Scarface Discusses Leaving Def Jam, Says New LP "Rooted" Is Coming "Soon"

Scarface says he had to leave Def Jam after bringing them "everything that's hot right now" and says his new album will be coming soon.

During a recent interview with 107.5's WGCI, Scarface explained why he left Def Jam and announced his new album. Face shared that he had to part ways with Def Jam after providing what he considers to be "everything that's hot right now." He added that he wanted more but that Def Jam was unwilling to supply that. He also announced his next album, Rooted, which he added would be coming soon.

"I needed a bigger part of [Def Jam] and they wanted to play like I wasn't bringing business," Face explained when asked why he left label. "Everything that's hot right now is what I brought to Def Jam from Rick Ross to T.I. because you know, Def Jam wouldn't touch T.I." 

Face then shared that he has an album title, Rooted. However, he was tight-lipped about a release date, only revealing that it would be coming "soon." However, as DX reported, Face also recently tweeted that his album was set to drop in the summer. 

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  • ilikevideo


  • da1

    I thought this nigga was going to retire.

  • Anonymous

    The Fix >>>>>>>>>

  • Money Emp

    Mista Bad A$$ "Untouchable" Brad Is what i call'em Go get that Dopeman Musik It Still Bangs - G.B.4Life

  • Anonymous

    Face in the top Five no questions asked.

  • Jacc

    Scarface is a legend. It's a shame people don't recognize his talent, or maybe Def Jam didn't play him right, because "The Fix" was of the best from 2002 and didn't sell more than 600K

    • GoReadABook

      @Anon You're an idiot man. He's pointing out album sales because it directly reflects the popular support his dope skills garnered, and the results are less than someone of lesser skill that sold more. He's not saying the album was less dope cuz it sold 600, he's saying the hiphop community is sleeping on Scarface

    • Anonymous

      Damn Ya'll niggas look at numbers like wall street. I don't care if it sold 2 copies the album was dope. I know you weren't dissing, but pointing out numbers like it means something gets on my nerves. And really niggas didn't get like that until 50 became an exec. to be honest face hasn't put out a wack album that I can think. All classics. Got em all.

  • Lil Loc

    Scarface is back!!! This made my day!

  • Anonymous

    Face brought in Ludachris while he was at Def Jam and I think everybody walked away from that one ha[ppy with their investment He should get more props for his buisness hand, he pulled off some big things at Def Jam

  • The_Observer

    Scarface any day...when is that album with Nas coming?

  • cosignmyownish

    You right big homie. He was the only few (outkast notwithstanding) from the south that I who is you didnt mind bumping in the DMV era during the golden era of the 90's...during the master P make um say em BS!! yALL remember on just how wack master P was with his moaning and groaning over the whole damn track i mean THE WHOLE DAMN TRACK...SMH #WORSTADLIBBEREVER

  • Iknowmyish

    Scarface doesnt get enough accolades as a true living legend. He has kept it all the way real for the longest without becoming a lame middle aged rapper trying to ride young niggas coat tails to stay relevant but truly is wack cough**snoop dogg**cough

  • L-Boogie

    Scarface is top 5 in my book, he mite be the only dude from the golden era that heads don't hate on.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yes. And fluck def jam by the way...Russell been rendered that label to shit and utter shame years ago.

  • Garn

    Face fuked with Ross too, not many who don't.

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