Wordsworth To Release "The Photo Album," Features Masta Ace & Torae

After celebrated works with Punch n' Words and The EMC, Wordsworth drops his first solo album in several years this June.

The EMC's Wordsworth, a former star of MTV's Lyricist Lounge has announced his latest release, The Photo Album, for June 12. The Wordwide Communications 16-song release features EMC band-mates Masta Ace and Punchline, along with Torae. An edition of the album will also feature two bonus songs.

This is Words' first solo album since 2004's Mirror Music. Throughout his career in Punch n' Words and The EMC, Wordsworth has worked with the likes of Little Brother, Ayatollah and Da Beatminerz.

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  • Anonymous

    YES!!! i loved his solo mirror music! THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!! wordsworth is such a good rapper! also its dope that masta ace is gnna be on it

  • HipHopGodd

    I've been checking for new music from eMC allumni as well as Halftooth Records artists for a while now. I'm excited about this one because Words always brings good music. Mirror Music and The Show are 2 f my favorite albums. Speaking on the fake Hip-Hop heads on this site it's simple really; people talk like they're real fans but it's only as a means to cut down the artists who are major right now. Take Nas "fans" for instance. They're the first once to rate his singles 5 and talk about how greathe is but when his albums drop they barely gold. Real fans I think not.

  • I put the G in Gmail

    In rhyme bouts you'll dial 9, just to get a line out.

  • Anonymous

    Already ordered. Mirror Music is one of the best albums I've ever heard. Easily up there with more known classics. Where are all the so-called real heads??? Ah, I forgot they only say it to come across as a knowledgeable head. Keep putting all your energy into the fake hating of mainstream artists.

  • williambrown

    i like how it lists his resume..."former star of lyricist lounge"...for fuck sakes, the man needs no introduction...any head knows this guys good...

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