Obie Trice Recalls Issues With Interscope, "Bodying" Eminem On Collaborations

Obie Trice gives some insight as to why he left Shady Records, and why he feels he's bested Eminem many times.

As the release of his third solo album, Bottoms Up, drew nearer, Obie Trice began hinting at the reasons behind his departure from Shady Records.

In a recent interview with, the Detroit native spoke a bit more candidly on the matter.

"It was just issues with me," explained Obie, neglecting to point fingers. "I missed the Big Boy show out there in LA. And Jimmy [Iovine] had a real problem with that, but it wasn’t just that, though. I was younger, so things were happening that were different."

Obie also recalled when his Akon-assisted single "Snitch" was unable to gain traction, at least in part due to outside circumstances. "I had the Akon single out. MTV wouldn’t play the record because they had the Snitch campaign going on, and things of that sort. And BET wouldn’t play the record because Eminem missed the BET Awards three years in a row. Just a lot of backlash we caught that didn’t have anything to do with us, and we thought things should change about that, that they should have worked the record even harder. There were just a lot of things going on, But shout out to Jimmy Iovine: he gave me an opportunity."

Additionally, Trice, who maintains a working and personal relationship with Eminem, wasn't shy to express his belief that he bested his mentor on numerous occasions. "I body him all the time! I feel like every song we did I bodied him. That's how I feel! That's how I go into records."

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  • mitcholos

    Don't Me Silly Obie

  • Height67

    C'mon Obie. You think Em would spit anything half decent on your tracks? PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

    Stupid too say he bodied em on every track..He feeling hisself too hard..that's str8 bullshit

  • kokomaster

    i see where obie is coming from, like if jay shud come out and say he bodied em on renagade, so many people wud agree with him. so it is wat it is

  • Anonymous

    Em is overrated. Royce bodied him on every track the did on Bad Meets Evil -- Slaughterhouse bodied him on Session One and Loud Noises.

  • IJS

    Lets be honest Obie you bodied yourself when u left nigga you aint spit nothing like your mentor and you never will in fact you put out whack shit from time to time comeon now I wanna believe I spit the best as a rapper but I would admit (if im honored enough) to be murdered by Eminem on a beat, like my nigga Game did and he was a beast on that track


    Hahaha. Obie Trice & Eminem - Emulate. Who bodies who?

  • Jack Johnson

    I can't believe BET was that petty. They wouldn't play what should have been a huge single for Obie just because Eminem didn't show up to their retarded award show. BET Award shows are a joke and who can blame Emiem for not going, but they could have ruined another mans career just because of some pettiness like that and they don't even care

  • da1

    I never heard I dope line from this dude ever. If I can recall everytime eminem was on a track with this dude em bodied him. Has anyone ever heard go to sleep with dmx? There are others but I forgot the names of them. This dude feeling himself way too much. And for noo reason.

    • jerrycur

      they say why dont we increase the peace? the only peace increase is that which deletes your peops. Cause niggas run mouths but they dont run streets till that 4/5 will cease the speech Yah its a shame how that beef will creep couldve reached your peak, now your left with a horrible leak I'm tryin to be as bleak with my speech as possible, Just incase a nigga tryin to throw me an obstacle... Thats fairly dope id say

  • Anonymous

    Nope you all are wrong black thought got him in the bet cypher..Check it out

    • King Zulu

      WRRROOONG Eminem Lyrically/Syllable-wise Kills ANYONE... EVERYONE Loses their Career. #TrueStAtemenT Follow me @theSmokeSession for Real HipHop

  • illy

    obie gtfoh u on something else

  • Anonymous

    the only rapper that can seriously murder shady is canibus, all real rappers know that

  • Anonymous

    sorry dude, you're dope but you ain't on the same level of skill as em. not sayin em's the best but..

  • The Real Franchise

    Obi's pretty good for a black guy, also he hates being called ems protege, or when people refer to em as his mentor,so well done DX, you continue to flaunt your lack of hip hop knowledge. "nobodies protege, em only showed O the way, Fuck what the media say."

  • LV

    actually though, crooked and joe bodied em on "loud noises"

    • LV

      "How the fuck they gonna stop what i was born to be? corner me? This shit belong to me Two choices, either get along with me or sit your faggot ass right there in dormancy Wait- all he missin is heels to be Rupaul Nobody thats real ever knew yall Second to none, and im dealin with bums whose time will never come, now deal with the blue balls You dont have to fear me, but youll respect me Niggas who never met me wanna Gillette me, Come to a sword fight against a machette swingin spaghetti.. like its heavy Some said he deserve an Espy in the Chevy like Andretti but the Desi where his chest be" alot of people have bodied Em, yall act like hes untouchable. hes top 5 ever for sure, but never untouchable. maybe his Renegades verse.

  • LV

    yall better calm down on that "Obies whack" shit... obie is dope, and i gotta say theres only a few people ive ever heard body em on a track, and hes on that list... right next to royce, proof, kuniva, and joe budden.

  • Anonymous

    the only rapper who bodied Eminem and can always do that is Lloyd Banks, Banks had the dopest verse on "Don't push me" and "Where I'm at"

  • zakii

    what's!!!!!!!!!!! bodied Em

  • C-los

    What's a Obi Trice? Im not even reading this. Seriously

  • Anonymous

    Obie definitely bodied Em on Drips. No doubt about that. It was one of the best verses on The Eminem Show.

    • LV

      was listening to drips earlier today and thought the same thing. he wrecked that track, em was dope but come on now...

  • Anonymous

    "Every MC has this attitude" That's why 95% of them are broke and waiting for the first of the month. Wake up. Wake up.

  • Anonymous

    What a stupid thing to say. Em got him on Richard and Drips, and I haven't listened to the other tracks enough to tell who was better then the other but I've heard enough to say Obie rarely ever, if ever, "bodied" him.

  • daman

    I think ppl are missing the point, as a true mc, most will not admit defeat on a verse and there going to always think there verse is the best.

  • come find me

    i respect obie trices views on how he bodied eminem on almost every song, thats a great mentality forreal. but yeah i also really dislike {not hate} wiz khalifa, maybach music lead by the correctional officer (meek should loose credibility for that) and young money all those guys are everything thats wrong with the rap game these days. fuck these boojie ass websites who all about money to yall can suck a dick

  • Louiz


  • shadyy

    obie trice is a dope rapper, im a huge em fan but obie is damn near just as good everyone hatin n probably havent heard 5 songs from the dude, do your homework, n if you a young money wiz khalifa maybach music fan dont bother listenin, you wouldnt like it its real rap

  • Fuck This Nigga Trice

    Never heard a song where this nigga bodied somebody

  • Anonymous

    I body him all the time! I feel like every song we did I bodied him. That's how I feel! That's how I go into records." Feelings don't equate to album sales. It's one thing when Game admits Em stole his thunder off that one song, but when a bench warmer like Obie talks like this it's embarassing.

    • Anonymous

      Chill out dude. Every MC has this attitude. That's a part of Hip Hop. And don't act like Obie is wack, listen to Bottoms Up.

  • Anonymous


  • sensezi

    *sniff* *sniff* that...beef i smell?

  • dondadadoc

    Whatever....This mafucka couldn't even get busy on "The Set Up" beat!!!! His flow was garbage and the story sucked. Get a prescription to rap viagra

  • Anonymous

    On love me he got bodied by Em and 50 on Drips he got ripped by em on Lady Em had the better verses... When did this nigga body Em? what songs? is this like when people say nicki killed it on monster..but on the real that bitch didn't say shit.. kanye killed that shit. when have you heard a nigga rap with sarcophagus? Never.. What did nicki say? some shit about her ass and wigs and money.. like always.. yea she killed it.. smh

    • LV

      nicki doesnt ever say shit, shes stupid, but her flow is kinda bonkers if youre into that. she can rap, she just cant write. Jay killed on Monster, everything. "I- rape and pillage a village of women and children, everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is- LOVE I dont get enough of it, all i get is these vampires and blood suckers, All i get is these niggas i made millionaires, millin about, spillin they feelins in the air, All i get is these fake fucks with no fangs tryin to draw blood from my ice cold veins.. I smell a massacre. Seems to be the only way to back you bastards up" Top 5 Dead or Alive

    • anonymous

      Personaly I think Jay-Z bodied monster. The wordplay and typical Subliminal disses were in full effect on that verse.

    • ETK

      If that's how you're trying to sum up her verse then you really don't know what you're on. Not a nicki fan but that verse was one of her better ones.. even if that's not saying much

  • row

    snitch was like all i played for 2005/6 its still one of my all time favorite songs

  • rh

    Obie is nice. His wordplay is dope.This is just the media trying to spin something. Of course he feels like he's the best on every song he does. Why would he be an mc if not. For the record I think he got em on a few of their collaborations too. I haven't heard his new album but I bet he spends a good portion butt kissing eminen, Dr. Dre etc. he's not trying to beef with them or start nothing.

  • murdock

    well hes just plain dumb for saying that but again whos really gonna buy his shit anyway?find a new career your rap one is over

  • J

    He has no flow, no passion, no emphasis, no umph, the guy can't rap for shit. he never once bested eminem, i've listened to multiple songs of his that all sound the same and shit. I get more from a instrumental that his lyrics

  • 1love

    man obie trice on some crack for real.

  • yocuz

    saying he bodies eminem on all the time is like saying hes one of the best rappers of all time... The fuck is this kid on?

    • Bill Jenkins

      ^^^EXACTLY...Law #1: Never outshine the master

    • jujuman

      Obie Trice and Em were only on a couple of tracks together. And i did think he was better than Eminem on those. But still , he needs to calm down. Look where bodying eminem has gotten him. loool

  • Anonymous

    Royce got EM on the last colaboration album bad meets evil. Em sounded boring

    • LV

      ^^ then quit making music if you have nothing to say. bottom line, hes 40. Still dope, but at 40, you arent gonna "body" many people on a track, you should be on your grown man music.

    • BGG

      you would be bored too if u went diamond multiple times and had nothing left to prove

  • Anonymous

    Now I will say this Obie got the best of EM on that song Drips.

  • Fuck A Nigga Named Trice

    the fuc is this nigga sayin? Never heard a song where this nigga bodied somebody his rhymes are wack

  • Anonymous

    Obie's dope and he bodied Em a couple times...that's about it. lmao

  • BGG

    u think u bodied eminem yet its everyone elses fault y u cant sell records...lmfao

  • wishworks

    bodied who? Em nigga is you crazy. Fact Check Richard its on the new singles released, and if you think obie bodied em then you snorting the crack instead of smoking it. I like Trice but you can eat a brick in O.D. on that one

  • doe Em have black stans too???

    Eminem's stans KILLED HIP HOP!

    • Anonymous

      Hate to break it to ya but im pr and my girls cuban..we went to 4 diff shows from ems olld ass anger management tour. Its all the fans of these new bs ass artists that killed it if u ask me. Like if u callin wayne,drake,gucci,wakka annny of them hot u did it not any em fan of any race.

    • Anonymous

      EM fans did kill hip hop. It brought a lot of racist piss of shit to hip hop. A lot of people that only listen to one rapper...smh.

    • Anonymous

      Yes !!! No need to pull the race card, boy.

  • thats ur man

    proof got em a few times!

  • Anonymous

    lol Obie bodied Eminem the only rapper now who can body Eminem is Drake

  • Captain Obvious


  • Anonymous

    lolol Oh yeah Obie Trice "bodied" him. Swifty McVay is a better rapper than Obie Trice

  • vandaveer terrace

    nah son, nah.... ya frist album was cool but all that shit about bodying em on a track.... nah

  • heyheyhey

    I don't believe he has bodied Eminem, you all might not believe he bodied Eminem, but what he is saying is he believes he does every time they do a song. He does it to step his game up, you have to try to keep up with Eminem.... right Jay?

  • The squish

    this nigga better think again, thinkin he bodys Em, Slap him with that backwards , dude aint bodying nothin

  • johndd

    sticky fingers bodied him on remember me, royce bodied him on his first cd bad meets evil, and a bunch on their collab cd

    • Anonymous

      Both went hard on Remember Me, but Sticky pulled out one of the best features ever. I heard in an interview somewhere that Em took 3 months to write a verse to follow it up with.

    • Assassin221

      Yeah, Em ripped it on that song. That's why Sticky outshining him was all the more impressive. Dude had the lyrics, flow, rhyme schemes, and crazy emotional delivery to be untouchable on that track.

    • Anonymous

      Royce got EM on the last colaboration album bad meets evil. Em sounded boring

    • Anonymous

      Dude, Em's verse on remember me was untouchable. Em first line on the first BME killed everything royce did!!

    • donnie486

      What "Remember Me" are you talking about? The one where Em said... Came home, and somebody musta broke in the back window and stole two loaded machine guns & both of my trenchcoats Sick sick dreams of picnic scenes, two kids, sixteen with M-16's and ten clips each And them shits reach through six kids each And Slim gets blamed in Bill Clint's speech to fix these streets? FUCK THAT! You must be bat shit crazy champ that flow was like dat!

  • Sugeknight662

    LMAO!Obie bodied Eminem? In his dreams or in reality?

  • Hiphop Analyst

    Eminem is not really a "lyrical" rapper. (watch all these weird dudes post up all these verses now) Em just has a whole lot of charisma and fancy multi syllables...He shouts over songs to give the illusion of superiority. Eminem is very similar to 2pac in my opinion. It's the delivery people like more then the actual lyrics. Em had some good "stan". But if you read the lyrics on paper, the wording is very basic and straightforward compared to a Mos Def or a Ghostface or a Nas.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao yea ems not a lyrical rapper..if u never have heard eminem before i guess..its fuckin hilarious how yall refuse to admit ems one of the goats.

    • ETK

      Hip Hop Analyst needs to analyze his brain It's called different styles idiot. Mos Def/Nas have their own, doesn't make Eminem any less lyrical

    • Anonymous

      that made me laugh watch all these weird dudes post eminem verses

    • Unseen

      WOW, very basic like mos def, ghostface or nas? and you said Pac? those are some of the deepest rappers that hip hop has ever seen, Eminem is if not the most, one of the most lyrical rappers of all time....ppl got the game twisted smh

    • djangodude

      That's because "stan" is written as a letter, my friend^^ I'm not a big Eminem Fan either, but he is actually very Lyrical... just listen to "Renegade"...

    • mike

      obie couldnt body no body he had an alrite flow no one really gave a fuck about him and him gettimng drop from shady is great. and to say u bodied eminem all the time ur fucking out of ur mind em flow is crazy raw and to say that its simple ur a fucking moron and a stupid fuck u prob think wayne is the illest out or wiz kids now dont know whats lyrical is couse nobody out today is lyrical

    • Anonymous

      he probably had ALOT of sick lines a while back, but you missed them .. "Not lyrical" pff .. he is just not great anymore. but at his peak he was genius

  • John

  • God

    Did he just say he BODIED Eminem??? LOL! Lets be honest here, this nigga never had decent songs. Maybe 1 in his 20 songs were worth listening to without skipping LOL. Fuck eminem will chew him up and spit him out (just like he has right now, noone gonna buy this pricks album) Hes just trying to get some attention so he can sell his album. Dumb fool. This nigga shud have been shot instead of Proof.

    • Anonymous

      God, I thought u were WHITE? Why throwing the N-word? U crazy son?

    • do

      For god you really don't know much about rap, or people in general.

    • oflo

      chill bro. first off he was shot in the head and survived so know the facts before you talk shit. all he is saying that his approach on features is to always body the verse. any emcee should have that approach. at the same time i feel eminem is a better rappper but respect obies approach...but chill with the crazy comments

  • dan

    Whats the problem with this. were reading it, we don't know how he said these comments and don't you think eminem thinks the same way when putting down a verse. He better think he has the best verse.

  • Anonymous

    look at all these stans rushing to eminems defence...he was joking about it. You really think eminem got butt hurt by his comments? No only you retards got butthurt. He did best him a couple of times though.

  • mbongeni

    but obie did body Eminem on drips!

  • flowermissing


  • Anonymous

    If thats how he feels its cool with me

  • gogy

    hmm.... no. he sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Obie had some good moments, his verse on Love Me was dope

  • Anonymous

    I respect Obie but to go and say he bodied em on every track when em was at his peak is bitchass retarded.

  • GOD

    I'm sure the Unbiased Eminem Stans will be here any minute to say dumb shit about Eminem or Obie being Fags. But anyways i see where hes coming from. He feels he's a great rapper and he either convinces himself he didn't get bodied or is just extremely confident in his rhymes. I like Obie tho. BottomsUp was well done.

  • gogy

    obie trice is the worst rapper alive, lol

  • Mama Trice

    Bodied him? You never bodied Em you dumbass, but he sure bodied me when we fucked! SHUCK DUCKY QUACK QUACK

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