasn't even shown how it turned out and it should have been.

    • Anonymous

      but as a producer or beat maker , you sell or give your beats to the rapper. So this was really Keef's call.

  • bkstylz

    Who gives a shit....Both version are awful

  • tdub

    the track STILL has his "young chop" drops and everything throughout, he got shoutouts, as well as many trap else does he want? u can only be complaining this much if ur paperwork wasn't in order. as a producer, i understand how he feels....BUT TO A POINT. I'd cry tears of joy if kanye wanted to add a hi hat to my beat.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Kanye but I'd have to side with him in this instance, a remix is suppose to sound diffrent and the rapper involved seemed okay with it so what are you crying about exactly?? "Yo, Kanye remixed a song I did for this mediocre rapper, HOW DARE YOU CHANGE MY BEAT ON A REMIX< HOW DARE YOU!!!!" Go sit in a corner with a dunce cap on motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    1. no one knew who you were til Ye remixed it 2. not sure this dude knows anything about music since technically a remix is RE-mixed and is supposed to be different, but no one in the industry knows that these days remixes sound like originals with another artists verse added 3. all that being said I understand him b/c he should have been consulted first and have been able to hear the track. it is his song

  • @LIL_Justin_

    I understand why the producer mad bu I also why the rapper aint trippin, lol...

  • @LIL_Justin_

    I feel this man. Shxt makin' beats is yo craft and thats what you put yo heart in then a niqqa to do some shxt to yo stuff you aint allow, I understand how you can feel disrespected regardless who do it...

  • Anonymous

    be real aint nobody hear the orginal

    • Hmmm...

      No 1 million YouTube views doesn't really mean that much...sorry. I mean come on, there's a video of a baby laughing at tearing paper on YouTube that got over 40 million views!! Either someone needs to give that baby a contract, or YouTube views don't get really used as a true measure of success.

    • DnTx

      And tht 1 million people wouldve never went to youtube if Ye didnt come out and say he was remixing the song. I never heard of chief keef or this song until i heard about the remix, and i went to youtube to hear the original version. So if anything they should be thanking Yeezy for getting them exposure.

    • RA

      I guess over 1 million ppl on youtube is nobody... stfu

  • DFM

    Don't get me wrong...he should've let Chop know what was going on but at the same time Chop was still going to get paid cause it still has his sound in there. Chop is acting like he just sold a mil when he didn't. Its a fucking remix...back then when they had "Real Remixes", the beat was changed and so was the verses so I don't think the kid knows wtf he is talking about. Plus, w\o all those big names on the would've been a trap hit that would've got him a deal at Asylum and he would've ended up like Flocka...that's all!

  • Anonymous

    It took dude all of 5 minutes to make that simple ass beat - get over it and enjoy the ride - Phncn MRchntz

  • ChiTown Wild Hundreds

    Kanye went in but he also fucked the beat up. Ima keep fuckin wit the original. The remix "dats that shit I dont like".

  • Anonymous

    looks like jinx from pokemon

  • pudding club

    Alternative article title: That's That Shit He Don't Like

  • honestopinion

    honestly it doesn't matter who Kanye West is. You stole and did over someone's beat without their permission for your own benefit. Man to man, thats wrong. I don't care who Kanye West is, the fact that he would change something this nigga put his time and effort into is grimey and disrespectful on all levels. And if it was some normal generic, trap house beat, then why would "THE Kanye West" take time out of his day to listen/fuck with it? That's wrong of Kanye on all levels.

    • Anonymous

      "You stole and did over someone's beat without their permission for your own benefit." ^^that statement alone ends all debate. Kanye should have at least let dude listen and ok it. Or listen to it period. Yezzy still that nigga tho.

    • ChiTown Wild Hundreds

      ^^^No doubt bro. Kanye fouled out on this one.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      And this is the other side of the debate/argument that cats lack to see and realize. True we all can say "you ingrateful lil bastard" and whatever else about this nigga but what he's stating is very solid. Kanye did some ol' grimey ass shit. Heck how he has the damn LP cover made it look like it was a Kanye/G.O.O.D Music original release/production and not a remix to this young dude's song. If I didn't happen to come across a random article about Chief Keef a while back, I wouldn't have known it was his song originally let alone who he is. I understand both sides of the issue clearly. It's one thing to be ungrateful but it's another thing to speak up when you've been wronged. Peace.


    This is crazy. He's potential hurting other artists chances with Kanye by being so don't even realize the opportunity you've recieved

  • Anonymous

    thats how kanye got famous he steals other peoples hits and tweeks them a bit and poof they call it "art" fuck kanye, that motherfucker steals my shit ima slap the taste out of his mouth ka kaw, all up in that ass

  • based landlord

    fucking ungrateful ignorant idiot remix some of my beats can keep a single hi-hat and change everything else for all i care.

  • JamesM

    Think about it people kanye would'nt take someone like Madlib, Pete Rock, Dilla, Preemo, RZA beats without asking permission for it, your level of fame should decide whether or not Kanye is in the right to mess up someone's work without any acknowledgment, althoutgh im sure if it was early Kanye production it would have been a lot nicer Kanye kind of lacks his sparkle he used to have.

    • Anonymous

      those other producers make dope shit to where no remix is really needed tho....of course Kanye wouldn't touch joints other producers did, maybe rap on em for a remix, but not change the beat.

  • kenzo

    'A BITCH NIGGA THAT'S THAT SHIT I DON'T LIKE.' i understand his point of view as it is mutual respect to ask permission to make a change in the production/song. but young chop needs to wake up and realize that the one and only KANYE WEST WANTED TO REMIX YOUR BEAT. be grateful for that. and i can't believe people like him forget how remixes used to be...smh.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Just to play devil's advocate here, he don't even look old enough to remember how they used to be...but by no means am I makin excuses for him, if he's gonna do this shit for real he's supposed to know it anyway.

  • Murderhead II

    This guy is going on like he composed Ode to Joy WTF?? It's a generic trap beat and he copied the style of it from LEX LUGER anyway.. whats the big deal? The song was shit then and it is shit now, so why is he so unhappy, not THAT much has changed..

  • Anonymous

    damn these kids are stupid, they think a remix is just adding a bunch of verses to a song

  • ROFL

    That dude doesn't even know what a remix is!

  • Miles

    is this kid stupid. 1. he should be happy that one of the biggest people in the industry is giving him exposure. 2. If his beat already came out months ago, why would Kanye leave the same beat that everyone hard 3. Kanye made the beat so much better. sit down and be happy that he gave you a lesson in producing and giving you exposure at the same time

  • VTR


  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Is he serious? It's a remix, the beat doesn't have to sound like the original beat. Why would Kanye make the same shit you made? If you gave him permission to do a remix, that's it, he doesn't have to ask permission to change the music. Both versions are trash anyway.

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