Waka Flocka Flame Lambasts Tupac Shakur Hologram

Waka Flocka Flame weighs in on the Tupac hologram at Coachella and says "that shit wack."

While everyone from Nas to Raekwon praised Dr. Dre's decision to bring a hologram of Tupac Shakur onstage to perform live at Coachella, the move has left some artists with a bad taste in their mouths. Now, in a recent interview with Vibe, Brick Squad representative Waka Flocka Flame explains why he didn't like the virtual performance.

Flocka said that he felt the hologram was a kitschy cash-grab that exploited the death of a legendary artist. He added that it still doesn't sit well with him despite the fact that Dre made a donation to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation and received the blessings of Afeni Shakur prior to following through with the plan.

"I hated it, I don't think that shit needs to be done," he said. "That shit wack. I don't think they should be doing that. 'Cause they getting paid off a dead man's body...that shit still ain't cool [that the charity got paid]. You don't know what a dead man be wanting to do...you gotta let that man rest in peace. He's a great."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • CJ

    He didn't say anything bad about Pac, matter fact he called him a "great". He's trying to say that he thinks people are just doing this shit for the money, which I agree with. Hey, everyone has their own opinion.

  • andrefrankdre

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yYS2qqOPyk 2pac diss waka flocka skit unreleased-Talkin dat shit,don't get your young ass smacked (2012)

  • Height67

    I only listened to "No Hands" for Wale and "Hard in the paint" for the Obama parody.

  • E

    People are scared about the message or "movement" that is being revived, not about anyone cashing in on a hologram...WAKE UP

  • jp

    I'd rather see 2Pac perform dead than Waka Flocka spit live.

  • Xtroby

    Fuck you Waka Flocka Flame aka Weak Flocka

  • john

    Good Lord, rappers are the most boring interviewees on the planet. Such lazy diction. Its annoying as fuck.

  • BenWhite86

    Why are people saying Dre and Snoop are "cashing in" on the 2pac hologram? They would have got the same $$ without the 2pac hologram as people already got the tickets... it was a treat for fans of the Deathrow era. People stop whining and just enjoy that moment in hip-hop!! Plus Waka is not high profile to talk about this, he just wants his name out there.

    • pac fan

      Pac said My bad my phone be tweaking

    • pac fan

      In the song "Until The End of Time" Package said he wanted to live forever thru his music ...... he dead and he's still winning R.I.P

    • grrreeg

      they will, this is the beginning, then they take him on tour for the next six years and hock the technology to vegas hotels and then you can see tupac every night! better yet, put pac in a BEATS by dre commercial yay! the legend continues sigh

  • Anonymous

    The only time I agree with Waka. Eat a dick if you like that hologram shit

  • Anonymous

    i rather see a performance of tupacs' hologram than to see your ass performing those shitty songs that you just scream over the beats.

  • djsaltydog

    Let the man rest? Does that mean we should stop watching his videos and listening to his music too.

    • grrrreeg

      No just stop taking his dead visage and creating him and controlling him like a modern day puppet, thats all

  • trippinbreh

    Why does Waka even care about the Tupac hologram, did he know Tupac?

    • greeeeg

      no, but as much as im sure we hate to say it, waka flaka is representing the hip-hop/rap culture from which pac inspired and crafted. He may not have ever known pac but simply making hip-hop records and exercising the elements connects you to him. Even if you have never listened to pacs music you have probably heard a song that was influenced by him. I mean its not like pac was a waka flaka flame (haha), he was a pioneer, a poet and an extreme talent that touched every part of hip-hop culture. Thats why everyone involed with the art form feels affected about the hologram and has their opinion. We as listeners, producers, rappers, artists should recognize the line we are crossing as far as representation of artists after their death, its unprecedented, and without the proper control could easily get out of control and become exploitive of those deceased artists, i mean even as i type this it seems crazy that we are discussing it, i guess death isnt the final adventure.

  • saysumtintume

    i don't believe waka flocka lambasted anything...tal' shiit ,hatin maybe. but lambast Noooooooo!

  • Anonymous

    a tupac hologram tour would be a cash grab not this... this was a tribute... can this cornball please go die now no one wants to hear what a dude named waka flocka flame has to say

  • boboboo

    Ok buddy, i don't see him speaking out against yearly death anniversaries & movie remakes of these dead artists that generate money. Man this nigga is wack. He ain't giving shit money to tupac and his set up foundation.

  • Bad Kid

    Waka said it weird, but I agree. That shit was a obvious cash grab, let that man rest

  • Thizzlamic

    I would rather see a hologram of Tupac perform than Waka

  • Anonymous

    Why should we care what Flocka has to say? Really? lol

  • SmoKe

    WTF wud Waka Flaka Lame know bout wack, his shit is hardly even mentioned or noticed or sold and he's mad cause his respect is at a zero and Tupac is over 75 million and still recognized, so Waka need to study a 2pac cd an realize if 'Pac was here Waka Flaka Lame wudnt mean shit to the world

  • Anonymous

    people are missing the fuckin point!

  • Anonymous

    I\'m #RunninIt behind the scenes in the studio with @speakersmusic and @traviemccoy! http://shar.es/2o0TC via @sharethis

  • Brando

    First off, Dre straight up said that the hologram was a one time thing, hes not gonna go out and tour with it and cash in on it. Second, that shit cost like 400 thousand dollars outta Dres pocket, he did it outta respect not to cash in.

    • Brando

      "the hologram cost somewhere between $100,000 and $400,000" http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/report-tupac-hologram-at-coachella-cost-at-least-100k-20120416

    • truthurts

      So...Dr Dre called you up and confirmed it cost 400gz? And that he alone paid the bill and interscope or universal had nothing to do with it??? Dre couldn't help nate dogg with his medical bills, u think he gon cough up 400 thou for a pac hologram cuz he likes pac? Don't act like you're best friends with dre and he tells you all his financial/personal details. GTFOH, stop wasting my webspace.

  • far and wide

    they are trying to bring pac back from the dead. having him perform as a digital hologram? shit is wack as fuck. pac prob happy he gone away from this fuckin circus nahmean

  • far and wide


  • far and wide

    haha look at all these queers talking bad bout WACKA when he bring up REAL SHIT hahahaha all yall sissy boys need to shut the fuck up and listen

  • far and wide


  • Anonymous

    First brilliant think Wacka said-- faggot rapist Tupac gram was 100^ sheisty, fuck all ya'll nostalgia nerds and retards.

  • ThaREALDooK

    This nigga is truly full of shyt to say tht.. 1. dre pretty much put up the front money to get it started... brought an essence back to hip hop thts been missing.. 2. "Wack"? You one of the 3 people tht think so ... 3. "..that shit still ain't cool [that the charity got paid]." WHT THE FUCK U TALKIN BOUT? Do u kno wht that charity does IN THE NAME OF TUPAC SHAKUR?? Many kids have had a chance for college, or training in formal performance art and other aspects because of tht charity... Do you jus say bullshyt for attention? you already got the money.. u realize if DIGGY SIMMONS only sold 40,000 copies of a highly anticipated album and IT WAS MARKETED TO MTV KIDS and the like then you REALLY wont get past 100000 b4 the summer ends LOLOLZZZZ HAHAHAHA!!! im not hatin fuckboyz... BUT THIS NIGGA IS !! an u gone call me a hater? How bout you finally get a gold plaque then talk about how someone should represent the greats... Whr were you when the rock group placed the big ass lifesize BIGGIE poster bcz they wanted to respect Biggie an his hometown and his music? O let me guess ... tht shyt was wakk too... So lets put up a waka flocka (gag) hologram ... o wait... nobody wants to see u on screen like tht.. Ur an average rapper.. actually not average.. wayy below.. Diggy is a way better rapper than you anyway.. Jus drop the project an get back to yo bullshyt...

  • Ishmail

    I gotts a condo on my wist yhea gurl im cashin out, ride aeround wit tat nina

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    any real nigga don't respect gay Dray or gay Slob Dogg

    • Anonymous

      Most people aren't niggers. Wtf does wacky flocks know he's even admitted he's weak - its like south park saying zookeepier 2 - fuck you, you'll watch it

  • JUAN


  • #BrickSquad#

    Who cares what a below average nobody thinks anyway. What has Waka done? Who made his opinion important?not only`s this fool the wackest rapper alive, "yeah even soulja boy`s betta than his ass", this fools hating cause he`s workin with suge so he obviously be hating on the real niggaz...check this out Waka...."If pac was still here nw, he would neva ride wicha...na nana na na-na na-na"....And this is coming from a brick squad monopoly fan..but coz of ths..fuck waka!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA wacka s opinion

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Does this guys opinion even matter in any way, shape or form?? Didn't think so. I doubt he even knows what the word 'lambasts' from the artitle title means. It's a much too complex word for him to understand. This guy is a fucking joke and should never be taken seriously.

    • Donald Passman

      yeah, his opinion really does matter. however, your opinion doesn't matter. you're not a true tupac fan and that's why you hate that waka flocka is taking up for pac. we still love pac, it's still fuck dre, bad boy and anybody riding with them. the truth will never die. so, in closing this message........die slow.

    • Anonymous

      Any real 2Pac fan would curse you, Dre and Snoop out for being fake. Pac didn't like Dre nor Snoop around the time of his death. Just listen to "Toss It Up" and the end of "2 Live and Die in L.A.". That will let you know that Dre ain't shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Fuck Sean Ryon

    Fuck Sean Ryon for that "that shit still ain't cool [that the charity got paid]" line

  • Anonymous

    All of you don't get it. Flocka riding with suge of course he's going to say some shit like this. Flocka better be careful suge'll get you shot.

  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    Don't he have an album called "Wakaveli"....riiiiight!

    • Anonymous

      What's your point?? You mad because Tupac still has loyal fans all these years later...........suck a dry one.

  • JPipe

    Why people acting like Dre tried to male money off the hologram? The hologram was a complete surprise. Him trying to make money would be them advertising it to get more people to come to the show. Now if he takes it on tour then we can point that finger.

    • ThaREALDooK

      No nigga.. Pac had no love for Dre.. yo gay ass is jus a follower.. So if Pac say F*** religion u gone say REAL NIGGAS AINT GOT NO LOVE FOR GOD??? ITs all the same if u a follower.. Leaders lead... Dre is a leader.. he changed the rap game in the 90's ... changed the production value in 2000.. an now the man is changin the way we see concerts now.. If u are smart enuff to see progressiveness then you will put the stupid 20 yr old beef to the side cuz im sure Pac wouldn't be in his 40's now talkin bout fucc biggie fucc dre fucc bad boy.. tht man would be making peace cuz he'd be stupid rich by now and beefing only messes up the money.. he jus wasn't able to see with all them big ass red niggas in front of him... So if bein a follower makes u a "real nigga" by ur standards then "real nigga" i'll pass..

    • Dre Fruity as Alize

      You must be fake like Dre? Real niggaz ain't got no love for gay azz Dre.

    • Emm

      Easy. People are idiots who like critical thinking faculties.



  • Anonymous

    Waka flocka looks like whoopi goldberg had a son with big bird

  • Anonymous

    ...that shit still ain't cool [that the charity got paid]. Does anyone else think Sean Ryon wrote this just to make Waka look stupid? Not attacking him, just wondering. I know Waka proves this on a regular basis already, but I was just wondering.

  • Anonymous

    "That shit wack. I don't think they should be doing that. 'Cause they getting paid off a dead man's body...that shit still ain't cool [that the charity got paid]. You don't know what a dead man be wanting to do...you gotta let that man rest in peace. He's a great." Are those the lyrics for your next song?

  • Anonymous

    But Waka.... Your music is even more disrespectful to the rap game than the hologram. As you would say "That shit ain't cool"

  • Moot

    Waka needs to read books and get smart with his money... His opinion does not matter about nothing.. The youngin' need to catch up on his lessons...

  • conspiracy keanu

    what if the industry wanted waka to say this so that everyone that hates him disagrees with him and like the hologram?

    • Agent Mulder

      Don't worry, bub. I'm from the X-Files, bub, and my X-men will get right on this conspiracy. Rest assured, bub, we'll give a thorough investigation, because im the best at what I do.

  • fuck waka flocka

    a bird shit hologram still has more talent than waka flocka. wasnt he supposed to retire?

  • rJ

    Yes, it can look fucked up making money off a hologram but think of how many people appreciated it for what it was and not what it made in terms of $$$. Shit was beautiful

  • i'm at work and bored

    Yeah, this is coming from a clown who named his album Flockaveli. Hahahaha. The nerve

  • venom

    yes wacka let the man rest in peace after you dont let him and drag pacs name through the mud with shit like flockaveli bottom line is if 2pac was alive flocka woulndnt be

  • oldschool4life

    Honestly I don't think he has any room to talk bad about Dre's hologram. Dre knew Pac these new guys shouldn't be talking about what Pac would've wanted when they never once spoke to the man. I'm curious to see how proprietary the hologram was costing $400,000.00 (Correct me if im wrong) plus a donation of i'm not sure how much but im sure it was significant. I wouldn't be surprised if he lost money since it doesn't seem like he's going to take the hologram on tour and didn't advertise the hologram prior to the show

  • BlazinSkull

    Even though i dislike Waka Flocka as a rapper, i'm gonna be a honest man i actually agree with his point. That Tupac stunt was not cool. I still think waka is waka waka wack

  • Anonymous

    "FLOCKAVELI" < "MAKAVELI".Waka.. shut the FLOCKA up lol, you parodied Pac's album name to get attention you gelatenous tapeworm hypocrite.

  • Afi K. James

    As crap as this rapper, he has got a point here.

  • Anonymous

    Waka Flocka's probably scared that he will be replaced by a Biggie hologram by summer, ROTFL!!!!

  • phraynkh

    its sad when waka flocka is the only voice of reason...

    • yup

      I gotta say, for a guy whose music might not be the greatest, he sure seems to be more of a voice of reason then most rappers, i'll give him that he certainly comes across like a stand up dude

  • Hellno

    Every song waka puts out is more of an Insult to pac's legacy than the hologram. When people like c-Bo said the hologram was wrong, I can respect that cause they actually knew pac. But waka was probably like 6 when tupac died so he has no business commenting on it. Even though pac might not have been on the best terms with snoop and dre, I'm sure he would hate waka flocka more. Especially after this fool named his album flockaveli which is way more disrespectful than the hologram.

    • Afi K. James

      Flockaveli was a lame album, but this 2pac hologram is just plain horrible, a disgrace.

    • Anonymous

      How you going to speak on Waka and how old he was when you dont know, if listened to pac growing up he has a right to how he feels regardless if you like how he rap or not, just because you like 2pac dont make you a great rapper yourself

  • Anonymous

    "for all y'all know pac was probably still on speaking terms with dre" Pac himself was talking bad about Dre. You mean to tell me Suge made him say those things? Nah. Pac was a grown man. No way he was forced to say anything he didn't mean.

  • smov231

    Can't believe these comments. does people really think pac hated dre. dre left deathrow of course pac was goning to diss him for that he didnt have a choice. suge probably made him do that. dre did help produce hits for pac and the entire deathrow. for all y'all know pac was probably still on speaking terms with dre.

  • Anonymous

    Andre and Calvin are some sneaky snakes. That's why they're both still alive. Pac was way too real and that's why he ain't here no more. I have never had respect for fake Andre nor fake Snoop (except when he was with No Limit)

  • Dre Day Only Meant Eazy's Payday

    WaKKKa is right Dre & Snoop has absolutely no right to be exploiting Tupac Shakur's image like that. If they had any respect for Tupac, they would let him rest in peace cause they know damn well Pac hated them.

    • Fuck Dre and Snoop

      They hate Tupac because he put them their place. No matter how much money they make, they can never put him in his place...........living or dead.

  • Anonymous

    Name your debut album "Flockaveli". Diss the Tupac hologram for exploiting a legend. Just shut up, Waka.

  • JC

    Who cares what this guy thinks Wack ass mc

  • matt

    wakas opinion on the 2pac hologram doesnt even fuckin matter. some people see it as a light! someone with his range of shit music shouldnt have an opinion on this kind of stuff.

  • Patches

    Waka Flocka calling something wack is like Rainman calling someone retarded.

  • what

    Man Waka is right if pac was alive he still might be diss Dr. Dre everybody forget that in the ending 2pac wasnt cool with Dre, now that pac is gone they cool and he can use that nigga to make money, man think about he left this earth dissing dre, why would he want dre to use his name man.

  • rydersix10

    "you don't know what a dead man be wanting to do"...LOL. Wacka flocka talk for ya..of course artist like him are mad about it. Tupac's damn hologram shut the whole show down. who else was performing again???.. legendary holograms might put some of these new corny rappers out of business. step ya game up newbies..or the dead will take ya place...through hologram...

  • Anonymous

    If anything its baecause of creating awareness for his upcoming music, so there you might have a getting a paid point!.. but even then if anybody should pull something like that it should be him and snoop who uhmmmm did "actually' make the hits we all love today with him!!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm Yeah Dr Dre really needs more money, thats gotta be his motive.... figure it out!!

  • Cci

    Y'all 2pac dickriders betta keep Andre name out their mouth.. or maybe thank him for REincrease sales

    • Anonymous

      Even though im not against tupacs hologram your argument is wack, tupac doesnt need a sales reincrease doesnt he

  • RSVP

    The thing I like about this Waka is that he's a fan of hiphop. I remember him saying Nas was the best rapper, he always repping 2Pac and listened to Method Man and Wu...I think that's dope. That's why I could never hate on this dude. Same with Rick Ross....I like rappers who listen to hiphop, respect hiphop.

  • Callumomac

    Didn't this fag call his album Flockaveli? after Makaveli? moron

  • 40

    dont he make money of slim?

  • king arthur

    In 2011 these songs leaked on the internet 1-Untouchables ft Snoop,Bad Ass,Outlawz 2-Ride 4 Me ft Kurupt,Fatal Hussein 3-NY87 ft DoggPound,Threat,DJ Quik 4-Watch Ya Mouth 5-Road 2 Glory (tyson dedication) 6-If my enemies loved there kids ft outlawz 7-Ambitions as a Fighter (tyson dedication) 8-Secrets of War ft Outlawz(new PAC verse) 9-Welcome to DeathRow ft Danny Boy 10-Komrads ft Outlawz Nothing new has leaked in 2012 - but if you like PAC check out the above songs - STR8 Hennessey

  • DA1

    SPEAK THE TRUTH KID! foreal that shit was wack. you fans gonna start payin for hologram shows while your artist is chillin at home. Dre been making money so. he aint relevant right now he had to do something big

  • Anonymous

    who cares what this fag thinks, just looking for abit of press

  • koth561

    Pac has like one good song why don't you guys listen to better rappers like anybody from WU-Tang

    • wu4lyf

      I'm the biggest Wu stan on the plant but c'mon now. That's a ridiculous comment. Smarten up.

    • Anonymous

      I am speaking for all the bloggers with common sense here and we hereby stop u from commenting henceforth. U are gay if u really think Pac has one good song. Kill urself u lil bitch.

  • peanut8080

    waka flaka faggot shut the fuck up nobody asked ur opinion about anything and btw stop making music.our ears can't take it anymore

  • rob

    dre was making hits and money long before tupac came to deathrow,still doing it now,gtfoh

  • Fish

    eh, excuse me Waka Flocka Faggot, u made money off the same dead man by callin ur album Flockaveli. Wanker.

  • Anonymous

    One of the key results from the Tupac Coachella performance was a spike in sales from his older albums and greatest hits compilation, this of course means that a newer generation have been re-introduced to his music as well as witnessing a technology not too common with hip hop or even pop performances. Regardless of the morality of the matter, Tupac's legendary music continues to permeate every decade after his death so we must give some credit to Dre regardless of past beef that what he did was not just for himself but for the culture. It was a cultural milestone for hip hop. I wish you guys can see the bigger picture.

  • AJS

    I can respect Wacka's opinion, but at the end of the day he has no room to talk. His whole career is nothing, but a cash grab. I mean every artist is trying to make money, but at least some of them rap about more than the same old main stream crap he raps about.

  • Anonymous

    they do need to let pac rest they got that man performin beyond the grave

    • Afi K. James

      Just like they need to let biggie, big l and big pun finally rest in peace, I AM SICK TO DEATH OF PEOPLE CONTINUING TO KEEP DEAD RAPPER'S LEGACIES ALIVE AND TURNING THEM INTO SHIT!

  • GBtha G

    yall muthafuckaz dat comment on dis site are nuthin but fuckin cockroaches.Makaveli wasn't Dre's enemy nor Doggy Dogg's enemy..... they just disagreed which iz normal. Now all of u must shut the fuck up & concentrate on yo damn punkass lives.

    • jase

      you dumb ass fuck. pac hated dre. you best go listen to the songs. pac wasnt playing around with that fruitcake ass muthafucka. and he was doen with snoops bitch ass too. if pac had lived snoop woulda caught the wrath as well. snoop just got lucky. his ass was next.

    • Anonymous

      nigga, listen to "toss it up" and you will clearly hear, that pac called dre fake and gay...........stop trying to rewrite history!!!!!!

  • ItsMeNukka

    It's funny how the irrelavent talks about the relavent. Okay Mr. Flockaveli let a dead man rest then? dumbass

  • Luccc

    #smh the wackest nigga in the motherfucking game is criticizin THE fuckin legend D.R.E Common son, get back to ur grind and stfu asshole

    • jase

      pac fucking hated dre you dumb muthafucka. and he didnt like snoop at the end either. go do ya research before you speak. and i co-sign waka 100 percent.

    • Anonymous

      Any real Tupac fan would not be cool with him sharing a stage with 2 niggaz that hated him. Dr Dre and Snoop is some fake azz niggaz

  • drob

    This dude has no room to talk. He disgraced 2pac by naming his album "Flockaveli"

  • Anonymous


  • DL Dub

    Hah waka...flocka...flamer... This guy must have his panties on too tight to get so heated of this. How old are you dude 24, 25? You were barely old enough to remember pac yet you had the audacity to name your debut album "flockaveli" when you didnt even have half the talent of Tupac. A fourth even. You destroy everything hip hop used to mean, and you think you can tell us what one of our greatest legends would do now? Muh fucka that beef Dre and Pac had was nearly 20 YEARS ago, I'm retty sure they would have let it go by now. This shit wasn't about Dre or Snoop at all, it was about introducing this newer sheep of a generation to a legend. You just mad they would rather have a hologram of a dead man, than a live version of you.

    • Jason

      Haha!! You went in! So true though, and what self-respecting rapper calls themselves 'wocka-flocka'. Kindergarten rap names I swear.

  • shiitt

    Fuck yea waka. don't like all his music but waka keeps it real



  • ka-as

    they didnt announce that it was 2pac they were going to use as a hologram so people couldnt say it was a cash grab.

  • Anonymous

    does anybody give a flying fuck what waka has to say about anything hip hop related?

    • Anonymous

      Everybody in the public eye has an opinion it seems, if MTV can ask Micheal Rappaport for his 2 cents then I guess everybody can chime in, lol

  • Anonymous

    I don't care how wack he is, the man's right in this case. As for his album title, that's more of a tribute thing, even though it was a complete and utter shit of an album. It's one thing to just name your album "Flockaveli." It's another thing to have a hologram represent 'Pac next to two people he clearly wasn't cool with at the end, shouting out "What the fuck is up, Coachella." Now that shit's wack. The only good thing about that hologram was that Afeni was somewhat thrilled. At least the man's mother got some satisfaction out of it.

  • dentaldamboy

    Why do people keep referring to the beef that Pac had with Snoop and Dre. Yea he was on bad terms with both of them when he got shot but that doesn't mean that they were mortal enemies. I'm sure after Pac got shot Snoop and Dre looked back on thier beef with him and realized how petter that shit was. Don't you think if Pac had survived he would have made ammends with guys like Snoop, Dre and maybe even Biggie?

    • Anonymous

      Dude, by your logic I guess we can all assume that if Hitler had lived a lil longer he might have sent the Jews an apology letter Its arrogant to make a dead mans mind up for him. He didnt like Dre, at all, he started those gay rumors to ruin his career, before he died Pac was on radio stations threatening to find Dre's mystery boyfriend and pull him out the closet for the world to see. This was the 90's, not 2K, back then being exposed as a faggot would have killed Dre's entire career off. If Pac had his way, Dre would have never been in a position to pull that hologram stunt

  • Rodrick

    Never thought I'd agree with this fool on anything, first time for everything I suppose. I dont care how many diffrent ways you try and justify its well documented in history that Pac didnt like Dre at all, dude is the one who started those gay rumors that follow Dre around to this day, and the feeling was mutual, Dre didnt even want Pac on "California Love", Suge signed him & added him to it while Dre was in a halfway house and Dre was pissed about it Then again this is coming from the same guy who named his album "Flockaveli", So it is kinda of hypocritical, Pac was so paranoid he thought Nas was biting his shit when he wasnt, I doubt you naming your album after his would sit well with him either

  • The MG

    "They makin money off a dead man's body...that shit still ain't cool" And you named your album Flockaveli, dumbass!

  • nick

    This is coming from a guy who named his album 'Flockaveli'

  • andy

    I hope Waka Flocka Flame Dies sometime soon.... Bitch ASS NIGGA

  • Anonymous

    Any real Tupac fan would not be cool with him sharing a stage with 2 niggaz that hated him. Dr Dre and Snoop is some fake azz niggaz.

  • Dan

    I cant help but think of that muppet every time I hear this fools name Fozzy Bear or whatever. Always went around saying Wacka Wacka Wacka

  • J CHRIST Hes just N Ice

    "You don't know what a dead man be wanting to do...you gotta let that man rest in peace." -_- soooo..how bout those knicks?

  • Insaneman

    Wacka Wack Who?????

  • M62

    I AGREE-This dude should not be mentioned in the same sentence as PAC..... And deserves no opinion

  • Cris

    Dude has no right to talk about anything realating to Pac so he should mind his business

    • Anonymous

      wacka ...ur garbage! n the only reason u say this is bc if a pacs album sales start goin up n they put a tour together u n all those other fake ass rappers will b done. only thing wack is ur lyrics...bitch!

  • STFU

    this fool has no right to use the word "wack" he cant even call Future wack. gay ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    This dude should not be mentioned in the same sentence as PAC..... And deserves no opinion

  • Twinbades

    This coming from the guy that named his debut album Flockaveli? Smh this faggot

  • iamhiphop

    Waka Flocka talking about using a dead person for money? This is one big contradiction. Waka is the same dude who named his debut album after Tupac, who changed his name to Makaveli before he died, and just took a shit on and exploited his name for money and publicity/fame. He shouldn't be speaking about this matter.

  • FuKKK WaKKKa FloKKKa Flame

    Only time in my life I agree with this faggot

  • Kevinn Wright

    that punk ass nigga cant talk he cant even rap. he ugly AF 2!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Man shut the fuck up ur cancer to hiphop

  • dr

    Flocka shouldn't have an opinion, that dudes whack himself!

  • Duneansopranogang

    Yea they should make a flock hologram one that can actually rap

  • Eric Hayes

    Will this start a trend with other artist that passed on ? Whoever came up with this ideas will be rich ... Elvis, Richard Pryor, MJ, and others will be back -- Yeah I did say Richard Pryor..I'd see another concert from him. Crunkatlanta

  • Crunkatlanta

    Will this start a trend with other artist that passed on ? Whoever came up with this ideas will be rich ... Elvis, Richard Pryor, MJ, and others will be back -- Yeah I did say Richard Pryor..I'd see another concert from him.

  • Anonymous

    Making money from a dead man's body? Well, what the fuck do you think Zombie Pac is going to do he's now a fucking zombie he's practically dead but is still working on his new album

  • Nathaniel

    I agree with waka 100% on this one. Shit aint right

    • Esco

      The fuck is wrong with this Bubba Gump nigga? He ain say shit about a hater. He stated an opinion. Elaborate? He dont owe you a fuckin explanation as to why he thinks its wrong. Get the sand out of your vag.

    • Bubba Gumps bottom lip

      lol you gotta love guys like this...these are the guys who generally duck intelligent convos with "u just hatin" "u a hater"...ask em why EXACTLY dont you agree? "just aint right"...huh? just aint right? in what way? Pac's blood mother is behind it, 2pacs charity ( in Ga. which is beautiful & informative btw) gets proceeds...so what do you mean "it just aint right"? wtf kinda answer is that? Elaborate...meaning explain yourself smh lol...

  • Anonymous

    Whether he's right or not I can't take him seriously

  • Anonymous

    They should make a waka flack a holagram

  • Anonymous

    Waka shut up, you are wack!

  • Anonymous:

    Waka stfu, you are wack!

  • Young King

    Who cares who's getting paid off it.. the charity's getting money i'm sure and it was dope for Hip Hop. fuck up waka...

    • ETK

      it was dope for hip-hop. got everybody to appreciate Tupac once more, his real fans enjoyed that shit and it was put together well. this goofball can't accept it tho because someone made a buck off it. everybody makes money off something, idiot waka. and he doesn't know any better what a dead man wants to do so he can't talk. a hologram certified Tupac as a loved icon... who wouldn't love that shit??? plus it got niggas to buy more of Tupac's CD, and you tellin me he DOESN'T want that? some bullshit...

  • thought dog

    Definitely agree with Waka on this one. Especially when they change up lyrics to Tupacs songs for the performance.

  • VTR

    >mfw waka is actually right

  • mikkel

    Read my thoughts here: http://returnthegoblin.com/?p=178 Leave a reply aswell!



    • Arms vs Legs

      LMAO real nigga shit? like how? he barely said ANYTHING!! he said and I quote "You don't know what a dead man be wanting to do..." HAHAHAHAHA! you dont know what a dead man BE wanting to do? and that qualifies as 'real nigga shit'? wow...insults are too good for you...you sir need a good swift kick in your hind parts lol...

    • Anonymous

      Both Drake and Waka suck. They're always about bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    wakas right, u lames are wrong

  • ETK

    oh yeah man what we need is more hip-hop goodness from this shamble-tattooed autistic lookin sumbitch seriously, why does it matter to niggas if someone made a cent from Pac's hologram... it's fucking stupid

  • Anonymous

    1. Waka probably doesn't know what labmast means. 2. Its Waka, who gives a shit. 3. Is this really a hip-hop story?

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