B.o.B Says He's "One Of The Greatest," Talks "Strange Clouds"

B.o.B says he feels he's "one of the greatest" and discusses his latest release, "Strange Clouds."

In support of his latest project, Strange Clouds, B.o.B recently visited the set of 106 & Park. There, the emcee also known an Bobby Ray spoke about the significance of this new project and explained why  he feels he is "one of the greatest." 

"This project is the culmination of everything that I've experienced off of The Adventures of Bobby Ray," he shared, adding that he's been able to see various parts of the world due to the success of his debut release. 

Later in the interview, B.o.B added that he feels he is "one of the greatest" and added that "no one else" does what he does. 

"If I was just a lyricist, I would be one of the greatest," he said. "I feel like I'm already one of the greatest. But that's not just my main focus. Being an emcee isn't my main focus. I love playing the guitar. I love piano. I love being a musician. That's what I do and no one else does what I do." 

More from the interview can be seen below via Mr. World Premiere.

B.o.B's latest project, the aforementioned Strange Clouds album, was recently reviewed by Edwin Ortiz for HipHopDX. Bobby Ray was also recently interviewed by Tanisha Alston for DX.  

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  • Drug Smuggla

    fuck this nigga. who da fuck he think he is? he hasn't been hot since 2010 he like a one or two hit wonder

  • Cwigg

    Try letting the fans of the culture decide if you are the greatest...proclaiming it yourself is played out.

  • zachariaha

    BOB the builder, watch your career fall as your EGO rises. No one gives a shit what you think, you need humility. It's for the PEOPLE to judge who is great, and especially considering that you are a commercial radio rapper, you don't have much to support you.

  • milehighkid303

    Im SO over trying to defend HIP HOP and the "old heads" and those of us WHO REALLY accept this as our culture and use it as a tool and dont sway and follow the GIMMICKS, but this is where it is SO very appearant that MUSIC is a laughing stock as a WHOLE. I wont even start with hip hop, lets just talk about SINGER SONG WRITERS and the fact that A&R Jimmy Iovine of Interscope records had the nerve to say someone like Gaga would be on the level of a Freddy Mercury or Elton John when she's done.....LMFAO that's pretty much what this BAFOON is saying here. Homie you one of the greats??? When are THESE KIDS going to realize that because you change your style of clothes to the norm and move with whats cool and you have "swag" DOES NOT MAKE YOU GREAT. Furthermore his pen game is MAD suspect, GTFOH, guys like Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Em, Nas, etc. are offended by this bafoonery. Bottom line here is this, times have changed, those of us WHO REALLY GET THIS SHIT are kind of helpless because there are SO many mindless idiots nowadays who consume and regergitate, furthermore, my fellow white folks (label heads) would rather sell to the suburbian white kid rather than feed our hip hop fans (white, black, asain, mexican dont matter) and musical fans with music that MAKES us think. I remember there used to be a time where SKILLS sold, where SKILL was recognized to be a great. Where you had to have CADENCE, BAR STRUCTURE, LOYALTY, PURPOSE, CREATIVITY, MIC PRESENCE, ETC.....nowadays you got a beat, a hook, and some bright clothes and a new trend, you in like sin.......and THIS DUDE along with ALL his other NEW JACKS and great examples.....IM OUT!

  • Anonymous


  • BebpRockSteady

    Dude was just using hip hop to get his foot in the door, but now he has a chance to really showcase his versatility. It's like when you're at the club and you buy two drinks, then you finesse that into open bar and later stay till happy hour is over.

  • Anonymous

    this BAMA nicca doin COKE..

  • mc hype

    b.o.b is not even a rapper this nigga wants to do a rock album he aint hip hop hes flip flopped.

  • anonymous

    BOB is not even closest to one of the "greatest". A corny ass rapper who makes hip pop. Way too average to even be in the discussion of top lyricists

  • jesterxxl

    GoReadABook Kanye ain't hot right now I prefer CD & LR to his new shit

  • CK

    I dont think B.O.B is a sellout , I think he's doing exactly what he wants to do A sellout is somebody that follows trends and compromises his integrity to sell records & remain relevant by any means necessary. I dont think B.O.B falls into that category, I can totally picture him sitting around his house listening to Paramore & Taylor Swift records and saying "I hope I get to work with them one day" Its not like dude went out and learned how to play The Guitar, Piano or whatever else because "This is how I'll blow up", dude been doing that shit his whole life and just got lucky because the soft ass times we're in opened up a lane for him. I'm not even a fan of dude but what he does is genuine, he's not a sellout. A sellout is somebody like Eminem who spent a decade bashing Britney Spears only to turn around and lean on Rhianna to get a hit record, thats a man who compromised his integrity and "Sold Out"

    • Aaron

      ha. Your a fool callin Em a sellout. BOB is pop hop bullshit, Em is one of the most talented lyricists in the game, any rapper will agree. And by the way... by your definition of a sellout, BOB got his foot in the door by being a sellout! your soft. Go buy a BOB album. ha

  • not now

    You've had 2 albulms and not either one of them are a classic. Slow down bro, you've got some talent but ur not there yet. Drop some classic tracks, features,albulms and then u can be considered lol Real talk tho, way too soon.

  • oldschool4life

    wtf?greatest Lyricist? Did this guy seriously say he's a better lyricist then eminem, redman, gza, crooked I etc... Wow bob I respect you for your versatility but you crossed the line with this one

  • yeaahhh

    **the reason you talk shit

  • yeaahhh

    B.o.B is one of the best!! Dude is talented and does what he wants to do despite you ignorant "hip-hop" fans. You call him a sell out but he's doing the same thing he did before he was famous...and his popularity is the you guys talk shit about him...REAL artist!!

  • Anonymous

    was never a fan of this guy, and now that he's exposed himself as arrogant and ignorant, i see I have no reason to reconsider.

  • GoReadABook

    Y'all hatin when this dude doing the exact same shit that Kanye is hot for right now

  • Lupe

    hahahaha this lil nigga b.o.b lmao best day to start of my day..good one DX

  • Lupe

    dawg this nigga just say he one of the greatest when im ghost writing for his ass? ungrateful bitch..on the real tho im his mentor he knows who the boss is..

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    You are not one of the greatest if you have to say you are one of the greatest. Get off your own jock and let other people decide that crap, just do your job. Produce records,tour and sign autographs. That's your job.

  • Anonymous

    I'll be the first to say bob can rap his ass off but he makes corny ass pop music and i cant fuck with it.

  • Anonymous

    da fuqq ? NO. this nigga got exposure because some pop star did a chorus for him.

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