Nas' Baby Mother Carmen Bryan Slams "Daughters"

Carmen Bryan had choice words to share with Nas about his new single "Daughters."

Following yesterday's release of Nas' "Daughters," his baby's mother Carmen Bryan wasn't very pleased with the way he depicted their daughter Destiny.

Taking to Twitter to fume, Bryan claims that Esco "had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false." She later faced a barrage of negative comments on Twitter, and responded to some by stating that Destiny did not appreciate the way her father spoke about her.

Bryan asserted that Destiny is "extremely talented, caring and has a huge heart, none of those things were mentioned. I'm proud of her."

"Daughters" is slated to be included on Nas' upcoming album Life is Good, releasing July 17th.

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Just heard "Daughters" by Nas. What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false!
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TravDave Trav
in reply to @TravDave

@TravDave Ques? do u really think Destiny appreciated that song? Seriously.
Apr 27 via web  Favorite  Retweet  Reply

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DJSeanJuan DJ Sean Juan
in reply to @DJSeanJuan

@DJSeanJuan Destiny is extremely talented, caring and has a huge heart, none of those things were mentioned. I'm proud of her.
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CarmenBryan Carmen Bryan
DJSeanJuan DJ Sean Juan
in reply to @DJSeanJuan

@DJSeanJuan Maybe he just doesn't know her like I do. My song would have been totally different!
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  • Anonymous

    she couldn't have hated the song that much to be in the video

  • jimmy

    Hey I agree with the dude below she should be found dead somewhere lol

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this is coming from the bitch who fucked his enemy at the time, Jay-Z do you really think Destiny is proud of you, a slut that'll fuck anything in spite of Nas (her father) lol will someone shoot this talentless, swagless bitch

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with the song?you must be crazy,Nas knows his daughter in his own way so if you don't appreciate that hung yourself.Nkt

  • S

    I've said it once and ima say it again - these comment boards are THE best....LMAO

  • Fuck Carmen

    This bitch said her version would be totally diferent!!!??? LOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoL

  • Level 32

    Get your 15 more minutes Carmen! If you don't like what Nas said in this song you not ready for your little girl to grow up and face what you got coming as a parent...Ben Frank.

  • HUH


  • JAY-Z


  • ilikevideo


  • Shone Jones

    That isn't anger that Carmen is feeling. It's Guilt.

  • kennyken

    talkin about 99 problems and a bitch is 99% of them

  • Anonymous

    im bout get on twitter and flame the shit outta her

    • Nave Noblique

      While you`re there you should follow me @navenoblique & check out my latest mixtape Pain is Free II ->

  • Anonymous

    Nasir u did nothing wrong my brother all u are is a True Artist and arguebly the greatest Mc to touch a mic.. Peace

  • I Cannot Love My City

    Fuck Carmen


      DIE SLOW MOTHAPHUCKA! If you don't love your city, why you living there then!!!??? Go the fuck away! Bitch!!!


      CO-SIGH! I dont love my city ether why would you love and respect a place that causes pain and suffering from day 2 day.......oh and FUCK CARMEN

    • Mr. Bill Collector

      Ain't got no love for niggas that don't love they own ci-ty, motherfuck you punk nigga

    • Fuck I Cannot Love My City

      Nigga fuck you. "I Cannot Love My City". The fuck outta here then. If you ain't down for your hood, die slow mothaphucka.

  • Big Homie Locc Dogg

    I'm riding my boyfriend's cock right now cause I think I'm a crip nigga but in reality I'm just a lil slob bitch

  • Carmen Bryan

    ...and he didn't say anything nice about Jay-Z's kids... ....which I swallowed!

  • BigMike

    I understand where Carmen is coming from, honestly what parent wants anything negative about their child being put out on the internet. But at the same time, Nas is not detailing every character flaw of his child he is just discussing the trials and tribulations of being a father and how his indiscretions affect his ability to do so. I think she should listen to the song properly as he does say "Although you real, plus an honest kid". I find it interesting that Carmen Byran does not flat out say everything he is talking about is a lie, so I take what Nas is saying as being true.

    • Anonymous

      nas didnt saying anything that wasn't already public.... its a positive song about fatherhood. Lets hope that his daughter reads her mom's book and realises who she should be listening to... her honest positive father or her slut-attention grabbing - golddigger whore of mother.

  • Anonymous

    its not a depiction of his daughter its a little fiction and imagination through the feelings that having a daughter gives him, this lady just wants attention and its more embarrasing for herself for what she said than it is nas.

  • Anonymous

    Carmen Bryan shoud shut tha fuck up. All you whant is making money of Nas. Nas is making real tru hip hop, and he loves he`s daughter. He is a man...a tru G from Q.B NAS do youre thing.. Hip Hop loves you, I we will stay on youre side.

  • Anonymous

    My song??? Bitch please!!!

  • Anonymous

    nas just been real with is daughter.....true hip hop shit...

  • Anonymous

    This nigga stay taking L's.

    • Anonymous

      how is he taking l's?? cause his babymother is bitching about how it isnt an overtly positive song about his daughter that leaves out the negative shit?? get the fuck outta here hater! u take a l for thinking nas takes on just cause his attention-seeking whore ex opens her big ass mouth smh

  • Anonymous

    O my how sexy this female is!!!!!!!!. Given the opportunity I'd devour her be it in bed or a sofa!!!!! muthafuckaz.

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    hahahahahahah Nas left his situation with KELIS to get with this BEEIATCH? HAHHAHAHAHHA



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  • Anonymous

    we dont have a logical brain in there body you cant trust them.

  • Anonymous

    god ghetto black women like her are always trouble they are so dumb and ignorant thats why i dont fuck with them. middle class classy looking sisters only.

  • Really?

    the exact definition of "Bitch". always hating on there ex/baby daddy. can never appreciate anything a man does especially 55k a fucking month! just trying to get attention. probably mad cause the "mom" wasnt mentioned in the song.

    • Anonymous

      you can look at her and tell she a ignorant pillar ghetto looking bitch stay away from hoes like this they are nothing but trouble.

  • Anonymous

    really? on twitter?

  • Anonymous

    If you think Hip Hop Is Dead,Street Disciples and Untitled are sub par albums...Your ear game is eff'd up.

  • Anonymous

    is this the girl who gets 55k$ child support ?

  • Anonymous

    The song was about the relations between fathers and daughters, i.e. how fathers hate to see their daughters grow up and become rebellious and date. Dumb bitch should actually listen to the song before making an opinion.

  • Smoke

    This bitch a ho she fucked wit Jay Z an Nas, she probably got yeast infection, before she was light as hell, now she look lyk a brick oven pizza

    • COSBY


  • ebaggs03

    excuse me "you can tell the the track..." SEE WHAT BITCHES DO!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does this dumb bitch even understand what the song is about?

  • ebaggs03

    bithces are never happy. no one wants to hear nas speaking sum goodie two shoes shit, its hip hop. Nas is just speaking of growing pains, and even gives sum of the blame to himself. the way the track started you can tell he the track was inspired by one major incident that just struck him to pick up the pen. fuck these hoes, even too much is never enough.

  • Anonymous

    This is all for publicity. And apparently it's working. Memo to Nas. Keep your private life private, cause this only makes you look like a bad father when you have to make a song about your daughter's ways. And so's there's no double standard, Eminem should look back on all the crap he made public in his songs and shake his head. Halie will grow up and probably hate her father for all the crap he said about her mother. Who cares if he's rich. Money can't solve dysfunction.

    • Jason

      On point with this one.. imagine being the kid. NaS and Em had a shit upbringing but people can relate to it and they make good of the stories. Their kids however... everyone wants them to fuck up enough without being the subject of the music their mates bop to.

  • @Mac Dre

    Mac Dre was the fakest and most faggot nigger that ever put a foot on this planet.

  • Anonymous

    This article needs a song. This one goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas... mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas. I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, ooooh (in this case Ms. Bryan), i am for reeeeaaal... And yes she did Al and Jay, if you're wondering. She take my money when I'm in need (unlike Al and Jay). OH shes a gold digga way over time

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't she Jay's and AI's smut???

  • Anonymous

    Your song should be titled..."HOES"...fuck outta here bitch...mad kuz Nas ain't acknowledge yo ass....I mean you can speak on all the good things she does...we have seen that shes no angel and thats what he was expressing kuz through it all he still loves her to shud be able to took a wrong turn sumwhere in life and lucked up on Nas...

  • Michael

    These comments are amazing. This is the first time that I've actually seen EVERYBODY agree on the same thing on this site LOL!

  • Anonymous

    CarmenBryan you a stupid hoe, you, you, you a stupid hoe, you a stupid hoe, you, you, you a stupid. This bitch is so much of a goldigging homewrecking slut that I'm actually dissing her with another stupid hoes song. SMH.

  • Anonymous

    NAS TALKING ABOUT THE "Daughters" song . Here is the Link

  • Anonymous

    Bitch you fuck jay-z and iverson shut up !!

  • Anonymous

    This woman is the lowest of all. She commits adultery and then makes money off him after the divorce with her books n shit. Gives women a bad name.

  • Mac Dre

    Yo Mac Dre will thizzle wiggle on nass moley ass face, remember 2pac respected mac dre when he was in tha bay

    • @Mac Dre

      Nigga fuck Mac Dre that was a pussy bitch nigger who disgraced hip hop with that "Hyphy" bullshit fuck Dre & his family

  • Jay-Z

    I fucked this bitch a couple years ago.

  • Anonymous

    isn't this the bitch that fucked camel!

  • Anonymous

    She is a simple whore and her daughter is the same thing. Both are only known for being kin to Nas and fucking

  • J

    Carmen is a Cunt, my opinion. Don't know the bitch, but she seems like it. Bull shit bitch new subject

  • Real Talk

    She fucked jay behind nas back.. She has no opinion about talking GREATLY about ANYONE

  • Anonymous

    I dont see why celebrities feel the need to talk about their children and families where the world can hear them, let the kid be a kid, your the one who asked to be famous, not her. Always said the same thing about Eminem, you think his daughter at 16 is thrilled to be walking around school knowing the whole world knows her and her parents buisness??

    • casper21

      now I'm not in high school, pretty far removed from it actually, but high school mentalities haven't changed in decades, only fashion and music trends have. I've seen a picture of one of his daughters, a really cute blond cheerleader. I'd bet every dollar that his kids are some of the most popular kids in school, when has a teenage girl ever turned down that kind of attention. They're rich and spoiled as shit. And the worst part is, maybe actually a benefit for them is that no one in high school has probably ever played or even owns any of his first three records, they know Eminem, the "I'm not afraid" eminem, not slim shady, not by a long shot

  • Lyf_Dezines

    she got nothing else better to do

  • Anonymous

    Lmao @ Carmen's friends tell us why ya mad???

  • Anonymous

    She was a black girl lost when the first one came out in 96' And she's still a black girl lost 2012

  • Lakeisha Curtis

    This is just a case of a no talent gold digging whore, trying to use her child to get attention. She was saying that Nas was disrespecting his daughter by being friends with Jay Z. No, he was just showing the world that you aren't an important factor. She was bragging that she was the reason two Hip Hop titans were beefing, when it had nothing to do with her washed up ass. I congratulate Nas and Jay Z for making her a non factor.

    • Anonymous

      She has no talent and her daughter doesn't neither. They both have been living off of Nas for years. Now that the gravy train has stopped, they both are pissed. I never purchased a Nas album, but I will be buying this one.

  • smh

    isn't this the bitch Jay fucked?

  • Glammer

    Carm, just count your blessings and count your money that you've made off the strength of your Baby's father, and shut up. If your words garner any attention from anyone it's for the simple fact that Nas is your kids' father. You're just the lucky winner of the sperm lottery. If it was some random dude that skeeted up in you, you would just be another angry bird who's frivolous bitching would fall on deaf ears. Hoes like you are the reason why young girls aspire to be gold diggers and leaches and trap a talented nigga rather than getting their OWN piece of the pie and being respectable women. Maybe you can get another book deal out of this one. Or you and superhead can do a collabo'.

  • Anonymous

    carmen you re evil! lol

    • Important People

      She isn't smart enough nor important enough to be evil. In order to be considered evil, you have to be able to make a difference, which she can't.

    • ug


  • Ghost

    She's just mad her daughter is 18 and she cant collect child support anymore.

    • Red Dawg

      That is so very She broke and her daughter is about to be broke. No more big child support checks. Now his spoiled fat daughter is going to have to be nice to him, to get that money.

  • Pissonyourmysogonist2inchdik

    Well, people are like "He can say what he wants about his daughter" haha , well guess what SO CAN SHE. He's a shit dad who thinks throwing money at that girl's direction is the same thing as love. This probably fucked up her self esteem and drove her to do stupid shit. And now he writes a song about it and puts her on blast. Conveniently becomes a loving father when there is a microphone nearby. Biggest hypocrite in the game. Carmen was probably there when the little girl broke down because her dad put her on blast like that, and is being protective LIKE A REAL PARENT WOULD, not embarrassing her for all you goons to giggle at . Nas, look at Eminem and T.I. and learn how to be a dad.

    • Logic

      Did you even listen to the song, and she was in the video so if she had a problem with it she wouldnt have been in the video the POSITIVE it was negative dumbass

    • Anonymous

      Why u mad son? U Carmen's friend?

    • pisson**********

      He is actively raising his kids, he's not just throwing money at them and claiming that he's "raising" her. The problems that he brings up are problems that come from a girl not having a father figure in her life. Yeah he is her father and financially provided for her, but he screwed it up by not being an active engaging dad. He looks stupid in this song because the daughter he is describing is a fatherless girl. That is depressing, I pity him.

    • Anonymous

      You must be Carmen or her fat spoiled daughter? The public knows how wrong both of you have done Nas over the years. Now that he doesn't have to pay child support, both of you are mad because he speaking the truth.

    • Sensaye252

      You get on Nas for putting his Daughter 'on blast', as you put it, but then praise at T.I. and say Nas should be like him? Isn't T.I. the same dude that has his daughter on a reality show? The same T.I. that missed years of his daughter's life because he was in prison on gun and drug charges? Shorty, you're just overzealous and ignorant. The stuff Nas mentioned in that song was all realistic and is stuff that every Dad goes through. It was a song dedicated to Men who raise their daughters. If Carmen doesn't like it, she should make her own song. Oh, my bad, she doesn't got any talent, and her claim to fame is writing a book about the two rappers she fucked, both of whom left her high and dry 'cause she was a bird. And you must be one of Carmen's bird ass friends. Just like the homey Nas said "Birds of a feather flock together, but pigeons don't fly/ they eat their own shit and die".

  • AP

    Its hilarious how people dickride Nas. Don't get me wrong the dude is nice but damn!!! Whats the difference between Nas fans and Lil' Wayne/Drake fans....dick riding is dick riding.

    • Anonymous

      The diff is u can't compare Weezy and Canada Dry to Nas.... Ayo nigga's ya need to stop talkin abt this man daughter like shit is sweet! Destiny is not fat shorty is definately a cutie.. Get at her smut moms but not Des.... QB's finest!

  • wolfman

    Word, this hoe slept with Jigga man to get at the Don rockin suede bally's. What's Destiny think of your attempt to stab yur baby daddy?

    • pissonyourface

      So a chick has to sew up her vagina and and burn her face off and hide under a rock, once she has a baby with a dude even if he treats her like shit? She can't have relations with people? Nas is a nasty slut and he deserved the burn.

  • Omecca

    Question: WHO subscribed to HER twitter account???? Seriously????

  • Omecca

    Why is she going back and forth with ppl on Twitter? That makes her look childish (she is)....

  • dr. dre

    never make a hoe a housewife

  • alfytitos

    smh he made the song to relate to people around the world not boast about his own life, she must be looking for attention she didn't suck enough money out the nigga already. dam nas really dont know how to pick women.

  • Anonymous

    "U will never win over Nasir fans they will kill for that dude" Relax Sparky. The blood test came back negative. U aren't Nas's son. He's not God. He's not the best to ever do it. He has to stand up and pee like all the other rappers. Well except for Drake.

    • Anonymous

      Really??? So whose the best Mc outhere and do t tell me Jayz aka Austin Powers with that Euro shit! Whose the best Mc alive there's no question Nas is.... Son

  • Anonymous

    Carmen ur a disappointment!

  • Anonymous

    Carmen I advise u to stay shut! U will never win over Nasir fans they will kill for that dude maybe it's cause he's the only real Mc left!

  • Anonymous

    Carmen I'm not going to disrespect u cause u the mother of The Rap God daughter.... But u goin on twitter to talk shit abt this song just makes a look silly! Peace

  • Stay out of the booth & go back in the kitchen

    Carmen, if you made a song for your daughter, it would've been atrocious. Just stay away from the mic, please.

  • Anonymous

    ...And what this woman did was far worse. Sleeping around with the father's enemy, doesn't that put the child in harms way?

  • Supes

    This CAN'T be the same bitch who had the audacity to write a book about fuckin' other niggas like Destiny would never see or read the book.BIRD!You gotta REALLY hate Nas to take this bird serious.

    • supes

      Are u a chick?/They both boasted about fucking other people?The bitch wrote a book about who she fucked.A book.So u was giving Superhead props?You sound dumb.She wrote in DETAIL about fucking other dudes and gets mad when the guy says he NEEDS to be a better father?And u cosign that bullshit.Maybe u need to ask yourself a question.

    • Anonymous

      Yo u Carmen's friend? U fag nigga!


      They both have publicly boasted about fucking other people. GET YO HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS. lololol Your butt buddy nas is guilty of the same thing.

  • Fuck Mac Dre

    Imma tell this bitch some trick shit on twitter to see if DX post it lol

  • The_Observer

    ayit Carmen, chill baby mama...Nas aint said yo my daughter a hoe, a high school dropout, a junkie etc...he's just paint a real picture based on real life experience not marketing her....he's talking about the hardship of being a father besides, he did already make a positive song about Destiny on Street Diciple, didn't he? now, he's jus telling the other matter how thin sliced it cut, there is always 2 sides to it

  • Anonymous

    @ Carmen what kind of mother are u that u let her take pic of a box of condoms on her dresser and then posted up on twitter? Nas just doesn't want his daughter to grow up like u a fuckin whore...

    • ug

      His fault, he chose to not be a figure in her life, rather a sperm and money donator. Being a dad is a full time job even with a career. He failed miserably. This just shows how much of a hypocrite he is. And an 18 year old being exposed to condoms is a good thing. Do you know what 18 year olds are up to? She is lucky because other girls get pregnant because nobody informs them.

    • Alf Capone

      he doesnt want her to grow up like her mother u mean? id be worried about her mother being a negative influence if i was the guy

  • IanHorgo

    this bitch needs get back to the kitchen and make some sandwiches, she just out to get nas cus he dumped her ass #bitter

  • Anonymous

    Nas will blow u away Mac Dre and anybody else from ur hood! Nas aint the one to b fucked with his tounge is to Powerfull trust me kid u don't Ethered!!!!!! Peace God

  • Mac Dre

    Mac Dre would shit on Nas

    • Anonymous

      @ hm nigga stop smokin glue and get the fuck out of here with that Big Mac nigga... How u going to use his name and Nas name in the same sentence that's like saying Mighty Mouse is better then Superman! Nas tru king u pussy....

    • hm

      Mac Dre was unapolagetic about who he was, NAS pretends to be a great father when he probably remember he has children 2 days a year.

    • Fuck Mac Dre

      Nigga fuck Mac Dre. That was just a black natty dread having, banana eating, beer drinking ass nigger who disgrace so-called "black music" with some trash they call "Hyphy". So go to hell with Mac Dre and his family.



  • murdock

    I think its a good piece of music by nas and there was nothing wrong with it.he clearly loves his little girl and is expressing how he feels about certain things as shes growing into a women.his ex is a noodle like most exs are

  • NYC

    if shorty really cared about her daughter why she aint just call or text Nas?? Does she think a public disagreement over a song on twitter is gonna solve the problem? NO...eybody trying to get twitter followers now a days...shame

    • @NYC

      Shorty???? Really!!!??? The fuck outta here, man. And go back to school, your writing skills are disgusting. Bitch.

    • JM

      Word. I mean damn, if it bothered her that much, I'm sure it's not that difficult to speak to Nas personally, a wuick phone call even...broadcasting her opinion on the internet isn't gonna help. She's misunderstood the point of the song anyway, i'm guessing Nas' baby moms needs to re-listen. You could clearly hear Nas' affection for his daughter the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    She a hater. You can tell she hates Nas and is out to get him. smh

  • L-Boogie

    This smut is truly a black girl lost.

  • DAA

    It's not like Nas was talking about some random girl, he's talking about his own daughter. He has every right to say whatever he wants about his daughter as she does. This bitch just wants attention.

  • realtalk

    hahahaha is this the same bitch that fuckd allen iverson and jayz while she was with nas??? is she talking about disrespect or negative???? oook

    • tbones

      She wasnt with Nas so its her choice who she fucks with. Niggas mad cos their baby moms fucking with other niggas, dat aint cool.


    Nas was clearly expressing the concerns every father would have in relation to their daughters behaviour, im not mad at him at all, its not like it was a diss. Carmen really doesn't see the bigger picture with this one...

    • tbones

      @the ignorant observer, Nas only been married once n dat was to money grabbing Kelis. Carmen was his baby moms when Nas was just 20. Ignorance is a disease. smh

    • The_Observer

      yeah, Carmen is like Superhead...they must be sisters ... she's missing the point of the ain't to bad mouth his daughter, but talking about what most teenage girls go through....she's having sex with convicts coz her mama is a hoe...she slept with Jay Z & Iverson while married to son, now what kinda role model is that to your daughter Carmen?

  • Lum

    "Maybe he just doesn't know her like I do" You can tell what kind of woman this is by that comment alone. I feel bad for the kid.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    A fool isn't known until he/she opens his/her mouth and removes all doubt. This dumb bitch is a fool. I can't even begin to speak on the travesty she is and what she did. On top of the mess she's already done. So sad. Just so sad.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, a spiteful bitch I tell ya.

  • Juan

    He should make a song called baby mothers and talk about that slut she fuck jayz nas and puffy

  • Anonymous

    I thought Nas was simply speaking from a general fatherhood perspective, not his per say. But Carmen's a smut anyway.

  • Smdh

    This bitch sound stupid....Ion even like Nas, but the song was dope, and heartfelt. It was from his perspective.....She shouldn't be putting up pics of condoms on Twitter anyway...thats gone send the wrong message regardless of what good she's doing...

  • NYC

    When has a bitter baby moms EVER been satisfied with anything the DAD does??!!! so on that note peep this video for all the FATHERS/SONS out there

  • Anonymous

    fuck her, she didn't get the point of the song...i don't think anyone else took every line as literally something about his own daughter. nas was just covering issues that parents have to deal with concerning their daughter's growing up. some of what he said was from his experience and some of it was just situations that other fathers would relate to. bitch shouldn't fuck an artist if she doesn't even know what one is

  • Anonymous

    Isn't this the same bitch that was suckin niggas off while Nas was taking care of his kid? And maybe this dumb cunt can't understand English but I believe the chorus says "This song is for niggas with daughters", not "This song is for my daughter". He already dedicated a beautiful track for Destiny on Street's Disciple called "Me and You".

  • Anonymous

    His point wasnt trying to promote his daughter. It was stuff daughters/children do and how he percieves it. shes a fucking idiot to begin with.

    • Anonymous

      Whats this, Common Sense in the comment section of HHDX??? I'm shocked, somebody on here that isn't a complete fucking idiot Give this man a prize!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is what hip hop has become..this por woman is talking about a song like it was a diss song to his daughter lol smh

  • Anonymous

    so sad, this chick did not get the song at all...Nas is an artist...start from there

  • GOD

    Im sure the Nas dick lovers will come full force. But this lady gots a point. A song about his daughter and nothing positive? Sounds real fucked up. No joys on growing up. None of that. Just her growing sex life. Nas might be heartless

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ u cant be that simple matter what u put in ur name field u are anonymous...especially if u put "god" lol..dumbass

    • GOD

      I'm stupid. Except I had a point? I don't respond to anonymous fucks. Yocuz. It just shows they are not lazy. As to your comment. I realize you're retarded. What would I do? Tell him todo something. Call him gay? I suggest you Settle down before you get internet bitch slapped

    • Anonymous

      Your name is God and you're telling him to get a name? What if he had a name, then what? STFU you dumb.......

    • yocuz

      you really just asked him to get a name? youre kidding me right? if he did give you a name what would you do about his reply to your dumbass comment? fucking dumbass

    • GOD

      Get a name then address me. Little kid.

    • Anonymous

      um its a work by an artist expressing what he wanted to is not a gossip forum. no one is in it to make you happy bro

  • Anonymous

    Twitter Era fuckery strikes again We should have never invented Social Networking and reality shows, it gives completely talentless people platforms they otherwise would never have had

  • Doug

    This is the natural consequences Nas is facing because of his actions. WHat happened to be being a loyal man to your girl? Nas admits being a player - now he gets to deal with the natural consequences - his daughter posting photos of condoms online - awareness of his baby moma who seems like a mad idiot etc....let this be a lesson - Nas is a rapper who rhymes about God stuff - but doesn't mean he lives it - the results of his life show this. Nas is a great musician - but if he doesnt shape up - his legacy is on the line! Nas wake up!

    • Doug

      I see what you're saying homie. His legacy is great musically. I'm just saying, it would be cool to have a dope rap artist who also has his family in order. Maybee there is one, but keeps his fam out of the spotlight as should!

    • Anonymous

      WTF man his legacy is cemented. We are looking at just the music man! All of the other bs is worthless! Nas is a genius to rap about this perspective. His baby mom is already bitter towards him anyway. Why don't we bring up she slept with Hov? I mean lady just shut the fuck up and let him rap. Dude loves his daughter. Now beef is going to be with rappers kids now? WTF

  • Anonymous

    Carmen tryna be in the news get lost girl

  • Anonymous

    fucc this hoe whos givs a fucc wat she thinks

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