Ice Cube Announces New Album "Everything's Corrupt"

Ice Cube describes the offering as "really hardcore West Coast Hip Hop."

Ice Cube has announced that his next album will be titled Everything's Corrupt.

During an interview with MTV News, the West Coast veteran said that he's currently working on the follow up to 2010's I Am The West and that it will be composed of "really hardcore West Coast Hip Hop."

“I’m working on a record right now, I think I'm gon’ call it Everything's Corrupt," he revealed. "It's just really hardcore West Coast Hip Hop, what I do. I don't think changing the formula is what should be done. I think it's all about do what you do best and give the people what they want."

Back in November, Ice Cube tweeted that he was seven songs deep into his next album, which will be his tenth studio release.

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  • oufs5

    when that album is comin out??

  • not u

    men actually the last album was kinda good but he repeated the words way to much

  • Anonymous

    his last album was too weak , and the music was generic . step your game up Cube and get some real music behind you .

    • Mikkel

      you must be a YMCMB sucker.. get the fuck out of here. Cube is the guy with the illest westcoast music in this game. teh fuck u talkin about.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga ice cube look super grimy in that video . Dude is rich and look like he's still dont have a penny

  • Dr. Dre Is The Messiah

    He needs Dr. Dre on this album badly.

  • Long Live The I

    I am so glad that Ice Cube became a nigger so much submitted to the industry that he is. We don't need to fear that he might expose the horrible truth about us white folks because the almighty KKK and the allmighty Illuminati had take control of the situation, brainwashed Ice Cube and put him on the position of doing kids flicks

  • Fuck No-Good Ho

    @No-Good Ho fuck what you think cause just like you said, you's a No-Good Ho

  • No-Good Ho

    This ain't gonna be good, I know that just by hearing this fucked up title "Everything's Corrupt"

  • Mike

    Hopefully this one is better then the last one, last one was ok.

  • GBtha G

    Good newz for true Hip Hop but despair 4 punk mainstream hip hop of drakes, lil wayne and the other new generation muthafuckaz. fuck yall I'm down with real niggaz like Cube.

  • Young King

    Yep it's about that time... i'm ready for a new Ice Cube album.. and god willing let it be 10x better than the last one. That was a let down and cube doesn't drop let downs lol. random.. i need a new Xzibit album asap as well.

  • The Whole World Is Automated

    More songs like "Man vs Machine" please!

  • Anonymous

    i hope it will be like raw footage , that album is a classic to me

  • Jason

    Awwwww fuck yeah now thyis iz what im talkin about. he fell off a tad with laugh now cry later but i liked Raw Footage and I am the west. I hope this album from what im sensing is even more 90's attitude shit. lets take it back to 91 my homie!!! this country needs some ballzy shit with the economy fucked up!!!

  • Eciti

    I hope it would be better than his last album

  • Jacc

    Goddamn this fuckin made my fuckin day!!! Ice Cube back at your ass for the 2012 shot beeatch!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i misspelled a word a word oh fuck!

  • EddieMurrrphy

    maaan i'll take a lotta sir jinx a little battlecat maybe one well picked jellyroll track. and step out and fuck with some hieroglyphics producers, or tde like the dude below said. or fuck with some other vets like muggs or daz or maybe some e-swift, something man. i don't wanna see a straight clown show for this album's line up. thayod ausar, dj quik soopafly and (mostly) rick rock. there's plenty of dudes capapble of making a quality sound for you out there. don't be lazy

  • former Cubefan

    Cube's frown has lost its power. He killed his own image. He got punked by Monster Kody and even worse, by two white ladies.

    • GBtha G

      fuck u imbecile ho. name thoz 2 bitchiz muthafucka! Cube neva punked himself. u need 2 come out of yo mamas pussy bitch!

  • CK

    "I Am the West" was kinda mediocre but his last 2 before that were great, eveybody slips up I'll give the new one a listen And for anybody on this page bashing him for gettin his movie money, please do the world a favor and kill yourself ASAP. You people praise scumbag losers who sell poison to there own community and walk around spending there money on all kinds of ignorant bullshit while the people on the streets they grew up on are starving in the unemployment line....... But this man aint allowed to make a PG rated movie to get his?? SMH

    • Max Mahlanganise

      Trying to be a blog philosopher.fuck you,die slow.And O'Shea Jackson too

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Face it, my friend. This is the world we live in now, where ignorance is praised over intelligence. Can't wait for the Apocalypse.

  • Anonymous

    I don't care if this CD is wack, Ice Cube has already proven himself to be one of the GOAT.

  • Anonymous

    He needs to hook up with the in-house TDE producers or something. Do something with some focus and keep it fresh and exciting, otherwise why do an album at all? I wouldn't enjoy any Cube album that was packed with trendy ass features or the same roster of high-priced producers, keep it West Coast but keep it decent. His last release got some points for putting it out independently doing what he wants to do but the effort was lazy and the music was as generic as it gets. What was the point besides putting something out real quick to get your face on TV?

  • ErrorFile

    Hopefully this is as good as his old cd's. I Am The West was straight garbage, mostly - couple good songs/beats..

  • Anonymous

    So Cube everything is corupt? And what about those wack family movies you making to make money????? I thing you are corrupt to

    • Anonymous

      His so called wack ass family movies are quite funny. Just like a sucka, breakin a brotha down for making money.

  • Anonymous

    omg his last album was such a crab. please retire cube you aint what you used to be cube

  • Anonymous


  • jack johnson

    Don't believe this, His last album was so garbage, easily the worst he's done and before that came out he claimed he was bringing back the west and it was going to be classic west coast, instead it sounded like all the same dumb shit you hear on the radio except maybe even worse

  • Lo

    Cant wait!Call it heltah skeltah!

  • Anonymous

    Damn! this year is going to be the year the west coast comes back!

  • hypestyle

    producers needed- DJ Premier, Rick Rubin, C-Doc, Johnny Juice..

  • Karen

    I Am The West was classic. Cube is the greatest of all time. When hes gone we'll see if anyone really was better. not a chance. His next LP. is the most important record in hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    oh man i cant wait for that westcoast sound to come back.... jesus christ man he needs a great producer though it cant just be no boony production other wise it doesnt sound west coast ma nigga

  • TonyViera

    Thank God The Gangsta is Back!!!

  • Anonymous

    "I am west was one of the biggest letdowns ever" I agree. He just phoned that one in.

  • Mr Obvious

    He should call it Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife. Hes always fucking up family trips.

  • Shone Jones

    Raw Footage was underrated!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, everything is corrupt Thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    A few wrong steps with the last album, but nothing that can hurt a legend's career. Just remember, quality over quantity.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully it is nothing like i am the west and more like laugh now, cry later. I am west was one of the biggest letdowns ever.

  • Hank Hill

    I hope he does a song with Dre or someone like Game

  • j. riot

    Very dope, ice cube always brings it

  • Cris

    Awesome hope its like Raw Footage or hopefully The Predator

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