Full Stream Released Of Notorious B.I.G.'s VH1 "Behind The Music"

UPDATE: The re-airing show is featured interviews with Voletta Wallace and former LAPD Detective Greg Kading.

VH1 has released a preview of the upcoming re-airing episode of "Behind the Music" that focuses on the late Notorious B.I.G. and features new interviews and commentary.

In the 11-minute sneak peek, his mother Voletta Wallace discusses how she raised him and tried to keep him from joining the gang on the street corner down the block from his home in Brooklyn, New York. Additionally, associates Chico Del Vec, 50 Gran, Mister Cee and Gutta talk about how he embraced the street life and developed his ability to rap.

Watch the show's preview ahead of its Thursday airing (via HHNM).

[April 3]

UPDATE: A full stream of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Behind the Music" has been released (via Yardie).

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  • Huey Newton


  • Huey Newton


  • Anonymous

    2pac did ballerina

  • Fractal


  • Anonymous

    Fuck that nigga Suge, he deserves to die, killing a real dudem why he didn't kill puffy, no that i don't like puffy but biggie is the better rapper and the bigger loss. fuck suge.

    • Mak_Corleone

      the intention was 2 kill Puffy, but they traveled on the same type of cars. guess the killer missed the target after all. plus, FUCK PUFFY, that nigga got Pac killed

    • Brownhornet

      You need to work on your grammar and sentence structure

  • Anonymous

    Biggie did really hustle and 2Pac and Ross never did that.!!!!!!

  • P

    SMH 15 & 16 years later niggas still arguing and choosing sides. GROW UP!!!

  • Fuck Capitalism

    U guys have to understand that there's no such thing as a real rapper, because the industry itself is not built for real niggas to suceed. Take Rick Ross as an example. That faggot was a police officer, but he acts like he never did that.


      I totally agree... This Industry is built around metrosexual,faggs,and DL homo wannabe thugs. The HIP HOP BIZNESS / INDUSTRY is All controlled by the Jews and them damn Europeans. That's a conspiracy within it's self right there. Ni66az going to be wearing dresses next!!!

  • Rick Rozay

    Yall remeber back in the days when I was a COP??

  • Rick Rozay

    Yall remeber back in the days when I was a COP???

  • Ricky Rozay

    funny how you little niggas will support a fake like 2pac but wont support a real nigga like rick ross. 2pac = ballerina ricky = real G BAWSE!!!!

  • grinchoi

    I need a VH1 special on my man PAC. GOAT!

    • Imsmarter

      Well just to make you look stupid did you read his comment? it said he wants them to make a VH1 special about pac and yet your dumb ass replied about rick ross?? stupid motherfucker dude didnt say shit about a wack ass rick ross special

    • Anonymous

      LOL coming from the nigga who stole a real niggas name, look, identity, career, got caught lied about it then was exposed as really a CO then lied about that LOL fuck outta here.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Mak_Corleone

    HAHAH! i still can't believe that they still put Biggie like an angel. Biggie dissed Pac on some songs AND after he died, now that's a bitch move! Pac saying he wanted 2 sell records? of course, but i don't think he would've told that 2 Biggie. didnt a reporter said that when they met at the Soul Train Awards a huge shit was about to pop, and that ppl from the nation of islams had 2 step on and stop everything? didnt Biggie called at a radio station 2 "warn" ppl that TUPAC and the Dogg Pound were shooting a video on NY? wasnt Snoop & tha Pound? Faith admitted 2 fuck with some NBA players in 96, cuz of Biggie cheating n shit, but she denies 2 fuck with Pac? yea right! i like Biggie's music, but he didnt talk nothing else but killing, pimpin and shit like that. it's a shame. he had a huge talent. anws, RIP BIGGIE karma is a bitch huh!

  • Anonymous

    2pac and BIG murders were strictly BEEF. The "Illuminati" didn't kill Pac and BIG (LMFAO!!), The government was not involved in Pac's and BIG's murder. What would the governemnt accomplish from killing the Pac and Big? Suge didn't kill Pac which is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. Puffy put the hit on 2Pac. VH1 should re-air Pac's Behind the Music special and have Greg Kaeding talk about Puffy's involvement in Pac's murder.

  • Anonymous

    watched this last night . same stuff they probally will never solve this murder

  • m.i.c


  • Anonymous

    greatest rapper ever. Fuck all those bullshit rappers from now



    • EEZY541

      This guy wins the "dumbest comment of the thread" award even with the excellent competition he did have. I'm guessing you most likely were not even alive back and in the early to mid 90's and if you were, you were probably listening to the New Kids On The Block and watching Disney Channel. Comparing 2Pac to Lil Wayne is a pretty horrible comparison to make. The same goes for BIG. It just shows how little respect you do actually have for the two....and how dumb you really are for lack of a better term. Both men hard very large impacts on society in general before the end of their lives, especially 2Pac. Wayne and Ross have no real impact on anything outside of rap music, period.

    • joaozi8


    • Pssh

      Wayne is continuting the legacy of Doug. E. Doug in Cool Runnings.

    • Anonymous

      N*gga U have not the right to say this sh*t . Pac & Lil wayne are uncomparable ! Same for Rick Ross & Big

  • Alf Gang

    I watched this on VH1 and was really disappointed. There was nothing really revealed that the masses, hip hop heads in particular, didn't know. I appreciate what VH1 tries to do with this series, but they are sort of lack substance. A lot of times it might be biased, and who knows what exactly went down with these artists. I do appreciate how they included the former LAPD cop that thinks he knows who murdered BIG, but seriously, these are just recycled stories. Just as disappointing and biased as Biggies movie. And as for Kim and Charlie B...c'mon, just reveal the true details on your relationships with BIG. No beating around the bush. I just want to know the REAL truth on who orchestrated the murders of BIG and Pac, close their cases and put those involved behind bars. This was just as vague as NaS's behind the music...If you are super young, or have no idea about these artists, this show will kind of keep you upto Par, but nothing really that we don't know about...

    • ready to die?

      how did ''Orlando''know where Pac and Suge were?? and did Suge with rest of the entourage knew that Orlando was already going to be there?? inwhich Pac was set up also why would Biggie peform LKGN in LA live radio?? was he persuaded??

    • Alf Gang

      @ Alf Capone Nas is one of my favorite emcees, but that behind the music episode was so rushed, I don't think it did Justice in terms of giving the fans and non fans a like, the kind of full substance this dude is made of... @Anonymous You see right there man? Now, I would watch a behind the music episode with your insight. While there was a bit of shit here and there that you mentioned that I was aware of, you blew my mind with the rest. Something to think about...

    • Anonymous

      Suge/Bloods/LAPD/CPD all one entity in this case essentially killed BIG. Poochie shot him and Poochie was a gangster but he was trained and experienced with guns. He's dead. Orlando/Keffe D shot Pac. The streets have known this since day one, Puffy knows this, NY knows this etc. Pac got killed over something bigger then just the fight though. That's the real conspiracy. Puffy and Suge were in a power struggle add to the fact both were former friends, both were affialiated with there respective rival gang, involved in tons of illegal shit it just added fuel to fire. Puffy had put a hit out on Suge and Pac (Pac was collateral damage since he was with Suge and beefing with BIG) but Suge was the one who he wanted dead because Suge Knight was trying to find out where Puffy's mom lived and if Suge had sucessfully had found out where his mom was at he could blackmail/extort Puffy exactly what Suge did to Eazy E to get Dre's contract which is the true story of how Eazy E was forced to give up Dre's contract. Anyway Keffe was a higher up in the southside Crips. He was planning to kill Pac and Suge in LA but coincidentally Pac and Suge beat Orlando because Orlando had earlier beat one of Pac/Suge's friends at a footlocker and robbed him of his chain. Now guess what gang Orlando was coincidentally affiliated with? Crips? Now guess who he was coincidentally related to? Keffe D. Now guess who were coincidentally associated/affiliated with? Puffy and Big. They would hire Keffe D and the SC for security whenever they came down to LA and thats how Puffy new Keffe D. See this was just all this street shit having horrible timing and all coinciding with each other. Now Keffe had the opportunity to carry out the hit and get revenge. The hit was there real motivation to kill them that night rather then later. Anyway Pac's dead then BIG goes to a already heated LA because there were over 30 shooting in Compton alone within a week. Then he goes on live LA radio peforms Long Kiss Goodnight which is a Pac diss and the whole second verse is mocking his death and saying my friends (brains blew, my team in the marine blue, six coupe, weeded it out, skeeded it out, the block for distances givin long kisses bitch" killed you over the beating. Again I think only Puffy and Keffe knew about the hit on the streets and worth of mouth spread that night that Pac and Suge got shot for the Orlando beating especially because at this time info wasn't known. Obvioulsly coming to LA where your rival was just killed BY PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU was already bad enough and then he went and performed a diss track on Radio. Then later that night there in the club Amir Muhammed a friend of LAPD/CPD officers associated with Suge tries killing Puffy but his bodyguard Trevon shook him off and a little bit later they got kicked out of the club. They went to there cars Keffe came talk to them he was there that night as well and said theres a lot of bloods up in this motherfucker you need security? BIG and Puff said they they were cool and then 10 minutes later Bloods drove up and Poochie shot him and they were also affiliated with Suge. LAPD/CPD didn't pull any triggers they were accessory to the murder and were lookouts and were the same officers who showed up on the scene when BIG was shot. Anyway yeah so they both died over the street shit and its unfortunate. Both cases ARE SOVED I REPEAT BOTH CASES ARE SOLVED. No arrests have been made but the cases internally are solved. Keefe D has immunity from the confession he gave, everyone else involved except Puffy in the killing of Pac is dead, As far as Puffy there is no direct evidence that connects it to Puffy and even if there was he's to rich for anything to happen now. Suge will never be charged for BIG's murder either because the LAPD/CPD high powers won't let the case be solved because LAPD/CPD being accessory to murder could bankrupt both departments and they know this. Poochie is dead. The officers responsible like I said won't be charged but some of them were thrown in jail for other things David Mack is out but again he won't be charged.

    • Alf Capone

      i kinda liked the nas one my nig. it might only be becuz nas is one of if not my favorite rapper

  • Tyler Trout

    such a powerful movie that really shows how inspirational a rapper biggie was and how unjust it is that his killer and Suge Knight were never brought to justice... Missin ya Biggie. Fuck ya'll for talkin shit on a movie about someone's death, u should be ashamed of yourselves. I don't think Pac or Biggie would have wanted to see comments like this. Just disrespectful to hip-hop as a whole.

    • Anonymous

      Naaaaaaa BIG wasn't in Vegas. BIG was in NY so was Puffy. He got the news though that his boys killed Pac and Suge (at that time rumours on the streets of LA were both were dead)

    • Anonymous

      What about the claim Chuck Phillips stated in 2002? Was BIG at Vegas that night?

    • Anonymous

      Not BIG, BIG new Pac was killed by his friends and he foolishly mocked him for it on Long Kiss Goodnight on LA radio but again he thought Pac was killed over Orlando's beating (brains blew, my team in the marine blue, six coupe, weeded it out, skeeded it out, the block for distances givin long kisses bitch). I don't think he new about the hit Puffy put on. Puffy is definitely responsible for Pac's death. The hit he put on Suge and Pac was the real motivation for Keffe and Orlando to kill them both right away rather then wait and get revenge later in LA.

    • Anonymous

      Puffy and BIG was never bought to justice for the hit on 2Pac.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all your haters when Big died hiphop died. And fuck 2Pac to.

  • Darth Hater

    Mr. Cee is a fruitpop

  • Yusuf

    'Pac wasn't from the west coast!!! we was born in NY vh1 suckas...

  • Alf Capone

    wow. ive never seen so many niggas tryna shit on big. im not saying hes the greatest but the nigga was great. yall niggas need to get your heads out the gutter

  • Anonymous

    This TV special is re-airing because Greg Kaeding's theories are more accurate than Russell Poole's theories. The truth is slowly coming out.

  • Obviously


  • Donald Passman

    Still with the fake Biggie props, huh? This guy is the most overrated MC in the history of rap.

    • Anonymous

      haha, the best wordplay in history of rap, even the best rapper alive nas says that. 2Pac is lyrically the most overrated.

  • Anonymous

    How many times can they milk this story?

  • lls..

    thizzle wiggled????? lol wtf does this even mean???? You westcoast niggas funny.

  • kevin smith

    rest in peace to one of the illist mcs to ever bless a mic even before biggie blew up he was nice and was born to do it u either got it or u dont and biggie had it his music and legacy will never die

  • Mac Dre

    Hi everybody, I'm gay and I love to get fucked by a big black dick

  • MB

    All you need to calm the fuck down. B.I.G is one of the greatest to touch the mic, Mac Dre was dope too stop being so disrespectful and let these Hip Hop legends Rest In Peace

  • Mac Dre's spirit

    Bay Area rap sux... .... & e-40 stole my sandwich in '03!

    • tinahilton

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  • Mac Dre

    Mac Dre was a G, he got gunned down on a chase, biggie's fat ass got gunned down sitting like a duck. Biggie was scared of E40, 40 Water and Mac Dre runs California

    • Mac Dre Deserved To Die

      nobody cares about Mac Dre but yall. real talk.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^nobody within a 100 mile radius cares about you. Real talk.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody outside of a 100 mile radius of New York City cares about Biggie.............real talk.

    • Fuck Mac Dre

      Mac Dre never ran shit he had no talent his music was horrible his face was disgusting and I got hos that can tell you he was a tranvestite

    • ramses

      once you understand the science of music an gemini's then you will understand why pac an BIG was an will always be the greatest ,,i mean really BIG overrated ,,dont think so ,,,,we hit makaz /acraz /roll shakaz in vegaz you cant break us /lost chips on lakaz gassed off shaq /country house tennis courts an horse backs/ ridin /decidin shrimp crab or lobster /who say mobsters don't prosper /niggaz is actors/ niggaz deserve oscars/ me im critical acclaim /slug pass ya brain /////overrated please man

    • Donald Passman

      Everybody outside of a 100 mile radius could really care less about that Chub Rock sound alike. Biggie is overrated and always will be.

  • Every black artist thinking out loud

    I tryna act like I'm poor but I can't because I'm not I gotta show my peoples how rich my ass is

  • Big Boss

    Behind the Music is a great show

  • ramses

    hip hop was on life support when pac died ,,hip hop officially the moment BIG died ,,most of you lowlifes who are lower than animals can lie to ur self all you want an say it aint dead

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. Never was a fan of Big, but this is interesting nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Vh1 is going in

  • Mac Dre

    If mac dre was still alive hed shit on biggies music!!! WEST COAST 4 EVER

    • Mac Dre Was Gay

      Mac Dre was homosexual

    • Mac Dre

      Bleek is a WEAK ass nigga... the little homies woulda took care of him. And Lil Cease?... please... Mac Dre and Lil Cease shouldnt even be in the same sentence.

    • Mac Dre

      yall niggaz is stupid... mac dre woulda thizzle wiggled on biggies whole camp... THIZZ FACE

    • Mac Dre Was Gay And He Knew It

      Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre Fuck Mac Dre

    • Fuck Mac Dre

      Nigga please. I fucking hate you. I already told you a million fucking times, MAC DRE WAS A BITCH!!! If Mac Gay Dre was alive, we would rob, rape, stab, shoot, castrate, flense and burn him on a fucking tree.

    • Anonymous

      Y the hecll would anyone compare mac dre to biggie??? Thats just ignorance...

    • Anonymous

      Beat it Son! Mac Dre can't even fuck with Bleek or let alone Lil Cease... Lmao. East Coast fatherd hiphop u dumb fuck!

  • Anonymous

    make one about eazy mutha fuckin e

  • Anonymous

    release dat sextape. we wanna see dis nigga givin it to puff raw

  • Anonymous

    i want biggies penis in ma mouth dawg

  • Anonymous


  • Foolish

    Pac>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This bitch

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