Chief Keef Says He Wasn't Surprised Kanye West Remixed "I Don't Like"

Chief Keef also says that Kanye West didn't actually reach out to him personally to remix the cut.

Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef got a big co-sign from Kanye West after remixing his track "I Don't Like," released last night. During an interview with, the 16-year-old spitter explained that he didn't hear directly from 'Ye but said that it was more of an acknowledgement to have him remix is gristly anthem.

“He did reach out to me by doing a song,” he said. “I know he wouldn’t do that to anybody. He really don’t give a fuck. I do feel like he reached out to me by getting on the song.”

While the unsigned Keef now has a track in his catalogue that features Big Sean, Jadakiss, Kanye and Pusha T, he isn't surprised that West made it happen.

“I wasn’t surprised,” he said. “I was just like, ‘Kanye? Kanye wanna get on ‘I Don’t Like’? But I could understand it, ’cause I know he be on it to talk about what he don’t like. And I made the song and nobody had come out with that idea yet.”

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  • Really???

    Im a true hip hop stan but I do recognize the value of these type rappers because I am smart and old enough to put them into thier own ignorant rap crunk beat wild out genre and can seperate the kendrick lamars from the Flockas but appreciate both...bang

  • JS

    what the hell wrong wit whis guy?! one of the biggest names in the game makes a remix and you "weren't surprised". somehow I'm starting to hate these "a-lot-of-hype-major-contract-and-really-nothing" rappers. by the way, why some rappers love to shoot homoerotic music videos? lmao

    • anonymous

      homoerotic videos like ya boy Kanye? Kanye needs to quit makin shitty beats and stealin peoples shit and go be a fashion designer in Paris or something with his cloth loving faggot ass. He never got into a car wreck. Niggas jaw was wired shut from suckin Jays dick for a deal.

  • Mr Bruh

    i dont like being in a room with shirtless dudes humping each other practicing terrible gun safety.

  • Anonymous

    So how old exactly is this kid? On they say 19, and here, y'all say 16.

  • Anonymous

    "it was more of an acknowledgement to have him remix is gristly anthem." - steve horowitz

  • Really???

    He is this years LIL B who was two years ago Soulja Boi...these type rappers shelf life is down to 6 months now.

    • swag daddy

      Fucckkkk no!This guy sucks but i fucks with off future! go suck a dick bitch

    • Really??

      I recognize the need for these type niggas but lets keep it

    • Really???

      Keef=lil b and soulja boy because they are in the same genre of rap...people are intrigued by thier newness will let thier weak lyrics slide cosign hoping they pop off until they realize that they are truly not talented and the shock value wears off.for example odd future. its just taking them a little longer cause there is so many of them...but its coming

    • I.Am

      Nigga you flat-out dumb.How the hell does lil b and soulja boy got's to do with Keef's article ...uh-uh ? Ignorant bums never cease to amaze me....

    • Really???

      You mean fell off a lot longer than 2 years ago

    • Anonymous

      soulja boy been around a lot longer than 2 years son

  • Up north

    Young Chop the producer wants to "sue" Kanye now for making alterations to the original beat.

  • Really???

    This niggas grammar and syntax...I dont like. smh@highschool dropouts.wheres lebron?

  • Mushu

    " And I made the song and nobody had come out with that idea yet. he's talking like it's one of the most inovative ideas of the century for a song! ninja please!

  • Anonymous

    Cheif Keef just came out with an interview saying he's singing with good music!



  • WOW

    This kid sounds less intelligent than a stillborn.

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