Mac Miller Discusses Source Of Musical Inspiration Behind "Macadelic"

Mac Miller explains what influenced him to release his latest mixtape.

Recently, Mac Miller was featured on BET's "106 & Park," where he first revealed how he celebrated the release of his debut album, Blue Slide Park.

"Ate some sushi, and I drank some champagne," responded Miller, who added, "Non-alcohol champagne."

Following the release of his latest mixtape, Macadelic, Miller was asked where he drew his musical inspiration.

"I think, more than anything, with this one everything just came from my own thoughts," he explained. "I really just took everything I've been through with music and traveling and working nonstop, just being tired, and not seeing any of my family and stuff."

Miller addressed how he set aside his typically playful persona in favor of more serious subject matter on Macadelic. "I just talked about it. For once. Instead of trying to make fun songs or something to party to. I just said some things that were inside of me."

"I always think about [making fun songs for the fans]. But this one, I just wanted to do for me, and I think it came across as genuine because the fans got to see what I wanted to say, and they really appreciated it."

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