Drake Says He Has No Interest In Making Dance Music

Drake explains that he would rather work with someone like Jamie xx over David Guetta.

Many artists including Nicki Minaj and Usher have collaborated with electronic dance music musicians to expand their reach worldwide, but Drake says he won’t follow the trend.

During an interview with NME (via MixMag), the Young Money rapper said that he has no interest in making “David Guetta stuff" because it isn’t true to his artistry.

“For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn't work. I don't really wanna go there,” he said. “There's other artists, that's their sound. They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four to the floor, David Guetta, Pitbull music."

He says that he’d rather collaborate with someone like Jamie xx, who worked on the title track for Take Care. “For me, I'd rather go to somebody like Jamie xx and tell him, 'Look, I really wanna turn the club upside down, but I wanna do it with integrity, with soul."

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: Pending tracklist: Orange Sorbet Music (but I'll nibble on a chicken strip if you're buying)-feat Mary J Blige Why Am I Here-feat Birdman No Dickholes In My Drawers-feat Nicki Minaj Dandelion Fields-feat The Weekend Strap It Up-feat Nicki Minaj I Saw Your Facebook Update-feat Lil Wayne Cucumber Slices Parfait Tax Write Off-feat Lil Twist What's Your Secret?-feat Jennifer Hudson Obliques-feat HoloPac You Hurt Me (ode to Common) ^ loL

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that ! That Cudi song is dope as shiiit!

  • yourelder

    I don't advocate hating on Drake. I don't like what he and others from his generation are doing with Hip Hop but that started with my generation. The record industry is about pimping artists which by definition makes them hoes. Right now his numbers are good so he may not need to x-over into that genre of music but don't get it f'ed up hoes sell what daddy tells them to.

  • FuKKK DraKKKe

    Drake you's a faggot. You already makes dance, pussy, bitch, gay ass music. Seriously nigga, you's a bitch for saying you don't have interest in dance music, when all of your bullshit is pure club shit. The fuck outta here, bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Insightful and analytical commentary on your part. You even threw in some homophobic slurs to underscore your maturity! But really, I highly doubt that you've ever been to a club if you're categorizing Drake's music as "dance;" his conflation of hip-hop, R&B and pop may not be your cup of tea and that's absolutely fair, but don't miscast an artist 'cause he doesn't operate within the parameters of what YOU deem to be hip-hop.

  • Anonymous


  • GlowStreet31

    Still, you are making mainstream music which you call rap disgracin the hiphop culture and without saying that you are the only one, to me it doesnt make no difference if you make dance music or "rap"

  • Donald Passman

    I respect the fact that this young man makes the kind of music that he wants to. Too many artist try to be something that they really aren't, which is shameful. Nicki Minaj made that same mistake with her new album and it cost her some black fans.

  • Anonymous

    "Look, I really wanna turn the club upside down, but I wanna do it with integrity, with soul" Lol im pretty sure gil scott heron will be turning in his grave if he heard your piece of shit of a record. Its a shame because it degrades a timeless classic.

  • Anonymous

    These cash money cats live in a bubble Your music is just as disposable and trendy as anything David Guetta is doing, your no better

    • Anonymous

      dude, it's just an artist being ingenuous in terms of how he feels, it's actually exactly what you're doing when you characterize his music as "disposable" as well, you're both appealing to your subjective preferences

  • oscar

    He is just interested in making WHOA music.

  • fuck_drake

    well that sucks cause no hip-hop fans listen to your terrible music you pussy ass motherfucker

  • Harilaos

    LOL this motherfxcker has been making pop dance music since 08...

  • Anonymous

    Fucking fake heads on here commenting on Drake articles like they obsessed, go see how many comments a real artist like Wordsworth got. Fucking bitches.

    • Dilly

      "homo jokes out their ass" has gotta be intentional....

    • ETK

      I know nigga! they too busy hatin'. foaming at the mouth whenever Drake's name shows up. fuckin ridiculous. but a real nigga like Tech n9ne, everybody biggin that guy but when it comes to hits... 50 comments max, 1000 views max. Drake, Nicki, Ross, all those "hated" emcees get all the views and all the attention, just so niggas can hate & throw homo jokes out their ass.

  • Anonymous

    I dont get it cause I thought his shit was already poppy dance type shit but i guess I was wrong. Anyway if he is trying to stay true to the type of music he does, whatever that is, I can respect that.

  • brock lesnar the don

    why this faggot make nothing but pop music since he got his ass out that wheel chair then?

    • Anonymous

      pop music =/= dance music pop can be several things, just whatever tops the charts.. and that includes Drake(sadly)

  • Anonymous

    Lmfao hes trying to push himself away from every other whack popstar..sorry bro ur right in their crowd.

    • Anonymous

      dude still doesn't get it /\

    • truthurts

      wtf does Freddie Foxx/Premier album sales have to do with this article of drake saying "no" to dance music and a hip hop fan saying drake already is in that category.... stop wasting my webspace. smh

    • Anonymous

      Well, Drake fans support their artist at least. What did the last Freddie Foxx/Premier album sell? 3000?

    • Anonymous

      also, where's the actual proof that birdman bought those records? lol, trusting gossip sites and shit

    • baby williams

      birdman nigga throw ya album sales in the bushes

    • Anonymous

      @ @WE, you're what, 12? homophobic in this day and age? grow up

    • Anonymous

      Birdman bought half of Drake's albums.

    • @WE

      ^Faggot Drake fan

    • WE

      come on, don't be an elitist now, turthurts; of course he can voice his opinion as a consumer, but this isn't arbitration, his voice doesn't count any more than the 700 K who bought drake's record when it was released ... dude was actually agreeing with you conceptually, you just took it somewhere else.

    • turthurts

      Yeh, he is, cuz he's the consumer? Every listener has the right to say its either bad or good. it's called an opinion. your statement is not an opinion, it's a question without thought. don't hate him cuz he don't like your fav rapper. da fuck is you to say he can't place drake in a category?

    • Anonymous

      and you're the one who decides who is and isn't!

  • Anonymous

    Get the fuck outta here you bitch made mafucka

  • Anonymous

    drake is the corniest little faggot #cornnuts

  • m

    man niggers hate drake cuz dey can't get pussy. once they lose their virginity they will realize Drake's genius

  • iamhiphop

    This nigga bugging. He has made dance music and didn't even know it. Drake is a fake nigga that runs out like a bitch and made excuses every time he gets called out. He sold out the moment he signed to YM.

  • Anonymous

    can't do nothing but respect the kid.

  • Saddy


  • Anonymous

    It's funny that he said that......didn't his friend Nicki Minaj collaborate with David Guetta? Or am I wrong? Does that mean he realises that his friend is a sellout too or does he make an exception for her?...........#I'LLWAIT

  • lol

    Give him a couple years.

  • Anonymous

    "If I grew up listening to Big and Tribe and you grew up listening to Soldier Boy and L'iL B, who is right and who is wrong?" If hip hop fans are being honest, they'll find flaws with whoever they listened to growing up. Tribe had some really good songs, but it's not like they were totally accepted. Critics loved them, but you never heard kids bumpin their music on a summer night. I think personal taste is why you see so many rappers crowding the shelves nowadays. There's something out there for everyone, so if Lil B speaks to somebody like maybe Rakim or G Rap did to you, then in reality, it's all good. That's the beauty of music. It doesn't have to sound good to anyone but you.



  • killah_casp

    off all the rappers to say it its fukin drake come on man i think hip hop artist that do dance music to me suck cock for money cos thats wat it is bitch shit but drake a soft cat to begin with so this is some bullshit right here hip hop dx fuck nikki minaj her music is terrible she truly doesnt understand lyricism and to me if ur a rapper with weak lyrics then ur useless fuk young money all those cats r soft tyga sucks wayne defo sucks birdman cant rhyme at all and most those kids do watever 4 money bitch shit right there

  • TheGoon23

    true to the R&B you make right? Take Care was a R&B album he sang half his bars

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      in your opinion ^; aggregate rating of 78, better than cole world tbh, 80% ratings from XXL, rapreviews and other "urban" critic sites, so yeah ...

    • Anonymous

      "You can see Take Care like the miseducation of lauryn hill, singing/rapping, but lauryn's album was a classic and take care was only 3.5/5 imo" I agree with you about Lauryn, but Take Care is a 1.5/5

    • Anonymous

      You can see Take Care like the miseducation of lauryn hill, singing/rapping, but lauryn's album was a classic and take care was only 3.5/5 imo

    • Lumba

      Bull, Take Care was NOT a hip-hop album. Stop kidding yourself.

    • jesterxxl

      I'd rather r&b than repetitive fuckin drainage club music

    • Anonymous

      idiot, if you actually cared to look up how many rap verses there were compared to R&B verses, you'd see that the album was disproportionately "hip-hop," although it definitely should be characterized as a mixture of the two genres; nothing wrong with that, there's a huge difference between R&B and contemporary, run-of-the-mill dance records


    lls Drake is so full of shit, he doesnt wanna make dance music now...*gasp* Noooo lol!! why drake? for what reason exactly? enlighten me is it for the GOOD of the genre...OUR genre? good for the culture of hip hop? neither!! drake says sappy shit like this to make you feel sorry for him...and it actually works on followers who trend hop no matter what the trend is for the moment, gay dudes and little girls...you already do dance music drake get real...you not about to push HIP HOP forward or stand up for the sulture your apart of your gonna run from what you are just like every other coward ass rapper in this generation...who the fuck is jamie xx? is that some techno trance bullshit? sounds just as bad as this david whoever guy... Nigga scared to put that "last name ever 1st name greatest" bullshit to the test with common so instead youd rather trick people into buying into you being the best...be honest u scared to do "dance music" cause he just watched nikki play herself...why even announce what your not gonna do anyway? He sound about as dumb as you "define what is real hip hop" chumps...your NOT for the culture whatsoever, your apart of a generation allowed to argue what you want everybody to think instead of showing & proving. thats why NONE of you new cats get respect. NOBODY respect the online point of view or take you or your kind serious anyway. Your a LOL joke nationwide to everybody! I brought his 1st CD while u downloaded yours, I paid to have an opinion u fuckin wimp it cant ALWASY be about hating. I think dude is an overrated coward thats so soft he cant even speak up for real niggas... yet Im supposed to believe u got goons and u gone catch a body like that etc etc. maaan GTFOH. u keep defending these niggas like you down with their team if u want too...watch drake in 5 yrs see how proud you are of this nigga "getting money" then...

    • ETK

      I especially love too when ignorant people talk out their asses and try to be slick oh, you think Drake can be replaced? not disputing that, I'm not even against that, but here's the kicker: half the rappers in the game can be too. if you think only Drake and other pop hoes are into that 15-minutes-of-fame shit, you're retarded rappers all over the place done fell off harder than Drake probably will. we don't even need to look at rappers who fell off - Lupe Fiasco was in the same spot in 2006 as to where Kendrick Lamar is now. the underground internet hero everyone's bigging up and thinks he's gonna break off into greatness with his music. give Kendrick Lamar and your other lyrical heroes 5 years, and THEY will age too nigga! either they gon fall off, be replaced or you guys are gonna turn on them and call them sellouts like the insatiable fanbase you are. actin like Drake & YMCMB are the only ones with no longetivity - well even if that were right, you guys are keepin them relevant with all your bitch-ass hatin, at least on this site.. why do you think they go crazy with Drake/Nicki headlines, fuck

    • Anonymous

      true, this cat's a prophet ^

    • Anonymous

      OUT LOOOOOUD! hit a nerve in ETK lol! I especially love that part about those punk ass "define real hip hop" heads. Just goes to show how ignorant people are about stuff they claim to be into. Give this pussy 5 years, he will age! and there will be another Drake. No longevity period!

    • Anonymous

      wow....you sound angry. But im gonna play devils advocate. From Room for Improvement, to Comeback Season, to So Far Gone, to Thank Me Later, to Take Care... how many songs off of those projects had songs that people like david guetta/pitbull/flo rida make? Also you called him a joke and that no one respects him nationwide, im sorry but the only Vet in the game that has voiced any displeasure with Drake is DMX and even his statements which, if you treated them the same way most haters treat drakes statements, wouldve been interpreted as gay. DMX talked about not like Drakes face, his clothes, the way he walks... what grown ass straight man says shit like that about another man?! But as far as other vets, he has cosigns from J. Prince, E-40, Jay, Bone Thugz, Nas, Busta, Qtip, etc etc. guys that earned their respect back in the 90s also known as the "the best era hip hop music was made in". So if those guys and more all cosign him and you dont, what does that mean? But once again, just playin devils advocate. Also id like to point out the problem with this generation of hip hop listeners is that they care more about who is making the statement than they do about the actual statement. That is some real shit to no follow in the footsteps of a lot of other artists who have completely went pop but since its drake that said that it makes you angry because you wish one of your favorite artists wouldve said the SAME EXACT THING instead of an artist you hate right? and also, if you dont know who Jaime xx is, look them up. its 2012. go to youtube and take a look lol

    • Anonymous

      that's what's up ETK, co-signed

    • ETK

      you and your hip-hop nation needs to be redubbed closeminded faggot nation. keep bumping your 1996 music and going on bout how old timers who haven't done shit in 10 years or new cats who do half the shit they rap about is "REAL" rap putting all the new music out there in a "shit" pile is wack. lighten up.

    • trooth

      first of you wouldn't say shit to drakes face pussy...don't talk tough on the internet. secondly casp.. if u think Big Pun and DJ quick are deep you are an idiot.

    • killah_casp

      thats what i wanna here the hip hop nation needs to stick together cos theres to much shitty music thats classed as hip hop out there today for real i bought a fuck load of hip hop albums and continue to buy albums evan tho i can download because i support real hip hop ppl dunno what the fuck rap is anymore the lyrics now go as deep as a fukin puddle these faggots can go listen to this bitch im gunna play my dj quik and big pun shit till the day i fukin die real talk man respect to you for stayin true

    • Anonymous

      he/she sounds so damn ignorant/elitish, aha

    • AP

      Dude you just dont know how ignorant you look.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a fake pansy ass faggot.

  • AP

    for the person below me

    • Anonymous

      how's drake ruining modern music? and what if people as a whole enjoy his material? just because it's a departure from an ideal, people shouldn't like it? and why did you frame your entire paragraph like your opinion's incontrovertible fact? 'cause, like, that's just your opinion man; who do you like, by the way?

    • anonymous

      Dear AP: please stop telling everyone they are ignorant and don't know how dumb they sound if you wont back it up with an actual argument. i know you are a drake fan cause in your mind he's the greatest rapper of all time but don't for one second get it mistaken that drake is real hip hop or even rap music for that matter. you love a RNB/pop artist that is helping to ruin modern day music. so support that artist with an actual stance rather than simple "your an idiot" statements

  • AP

    You got your feelings out?

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck about drake not wanting to do club music? He's a pussy rapper who moans on tracks. Girls all adore him and guys who are "comfortable with their manhood" listen to him. Such a phony ass rapper who tries to act like he is reviving hip hop when really he is pushing it six feet deeper

  • bkstylz

    I think Drake is a talented R&B artist that makes great music for women. I am trying to stay positive with all my comments

  • steve

    drake is right. guetta music is bullsh** to be honest. ppl like it but its not good music, jamie xx is MUCH MUCH better than most dj's out there so im happy to see drake stick with good music. take care was a great album, not necessarily a hip hop album but overall, its a great album. dont hate on him haha

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a Full blown FAG...him and Wayne fuckin Devils!

  • DrectMoody

    I'm sure he has interest in working with DJ Premier and 9th Wonder, but why would Cash Money allow that?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga sold his soul and lost his integrity years ago

  • AP

    @Nick I think some of Drake's music does have soul. He's made songs that I can definitely feel. (Marvin's Room, The Calm, Look What You've Done, Take Care, etc.) Just because it doesnt come in the regular "sound" of soul does not mean that it isnt. Soul isnt a genre its something that you feel.

  • Anonymous

    "But in no way does he represent real hip hop" I laugh when people say "real hip hop". There isn't a section at Best Buy called real hip hop. Rap is rap, even if it isn't by your definition. Now to what Drake said, Pitbull got alot more popular after he went the dance/club route. That song w/Neyo had to of been played a hundred times a day on radio. Point being, never say never.

    • Nick

      Ok "real hip-hop" probably wasn't the right phrase, but you obviously get what I mean. I'm just saying that Drake is acting like he is above dance music, for no reason whatsoever. Also "rap is rap" is probably the worst reasoning you could use here because half of Drake's songs he isn't even rapping.

    • Anonymous

      yup, cosign

    • Grim DeLarge



    Drake would fit in well with the dance crowd considering that fact that noone in hip hop respects or wants him around..

  • Nick

    I understand what he is saying here, and respect him for not wanting to sell out just to get a stupid radio single. But in no way does he represent real hip hop, or make music with soul. He really isn't bringing anything new to the rap game, but I don't think he understands this. Whatever, no disrespect, he knows his genre and does put out some good music.

    • ETK

      music is a form of art but can't be defined by that alone. art and especially music is subjective. Y!KES needs to quit speaking for everybody

    • WEP

      nah not really ^, he's on some preacher shit like there's only one correct answer to this hip-hop shit when art, by its very nature, isn't meant to be objective

    • iamhiphop

      Y!KES is on point here.

    • Anonymous

      wall of text that says nothing, just some idealistic notion of some transcendent ethos of hip-hop that exists independent of the music at large, which really isn't falsifiable, so it's not fact, just an opinion, but people tend to romanticize the past, in fifteen years people from this generation will talk about how great the artists of today were

    • Y!KES

      Nobody determines anything u robot! "Real hip hop" is about being devoted to the actual CULTURE and PROGRESSION of the culture 1st..."real hip hop" is the music the message and the feeling and the love for all that shit...no "gimmick" could ever be "real"...any nigga you wanna stereotype as "real hip hop" progresses the music of the culture and raises the bar MUSICALLY & SOCIALLY...none of that has ANYTHING to do with 1st week sales, soundscan, twitter, marketing or any of the corporate bullshit that you young dudes have been brainwashed to believe in matters the most..."REAL HIP HOP" is touring in your 40s with undeniable classic ANTHEMS that fill STADIUMS WORLDWIDE while the young rapper dude is strugglin to fill regular clubs and are easily forgettable artist with forgettable songs that dont mean shit...REAL HIP HOP changes lives and inspires all...this generation acts & supports the notion that lyrics are dead, going pop is ok, rap is strictly business, you dont sell records so u dont matter, swag, who made the beat, whose featured, how old is he, he gettin money etc etc etc deny it till your blue in the face, FACTS are NONE of you new cats take the shit serious thats why NONE of you sell records and if you do its almost like a fuckin fluke, NOBODY respects what you stand for cause you dont stand for shit,your disrespectful and your a disgrace to everything hip hop USED TO BE. its like your so smart your fuckin stupid...

    • Anonymous

      there are well-defined parameters for "real hip-hop" now? who promulgated the criteria? isn't music inherently transient, so how can you even define what "real hip-hop" is, wouldn't that just hinge on your own subjective biases?

    • Anonymous

      In part of the interview did he say anything about real hip hop? What is real hip hop and who determines what is real and what isn't? The consumer, the artist or the producer? There isn't a definition of real hip hop because my defintion of real comes from my experience with the music. If I grew up listening to Big and Tribe and you grew up listening to Soldier Boy and L'iL B, who is right and who is wrong?

    • rich

      Cosign. well said



    • @YESSIR

      That whole thing you just said is one big contradiction. You said that niggas who don't understand you like wack rappers, yet your favorite rappers are wack themselves. Its obvious you have a mental disorder.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Keep your ABC bullshit to yourself.

  • nickrazor2000

    I wish the headlines said "Drake says he has no interest in making music." Too Bad


    Why do people just come on her to hammer drake its quite sad if you dont like him dont listen to him

  • Mr Flamboyant

    As much as this dude is wack juice I do have to respect his angle on this one. It's actually ether set forth to Nicki Minaj when you look at it. That Take Care song and LP is hot garbage though.

  • Essex

    All you motherfuckers on here acting like you don't like Drake GTFOH! Drake is dope straight up. And I can't wait for the next album

  • Anonymous

    So what do you call that song he has with Rihanna? You know, the title track? "Take Care"? Thats not dance music? That song is SNARE-LESS!! lol Just the dance kick.

  • ThisGuy585

    What the FUCK?? What the hell has this fuck been doing for the last 5 years? What do you call that then you cunt?

  • hage

    he's not hiphop he's r&b.

  • Anonymous

    Is he Interest In Making hip hop

  • Lil Wayne

    Drake sucks. I need to drop him from my label.

  • Anthony

    Drake's just saying that because he can't make a club hit. check out my new website goodmusicradar.com for the best new music. upcoming artist profiles will be released soon on a few artists that everyone should check out. Also best new music of the week with download links is up right now. thanks, Anthony

  • RedX

    I am not a huge Drake fan (but occasionally I do listen to some of his music.) However, after hearing this, my respect for him has grown DRASTICALLY! Dance music has been ruining Hip Hop on the radio a lot! Nowadays, all we hear is silly raps and that's it. I am not pretending to hear some deep music on the radio, but at least, there should be some Hip Pop songs rather than Dance songs with a rap. Respect your choice Drake! Now if only more Hip Hop and RnB artists did like you... If only..

  • Anonymous

    Drake explains he likes to make Homosexual tracks to buttfuck to. What a buttloving Queerbait.

  • Anonymous

    nicki made a bad decisionout of desperation and it backfired. the ironic thing is if she just stayed true she would hhave sold more. but she became a follower and thats what happens to followers

  • beast

    this queer is the biggest sellout there is, talking about its not true to his artistry as a so called hip hop artist but really rnb. where is his artistry when someone disses him all he ever says they just wanna be relevant, want me to shout their name out. come on battling is apart of the culture you cant just pick and choose the parts you like. he just wont work with david guetta because although guetta makes bitch music its not bitch enough for some slow ass singing

    • AP

      I agree i think he should have responded to Common. Though your wrong about Drake being a sellout. Dude is genuine when it comes to music. Also man you sound real personal, stop embarrassing yourself.

  • fred

    This is probably because of the bad reception roman reloaded got lol... I aint a hater, just sayin...

  • AP

    You cant hate a guy for staying true to himself. Regardless of what your opinion of him may be.

  • truth

    Jamie foxxx has Integrity and soul but drake. hell to the no.

  • dRob

    This dude is mad insecure. always has to take a shot at someone else when talking about himself

  • Anonymous

    I respect what he's saying, that Take Care shit is not really my thing but at least its RnB rhythmic and not dance floor crap.

  • Anonymous

    No he would rather make love songs Makes me laugh how the kids say he is hip hop

    • WOAH!

      @nickrazor2000 DO IT FAGOT!

    • nickrazor2000

      If I had to choose between listening to Drake, Pitbull, Flo-rida, or david guetta I would shoot myself in the face.

    • RedX

      Nothing wrong with Hip Pop songs for the radio to keep Hip Hop's presence there. Biggie started that trend, then Ja Rule and LL Cool J took it to another level, before 50 Cent dissed Ja for that style and then started doing that kind of music himself. The problem happened when 50's heat died off. He left a huge gap in the radio which was filled with shitty rap songs which had their roots in dance music rather than Hip Hop. So now, we have ended with dance music rather than radio friendly Hip Hop (aka Hip Pop). What should we do? Support artists who make good Hip Pop! I doubt there are people who listen exclusively to deep Hip Hop music. I listen to a variety and hate the fact that right now, there are barely any decent Hip Pop and RnB tracks on the radio.

    • Anonymous

      whats wrong with a love songs? are you one if those girls have cooties ass niggas or something?

    • yeah uh...

      honestly if i had to choose between listening to Drake or Pitbull/Flo-Rida/David Guetta shit, I would definitely pick Drake over them.

  • DAA

    I thought he was doing this all along..

    • @yessir

      ^HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Drake sold out the moment he went to YM

    • YESSIR


    • ETK

      a bit of it is, like I hear The Motto play in clubs all the time, but I guess he meant no David Guetta slash Flo-Rida slash Black Eyed Peas shit.

  • jerrycur

    respect to Drake for this...he can be pop but hes not gonna feed into the death of hip hop like so many other artists



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