Nipsey Hussle Addresses Rumors Of Signing With Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group

Nipsey Hussle says he hit the studio several times with Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

Nipsey Hussle recently spoke with Droz Daily Steezin to address everything from when listeners can expect new music to branding. During the interview, he spoke on rumors that he signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, stating that while he's been in the studio several times with Ross and Meek Mill, he is still building his own movement.

"Ross and Meek, I’ve been in the studio a couple times with both of them. When it’s going to come out, ain’t no telling. It might not, it might end up on one of the projects," he said. "It’s just getting the vibe up and breaking the ice and get a few records knocked out with artists you fuck with."

As for signing with MMG, Nipsey says he's focusing on his own ventures, which include a recent partnership with DJ Skee in an attempt to "change the music industry." "About me signing, we still grinding, we still building. That’s the biggest name in the game right there. They grindin’, they killin’ shit. I’m just trying to keep building my situation right now. In the future, you’ll see what goes on. Right now, we still just building."

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  • marathon runner

    nip aint in it for no quick cash- ross is a sucka who, along with 2 chains, future, cashout. and any other crack baby is ruining the art we were raised on- Nip is breathing new life- its a marathon- nip aint sprinting to no quick cash- self made- bitches

  • Anonymous gotta be next

  • king smodro

    MMG is one of the hottest labels right now.. ross is KILLIN everything, that rich forever mixtape went hard af...meek mill and wale both blew up after they signed wit the BAWSE!! nipsey should go ahead and sign with MMG and put the west back on the map

  • Anonymous

    man this nigga dont make good music ..stop foolin yourself..

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of whether he signs with MMG or not, I'm still gonna support Nipsey Hussle because he makes good music.

  • Big Homie Locc Dogg


  • Ricky Rozay

    Thats right niggas, the Bawse is making big time moves. Hate all you want MMG the next big label. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Young King

    I lost a little bit of respect for nipsey for co signing officer ricky.. there is no legitimate proof william did what he says on records. i mean even a street co sign would be good enough but the streets ain't even claiming this clown lol. Anyway before i start sounding like an "Internet thug, goon, gangster" what have you.. i'll be off that topic. but yeah for nipsey to say mmg is the "biggest name in the game" is saying waay too much nobody on that label owns a platinum plaque only good artists on the label are meek mill and wale an williams album keeps getting pushed back?? so you tell me. The biggest label in the game as far as lyrics, flow, subject matter and consistency is easily Shady/Aftermath Records y'all can't say it's not. every artist except yelawolf on that label has atleast a platinum plaque or more.. i mean shit Em has 2 albums that even went Diamond.. so again you tell me...

    • Young King

      Whoever posted that last Young King post, wasn't me but i do agree with what they said.. and of course kendrick, jay rock, slaughterhouse,or the rest of TDE etc. don't have platinum plaques they havn't released anything on the label yet except "The Recipe" i can't tell you when.. but i bet that goes platinum too. When i say everybody on the label has a platinum plaque or more i'm obviously talking about the artists who have released something. Dre, Em, 50, D12, Obie Trice (when he was on(, Lloyd Banks (when he was on), Young Buck (when he was on) i'm basically saying that label (being Shady and Aftermath) hasn't released not one flop... (except radioactive but we won't talk about that), and nah i'm not an "Eminem Stan" i'm just stating facts new nigga. But yeah Eminem is arguably the greatest artist of this era. The only other person that competes is Jay-Z Period. I'm not at all taking anything away from G.O.A.T.'s like Ice Cube, Nas, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, etc. They don't qualify cause they're not as consistent as Em and Jay anyway y'all get my point I'll wrap this up by saying Kendrick, maybe Black Hippy, and Slaughterhouse will all go platinum.

    • Shady

      ^^^ Slaughterhouse hasnt released an album on Shady yet, but evry other release has either went platinum or gold. on the other hand officer ricky is alwys stuck on gold, and none of his artists have hit gold just yet. TDE/Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit are a force u gotta admit, well except for a few artists on G-Unit, but no other lable in the game can top them lyrically.

    • Adam

      Everyone on that label? so everyone in TDE has a platinum plaque? slaughterhouse has platinum? shut the fuck up.

    • madd

      eminem is one of the goats

    • Anonymous

      Shady was big then. They aren't that big now. Cash Money and MMG are the two biggest labels right now. Everybody knows that, bro.

    • Young King

      Eminem is better than Rick Ross. That an unarguable fact.

    • Anonymous

      i bet you think eminem is the greatest rapper out right now huh? smh, idiot. fucking stan.

  • Fish

    Nipsey = brilliant and real William Leonard Roberts (the fat fuck masquerading as Freeway Ricky Ross) = average and fake DO NOT SIGN WITH OFFICER RICKY NIPSEY!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ill be sad as hell if neyborhood nip sign with the mmg man I don't wanna see him switch his style up he make good enuff music as it is.

  • Anonymous

    His wallet would thank him if he signed with MMG.



    • Kevin Rudolf & Fred Durst

      Birdman barebacked us before we signed, it was worth it real talk!

    • Nicki Minaj

      That's the truth Tyga. Im up in here jockin on some cock trynna get my muffin stuffed but every nigga lining up outside birdmans office!

    • Tyga

      Yeah niggas you just gotta let Birdman suck you off for 30 minutes and you good. Nigga gives good fucking head too.

  • Bo

    MGM ain't winning Ross album still not out meek mill buzz gone

    • Kanye West

      Daamn is that true??? I didn't know Meeks buzz was all gone. What I DO know is that Officer Boss's album won't come out due to his constant health problems...SMH He really needs to work out now lmao.And if he does recover I'll once again make him "WATCH THE THRONE" like I did to them YMCMB homos at the GRAMMYS!!!

    • Anonymous

      You still broke and you got to go to work at wendy's tommorow

  • Anonymous

    Maaan who gives a fuck?! i wouldn't care if Jesus sign u ..ol legend of Zelda lookin Mf........

  • knowitall

    Nipsey not signing with MMG is a wise choice on his part

  • Anonymous

    dont ever sign with william

    • does it matter

      ross is average at best and the only way his artist shine is if he on the track meem mill wont get no play without ross neither will wale mmg going down they all suck

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