Nas Says His Track With Nicki Minaj Is The "Perfect Record"

Nas credits his daughter for his Tyga collaboration and says Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper "doing it."

Nas Says His Track With Nicki Minaj Is The “Perfect Record”
By Danielle Harling
In a recent interview with XXL magazine, Queens rapper Nas spoke on his appearance on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and expressed his appreciation for Minaj as an artist.
“I mean it was crazy cause Nicki is out there doing it,” Nas explained to XXL magazine. “She’s like the only female doing it. You got some new ones out here doing it—Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea—you got them. But since we don’t hear much from Eve, Kim and Foxy these days, nobody can’t front, Nicki is representing. To be on her album, that shit was crazy.”
The rapper also went on to refer to his Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded track with Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Young Jeezy as being the “perfect record.”
On top of his work with Nicki Minaj, Nas also worked with Young Money artist Tyga for his Careless World: Rise Of The Last King track “King & Queens.” 
And when it came to Nas’ appearance on Careless World: Rise Of The Last King he says that his daughter played a large role in that decision thanks to her approval of the Young Money rapper. 
“Yeah man, you know…the youngin’ reached out,” said Nas. “He’s out there doing his thing. I asked my daughter, that’s how that works. I probably don’t listen to everybody she listen to, but I have to show her I’m not hating. The ‘Rack City’ shit was a monster. It is a monster. Tyga, he do what he do. That was fun.”
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In a recent interview with XXL magazine, Queens rapper Nas spoke on his appearance on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and expressed his appreciation for Minaj as an artist.

“I mean it was crazy cause Nicki is out there doing it,” Nas explained to XXLMag. “She’s like the only female doing it. You got some new ones out here doing it—Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea—you got them. But since we don’t hear much from Eve, Kim and Foxy these days, nobody can’t front, Nicki is representing. To be on her album, that shit was crazy.”

The rapper also went on to refer to his Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded track with Nicki Minaj, Drake and Young Jeezy as being the “perfect record.”

On top of his work with Nicki Minaj, Nas also worked with Young Money artist Tyga for his Careless World: Rise Of The Last King track “King & Queens.” 

And when it came to Nas’ appearance on Careless World: Rise Of The Last King he says that his daughter played a large role in that decision thanks to her approval of the Young Money rapper. 

“Yeah man, you know…the youngin’ reached out,” said Nas. “He’s out there doing his thing. I asked my daughter, that’s how that works. I probably don’t listen to everybody she listen to, but I have to show her I’m not hating. The ‘Rack City’ shit was a monster. It is a monster. Tyga, he do what he do. That was fun.”

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  • GetItRight

    For ya'll who's been saying hiphop this and hiphop that, this ain't hip hop, this is rap. Rap industry to be exact. Don't go mixing them up. Hip Hop is bigger than this, it's bigger than music.

  • Foolish


  • killah_casp

    nas feel of big time nikki minaj is not a hip hop artist shes a industry tool and it looks like nas has jumped on the bitch music band wagon next will come a single featuring rihanna and dik-rida that kelis shit has fucked him up to much hes no longer a key member of the hip hop community : ( its a shame this really is cos i was a huge fan until he worked with young pussies

  • Anonymous


  • QB

    Don't know why y'all labelling Nas a "conscious artist". He does drop knowledge but it's ALWAYS been mixed with street shit, and rapping about money, guns, bitches etc.. He's never just been a one lane "conscious" artist like say a Talib Kweli.

  • Anonymous

    And still nobody co-signed your shit. How sad

  • wu4lyf

    Who gives a fuck who he works with? He stays earning and keep his name out there, and at least a younger audience gets to hear a real lyricist. WHo knows maybe they'll look into his discography and then explore some other shit. Why do ya'll have problem with that?? All I care about is the appearances on his own album, don't want Tyga or Nicki popping up there tbh. It's cool that Nas is showing the younguns love. Plus his verses are fire so why complain?

  • Kev

    Nas can work with whoever he wants. These sorry ass stans think that they have some kind of control of who he can work with. Plus, he could use the cash.

    • Nasasucka

      You're right, he can work with "whoever he wants" which is what makes this even sadder. I just feel like you can't go your whole carrer trying to build yourself as a concious artist, then start rapping on tracks with an artist who just promotes more bullshit spam music about his bitches and cars. Kind of validating the fakeness that the rap game reaks of. Can you see the point I'm trying to make? I mean, he might as well work with Waka Flocka next.

  • Anonymous

    You gotta reach back in this game. Michael Jackson did it all the time.

    • wu4lyf

      Word is he'll be on Kendrick's album. And Jay Electronica's. So yeh...

    • Nasasucka

      Then he should do it with someone who actually deserves to be reached back to. Tyga is hardly the best rapper of the new scene, so why him? I mean there's Kendrick Lamar for fuck sake, y was Tyga the option? Was he scarred of the competition from him?

  • DK

    This L stay shitting on his fans, hahaha.

  • Nasasucka

    Disappointing. All in all, i can't say im too surprised he decided to further tarnish his credibility as an artist and a man by working with these guys.. Well at least i can respect Nicki just a little bit because she does some more original stuff, but Tyga? Well, its par for course... HipHop has always been a materiealistic, misogonist, macho culture hiding under the guise of an honest, thoughtful, spirited entity. Don't agree? Name me 5 albums by any of your favorite artists where there isn't a song that shouts out a name brand, any variation of degrading women (naming albums by women don't count...unless your talking about foxy brown, lil kim, remy ma, etc.) or talking about how much of a man, or "gangsta" he is. Yes, this includes the 90's scene (tupac and biggie. I know. Blasphemy) Hell, ill give you two artists who generally avoid that (even though your probably lieing if you say their your fav.) Talib Kweli and Common. In general, there's nothing genuine about HipHop, and its sad it took me this long to realize it, let alone anyone else who's becoming dissalusioned with their fav. "concious" rapper proving to be part of the trend... again, though, all you have to do is look at his list of acomplishments, (changed persona from early 90's to mid-late 90's from nasty nas to escobar, change persona again in the early 2000's from escobar to more conscious style, release kiddy rap song to pander to kids and make parents buy the horrible "God's son" album, make album title hiphopisdead to create negative buzz and plant the seed of confussion and doubt, so that you can be seen as the honest guy, the shepard here to guide us gulible sheep away from the horrible music on the airwaves, creating insecurity in hiphop, "you'd better like nas, otherwise you don't Know what real hiphop is", then make another lackluster album and "attempt" to name it Nigger to create more buzz, have it delayed so you can make one or two songs on the album that have something to do with ignorant black folks so you can justify the name and cover your bases, do an album with an artist in another country (safe bet since the artist is the son of bob marley and has tested well both musically and visually in the movie shottas) so that you give of the air of political activist, you know, without actually doing anything, etc. at the end of the day im just putting this out their. I know that alot of you will hate this and call me full of shit, but it had to be fukin said, so that maybe those of you who don't have your head so far up your asses could possibly gain another perspective, maybe be a little more disserning when it comes to musical choices, and support the music that should be supported, so that we can have classic, timeless music again, because i cant think of anything from the 2000's onward that isn't completely stale already, let alone a classic (God rest your soul if you consider get rich or die trying a classic, just getting that out of the way right now as i know some dumbass will probably say it).

    • Oak-Town

      Nigga you can't write such a big ass coment niggas are stright outta the hood they aren't gonna read it

    • GBtha G

      fuck yall niggaz! PAC wasnt the only real nigga out there. How bout Dre, Ice Cube & Snoop ????? cmon imbeciles. and fuck dat snitch dat wrote dat long ass comment it should go and work 4 the ny fuckin times!!!!!!

    • hellno

      everything you said is true, but i dont get what your point is. i mean there tons of artists who might drop a few gangsta or misogynistic lines every once in a while but their music is still "real", honest and thoughtful. so basically your stating facts but they dont mean anything i dont get what point your trying to make

    • Anonymous

      Nigga u stupid. Everyone who grew up with pac said he was real. Who the fuck are u? Just passing misinformations around. Fuckin cocksuckers.

    • wu4lyf

      At the guy who said everyone was fake apart from Tupac. Nigga please. Dude was a backing dancer from NY before he became this gangsta rap West Coast legend.

    • I.Am

      Do you know what makes it even more sadder...? The fact that you spent approximately an hour or two typing all this garbage hoping someone gonna co-sign your irrelevant fucked up opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga, I dont even care. I read ur shit but got bored. I don't understand why u wrote a novel on a comment section. Nas is fake but so is every other rapper in excluding tupac. I prefer trolls to u cocksucking non-album-buying purists.

    • Nasasucka

      yea, i guess it was a little much to expect ignorant fucks to read a lil bit. bottom line, kid, nas is nothing but a fake, and you should just swallow that pill. Also, what a great counter-argument. I see you choose not to even address what i said about the 5 albums. whatever, hip hop fans are just as ignorant as their musical idols, but thats just my opinion

    • Anonymous

      For ur long ass opinion.......... EAT A FAT FUCKING GAY DICK!!

  • Anonymous

    these days to stay relevant in the game you gotta move with the times, Nas doing his thing and doing well. Life is good is gonna be an absolute classic the 3 tracks that have come out so far have been on another level!

  • Anonymous

    everyone getting money so why not Nas? its not like his verses are shit on thoes tracks. he murdered everyone on those tracks let nas get his money!

  • Shaolin style

    Next thing you know NAS will be signing to young money... I'm sure hes glad to be helping kids do their thing, I just can't respect that gods son is doing collabos with these talent less mother fuckas?? You're esco why the fuck would you? Anyway, nas one of the greatest off all times. Word up top 10

  • Anonymous

    Yall don't seem to understand, if it weren't for Kelis putting Nas on child support he wouldn't be doing collabs with these mainstream cats. Hell if anything, we should have been buying his albums, instead of downloading. Especially if Lil Wayne's fans take their time to buy his albums. If we want Hip-Hop back in the right state of mind, we need to Donate to Hip-Hop instead of sitting behind a computer pointing fingers and blaming idiots for supporting their favorite artists.

  • Donte Hutzle Martin

    Nas just keeps it so real lik down to earth

  • Dick B

    Yeah, and the world is flat.

  • Anonymous

    So Nas will jump on shallow songs, but not make shallow songs? Busta already jumped over to Young Money. Why not Nas? If the money's right, it only makes sense.

    • Nasasucka

      fuck what all of you are talking about... this is why you can't respect rap anymore, let alone music.. Lowest common denominator bullshit. I mean, their is no reason to sell out like this. He dosen't even like Tyga you can tell by his restraint praisal, so Why would you do a fucking record with him? Its not even like tyga is a top selling artist, the only reason he did it was a desperate attempt to stay feeling relevant. I'm not trying to be a dick, but when you can't even stand by your own morales?!? He could get a job if money is that bad, hell im sure he could do plenty of other stuff, but there's something to be said for artistic integrity, and by hopping on tracks and whoreing himself out with whore artists. Sickening. It's just the coolest thing ever to say "man, fuck love, i gotta get paid" nothing wrong with trying to get money for your works but when your artistic talents become nothing more than a means for which to get paid, you've really lost sight of yourself... Lol he used to talk shit on record about wack rappers, now he's on records with wack rappers. All that's left is for him to join ludacris and start doing songs with justin bieber and enrique iglesias or whatever his fuckin name is

  • Anonymous

    Reakwon got like 95k to work with Justin Biebier... Get ur money niggas' word the fuck up!

  • Anonymous

    JAYZ WoRKED WITH NIKI WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL???? Get ur money nigga!!!

  • anonymous

    This is what all you crying ass Nas haters sound like:

  • murk city

    i love nas.........but Fuck off, Nas.

  • 490717

    Rack City a monster???? Is this not the same man who said Hip Hop is Dead? Is Rack City not the same type of garbage that makes one believe hip hop is dead? Contradiction?

    • ETK

      Can you bitch ass haters stop holding onto that "hip hop is dead" tripe Nas only said that for hype... It was all hype, for his album.. He's not gonna be a secluded conscious purist like y'all, at least he openminded. Damn

    • Jay

      Nas is all about contradicting himself. He just say what comes to mind. He go from HHID to humping on anyone track. Calling Rack City a monster? The worst thing you can do is look like an old cat trying to hold on.

  • Jay

    Why is it when Nas works with mainstream rappers, all his stans defend him like their life depended on it. But when Eminem does it, they bash on him and call him a sellout? Smh too much hypocrisy in this genre.

    • ETK

      Because some of them still hold onto that notion that Em fell off after 2002, and think they can treat that like fact

  • TylertheDestroyer

    He gonna marry this b!tch next.. What he was really saying "She came to the studio and her ass was like POOOW and her tities like POOWW and i was all like ,damn shorty i gots to hit that b"

  • GBtha G

    I dont wanna judge Escobaro but workin with a stupid ho aint a credible thang to do.Ask Dre how he feels bout it.

    • GBtha G

      if u think dat bitch aint a stupid ho then u must hang yoself imbecile muthafucka. leave a G alone and fuck u.

    • Anonymous

      i dont think shes a stupid hoe, maybe a rich hoe but not a stupid one, not saying that being rich makes you smart but shes oviously not stupid, you can be smart but wak as a motherfucker, she even has a song called stupid hoe lol, the stupid hoes are the ones who go into a shop or go on itunes and buy that shit

  • Anonymous

    I commend Niki for getting Nas on a track, not the hottest nigga in the mainstream but is pure fire in this culture. I think it's best if these young ones can get to hear a raw mc in the top ten.

  • Anonymous

    You guys don't get it. If nas get ASKED something he can't respond negatively. He just says that all the time he over exaggerates. Like when he was smoking a blunt in front of 500 people when stoute asked him what he thought of jay z. Nas was so high he end up saying thank god for jay. And I see his point and all. But nas gotta give praise I'm public. Imagine he went the other way? And just said. I did it for money. It doesn't look good. So he responds like this. Who cares. It's a feature. These days, features are a dime a dozen. It's nicki fans that will decide to listen to skip. Cause I heard the track here, cool. Then move on. I ain't downloading it. Nas has been on features for r n b and shit his whole fucking 20 years in the game. He came in as a feature lol. You guys just love to hate Who's watching Boston vs atlanta

  • tonystark5151

    Anyone calling Nas a fool is just an idiot... Meanwhile, thank god this is on her album. No skipped tracks on Nas' LP

  • Ezra.

    Well I think that these lame collaborations can't tarnish Nas' golden past. I understand he needs to get his paper, even if it means working with these clowns.

    • Anonymous

      yea i dont think nas has a golden past, he had a few cool songs and thats good. nas is a good rapper but u know thats about it, he isnt a golden boy hes just a man doing a job, some people may see him as being like a god or something but u know thee just delusional with stars in their eyes

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    This fool is BROKE... Hes trying to get back in the spotlight, at least backstage, collecting passes... What a JOKE this dude turned out to be...Cant believe that I actually bought his Albums back in the day...

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is dead

  • Grim DeLarge

    Nas is one of my favorite rappers ever, right along with eminem & weezy, i don't really see the problem with nas working with new niggas in the game,it's his opinion

  • FuKKK NiKKKi Menage

    C'mon Nas nigga please I don't care if you shit ain't selling you cannot make songs with shitty homosexual people like Tyga or NiKKKi Menage just to sell more copies

  • Smoke It

    Shyyyttyyyy Nas dickriding dat beeyotch Nicki I gots ta say I'm laughin at thizz nicca fuck em tell Dre I'm on 1

  • Mr Obvious

    His daughter has incredibly shitty taste in music.

    • Anonymous

      so ure 14 and listen to 90s music omg your so fucking real eat ass mayne, i ate all my veggies tonite

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you talking about. Nas started writing rhymes when he was 8. Some people live in places where only hip hop is played They grow up to it from birth fool

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ A 14yo kid shouldnt be listening to rap music. Face ur studies youngin

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck is rodrick? you got a telescope hanging out near nas's house? lol

    • I Gives A Fuck About That

      Shit I'm 14 years old and I don't listen to none of that bullshit I'm strictly 90's rap

    • Alf Capone

      rodrick pretty much said it all

    • Rodrick

      She's 16 years old B, this whole generation has shitty taste in music, have you heard whats on the radio these days, I feel like I lose more braincells listening to the FM stations then I would huffing paint. My Niece was playing the Tyga album non stop when I drove from tampa to orlando aand by the time I got there I was having a hard time reading the street signs and deciphering the red lights from the green lights!!


    What the fuck is Nas doing cosigning this whore, don't fuck the game up before your album drops nigga...

    • Anonymous

      its called music, working with people without judgement, even if the song sucks ......who cares its there for u to listen to or not, did nas not be wat u want him to be ???? u lame

  • NYYstateofmind

    nas wants that pussy

  • JHurt

    Wow Nas. How you say that is the "prefect song" though? Perfect? Son you've done several "perfect" classic on your own. That record wasn't bad at all. But perfect? Nah bruh. Stop brown-nosing.

  • kevin smith

    i dont have no respect for nas no more hes not the nas ive always liked the nas i fucks with is the the illmatic it was written nas shit even the hip hop is dead album was better then this gimmick wack ass shit he doing what the fuck is wrong with u dog these veteran cats kill me they give these wack fruit of the loom artists free passes just cuz they make wack shit dont mean u gotta make wack shit too because end of the day the true hip hop fans like myself is gonna buy your albums thats why hip hop is so imbalanced and watered down

    • George Galazy

      Man, Come on Nas is On Hook with This guys just to kill erm , show erm may be they can learn from teh Godson nothing more....

    • Anonymous

      Get over yourself, maybe he doesnt agree with you and likes there music, or maybe he needs the money, what diffrence does it make, if you dont wanna hear those songs skip over them..And LOL @ "The true hip hop heads is gonna buy your albums", FOH, the true hip hop heads is gonna D/L everything you drop and over-analyze the shit out of it, then not buy it because it isnt a 5 mic "Illmatic part 2 " Level classic Real Hip Hop Heads = The most useless and ungrateful fanbase in ALL OF MUSIC, even worse then the metal heads, they complain about everything too but more of them find there way to a record store then you motherfuckers!!

  • Nighttime

    Everybody actin' like Jean Grae is some deadly MC, stop frontin'. She's weak. Just 'cause someone is underground doesn't make them good. There aren't any dope female rappers. Know why? 'cause we have yet to hear a bitch with skills that is actually real. Every broad that comes on the scene has some phony ass image. Think of all the topics that could be covered by a female rapper that would just rap about real life situations. That's a untapped goldmine.

    • CN

      HipHopDX is full of Jean Grae haters...she hasn't been an underground flagship for such a long time for no reason. Her catalog's quality

    • Check it

      Don't know what type of music you like but if you want some real shit from a female artist check out Dessa. Her voice is alright but lyrically she is amazing

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself, dumbass! Who said being underground made rappers great automatically? Jean Grae would destroy Nicki Minaj and leave her ass implants wrapped around her neck.

    • ???

      Missy , Lauren Hill, and Left Eye were some dope female emcees. Don't know what you're talking about dude

  • Anonymous

    NaS is the fucking truth

  • Johnny SixxKiller

    "I had to show her I'm not hating". Grown ass men making decisions based on whether or not teenagers will think they're 'haters'. All these niggas are castrated. My nigga Nas needs to find his nutts again, true story.

    • Rodrick

      The IRS took his nuts away and split them evenly with Keli's Lawyers Let them man get his money, aint even greed, this man NEEDS THE MONEY, not for a chain or a car, to stay out of PRISON, lol

  • Rodrick

    Nas is doing what he has to do to survive in this era, I dont get mad at him for it, aint like he dumbing down or nothing, I could bring myself to listen to the Nicki track but he BODIED that Kings & Queens Tyga joint The 3 singles so far from Life Is Good were all heat as well, If Nas gotta collabo with some wack cats to get the IRS and Divorce lawyers off his dick then it is what it, so long as his bars dont dip in quality I'm fine with it

  • Jay Smoove

    goddamnit. fuck naS' daughter for that one. jesus.

  • Anonymous

    Politics as Usual- life is great!!! - Phncn MRchntz

  • Anonymous

    Come on Nas, that's not your music.

  • Truth

    Remember folks: just cause someone makes great music, it doesn't mean they have great taste. Nas is an all time great lyricist but he's got a tin ear.

  • SikNIN

    Artists are segmented only in fans' minds. That's why backpackers lost their mind when any artist they love works with someone they hate. Look at the reality, most of the artists you hate, love the artists you love, so stop creating fictional boundaries about who can work with whom and just enjoy the music.

  • got to have it

    @HipHopDx is always cutting & pasting original articles from other sites and leaving out significant parts of the article. Anyway, Nas is the BEST to EVER do it!

  • Anonymous

    now watch all these faggot turn on Nas lmaooo, its already happening. He is being discredited for Illmatic now. These comments are killing me ... you backpackers are too good.

  • Anonymous

    The IRS makes the most respectable rappers turn cock-suckers.

  • Anonymous

    hip hops heads are getting synchronized migraines. They praise dudes like Nas all day only for the same dudes to turn around co-sign mainstream rappers.

  • Public Enemy

    This dude has terrible taste, out of the currently active female rappers you choose Nicki Minaj!? Shit is pathetic and contradictory. Nas also has a terrible ear for production and like someone said below without the producers illmatic had, It might not have turned out so great.

    • Anonymous

      Nas changed NOTHING with Illmatic, shut the fuck up. NOBODY cared about it the time it dropped, it was Chino XL status, hence the sales. This clown Nas took Tragedy Khadafi's whole style and run with it.

    • Anonymous

      Nas changed the world lyrically with Illmatic. . Do you research before you talk

  • cut the bullsh*t

    That's right Nas don't hate embrace the new because none of these haters talking shit about your choices can't stand you having a career as great as yours at such the young age of 17. The haters are green with envy. You fools repeat the same garbage on every post becasue you are jealous.

  • Shawn Buchanan

    Just like someone else said, he doesnt even know who the fuck Jean Grae is so I dont respect his opinion on that matter



  • Anonymous


  • Obnoxious

    Nas sounds like an idiot. Doesn't even refer to Jean Grae, letting me know --he doesn't even know what's 'hot.' or 'truly historical' music movements. It's said: 'Nas has a terrible ear for production'

    • Anonymous

      yea Jean Grea is lazy...smh. All that talent...but really what other female rapper is out here doing something. I dont blame Nas for this one.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Jean Grae is lazy, trifling, and utterly boring. And I'm a fan of Jean Grae's lyricism.

  • Who Cares?

    I only liked illmatic he stayed in his place and didn't try to "kick Knowledge". He just rapped over some of the best beats of that year about how awsome he is. the producers bulit that album without them he would be just a footnote in hip-hop history

    • look at the haters why are you still stalking every post about him in 2012. Allow Nas to be GREAT hater!

  • Real Talky

    How is doing a song with another artist "selling out"? You must be some teenage faggots who don't know anything about Nas to say something like that. Nas has worked with Pharell, JD, R Kelly, JLO, Lauryn Hill, Ludacris, Korn, MJB, Will Smith etc All when they were big pop stars at the height of their success. He's been doing this shit since the 90's. To say he "sold out" now because he's working with popular artists, proves you're young and you don't really know what the fuck you're talking about. Also, most of these collabs he does are with people WHO WANT TO WORK WITH NAS. What do you want him to do, say "No, you're too popular, I don't want to work with you". What the fuck? You brainwashed internet pussies need to shut the fuck up with your ridiculous crap.

    • DK

      Shut the fuck up, you idiotic hypocrites. Yall call other legends sell-outs for the same shit, but Nas does it and it rains excuses as always, hahaha. That's why nobody takes you faggot ass pathetic Nas cocksuckers seriously.

    • jesterxxl

      Ludacris pop fuck off

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Real Talky is a smart man. That's the embarrassing thing truthfully. Everyone was waiting in line to work with Nas and Nas really started the collabos with popular niggas at the time truth be told. Although I don't approve of Young Money and their wack movement, who am I to say who this cat can work with or not. And apparently it's really the other way around...they are reaching out to him and not vice versa. They consider Nas a top dog and show appreciation and he works with them. What's the big deal?

    • what?

      These haters are pathetic it's the same person posting under different names. Nas is an artist he is suppose to create/collab with other artist regardless if you approve or not.

  • Anonymous

    NaS this track was terrible... The Hook was weak, Jeezy has absolutely no talent (seriously that flow was almost as bad as Shyne's on the Carter 4 and those lyrics were pathetic,) Nicki was barely trying, you and Drake were alright but come on.

  • Anonymous

    Nas -_- "to be on her is album, that shit is crazy". She should be saying that about you and her featuring on your album, not the other way around. smh.

    • Anonymous

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. Shorty ain't even going to be here in a few years. Sales already dropped. Nas' verse was hot though. The rest was not so hot. Especially the hook and Jeezy.

  • kidmex

    Dam i can't believe Nas sold out

  • HipHopPROo

    What??? Drake, Jeezy and Nicki Minaj?????? Damn Nas has changed -.-

  • KRS One

    I love how Nas stans always attack Eminem & Jay Z for selling out. Bitch please! Nas is doing songs with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Tyga.......

    • The MG

      How was Untitled full of pop beats and choruses? You probably only heard "Hero" and "Make the World Go Round" and thought the entire album sounded like that.

    • lhigh stakes

      But yet you faggots run to ever post about Nas. Stay MAD haters because Nas is the GOAT!

    • Anonymous

      Cosign - I've been saying this for awhile. They yell at Eminem saying recovery was pop garbage and that he is a sellout for going on tracks with young money, but when he releases albums full of pop beats/ choruses (COUGH* Untitled) they call it classic and don't complain abouthim selling out when he works with YM. NAS officially has the worst stans, not even 2Pac or Eminem stans are as bad.

  • ggg

    nas is officially busta rhymes status. a washed up old head who makes horrible albums and does wack features to milk the last drop of relevance. sad how that boy nas turned out. meanwhile it's old heads out here making good music for the purpose of making good music. such a pity. hip hop is dead was nas giving up. he turned in his key and hes out the door.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Co-signature wow's statement Although I don't agree with Nas' take I understand it.

    • wow

      Nigga STFU! You clowns don't even know what washed up means. Washed up is coming on the internet hating on artists that have accomplished way more in life than you ever will because your mentality is washed up. Nas was doing this shit since the age of 17...Nas has surpassed you in life PERIOD!

  • Anonymous

    he's doing this for more sales, don't blame him aslong his music ain't pop

  • Anonymous


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