Dr. Dre Kills Rumors Of Tupac Hologram Tour

Dr. Dre says that the hologram was "strictly for Coachella" but that he hasn't entirely ruled out the possibility of taking it on tour.

Last weekend, Dr. Dre shocked attendees at Coachella by performing with a hologram of Tupac Shakur. But during a recent message thanking the fans, he killed rumors that he was going on tour with the technology and that it was strictly for the festival.

"It was strictly for Coachella, get it right. I want to get rid of all the rumors out there. This was not done for a tour," said Dre, who didn't entirely rule out the possibility. "If a tour happens, we'll see. This was done strictly for Coachella 2012, just for you."

Dre previously stated that he was in talks to take the hologram on tour, but he left it at that. Many weighed in on the technology, with rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Nas and Common praising the performance. C-Bo, on the other hand, said that Dre and Snoop Dogg were "vultures" for using Pac's image in that way.

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  • Mr.Sony B

    Willie B.: LOOK this is a business and Dr. Dre is a business man so I feel that he need to take the show on the Road and let the PEOPLE decide what they want to see I am sure it will SELLOUT everywhere from STATE to STATE and CITY to CITY the concerts that they have now days are not worth paying to see so why not bring the BEST from the WEST back take it on the road I would love to be the ROAD MGR. for this yo DRE call me lets do it willieb.5starent@gmail.com or willie_belt@msn.com

  • Willie B.

    LOOK this is a business and Dr. Dre is a business man so I feel that he need to take the show on the Road and let the PEOPLE decide what they want to see I am sure it will SELLOUT everywhere from STATE to STATE and CITY to CITY the concerts that they have now days are not worth paying to see so why not bring the BEST from the WEST back take it on the road I would love to be the ROAD MGR. for this yo DRE call me lets do it .................

  • Truthspeaker

    Fuck you all bustards to believe the man is come back,fuck all those who are using his image too make fun of him and shit like that,no one on this planet dies and comes back to life,dre's a fuckin faggot and a vulture to perform alongside pac's hologram,when pac was his man,just clear that they wanted to manipulate him or responsible for his dyin,fuc this system,fuck gays...shit.

  • Anonymous

    Just drop Detox you fucking steroid munching studio gangster!!

  • Dre (Gay)

    Ain't this nigga Dre a trick!?

  • Anthony

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  • What

    Man as long that nigga 2pac mom's getting paid for them use that hologram and his songs like that its all good

    • @What

      Nigga fuck Afeni, she doesn't deserve to live after letting Dre & Snoop do that to her son.

    • TruthSpeaker

      That is stupid,how can a normal person wanna get paid when their son's image is being used in blasphemy like this to reality...fuc the idea and h came with it.

  • jason

    does anyone else notice on the back of the doggystyle cd it says the last track is called the next episode but the real last track is pump pump. wierd how the next episode was on Chronic 2001 years later. talk about a huge misprint. anyone else have a Snoop cd like that?

    • Anonymous

      That's because there is a song called The Next Episode from 1993 with Snoop and Dre. It's on Youtube. What happened was that they couldn't clear the sample in time so they either had to push the album back or just release the album without it, which they did since the demand for Doggystyle was so big at the time and they had already pushed it back a few times so they decided to release it.

  • Dr. Dre

    I have decided to release Detox in 2012. Thank You

  • 290fkum

    I's ready ta blo this nicca Dray da fuck out. Alwayz rememba Dray, if me's needin dat $, betta run 2 da hillz cuz me'll yo ass will pay da pryce

    • 290fkum

      Nah holmez fuc u, if u can't reed mah shyt bitch, then u jus a bitch made illiterate azz nigguh, let it b known u a muthaphuccin faggat and u can't c me shyne so u label me scanless

    • Anonymous

      what dialect is that? One word of advice, GO BACK TO SCHOOL, oh and PUT THE DRUGS DOWN.

  • Dre's Gay

    Dre you's a faggot. Get the fuck out of the closet. "No longer Dre Day, arrivederci Blown and forgotten, rotten for plottin Child's Play Check your sexuality, as fruity as this Alize"

  • Anonymous

    Dre's gotten a lot smaller thats what steroid does.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that PAC was one of the greatest ..... But in reality he was just as fake as today's rappers........ I bet none of u kids knew he was from New York and he was a great student and never caused problems until he gained fame

    • Why

      Realy.. Come On Man. Anybody that know whatz good about Pac as an artist knows that He was MC New York way before he moved out west to persue a career. Same as his drug game stint,, cuz he was smart enough to listen to his people that said he was musically talented and shouldn't be wastin' his time wit slangin dope. It'z the terms. The Terminology! None of us knew Pac personally like family, but W()W ...It'z like you are comparing dude to some fake clowns. Granted you didn't clarify what rappers you think are hot today anyway.. that ain't what it Iz though, Iz it.. Understand Entertainment, If u Doin that, it can cross many platforms of media. Itz Expression, It Can be Art . It can Be Real. Being Locked up and Killin' a bunch of People isn't Gangsta... Puttin' food on the table for your family, THATz Gangsta Pac wordz R the truth. Realizm in America I know you can tell the difference between a rick ross rap & a 2pac rap... You create your own reality, yet Pac was a thinking mans man. didnt focus on his shine strictly,, more looking for a way to make dramatic changes that affect the common person It Iz what It Iz

    • remaste

      with a little help from the media

    • Anonymous

      What really is real? Did you guys know that the 'rap game'/industry is all entertainment, and unless if you have some guys that are just rapping for fun, most likely they are trying to portray an image of some sort to entertain and make $, that's what entertainers do. What is art? what is real art? What is good art? USE YOUR BRAINS, THINK!

    • Mr. Awesome

      @Why Actually what Anonymous is saying is 100% true from 2Pac's own mouth. 2Pac himself stated that he never really sold drugs; he tried it once and he sucked @ it so his niggaz told him to fall back and they'd hold him down. Also, 2Pac NEVER had a criminal record until he got in the rap game. Why do you think he was so good @ acting? Because he's an ACTOR! He was very talented and very intelligent, so he put forth this persona that he was such a thug azz nicca, but why is it that the nigga was gettin' shot and not shootin' back? (though, in all fairness, he DID shoot 2 cops, live to tell it, got sued by the cops and WON, so that is pretty dope lol) I mean I love the nigga as much as anybody here, but I think it's doing him a disservice if we ain't gonna keep it real and call a spade a spade......

    • Why

      Anonymous ? LOL Here's The Question for you : Have you ever been IN the Industry..? Cause You Should Know Better Than To Say Some Phony Shit Like You Promoting on this site. The Industry Changes A Person (How You Not Gonna Know That) I Aint Sayin all theze flagrant funny style rappers are the truth.. But 2PAC ? if you can't see & hear the realizm from that nigga Pac, then do your damn homework son,! cause you missin the fuckn point. How You Gonna Say An Educated Black Man Isn't Real. WTF? Get Ur Head Outta Your Ass


    So he kills the rumours then says its a possibility? Hmmmm terrrrrrrible journalism

  • Anonymous

    Dre you a bitch!!!! Come out the closet already nigga! In the words of pac "to live n die in LA, without GAY ASS DRE"" RIP 2PAC! WESTSIDE!!!!!!

  • just The

    Damn his money that he made from Beats headphones must be running out!!

  • Mr Obvious

    I wonder why they took out the line about the illuminati in the beginning of Hail Mary?

    • TruthSpeaker

      You fucking anonymus,there was such an illuminate word,this is the devil's plan to fuc you up idiot and faggots not to get its idea.obviously the illuminati does nt want to appear in the limelight cos its a devil shit...thats the main reason they don wanna get exposed ya byatch.

    • Mr Obvious

      They left the intro the same except for the word "killuminati". Listen to both versions again. Dont know why you would edit a dead mans art?

    • Anonymous

      They took out the whole intro because it wouldn't make any sense in the context of a performance you fuckwits. Unfuckingbelievable.

    • Anonymous


    • Makaveli

      ^yes there was you bitch

    • Anonymous

      There wasnt a line about the illuminati in the first place in hail mary

  • Tray

    How the FUCK is this killing a rumor? "it was strictly for Coachella," but the possibility to use the hologram on a tour is not completely ruled out. That's not how you kill rumors, that's how you start them.

  • charles smith

    Dre can't do the tour with pac's hologram without paying his mom he's a real bitch him and snoop yes i said it westside.

  • Real talk

    Dre is a business man he know why he doing this trust me because he making a lots of money go to www.Streetleaguemovement to see what I mean

  • Rob

    Dre can say all this but know one takes him seriously anymore! just fucking release detox dre

    • gok

      If Dre does nothing why would artists still come to him for beats. Why is it that he's just so happened to be involved in more classic albums than any other producer? RETARD

    • Anonymous

      You don't care who makes the beats or writes the raps but you're always the ones saying Puffy is wack....Or saying this one or that one has ghost writers...Hiphop fans are the biggest fucking hypocrites on earth. Dre DOES NOTHING...And the only reason he's still around today is because Eminem used to name drop him like crazy when he was at the height of his career.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      ^^^^lol...Exactly... Some people are idiots though. Are we not allowed to want another album from an artist's who first two albums were dope as fuck. People await music from these current wack rappers who all sound the same, look the same and their lyrics either make no sense or are just plain stupid. The beats and lyrics are always on point with Dre's albums regardless of who writes or produces them, and usually the people featured have different styles, flows, etc, so it all makes for a great album.. Anyway, I'm hoping Detox comes out this year. Dre is a perfectionist and I believe he said this is his last album, so he probably wants to make sure it's the best album out period.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ Because, regardless of how many people helped, his first 2 albums were incredible. I dont care if has a team of Robots making the beats and a team of monkeys writing the lyrics, if it comes out as good as The Chronic or 2001 thats all I care about

    • Anonymous

      Why the fuck do you care about Detox? Because other people do? Dre uses ghost writers AND ghost producers...I don't understand why people still care, or even cared at all.

  • Anonymous

    Why need a hologram when most retards believe he isn't dead and is coming back soon.

  • Anonymous

    Dre would have to go on tour first for that to happen, he's only been on 3 tours his entire life, the NWA tour in 89, The Death Row tour in 93 & The Up in smoke tour in 2000

  • Anonymous

    i agree with c bo you got to obey a man's last dying wish. i'm a real nigga dont let me die and then surround me with faggots and phonies. that are desperate and only using me to make money.

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure if Tupac were alive he'd be happy and surprised to still be relevant, not caring about the rest of it, just that people care so much about the man tupac and what he had to say. Most musicians, actors, entertainers, especially rappers, come and go, Tupac is STILL RELEVANT! Dope.

    • ETK

      That wasn't his wish. That's your wish.

  • mom of a pom

    Some one once joked that Tupac Shakur is the hardest working deadman that they know.

  • Eklipz'77

    Doens't anybody remember Makaveli The Don - Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory ???

  • cCc_026

    let's hope he keeps his word , NO TOUR , keep it like this

  • Anonymous

    Man, wait until Zombie Pac hears about this. He is gonna freak out we dont need a fucking hologram now that Tupac is back as a zombie and working on his come back. People are trying to use his image i remember he had us all screaming thug life now its zombie thug life. Dre is trying to make this hologram shit a trend but when Zombie Pac drop his album zombie rappers will be the new trend all of the dead musicians are gonna come back as zombies Tupac is gonna be the world's first zombie rapper.

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