Action Bronson Freestyles On "Sway In The Morning"

Action Bronson stopped by the morning show to deliver a freestyle and perform a few cuts from his catalogue.

Action Bronson stopped by Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning" to deliver a freestyle and perform his cut "Expensive Pens" off of his Blue Chips project.

During the appearance, Bronson joined Mayhem Lauren for "Pens" before delivering a freestyle as part of the show's in-studio series. Bronson also ripped through "Hookers at the Point" during a solo performance.

Bronson is currently at work on a collaborative project with Harry Fraud, though it is unclear when the album will release. HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information on the LP comes to light.

Watch the performances from "Sway in the Morning" below.

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  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous

    I didn't know Kevin James became a rapper.

  • s

    Bronson is blowin up and a bunch of dudes sittin at their moms computer can't stand it.

  • Anonymous

    ...But what about his rapping and catalog people?? I don't really give a shit how fat he is. Dope music is all I care about. But it seems like a lot of people can't seem to get over his physical appearance, so maybe he should consider slimming down a little so people can pay more attention to his rhyme skills.

    • Anonymous

      I'm saying, dude is nice with it. I enjoy listening to him. That Blue Chips mixtape has some gems on it. Thug Love Story 2012 is the shit. But to each his own. I'm just saying, it's a shame that people can't seem to get past his weight

    • Anonymous

      His fucking catalog? This asshole has what, 3-4-5 'albums' or 'street albums' or 'mixtapes'... A bigger 'catalog' than Biggie, Big L and Big Pun combined!!! NONE of shit is even 1/100th of "Big Doe Rehab"; that's his fucking catalog. Cornball white people and black bums who know white folks control the media humor this ass but musically, he's a fucking zero. Working with Statik "NO TALENT" Selektah doesn't help. Nice tattoos tho'!

  • Anonymous

    Correction, bro': BRONSTEIN (real name) will eat anything (IN BULK). Thank you for posting.

  • Anonymous

    O.C.'s worst verse >>>>> addict's life Bronson has zero songs, zero soul... How the fuck can he be a 'chef' (Raekwon biter) when it's obvious HE'LL EAT ANYTHING. Dogshit music from a disgusting "man" (monster).

  • Cpvault

    For those haters who don't think Action is shit, your ignorance shows. Go back to listening to Lil B.

  • blitzlegga

    Get the fuck out of here!!! I've Action Bronson before and I always thought it was another Ghostface alter ego. This nigga sound and rhyme like Ghostface.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He does sound like Ghostface

    • Anonymous

      brain damaged Ghost with zero content frightening body odor dogshit breath control yeah Bronstein is all fucking 'winner'...

  • da1

    when this turn to a gay comment post. niggas more concerned with what he wearing more than his lyrics. no content but ITS HOOKERS AT THE POINT. YALL SOME HOOKERS THAT LOOK AND POINT

    • Anonymous

      his lyrics are horrible: food joke dick 'joke' weed joke + sprinkling of sexism and homophobia-- like any self-respecting gay man wouldn't FLEE from this cancerous elephant they saw him waddling down the street!!

  • Anonymous

    wow nice tattoos... guess we know who was high and dumb as fuck when they got 'inked'. mighta been a good idea for Bronstein to read a few books in his life, assuming he's actually literate, which is questionable.

  • Anonymous

    what would Bronstein know about hookers i wonder? can't imagine a hot woman ** OR ** a hot man digging through his blubber to find a microcock!!

  • Anonymous

    this obese retard's 'freestyle' differs from his 'songs' how exactly? brain damaged (thanks weed!) dipshit has NO CONTENT but some silly food jokes and casual sexism-- must suck to know no woman would ever fuck you again without paying $$$ for it but that's what you get for being such a knucklehead. QUEENS hangs it's head and shame, except for the Woodside trannies who can't stop laughing at this 400 lb sack of shit.

  • scratch

    i feel like fat white dudes look so much fatter than fat black dudes. dude next to him probably weighs more than him

    • Anonymous

      I saw this guy in Scotland; horrible SWEATY live show with GUNT and CANKLES in full effect. what the fuck is wrong, America?

    • Alf Capone

      bronson aint helpin himself by wearing a tank top showing off his fat ass arms

  • Fabo45

    Wow i didn't know Rick Ross had a brother and the mothafucka white

  • Alf Capone

    wow. im not talking shit but this guy is really fuckin fat. he looks like he just stopped caring all together

  • ShystyOne

    Bronson is dope as hell, talkin bout food and bein a chef lol. Fluck yall who don't like it, go worship a fake dope boy ya posers. Sway in the mornin gets me to work everyday, fluck what you heard!

  • real

    sway is a fucking clown! and alot of artist he likes shows why! kid cant even fucking dress let alone know hiphop!!!

  • gbody

    who would have thought nyc came to a fat white guy who wants to sound like ghost face smh nail in the coffin to hiphop !!!!

    • Anonymous

      show us a photo of ghost and bronstein in the studio together. name me one song of bronstein that's better than any ghost, let alone an album. show me one statik beat that wouldn't kill itself to be 1/100th a RZA beat from '93-'98?

    • Anonymous

      your comment is stupid. brosnon doesn't want to sound like ghost nor is his flow like ghost. Infact Ghost and bronson got a track together. You dont even know hip hop to diss it.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking pathetic.


    This is not a freestyle, c'mon now...i forget the name of the song he rapped this me out headz!

    • JahRandom

      It's Hookers At The Point, but Sway says it in the beginning anyways

    • Osiris

      And who the fuck freestyles, be real...thats how I know dudes is haters. every rapper comes on a show and spits a verse, the term freestyle is used so loosley, they call songs on other beats "freestyles now"

    • Osiris

      Yall niggas is hating because he is white haha. the caption clearly says he spits a verse from expensice pens off Blue chips then goes on to a freestyle...not only are yall haters yall cant read haha. Catch up, the nigga can spit if yall worried about whaht he look like yall probably gay

  • Anonymous

    cant stand sway in the morning, such a weak show

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