The Hip Hop Week In Review: T.I. Beefs With Azealia Banks, Judge Rules Lyrics Are Fair Game In Lil Boosie Murder Trial

A judge ruled that lyrics can be used against Lil Boosie in his murder trial, while the T.I. and Azealia Banks beef heated up. Jadakiss also released his new mixtape "Consignment."

This week, Lil Boosie hit a pre-trial snag after a judge ruled that the prosecution would be allowed to use his lyrics against him in his murder case. Boosie’s lawyers objected, but a judge upheld the ruling that his words can be employed against him. Meanwhile, T.I. and Azealia Banks went at this week after the former called the latter’s beef with Iggy Azalea “bitch shit,” which prompted Banks to put him on blast on Twitter. Jadakiss also released his mixtape Consignment this week, speaking with HipHopDX about how he linked with DJ Drama for the project and if he can still battle rap.

Judge Decrees That Lyrics Can Be Used In Lil Boosie Murder Trial

Lil Boosie’s lyrics might come back to bite him during his murder trial. This week, Judge Mike Erwin ruled that specific lyrics from one of his songs can be used by the prosecution to show personal intent in the case. Though the song wasn’t named, the interrogating officer says that the terms “187,” “murk” and “cake” were used as a reference to Boosie hiring in a hitman to kill Terry Boyd in 2009. Boosie’s lawyers hit back by stating that the officer was not an expert in rap slang and that the prosecution may have altered the lyrics of the track. The judge sustained their objections. Boosie’s trial is set to begin on Monday (April 30th). If found guilty, he faces life in prison.

T.I. Calls Iggy Azalea & Azealia Banks Beef “Bitch Shit,” Azealia Fires Back

T.I. stirred the pot this week by offering his two cents in the spar between Azealia Banks and his Grand Hustle signee Iggy Azalea. During an interview, Tip referred to their situation as “bitch shit” and said that Banks had “no business addressing me.” She didn’t take too kindly to his words, trashing him on Twitter with some dicey words of her own. The “212” rapstress called him a “fucking clown” and said that it’s “funny how you have plenty of time to address me but have nothing to say to the dudes who been calling u at as a snitch forever.” T.I. is yet to respond.

Jadakiss Releases Consignment Mixtape With DJ Drama

Jadakiss gave fans a treat this week with the release of his Gangsta Grillz mixtape Consignment, which featured guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Swizz Beatz, Lloyd Banks, Young Jeezy and a slew of others. He spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about how he linked with Mr. Thanksgiving for the tape and whether or not he can still battle rap. Additionally, Kiss spoke on hitting the studio with Kanye West, Yasiin Bey, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled, as well as addressed his rumored hair loss.

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