2 Chainz Speaks On Creating "No Lie" Featuring Drake

2 Chainz explains how he recorded the anthem without Drake being present in the studio.

In anticipation of his debut solo album Based on a T.R.U. Story dropping August 14th, 2 Chainz released his new single “No Lie” featuring Drake last night. Shortly after, Tity Boi paid a visit to Power 106 FM’s Justin Credible and J Cruz to discuss how he picked Drake for the cut and why he’s cautious about choosing collaborations.

“We had been talking. A lot of the features that I do for myself, I put a lot of thought into them and it’s about what makes sense. I use this example all the time. I would never put Snoop Dogg on a drinking record, because he likes to smoke. Sometimes, people force features together and that doesn’t seem right to me,” he said. “So just communicating with Drake and coming up with a record, for me, I gotta be comfortable doing records if it’s a feature from somebody for me. I gotta be comfortable with them doing the record when I’m not there.”

He says that he picked the beat and did his verse, and then sent the record to Drake, who was not in the studio at the time. He gave him few instructions on what to do on the song, since Drizzy is familiar with his movement.

“I picked the beat and did my verse. I didn’t really give him direction but I kind of told him, ‘Little melody.’ Him being down with me and my campaign, he’s a really intelligent artist as well,” he continued. “Drizzy is aware of my campaign being true and being all about real, and he just applied it and it made it a more natural song.”

2 Chainz is confident about the potential for the song in a live setting, as well as on the radio.

“It had to be a beat that I wanted to perform. I like performing and entertaining. I didn’t want to be something that was jamming but I didn’t like performing. So this is a combination of a high energy performance record mixed with a club feel and it gets a little radio.”

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder who writes Drake's verses, because ain't no way someone that young can keep coming up with al that fresh material. It's probably like with what they do with sitcoms. The label has a team of writers and Drake just spits em.

    • jhuntdaprodigy

      That is one of the most idiotic statements I've heard. Drake is 25, Nas dropped Illmatic at 20, so I guess he didn't write any of his rhymes either

  • Anonymous

    he puts alot of thought into his verses???? quote of the year right there



  • I.Am

    2Chains is a'ight but i do feel he does better anytime he features in other niggas joint...his solo joint is always ass.

  • Hoodgrown

    Love or Hate him.. you have to admire how 2Chains has increased the value of his stock. Once he left Luda... he could have went the way of so many others but he put that work in and made that name for him. I'm feeling him for that reason....

  • jesterxxl

    Drake ethered you on your own shit

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