Judge Rules Lyrics Can Be Used In Lil Boosie Murder Trial

A judge has ruled that lyrics from one of Lil Boosie's songs can be used as evidence against him in his murder trial.

It looks like Lil Boosie's ongoing trial for first-degree murder trial is going to get worse before it gets any better. A judge has ruled that specific lyrics from one of the Baton Rouge rapper's songs are admissible as evidence in his trial.

According to a recent report from NBC 33 TV, Judge Mike Erwin ruled during a pre-trial hearing this past Tuesday that three specific lyrics from one of Boosie's songs can be used by the prosecution to show personal intent in the murder case. Interrogating officer of the Baton Rouge police Alvin Howard says that the specific lines “187,” “murk,” and “cake” are references to Boosie allegedly hiring a hitman to murder Terry Boyd in 2009. 

The ruling has not come without some resistance from the defense. Boosie's lawyers argue that not only is Officer Howard not an expert witness in rap slang, but that the prosecution may have altered the lyrics of the track in question and thus should not play the song in court. Judge Erwin sustained both of the defense's objections, but allowed the specific lyrics in question to be entered into evidence.

The name of the song in question has yet to be revealed to the general public. If found guilty, Lil Boosie faces a life sentence in prison.

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    Lil Boosie went To Jail September 23, 2009 at 05:29 pm Terry Boyd was murdered Oct. 21, 2009 BOOSIE WAS IN JAIL WHEN TERRY BOYD WAS SHOT! There were no witnesses, murder weapon or evidence. Prosecutors have the word of a cooperating witness who says Boosie paid him. With no other evidence!!! Boosie is on trial for murder off of one man's word. The same man who shot his cousin Darrl "Bleek" Milton & Charles Matthews on April 1, 2010.... LOOK UP THE FACTS FOR YOURSELF. BOOSIE WAS IN JAIL WHEN THAT MURDER TOOK PLACE.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Boosie went To Jail September 23, 2009 at 05:29 pm Terry Boyd was murdered Oct. 21, 2009 BOOSIE WAS IN JAIL WHEN TERRY BOYD WAS SHOT! There were no witnesses, murder weapon or evidence. Prosecutors have the word of a cooperating witness who says Boosie paid him. With no other evidence!!! Boosie is on trial for murder off of one man's word. The same man who shot his cousin Darrl "Bleek" Milton & Charles Matthews on April 1, 2010....

  • Anonymous

    The last 2 guys that were killed were Boosie's cousin Bleek and his friend. Micheal Louding said Boosie's name about 1 killing

  • JayRck31

    get dis fool in jail. only a chump hires hitman and only a pussy kills.

  • BoosieFergYoAss

    Man who gives a cruc bout his lyrics. The dude hired a hitman to kill 6 people whatta bitch. We dont need people like him in this world. His lyrics aren't even deep or meaningful, he got expelled from high school, and hired people to kill. Just kill this fucker becuz he is a fail at life. Just cuz u from da hood dont mean you have chances to get out. I done it, hard work and all, but anyone can do it. Theres always a chance. Boosie get the fuck to prison fo life scum bag ass mofo.

  • Anonymous

    "so if Boosie's lyrics" Remember how C-Bo kept getting jammed up because he'd talk about killing cops. I think these days lyrics are almost like confessionals. Rappers are basically telling you what they do, and while of course you still need proof, in the case of Boosie, it's not like his credibility is rock solid. I think more rappers need to watch what they say in song, cause they'll be surprised whose listening.

  • Anonymous

    Look what you made me do, brains blew. My team in the marine-blue, six Coupe Skied it out, weeded out, cleanin out -- the block. For distances, givin long kissies bitch" - Long Kiss Goodnight with Puffy yelling in the background now all we can do is pray etc. so if Boosie's lyrics are allowed then those lyrics from Biggie's track can be used as evidence that Crips killed Pac or 50 Cent saying the guy who shot him died 3 weeks later (even though the guy who shot him got shot over a drug deal and not 50) Get my point?



  • Anonymous

    "Name 5 rappers since NWA who don't have 187, murk, and cake in their rhymes!!!!" But we know that 99% of these rappers are fake. Boosie is real, and even if he gets off, I bet he'll find a way to land right back in the same situation. I think a part of him loves being a thug. It's the accountability part that is the problem.

    • Anonymous

      Name the 5 rappers then bitch or shut the fuck up!!!!

    • BoosieFerguP

      A lot of concious rappers dont have bullshit murk and shit in there lyrics. because they only spit the truth. They neva killed nobody, they rap bout things ppl can relat to. LILBOOSIE A bitch because he hired a hitman to kill 6 ppl. He a real fake ass muthafucka if u ask me. Just cuz he frum da hood dont make him real u dumb ass. REAL is what u spit about being real.

  • Anonymous

    Name 5 rappers since NWA who don't have 187, murk, and cake in their rhymes!!!! Are you kidding me?? Just like The First 48 they need a confession because they don't have any evidence other than hearsay from a man who confessed to 6 murders including Boosie's cousin and right hand man Bleek!!!! The Judge has "literally" allowed every motion the DA asked and denied everything the defense asked.

  • Anonymous

    i heard they broke his jaw as soon as he got in there now u locked up with all your enemies

  • Anonymous

    u can say what u want but as soon as i would have got my first big rap check i would have hauled ass from baton rouge nothing in these streets but gold digging hoes and thirsty ass niggas that want what u have so why try to show off and stunt for them when they cant watch your back in the shower at angola for ya

  • Anonymous

    "It's a dirty dirty world and it keep on turning!" -Boosie Really this whole case was never fair from the get go. They been wanting to lock Boosie up ever since he made it. The Judge and Hilar Moore are both racist. I really hope the jury give Boosie a fair trial and don't convict him just for some lyrics. I hear these types of lyrics every day in different genes of music. They never had any evidence from the get go which is why it took so long for them to even bring this case to trial.

    • Anonymous

      Get a brain LOL. Fool i'm a student athlete at the College Division 1 level. Name one song where he actually told Marlo Mike to go kill a certain person. I'll be waiting on you to tell me that song. And like I said there is no evidence. Until you can show me legit evidence(exchange of money, a witness, or any other real LEGIT) evidence then i'll agree with you but until then it's #FreeBoosie! Get a life. If you don't like the guy then why comment on an article or even speak your opinion about him. Hater.


      Man getta brain. The dude basically admitted he killed (Hired a hitman) to kill 6 man. The dude should be locked up or killed. The justice systeam is a joke if they dont locked this fool up.

  • Anonymous

    "rap snitches, telling all their business, take them to court they will be their own star witness, do you see the perpetrator, yeah i'm right here" MF Doom

  • Anonymous

    LMAO that nigga bout to do life

  • John-Boy

    This ruling should have all the fake thug rappers shivering in the skinny jeans.

  • Anonymous

    eminem mudered his daughter and his wife. give him the chair

  • Nuff said....

    When keepin it real goes wrong... nuff said...

  • GOD

    The people who are making this a race issue are dumb as fuck. I think Eminem when he was getting sued they used his lyrics. While it is sad that he's going to jail, Boosie does deserve to be there. He fucked up. Part of being a man is accepting responsibility. Maybe Boosie will learn from his mistakes.

    • NahDahh

      Man if he leart frum mistakes he woulda stop killin after first time. Hiring a hitman to kill 6 dudes for him. Whether the victims was good or bad dudes. 6 Lives gone from one p*ssy ass paying fucking ass biitch.

  • bosox

    So every rapper must be a murder according to the prosecution because they all use that language in their music. Hillar Moore is racist and I think they're whole case is bogus. Karma is a b187h so these so called jokes of prosecutors will get whats coming to them. Free Boosie

    • Dagger1876as

      tha point is he is connected with 6 murders. who give a fuck about his lyrics. His lyrics is trash anyway. the dude needs life in prision. Uesless ass sole .

  • Anonymous

    A rap persona is like an action flick!!!! That isn't evidence, it is a genre!!!! What about Scarface??? The Godfather??? The Good Fellas!!!!

  • Rap Juror

    I'm surprised they're only using 3 words... Anyone remember the song "Somebody in Trouble?" I used to like it because of the instrumental in the middle. "I got some killas on my payroll/ And they know/ When it's time to handle business, nigga lay low/" I could go on, the whole song is about murder...

    • AnomynousNOT

      Boosie is connected with 6 murders n its a fact. Tupac wasnt connected to any even tho he rapped bout it. Most rappers back in tha day as posing anyway with dey lyrics. Boosie never said anything abot murdring but he is connected with the murders. i dont why the fuck they even brough lyrics in to dis shiit.

    • Nah

      I think you're talking about Loyal To the Game by Tupac. thats his line homie. "I got some killers on my payroll and they know When it's time to handle business nigga lay low Although I'm young I'm still coming up I'm gettin paid pulling razors on niggas when they running up"

    • Anonymous

      Those lyric the courts is trying to use is TUPAC lyrics lOYAL TO THE GAME BY PAC, so boosie is stealin a line from pac and they goin to use that against him f up people. mThats why the justice system is fuck up those white folks do not know nutting about black music. Once again TUPAC said " Igot some killas on my paroll and they know when it time to handle business lay low although im young im still coming up im getting paid pullin razors on niggas when they runnin up, boosie only spittin what he heard from TUPAC....

  • Anonymous

    when will these dumb ass niggaz learn. He basically dry snitch. He is the star witness of his own trial. Same thing happen to C-murder. You cant say its just lyrics when you say Im about that life 51/50. I will kill a mutfucka. Im sorry either you fraud or you really do that shit so which one is it. He can only blame his self. This how the south do they dont play with your ass especially in Lousiana. Damn shame waste of talent.

    • Anonymous

      Well for the record Im black a real nigga not a white boy trying to act black. Yes he got talent. Just because he dont have word play or metaphors doesnt mean he wack. Get with the program honkey.

    • YukobEuro

      Waste of talent? YOU THINK THIS CRACKING ASS BLACK BOY GOT TALENT? Lets get real for a second... the REAL talent neva get noticed. get with the progam linday lohan looking muthafucka. The dude is either a fraud or a killa. Either or he desereve prison tymme... REALASSTALK

  • Anonymous

    That boy is done. This is what happens when you try to keep it hood. Get out of that hood mentality. I have no sympathy on him you die as you lived. He lived like a thug and he will die as one. Thats the life he choose. Yawns and shrugs

    • Anonymous

      well dummy just because you are raised in the hood doesnt mean you have to act like it. Im from the hood and I always worked nobody told you to drop out or get three different women pregant or rob and murder people you make the decision to do that. I use to gang bang but I got tired of it and me and my girl saved up some money and moved out the hood. Now we stay in the suburbs making money. Anybody in the hood can go get a truck driving certificate or trade so dont tell me people cant help they stay in the hood shit. get off that willie lynch shit you sound like a sell out. Most thugs are sell outs to they own race

    • andrew

      that doesnt mean you have to act like everybody in the hood there plenty of people raised in the hood that choose to do right and got out and made a better way. so stop with your ignorant statements.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody chooses to be raised in the hood!! smh

  • Anonymous

    Lil Boosie - Never Give Up Play that track for the Judge!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross aka William Roberts raps about being a killer and a drug dealer too but you can't believe rapper's lyrics!!!!! All rappers lie, especially about how much money they have!!!

    • SomalianThug1

      Ay dawgggggguuhhhhhhh. RICKY BOSS raps about selling coke but he only raps about haning out wid killaz. N if he wuz trialed fo murder he would get lock up faster den a heartbeat. But he aint a murderder. Boosie hires hitman to kill. That dude aint cold, hes just a bitch. LOCK UP BOOSIE

    • Anonymous

      yea but you better believe he gets a murder charge they will use those lyrics to roast his ass. I gurantee if you are a postive rapper. That can be used to help you in a case but boosie rapped about nothing but murder and crime. They got his ass.

  • Anonymous

    haha! lock his ass up!

  • yocuz

    Thats not evidence thats bullshit. Just cause someone said something doesnt mean its true, not evidence whatsoever, its useless as fuck. The judge is a dumb bitch. I wish lil boosie luck. Damn shame what the world has come to.

  • Anonymous

    they got his ass...remember J-Dee from the Da Lench Mob, thats how he got life. they used rap lyrics

  • RTJ00

    Just 3 words? seriously?

  • NYYstateofmind

    good, i hope that stupid piece of shit gets arrested and the lyrics in his songs seals the deal. thats what you get for being a stupid mother fucker contributing to the downfall of your own people.

    • Anonymous

      damn this nigga nystateofmind condemning this man like he was there and shit. youre behind a computer nigga. you read the same shit we read. stop acting like youre in a position to judge people!

    • ccwaterbound32

      your speaking of your own demise friend NEVER wish bad on anyone even if their guilty thats between him and his maker and you don't have any more knowledge on the subject than i do let justice take place and if the brother is indeed guilty he will pay for his crime as for now just chill

  • clown ass judge

    The judge is stupid, he could be referring to anyone with those words.

  • Ricky

    lockn niggaz up...white power. please...do proceed to pick my cotton behind bars. SWAG. =)

  • Anonymous

    If that's the case then Lil Wayne has murdered thousands.

  • noahc313

    Damn, he must have a horrible lawyer

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Rick Ross is a "Narco", not a C.O. ha!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, that lawyer better be prepared to read the lyrics slowly after he plays the tape, I can barely understand a word that short bus shorty says and I listen to hip hop, if he has anybody on that jury thats over white & over 30 there gonna be listening to it and be like "WTF, was that english??"

  • Anonymous

    Kool Keith should be terrified if they ever accuse him of illegally practicing alien gynecology.

  • Pat225

    I'm frm baton rouge u can go look on wafb for the whole story...the song they using is 187 ft. BG it's a remix to one of BG's old song. The judge said they can't use the whole song & the also can't play the song in court or read the lyrics word for word.... The prosecutors are using three words frm the song which are Murk, 187, and I Cnt remember the word but it was a slang that meant money. Those are the only things they can use frm the song. They only other thing they talked about in court was Boosie attorney wanted him moved frm Angola state Prison to the parish prison. So real it was a good day in court for Boosie FreeBoosie

    • Desperado

      bruh i just listened to that song n ur 100 percent right. that fuckin sucks boosie murdered that song. its bullshit they can use those lyrics in court, he goin away for sure now....sad day

  • John

    The weight of the lyrics could tip the scales of justice in favor of the prosecution. Game on! The defense needs to provide a solid reason to doubt that he did do it. Saying that they are just lyrics in a rap song probably won't make jurors doubt he did it. It's not what you know but it's what you can prove

  • Oh Well

    Lil Boosie well come to big boosie bend that ass over nough said

  • jg

    this is the most ridiculous use of the law ever. Use and artists ART to prosecute them? We are taking on step closer to a Nazi state

  • What

    Hope the rest of you dumb rappers paying attention, niggas is using you'll own song to send you'll to jail for life, i bet now some of you rapper start to rap about real thing instead of lieing, the game have too much lieing king, talking about killing 5 and 6 niggas in a song and never even hold a gun, FAGS.........



    • Anonymous

      LOL wow YESSIR you actually have a brain? Damn we got some fucked up shit going in hip-hop. The other day I agreed with this nigga and once again he posts something useful the world must truly be coming to a end.

  • Swag

    Lil Boosie sucks anyways. But hey. Maybe he'll finally get some "bars" when he goes to prison. LOL see what I did there?

  • Anonymous

    its not what he did or didnt do, its about what they can prove with EVIDENCE.

    • what

      Prove niggas you stupid, he black once you claim black you get blame where in america you been living in the the back woods

  • Anonymous

    read the lyrics to "no mercy"...not a good look

  • ANT

    I personally don't know any of Boosie's lyrics. But if he's on wax bragging about an actual murder, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it can be used against him. I wonder what other evidence do they have against him. I'm sure the lyrics alone won't be enough to convict him. However, this still should be a lesson to all to watch what you say on wax.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously have never created anything in your life, otherwise you would understand the importance of artistic freedom, no matter what your subject matter. you are in know position to say he bragged about it on wax! thousands of artists talking about murder and violence in their music, that doesnt mean it reflects reality. that's the same reason they couldnt do shit to 2pac when that guy who killed a cop claimed he did so after listeneing to 2pac. or marlyn manson with that school shooting. or movies for the countless death they allegedly contribute to. you sit there behind your computer calling me a "hoodlum" like some white washed coon. looking down your nose at me based off preconcieved westernized ignorance, not even realize im neither hoodlum nor black. even you're an ignorant white man or an even more ignorant uncle tom.

    • ANT

      No, fuck you! You ass backwards brain dead hoodlum. Artist should have to watch what they say on wax! If you participate in a crime and are stupid enough to go and brag about it on wax then you can't get mad if the law tries to hold it against you. Freedom of speech does not come without consequences.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you ant you condescending self-righteous tool. artists should not have to watch what they say on wax out of fear of prosecution. that's the same shit they tried to do to marilyn manson. fuck you for insinuating that the law is justified in prosecuting artists for their expression.

    • ANT

      No, they hate stupid young black MALES. So you better run for cover because you've obviously earned your way onto the hit list too... DUMB ASS!

    • Anonymous

      Is he black, yes! then they do not need evidence guilty, Hello america hate young rich black mail

  • lego

    wowww your gonna lock him up in life for music (ART) that he makes...thats crazyyyyyy...smfh

  • Anonymous

    any1 know what song they are most likely going to try to use against him? most of his songs are either positive or just a reflection of the environment with some braggadocio, its fucking rap music, these people dont understand the shit.

  • Anonymous

    case isnt over yet, how do u know he did it? why dont u join the prosecutor on the case then you dumb fuckheads, him going to jail forever will not bring that man back regardless and will only suck up tax dollars and put hardship on boosies family who are innocent ppl. so fuck u. eat a big bag of baby dicks.

    • Brad

      Shut up. This scumbag needs to be locked up for life and should get the death penalty. You say "him going to jail forever will not bring that man back," like that's a good reason to let him stay free. By that logic, why don't we release Charles Manson and every other cold blooded murderer and rapist because it "can't be taken back?" You're so on this dudes dick that you want a cold blooded killer to be released to the street to put our families and children in danger. IGG-NINT.

  • Anonymous

    life, dam this dude is gonna be getting fukkd all day erryday...

  • Mr Obvious

    Big Boi talked about situations like this on his last album. If youre gonna do music...do music and leave the thug/dumb shit where it was.

  • Anonymous

    Man youre all clowns, I 100% feel you on wanting Boosie to be free to keep doing his thing but if this mother fucker really took someones life, he has to pay the time!! Just because youre a "famous" rapper doesnt give you a get out of jail free card. If youre dumbass murdered someone youd be locked away forever and no one would give a fuck

  • MissingThePoint

    I think you guys are missing the point. A dude dissed him and he hired a CHILD to kill him. Two ruined lives for a shitty rapper with a shitty haircut.

  • Anonymous

    while we are at it let's take marilyn manson eminem and all these other musicians whose lyrics claimed to be an influence on school shooting and charge them as accomplices. this shit is stupid.

  • Joe

    I don't know why people care so much about Boosie, he's just another shitty rapper.

  • Anonymous

    And that is what they officially call a "wrap".


    How can rap lyrics be used as evidence in a murder trial.. our judicial system is FUCKED. Why dont they play some of his more emotional songs like My Nigga or I Rememeber. Oh yeah because it would make Boosie look like a good person. Fuck the world

    • Anonymous

      cosign. maybe we should take all musicians to court and charge them for everything they have said.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed and the lyrics themselves don't even provide any non circumstantial evidence. All the lyrics do is provide a motive if even that. Even if it provides motive, thoughts don't make someone guilty someone could think or say they want someone dead doesn't mean they will act out on it. The lyrics are way to circumstantial and insignificant towards establishing anything credible imo.

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